Hotel Corruption Fantasy Ch. 01

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This is a little story conjured by a fantasy I shared with my best friend. We have always imagined what it would be like to play with a innocent, virgin guy which is how this story was created. The two females in the story are 21 years old and the male is 19 years old. It’s pretty long and will be submitted in multiple parts so be sure to stay tuned! Any constructive criticism or advice will be greatly welcomed. Enjoy!

We meet our little sub at a hotel suite. He’s a virgin and absolutely nervous. You take him into the living room area and sit him down on the couch to make him comfortable. You then have me come in from the kitchenette area carrying fresh vodka cocktails that I had specially made for the evening. After awhile I dim the lights to make the setting more intimate. Eventually the conversation turns to more erotic topics as he becomes more and more comfortable around you and I.

He’s feeling a bit tipsy now and embarrassed that his erection is so visible through his shorts. You and I exchange knowing looks and suggest we move to somewhere more comfortable. You take him to the bedroom and I follow behind watching every move the two of you make. You sit him on the bed and sit next to him noticing that he is obviously nervous and turned on when he asks if he can touch your tits.

You giggle and tell him, “Not yet, little bunny.”

Your hands lightly rub his thigh in little comforting circles getting ever closer to his erection. His temperature rises Gaziantep Olgun Escort and he starts to pant from the tension. While this all plays out I decide to sit a few feet in the large armchair and watch the two of you explore each other’s bodies.

“Lightly stroke her cheek with the pad of your thumb, little bunny,” I suggest and he obeys.

He’s so nervous that his hand shakes, but he keeps the touch gentle and feather light. You let out a happy sigh as he alternates between each side of your face. His fingertips barely graze your sensitive ears and you let out little giggles as the touches tickle your flesh. Hearing you giggle helps him relax a bit more and become bolder. He takes both of his hands and caresses your cheeks, your ears, and your neck in almost a massage like movement. Your eyelids flutter closed as his fingers work away all the stressful kinks.

“You are doing such a wonderful job, my pet, we are very pleased with your efforts. Look at her skin. So soft and smooth. So enticing. Why not give it a taste?” I can feel my own arousal growing so I unbutton my blouse and leave it open to caress my own naked flesh.

He tentatively leans closer, tilting your head to the right and brings his face close to the crease between your neck and your shoulder. He breathes slowly and deeply inhaling your scent and lets out a low groan from somewhere deep inside of his chest. He flattens his tongue and languidly strokes his hot, wet, tongue across your quickening pulse. He creates patterns upon your skin all the while keeping you guessing where his tongue would go next. He works his way upwards from your neck until he flicks and traces the outline of your ear from the top to the tender lobe. You try to keep your breathing even despite this pleasure. You don’t want him to know just how much he is making you feel. Not just yet. On his own, he sucks your earlobe into his mouth and gently licks and nibbles it. Your moans are quiet and are nearly missed as he lavishes attention on you. He returns to your neck and continues sucking, licking, lightly nibbling as he returns to your quickening pulse. Your hands are grasping at his arm and the back of his neck as you urge him to give you more. You’re feeling so good, but your body is aching for more.

“Mmm, be a good pet and massage my tits,” you whisper breathily into his ear.

He reaches out and caresses your breasts through your dress. The material slides easily over your braless breasts and he can feel your nipples hardening. You look to me and silently beg me to tell him to do more. I smile and nod knowingly and give him his next command. I have him remove his shirt, exposing his soft belly and light covering of chest hair, as well as his shorts leaving him only in his cute Pokemon briefs. His cock is throbbing and leaking through his underwear and I lick my lips slowly.

“Such an impressive body you have, little bunny. Get on your knees in front of Luci. Good boy, now, ask her nicely if you can see her breasts.”

“May I please see your breasts, Luci?”

“You’re going to have to do a bit better than, honey bunny, if you want to see my tits,” you teasingly giggle.

“Please, let me see your breasts, kitten, I long to see them and taste their sweetness. Please, oh please, allow me to gaze upon your beauty.”

You smile approvingly and slowly remove the top of your dress as he gazes upon your naked upper torso. He is mesmerized as he immediately catches sight of your swollen nipples and leans forward. He sticks out his tongue and circles your nipple without ever touching it. The circles get smaller and smaller and his tongue gets closer and closer to your sensitive nipple. You run your fingers through his hair and position him where you want him. He finally latches onto your nipple and you gasp. His tongue is so soft and hot as it flicks and swirls it’s way around. He sucks it into his mouth and the gentle vacuum he creates drives you wild. He pulls away for a breathe and laps his tongue against your bud quickly before returning it to his molten mouth. His hands reach up and gently caress the underside and outside of both of your breasts in soothing motions. The other nipple finally receives his attention as his hand reaches up and gently rolls it between his thumb and forefinger. Your hips are making small grinding movements as you feel your wetness seep through your panties. I know you want to feel more. I can hear it and see it in your eyes and in your quiet moans.

“Stop now, my pet and help our precious kitten position herself fully on the bed.”

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