Hotbeds Ch. 14

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Introduction: The sexual adventures of a prep school teacher in the 1950s and 1960s. Chapter 12 turned out not to be the last, because two more chapters were needed to deal with the sister and the mother of Melanie, the girl from Chapter 12. Chapter 13 recounted the sex with her sister. Now Chapter 14, and last, covers the final adventure.


Chapter 13 closed on the Sunday morning of my weekend with Miranda. She and I had that night together, but I have described my experience with her sufficiently. Perhaps because of its sweetness and my sense of the end of an era in my life, I have been looking forward to writing about my time with Joanna.

Melanie ran me back to the school after my two nights with her sister. Melanie and I could not have intercourse because she was still periodic. But she promised she would collect me again the next Saturday evening, and then we would see.

However, it was not Melanie but Joanna who was driving when the car pulled up beside me. As I got in beside her, she switched off the engine, gave me a kiss on the cheek and said, ‘Bad news, I’m afraid. From your point of view, anyway. Mel has gone to Oxford. Her boyfriend begged her to take him back, and she decided to give him another chance. I told her you would understand.’

‘Of course,’ I said. ‘I hope they make a go of it.’

‘That partly depends on whether he’s willing to make love as she tells him.’

I made no comment, and she went on, ‘Manda got an invitation to spend a weekend a few miles away with a young man she met recently. I urged her to go, because I think she rather likes him. So, you’d probably like to stay here, or do something else this weekend.’

Was that a question or a statement? I said, ‘You know, Joanna, what I’d really like is to go home with you.’

‘Well,’ she said, ‘Of course, you’re welcome. The weather is good. We could have some walks, and I can cook some nice meals, probably better than the ones you get here.’

‘Those things would be good,’ I said, ‘But I was hoping we might get closer than walking and eating together.’

She shot a glance at me, looked away and said, ‘What do you mean?’

I said, ‘You know what I mean.’

She looked me in the face intently. ‘You don’t mean it.’

I picked up her hand from her lap and held it. ‘You know I do mean it.’

‘But I’m an old woman, fat and past it.’ She was, however, beginning to tremble and her voice was quavery.

I put down her hand and made to slip my hand under the hem of her cashmere jumper.

‘What are you doing?’ She asked.

‘I’m trying to get my hand up your sweater, because I want to feel your breasts.’

‘You mustn’t do that,’ she said, but her trembling increased.

‘Would you like me to, though?’ I asked and persisted with the sweater.

She said nothing, but did not prevent me, and she didn’t pull away when I leaned across the handbrake to kiss her. Her lips were full, soft and responsive.

My hand burrowed under the lower edge of a bra-cup and was soon clasping a full, heavy breast, and relishing the big, stiffening nipple.

Suddenly I realised her bosom was actually heaving in my grasp, and she withdrew her mouth, because tears were running down her cheeks.

‘Oh, Joanna,’ I said, ‘I didn’t want to upset you.’ I withdrew my hand.

‘You have no idea how long it is since someone did anything like that,’ she sobbed. ‘Since someone wanted me.’

‘I want you very much,’ I said. ‘Your girls are delightful and I loved being with them, but you are a mature, beautiful woman. I have thought so much about you since we met.’

‘You really do mean it?’

‘You know I do.’

‘Since Geoffrey left, only one man wanted me, and he just used me. I felt nothing.’

I ran my hand up under her tweed skirt. In those days, before tights or pantyhose, the hand slipped over the stocking and came onto bare thigh, and encountered the suspenders. In some positions these actually held open the knicker-leg, the elastic of which came next.

As my hand reached her thigh, Joanna trapped it through the skirt and said, ‘You mustn’t go in there.’

‘Why not? Are you having your period?’

‘Oh no,’ she said, ‘All that’s over. It’s just rather wet.’

‘Wonderful!’ I said, ‘It shows you’re excited.’

‘Geoffrey used to say it was like diving into a swimming pool.’

‘But I’m longing to dive in,’ I said, and I pressed on with my hand, to find that her ribbed knickers were, indeed, soaking. Then I slipped my fingers in and found them enmeshed in slippery wet hair.

Her trembling became shuddering as I probed about in her vulva.

‘You’d better stop,’ she said, ‘Or I’ll have an organasm.’

I had homed in on her clitoris and she was writhing with the pleasure of it.

‘Why not?’ I said, ‘It would be delightful,’ and I caressed that little, or not so little, spur nestling at the top of the forested, flooded vulva.

She reached for me, clamped her lips to mine and rocked kartal escort her pelvis back and forth, shaking, and panting though her nose, till she went rigid and let out a long, deep sigh.

Fortunately, there had been no traffic or pedestrians along that twilit lane.

As she calmed, I removed my hand, which was well coated in her sweet goo, and she said, ‘I told you I got wet. I used to be very quick like that, too. Geoffrey didn’t like that. He wanted to finish first himself, and I could come along afterwards, provided he went on with my cloritis. But he got bored with that, and I had to do it myself. He didn’t like that, either. Eventually he didn’t go into me at all. He mansturbated on me.’

Her daughters’ amusing versions of sexual terminology clearly originated with their mother, as they had told me. But if the language was amusing, the account of her marital intercourse was not.

‘I gather Geoffrey left and moved in with his mistress,’ I said.

‘Yes, he did. He said she was tighter and didn’t squelch. Of course, she was half my age, and hadn’t had two children.’

‘Since then you’ve had to take care of yourself, then.’

‘Yes, but it’s not so good. Mind you, Geoffrey had stopped paying attention well before he went, so the monsturbating started earlier.’ I liked ‘mons-turbating,’ which was clearly the term for female self-help, while, suitably, ‘mans-turbating’ covered male activity.

‘Joanna, I’m desperate to go into you, and I want to attend to your clitoris for as long as you can keep coming.’

‘We’d best get off home, then,’ she said, smiling, but as we motored she proposed we took our time, had a meal, relaxed and then settled for the night. I readily agree. But I also asked if I could see her bottom before she started and a petticoat and there were the damp, beige-coloured viyella knickers, tight over the bulging cheeks.

Eagerly I pulled the knickers down and rejoiced at the size and roundedness. I stroked and licked with a fierce tenderness.

‘Geoffrey said I had an arse like a donkey. He thought it was funny to say I had the arse of an ass.’

‘What you have,’ I said, ‘Is the magnificent arse of a voluptuous woman, and I’m longing to enter you under it.’

‘Geoffrey never did that. I don’t think he ever thought of it, and he wouldn’t have wanted so. But now I’m going to pop upstairs and tidy up.’

She stood and took the knickers off, and I took them from her and buried my nose in them. The musky, salty, vaginal scent was, as I said, ‘Intoxicating.’

‘No-one ever said that about my pants before,’ she said, taking them and smiling.

She stood close to me, looking up and smiling, and a great tenderness swept through me. Her abundant pepper-and-salt coloured hair hung round her face. Her dark eyes had crow’s feet at the corners and her lips were wide and dark red, without make-up. I was moved that this wonderful, mature woman was willing, no keen, to let me make love to her, admire her, pay tribute to her ripe beauty. I took her in my arms for a long, patient kiss.

Without haste she cooked us a light dinner, and we drank our coffee in the sitting-room. Then I washed up while she went upstairs to the bathroom. I felt exultant, a little daunted at the challenge of giving satisfaction to a woman who apparently came easily but had had no lover for a decade or more.

Upstairs I entered the third bedroom I had been in and found her sitting in a silk dressing-gown on the edge of a double-bed with the covers neatly folded back. It was warm and there was a scent of talcum power.

‘Let me watch you undress,’ she said, ‘I haven’t seen a naked man for so long I’ve almost forgotten what one looks like.’

Facing her, close to, I slowly took off my clothes. She stood and ran her hands over my chest and stomach, turned me round and ran them down my back. She patted my bum, turned me back, and said shyly, ‘May I?’ Taking my half-erected cock in her hand. Of course it became fully hard as she gently squeezed it.

‘May I?’ I asked, loosening the belt of the gown, and she nodded.

She was bare-breasted but wearing clean knickers. She said, ‘I was getting wet again, you see.’

I took the gown off her and we embraced and kissed. When that stopped, she said, ‘You could go into me, but it may a bit loose.’

Gently I manoeuvred her backwards onto the bed and stood back to enjoy the view.

Her heavy breasts flattened a little and hung outwards. The dark red nipples were long and the areolas enormous. Her stomach was rounded, her navel deep. Beneath, lay that dark, tangled jungle, with the half-hidden glen into which the intrepid traveller might venture.

I knelt on the bed and spread her legs, watching her vulva. The lips parted a little. Her entrance was clear, and, yes, oozing. I lay down between her legs and applied my lips to her dark-red, out-turned. They tasted of soap, musk and salt.

‘Ooh! That’s so nice!’ She said wonderingly. ‘But isn’t it a bit, kaynarca escort well, disgusting?’

Removing my mouth a moment, I said, ‘No, indeed. You’ve had a wash and it’s a privilege to do it, and very exciting if the lady enjoys it.’

‘That’s what you did with my little Melanie, isn’t it?’ She asked.

‘Yes. But I’ve only just started. I want to suck your lovely clit, like this.’ I wrapped my lips round the top of the crease and sought the clitoris with my tongue.

‘So soft!’ She said. ‘Oh! That’s lovely. I didn’t know this could happen.’

Her clitoris was tumescent but pointing down the vulva, which meant I could suck it out of the labial folds, and slip my tongue-tip under its little glans. She responded instantly, lifting her mons and trembling in anticipation of orgasm. I quickly thrust three fingers into her vagina, and after at most two minutes, as the trembling increased, she said, ‘The feeling’s coming. It’s nearly – ooooh!’

I rested my cheek on her stomach. She stroked my hair and made little murmuring sounds, and after a while said, ‘That’s different from monsturbating. Much nicer. Don’t you want to go into my vangina now?’

‘Not yet,’ I said, ‘There’s plenty of time for that. Meantime I’m wondering if you can come again.’

‘Oh yes,’ she said, ‘I can usually do several organasms.’

I resumed my attentions to her vulva, and slowly moving to her clitoris, which had relaxed a little but soon came erect again. This time she came even more quickly, and, I guessed, more intensely.

By now she was extravagantly wet and my face was covered in that, salty, slightly ammoniac, yet almost sweet, glaze, and I reached for her knickers to wipe myself, and her.

‘Please go into me now,’ she said. ‘I would like you to be in there.’

I was soon leaning over her and feeling for her entry with my penis end. It slipped in and slid all the way.

‘Is it too big?’ She asked. ‘Does it hold you enough?’

‘If this is swimming,’ I said, ‘Let me never stop. Yes, it’s a bit loose, but there are many ways of dealing with that.’

‘Tell me what to do,’ she said.

‘Well, you can put your hand down over your entrance and let me go through your fingers. Yes, like that. One of the joys of that is that you’re going to make me come. Yes, move your hand like that round me.’

‘Geoffrey would never have asked me to do this,’ she said.

‘More fool he.’

‘Are you going to “come”? That’s the word, isn’t it?’ She asked.

‘That’s right, and I am going to come, yes. Do that with your hand. Yes, just like that. That’s delicious.’

‘You’re getting even harder. Does that mean you’re coming?’

‘Yes!’ I shouted. ‘Now!’ And I thrust through her hand, deep into her cunt. It felt as if I were emptying into a warm, health-giving, well.

‘That was so exciting,’ she said. ‘I was really doing it, wasn’t I? I could feel you coming with my fingers, and then it was happening inside me.’

I slipped out of her, slid myself down the bed, and once again felt for her clit with my lips and tongue, taking her by surprise. Till, as I had suspected would happen, the stimulus of my coming brought her erect, and she was ready yet again to come, and did so with a gurgling cry.

‘That’s all I can do for now,’ she said. ‘But can you come again? Geoffrey never did it twice at one time. Occasionally he did it night and morning, but that was all.’

‘I need to rest a little now,’ I said, ‘But I haven’t forgotten about going into you from the back. In a while the sight of your bottom will get me ready again.’

‘Do you know,’ she said, ‘This is a bit like being a virgin again. I feel as if what I did with Geoffrey didn’t count really. Of course it brought me my lovely girls, but I always felt there must be more than what he and I did together. He seemed almost angry when he did it, as if he resented wanting me at all. Perhaps he didn’t want me, but he wanted sex. What he wanted in the end, apparently, was that girl in London.’

We settled into a loose embrace and talked a little. Then fell asleep, and when I woke up I was looking into her eyes, which were full of affection.

‘Joanna,’ I said, ‘I can’t think of a greater joy than to wake up like this.’

‘Are you ready again, then?’ She laughed. ‘I think you are. You just looked at my boosooms and went hard.’

‘Are you ready again, too?’ I asked.

‘I think I might be,’ she said.

‘Well, talking of your boosooms,’ I said, ‘I’ve neglected them so far, but they might like some attention,’ and I moved down the bed to bring my mouth to the left one, while my left hand sought out the right nipple.

Both nipples speedily erected and she said, ‘I never realised the tongue was so useful for making love.’

I stopped sucking a moment. ‘Don’t tell me Geoffrey didn’t suck your nipples.’

‘Obviously I don’t need to tell you that. He would have thought that was for babies.’

‘You have the most amazing nipples,’ kozyatağı escort I said, ‘So long and hard. Delicious.’

‘Geoffrey -‘ she began.

‘Geoffrey didn’t like them. Yes? He wouldn’t have. They were too big and frightening,’ I suggested.

‘In the end he wanted me to keep my bra on,’ she told me.

‘Aha!’ I said, feeling into her vulva, ‘You’re beginning to flow again. So, good-bye boosooms for now.’

I wriggled down to get my mouth to her clit again, and caressed it with my lips. It swelled between them, and within two minutes she was on the brink of orgasm.

‘Wait a minute,’ she panted. ‘If you go in from the back and I touch my cloritis I shall come and we could do it together, couldn’t we? That would be so good.’

She was soon on her knees, head down, offering her extravagant spread of bottom.’

Between those abundant cheeks her whole cleavage was glistening with love-juice, and her vagina was open. As I brought my penis to it, she reached back with a hand between her legs to guide me in, and as I skated home she tucked a couple of fingers in alongside.

‘If I do this I can feel you come and rub my cloritis at the same time,’ she said.

No further suggestion was needed. I eased in and out slowly, and she moved her hand a little back and forth, so her fingers slid against my cock, and, I could feel, against her clit.

‘Are you coming?’ She asked. ‘I’m coming. Come with me!’

She jabbed her fingers in as I delved into her depths. My semen burst forth as she clenched her bottom in another orgasm.

We collapsed sideways and lay panting, still joined. She withdrew her fingers and moved her hand to hold me as I shrank and slipped out. This was curiously comforting. She was certainly using her imagination and extending her experience.

‘That was very wonderful,’ she said, ‘Coming together like that. So much I didn’t know about. When you said you wanted me I hardly dared hope we could do things like this.’

‘Joanna,’ I said, ‘You are not only learning fast but becoming a superb lover. It is such a delight to be making love with you.’

We were now both spent for the moment, so slept again.

We didn’t make love when we woke, knowing we had a day and a night, without discussion agreeing to save ourselves for later.

We walked, ate, drank coffee, then ate, drank coffee, walked, drank tea, ate dinner. It rained on us in the afternoon, but we were glowing with enjoyment of our time together and hardly noticed.

Soon enough we were back in her bedroom, and I was undressing her, relishing the removal of every garment. As I undressed, she lay on the bed and said, ‘Before my menopause I used to get even wetter. I was ashamed about it, but now I’m not.’

‘Quite right,’ I said, ‘It’s part of being a woman, a woman being herself with a man.’

‘Look,’ she said, ‘It’s already coming out of me. I can feel my vangina getting ready, and I would very much like it to make you come without my hand.’

‘You shall, Cinders,’ I said. ‘Let me lie on my back and you straddle me.’

We moved suitably and she said, ‘Like this?’

‘Yes. Get your cunt over my cock, lower yourself and guide me.’

‘I think that’s a very rude word, isn’t it? I’ve never used it, but now I’m going to say it, because it makes me feel very sexual. I’ve got a cunt. I’m going to put you into my cunt. You’re going to come in my cunt. Here you go, into my cunt.’

‘Oh, that’s perfect,’ I said, ‘Deep in your cunt. It’s so hot and wet. I feel as if my whole body is inside you.’

‘Shall I go up and down, like this?’ She asked.

‘Yes, but lean back a little. Like that, yes. That makes you a bit tighter, and I can also get my fingers to your clit, like this.’

‘So you can,’ she said. ‘I’ve never been on top of a man, like this. It makes me feel as if I’m in control. I can go up and down and take you into and out of my cunt. Oh yes, that’s nice, your holding my bottom, as well.’

‘You are in control, Joanna,’ I said. ‘You can make me cum like that. But it would be good if you came, too. So, tell me if I’m touching your clit the right way, and then tell me if you’re going to come, and clench your bottom, and I’ll come.’

‘That’s another word I like, “clit.” Short for “clitoris,” then, not “cloritis” at all

‘Whatever it’s called,’ I said, ‘It’s a gem. It’s big and hard and I love it.’

‘It loves you. And it’s going to come. Yes, it is. I want to go faster, is that right? I’m sure it is. Clenching my bottom now! That feels right. Here I come. I’m coming! Are you coming? Yes, yes, I can feel you in my cunt.’

I clutched her bottom tight and she leant further back as the orgasm rocked her, and we rode the wave for a long moment, till she collapsed onto my chest and we lay panting.

At last she said, ‘It’s a shame you’re falling out. I can feel your spermen running out, too. I’m proud I could make you cum with my cunt like that.’

‘I would guess Geoffrey was a one-position only man, I said.

‘That’s right. He wouldn’t have wanted me to be in control.’

‘You were in cuntrol,’ I said. ‘A new word.’

Her breasts were squeezed between us, the hard nipples pressing into my chest, and that sealed a time of such happiness I felt tearful. So when she raised her head to look into my face she said, ‘Oh dear, your expression is so sad. Is something wrong?’

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