Hotel Fun and Games

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Big Dicks

Hotel Fun.

The time was July 2010, so by now I was well used to having sex outside of marriage and was making my first steps in S & M experiences. Which then leads me onto the visit to Dublin with David my husband. We had gone over there on a Thursday morning, I was there to help David with a contract that was going badly for him and I was actually between jobs and able to take a couple of days away.

I was under no illusion that I was there to add some glamour and I got the impression that if needed I’d be ‘offered up for sex’ that for me it was exciting to be possibly used in a sordid way. If you have read my other stuff, you will know that by this time, David’s boss (and a couple of his colleagues) had used me sexually a few times since the Christmas party in late 2009. I’ve always had the impression that David’s boss may well have set this situation up for us.

That afternoon, we had gone to the meeting from out hotel in Dublin, with me wearing one of my special business suits (bought and paid for by my former Boss) just as I would have done, had I been at working in the Insurance company — Jacket with the mid thigh skirt, no blouse and no underwear, hold up stockings with high heeled shoes. Pretty standard attire for me to work at that time, although I would have usually worn a blouse with this suit as it was wide cut and low cut across the breasts.

When we met the two guys for the meeting, I was introduced as an associate and by my maiden name, rather than David’s wife. I knew enough about David’s business to hold my own in the conversations these guys were easy, especially as their eyes were all over me. Our business was completed within an hour, with them accepting all the discrepancies down to their company. However, they insisted that we join them for dinner that evening.

We were taken initially and at quite an early time to a small bar in town where we were the only ones in a small snug, which appeared to have been opened up for us, We then moved back to our hotel which had a restaurant in the basement. Apparently this hotel had a reputation for excellent food and wine.

So by the time we sat at our table, we’d all had quite a few drinks inside us on empty stomachs. At the time I’m writing this I cannot recall the names of our two hosts, so I’ll say Pat and Mick (good Irish names) they were both in their mid/late 40’s. David and I had by now planted the impression that we were office colleagues and although I was married, David and I were sharing a room that night. David had also planted the seed in their minds that I was as horny as a jack rabbit (I suppose that was true).

At the restaurant I did something that I had avoided so well before, as I sat down I instinctively undid the one and only button on the jacket and I didn’t realise I had done so. As I was opposite Mick and Pat they both had noticed, not that I was flashing my boob or anything, just that there was now a gap of flesh all the way down, proving their suspicions that there was no bra, blouse or any other underwear beneath my jacket. I only become aware of my gap after about our dinner as we sat drink a coffee and I decided I needed to use the ladies, as I stood up I felt my escort gaziantep minyon bayan jacket was undone. Mick also stood and said he’d show me the way.

Mick showed me around to the toilet area and then came the expected pass. We ended up in the ladies, not in a cubicle, but in the wash area. The Restaurant was not so busy, (a damp Thursday night) as we had walked through the place it had maybe 20 people dining there, so perhaps it wasn’t so dangerous.

He opened my jacket and pushed it down my arms bearing my breasts, as I extract his cock and sank to my knees, I blew him and he came off very quickly into my throat and as his cock shrunk as I continue to suck him, I told him I want him to fuck me before we go back. At which point he pulled out of my mouth and turned to the sink, saying he needs a piss before that, as he started his urine flow, I once more sank my mouth over his cock and drink his whiskey tasting pee down my throat. He didn’t seem at all shocked, but it had the effect of getting him hard and he is a rock by the time I’ve swallowed his piss, now he fucked me with my skirt around my waist doggie style over the basin, it was a good fuck and I came off easily –twice I think. By the time we’ve made ourselves presentable again, some of his piss had gone over my face and hair– we had been gone nearly 25 minutes.

Back at the table no one said a word although everybody knew what must have happened. However the sexual ice seemed to have been broken and the conversation became much more flirtatious and downright brazen. I had done up my jacket button again, but the guys egged me on to undo it again, and then as brandy and coffee flowed I was being egged on to maybe show a little more.

Light headed with drink and in a restaurant that was a third full, seated at a table in the rear corner in subdued lighting, I had my back to the whole room, I let my jacket part fully, then as things got more heated I was repeatedly dared to remove it completely. Finally I accepted. As they reasoned, anyone looking over would maybe see a bit of my back and think that I’m in a backless evening gown.

I would add here that although I had been as bold as this in similar circumstances, David had never seen me thus in such a public place as a 4+ star restaurant, where we were booked into the hotel of such in our own names. It was obvious to my 3 male companions that I was aroused by the situation, as my nipples were swollen and hard as rocks. In the next 15 minutes, our 2 waiters certainly got an eyeful of my breasts as our coffee cups were suddenly their top priority to keep full.

At that point Pat pointedly asked me to accompany him to the toilets, I stood and pulled my jacket back on, unbuttoned and we walked through the restaurant into the corridor to the toilets. Before we got to the door of either toilet Pat pulled me to him and he kissed me at the same time tugging my jacket off!

Was he wanting to take me there in a semi public place?

The idea raced my pulse, I let him take off my jacket and my skirt followed it. So I was naked and excited that anyone might catch us. Pat had thrown my jacket and skirt escort bayan nizip on a set of pegs usually used for coats and I stepped once again into the ladies, this time in just my heels and stockings and a sense of ‘déjà vu’ comes over me as I do a total repeat of my performance with Mick, including kneeling on the floor in front of him pissing into my mouth. In these sorts of games and circumstances I do prefer being in a ‘gents’ toilet rather than the ladies, especially so when my lover wants to play in the general area. In a ‘Ladies’ toilet, another women encountering what was happening is more than likely to raise the roof, whereas any guy walking into the situation in the ‘Gents’ toilet is likely to watch or join in rather than make a fuss. Believe me I’ve been in both situations.

When we had recovered our breath, I let Pat go as I really did need a pee myself and I had half hoped he’d pass my suit back into me, but no he didn’t. I was about to step out of the cubicle when I hear the clickity click of another pair of high heels enter the toilet. I ducked back into mine till I heard her start her piss, then I headed out quickly washing my hands, I looked out the door to my horror the hook where my suit had been left is bare. I peak my head out along the short corridor.

My beating heart calmed for a moment when I saw that Pat or somebody has moved it right to the end, I can see it on the last hook, which is almost out in the restaurant. I’m hesitantly to go fetch it, when I hear the door of the cubicle unclick behind me and I know I cannot retreat into the toilet and must boldly walk up the corridor or be caught by her.

Just as I had thought I cannot get my suit without being exposed to over half the restaurant, for a second or two. I barely manage to get my suit back onto my body before she comes out, thank goodness women do wash their hands.

My mind is so focused on her, as I do so that I have failed to notice 2 guys of the hotel – one of whom is our waiter, the other the barman, standing watching me. Huge grins on their faces – did they move my suit?

Arriving back at the table I am a little flustered and flushed. Our 2 Irish companions, having had their fun with me now decide it is time for them to run back to their wives, it is after all now about 10 pm. As they parted Pat send over 2 brandies with the barman who got the whole eyeful, He’s still grinning. Sitting with my husband, alone for the first time in what seems ages, we sit enjoying our brandies. David wants to know what happened.

I give him the run down, the encounter with Pat and Mick is straight forward, but as I recall it, I realise that I was more aroused by, and so is David, my naked predicament of losing my suit. So who moved it?

I need a damned good fucking and I knew my husband too well, that he has by now drunk too much to perform in any way adequately for my needs, besides which he is now becoming a bit silly in suggesting that I remove my suit again and make my way back to our room like that. At that very juncture the waiter (who’d seen me naked) arrived at our table with the tab for the meal, but saying that one of the gentleman had settled escort bayan nurdağı it on the way out. Which was nice.

A spur of the moment decision, “Did you like what you saw” he blushes nicely and says yes with a huge grin. “What time do you and your friend finish, tonight?” I asked. It sounded so corny, but he knew exactly what I meant.

He told me the restaurant is now closed and that everybody else like us is finishing off, “should be about 20 minutes” he says. I look at David his eyes are twinkling. Out of nowhere the lad asked if I’d like him to ‘hang my jacket up’. I looked around the number of people has fallen to about to 2 tables of with couples. After all I told myself as I slipped it off – I had about 45 minutes ago sat here topless in a fuller room.

“What about the skirt”, he now asked as he took my jacket. I looked at him and my husband. David was grinning and nodding his head, the lad was smiling as if he’d just asked how I’d enjoyed my dinner. I slipped my skirt off whilst still almost seated and handed it over.

He took a couple of steps back and said “I’ll get them both pressed for you, ready for the morning, they will send them up to your room”

My jaw dropped, that was not part of it, ‘Oh No’ I nearly cried out, I went to grab them back, but I rose up from my chair, realised I couldn’t without compromising myself, the lad was 4 steps away now. David was laughing. This was a first, naked in a restaurant, and my clothes nowhere to be seen. I now pondered what to do to get back to our room without getting arrested by the police.

Sure enough about 20 minutes later we are alone in the restaurant. Both lads had by now come over as the last guest had left. They teased me that there was no lift from this basement and I’d have to go through the lobby to get a lift or go by the stairs, which again meant walking through the lobby. I now knew my lads as Sean (the older and more cheeky one) and Tom (The barman).

It turned out later that Sean had heard David and Pat talking whilst I was fucking Mick, my husband worse the wear for drink had not realised the lad was so close. Sean had then popped his head into the ladies in time to see me receiving Mick’s piss flow. Apart from my topless show, they had been peeking when Pat, dragged my clothes off me in the corridor outside the ladies, and they had moved my suit up. This time they had both peeked at me when I was being taken by Pat.

Whilst we talked the lads had started to fondle me and kiss me, on the mouth and my breasts. I was as hot as I had been in ages, but my one fear was they wanted to take me then and there and then leave us to fend for ourselves. I was insisting we go to our room and they agreed.

In the end I wore David’s suit jacket which covered barely the upper part of my bum cheeks, and in front left my pussy on show. The 2 lads would stay behind me to cover me in some way by their bodies and David would stay in front. We went up to the lobby, it would be my decision to go for a lift or take the stairs.

Just my luck, it was 11:40 pm and the lobby seemed to be alive with people, well quite a few, there were some already waiting for the lift so I went for the stairs. I knew that anyone coming up the stairs after us would see a very nice view of my nether region. Needless to say we did get to the bedroom, but not without several people, obviously seeing my state.

That night I got a very good ‘seeing to’ by the two young men, whilst my husband both watched and fell asleep.

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