Hot Wife: Mexican Vacation Ch. 03

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When I arrived at the pool, from fucking Kerry and Lainy, Crush and the girls were in the pool laying on a couple of floaties. So I headed to the bar. Then I waded up and said hi. Acted like I had dropped a big one back at the room, and we went about our business. Once I got back with my group, I looked over to see Pete and Mike just tanning in lounge chairs without a care in the world. I assumed Pete would be anxious about his wife being gone so long. But, no, they seemed to be relaxing pretty well.

Then, Kerry and Lainy walked up behind them and kissed their respective men and sat down in the two middle loungers. I noticed Mike and Lainy just laid there, not talking. But Pete was talking, whispering really, to Kerry. I could see his face, but hers was turned away. His eyes kept getting bigger and bigger as they talked. I think she may have been telling him what just happened. Or the story from the night before at the very least.

About this time, Misty said she needed a refill and Crush said he was taking drink orders. As he said that, I looked toward the bar, and over to the left there was kind of a little gathering of people. Wouldn’t you know it; both Carloses had found four, smokin’ hot, 21-year olds. They all looked to be attracted to each other and getting really loud. It was a Carlos party. Crush heads toward the bar. That leaves Diane and I alone for a second. So, I say, “Honey, you aren’t going to bel….”

“Hey, Hugh.” A man’s voice took me out of my story. I looked up and it’s Pete. Oh, shit! I thought.

“What’s up? It’s Pete, right?”

“Yeah, good memory. So, did you have fun?”

“Yeah, This is a great place we love all the free booze.” I said trying to be coy.

“That’s not what I meant. I meant with Kerry? Kerry said you got into her pretty good, but couldn’t give me the specifics until later.”

“I don’t know what you are talking about.” Assuming this guy is really pissed.

“Its cool Dude. Shit, I think you’re sexy for a guy. Your wife here is HOT, though.” As he looked like he could eat Diane right there. “We talked about you guys once we checked into our room from the bus ride.”

“Yeah, what did you talk about?” I’m frowing my brow, now.

“About how I wanted Diane here to ride me like a bull, but for more than 7 seconds, much more.” He laughed. “And Kerry said she bet you had a great cock and she wanted to taste it. Then, when you guys were at the bar last night our imaginations ran wild. We fucked the shit out of each other because of you two. And we didn’t believe you actually HAD done some of those things we’d imagined with those two dudes.” Of course, he was referring to the mini-gangbang Diane had with our two new friends named Carlos.

“OK, look. I hope this is the last time I have to say this. Our friends are straight laced and we intend on them thinking the same of us. All this stuff is on the down low. K?”

“Yeah, man. It was hot, wasn’t it?”

“Which part? Telling them the story? Or…”

“Telling THEM the story? Who else? Lainy?” He put it together, ooppps, Kerry didn’t give him to many details.

“Lainy, too???” My wife asked. While I smiled and nodded my head.

Crush was on his way back by now, so I needed to cut this discussion off. “Look, our friend is coming back. I hate to leave you hanging, but your wife will fill you in I’m sure.”

“Yeah, right. But, know this… I am going to fuck this hot little MILF of yours.” As he smiled at Diane.

“Pete, I don’t write the rules anymore. That is her decision.”

“Well, by her rubbing my cock underwater, I think she has decided.” I loked underwater and Diane is standing in the pool next to Pete with her left hand right there on his cock. Just smiling at me with that evil I’m-going-to-suck-this-cock grin. “Hey, Crush. Pete from the bus. What’s up? Just saw you guys lounging here in the pool and wanted to say hi.” He says non-chalantly to Crush.

Perfect. Good cover.

Now a lot of sexual tension is all over the place. We hadn’t even been here 24 hours and already, we look around and had fucked someone within earshot. This really was turning into some vacation.

Pete left and we lounged by the pool some more. During the alone times, I told Diane the story of the two girls rubbing themselves, then each other, then Lainy telling Kerry to suck me, then fucking them. She was getting really hot, but we stayed at the pool and relaxed until dinner.

That night, we hung out with Crush and Misty, Pete and Kerry, and Mike and Lainy. After learning more about them we found out the Lainy and Mike were trying to get pregnant. Though they had only been married for 6 months, they had each been married before, but with no kids. Everyone in their little group was 28 or 29. Pete and Kerry had a 1 1/2 year old and were looking to have another, but she was still on the pill. Pete says he normally likes older women and looked at Misty and Diane. To a chorus of “oh’s”.

“What, you think we’re old, you little shit? There’s an older woman over there, aydınlı escort you think she’s hot?” Diane popped off. The lady she picked out was late sixties, and truly good-looking, I thought. But, to a 28 year old? See age teaches you about situations and you need to be real careful with your answers on this one.

But this guy recovered well. “Uh, yeah. I do. But besides my wife, you have to be the hottest MILF here.” As he looked Diane up and down.


Crush kind of looked at me for the word to jump on this guy. So I said, “You DO know what a MILF is, right?”

“Yeah, a hot older woman. A MILF.”

“Well, really is means a Mother I’d Like to Fuck. Put all the letters together. MILF.”

“Oh, shit. I never knew that. I am so sorry if anyone was offended by that. God, I can be an idiot sometimes.”

We all had a good laugh at his expense. This guy really was smooth. After the dinner I realized Mike was the only one that wasn’t in on the whole thing. His wife fucked me only hours earlier and he had no clue. Now I felt bad for the guy; the Carloses came to mind again.

As I looked around the bar area where we ended up, I saw the Carloses and they were still working on the four 21-year olds. But, each had one that they were particularly close to. I mean each Carlos had one on their lap. So, I excused myself and said I was going to say hi to those guys from the bar last night. Diane knew I had some ulterior motive. I figured I’d need both the Carloses, but chose to use Cuban Carlos (Little carlos) for this mission.

“Carlos, long time no see.” I said as I approached. “Sorry to interrupt, but I need a little favor.”

Little Carlos looked at me, then his friend, then the girl on his lap and excused himself. “Man, I was thinking. Last night was so amazing. I can’t get your wife out of my head. And my cock has never been so hard so much. All because of her.”

“I know, Dude. Me too. But, I need you NOT to be a stalker. K? And I need to cash in the favor you owe us.”


“Great! You guys are obviously going to fuck these girls on your laps tonight. So, see the group we’re with? The guy with the jet-black straight hair? I want him to fuck the other two girls while you guys are pounding your prizes. Now if you’re not sure you are going to stick with yours, I don’t care if it turns into an all out orgy, but I need him to spew his load into two of these girls tonight. And I’m going to show up at 11:30pm sharp. If you can’t get it happening by then, I’ll be very disappointed. Got it. What’s your room number?”

“HOLD ON! What?!?!?” I realized what I just said was shocking, but I knew the Carloses worked together most of the time, So, them getting these girls into one room was their ultimate goal, and the way these girls were all over them, it seemed it was the girls’ goal as well.

“Get this guy into two of these girls by 11:30 TONIGHT! What is your room number?”

“But, its 9:30 now. How are we supposed to get him by himself? We don’t even know the guy.”

“I’ll make some introductions in about a half hour, you make the magic happen. You can do this. I need you to do this like you needed to fuck my wife last night. Remember? Room number?”

“uh, Yeah. Uh, 210. 11:30?”

“11:30. I’m counting on you. I think it’ll work out for you as well.” And with that I turned and headed back to our table.

“What?!? How?!?” Was all I heard behind me.

When I got back, I said. “Hey Crush, it was the guys from last night. Our surrogates.” Then I turned to the group and continued, “See they danced with our ladies at the bar on the beach, so we didn’t have to. I mean so we didn’t GET to.” Then I smiled and everyone kind of waved at them. The Carloses waved back.

About 11, we all had a pretty good buzz on. I saw Little Carlos looking our way. His buddy was gone and 3 of the girls were gone. The other girl I had seen with him before was still there. She had dark hair and green eyes. He smiled and nodded and I thought, “No fucking way. This guy is going to pull this off.” I’d better watch my Diane. A guy goes to those lengths for pussy he already has had, that’s some good pussy. The deep throat didn’t hurt, I’m sure. We’re all still talking and Mike says he needs to go pee, so do Kerry and Lainy, so our girls go too. Leaving Pete, Crush and myself. I say I’ll go get more drinks and Pete says he’ll come with me. On the way to the bar, he says he really is hot for Diane. I know, Dude. Me, too.

“Yeah, well tonight is Mike’s night.”

“You’re gonna let that guy fuck her?” He’s beside himself.

“No, Pete. That Lainy is a wild one, and Mike has no idea, so I’m planning on turning the tables on her a little. We’re gonna give Mike a little night he won’t soon forget.”

“Oh, Man. I don’t know what you are planning, but I don’t like it.”

“She’s a cheater, Dude. It’s all good if it’s out in the open, but behind the back. Bad news.”

“Well, I hear you there. bağdat caddesi escort But, Mike is pretty sensitive. Lainy wears the pants. She wants to have a kid, you know. Mike doesn’t. But, they’re trying. Just be careful with Mike.”

“The wheels are already in motion. Here they come, let’s get back to the table.”

“Hey, we’re going to go, uh, you know… To our room.” Crush tells the group. Crush and Misty like sex and I know it’s been a while for them, so being around all these hot people has probably sent them to the edge.

“See ya,” We all shout.

“I’m sure we’ll be right behind you.” I add.

Once they leave Lainy says “Where’s Mike? He’s been taking quite the leak.”

“Tell you what, if I can find him, you need to tell him about all your indiscretions.”

“Fuck you, he’s going to walk back here on his own. Why would I ruin my marriage?”

“You don’t think you already have? And what makes you think he’ll walk back here on his own?”

“What? Well you guys fuck other people, so I’m the same as you. He wouldn’t want to see me with anyone else, so I just don’t tell him. What have you done with him?”

“I haven’t done anything with him. I’ve been with you guys all night. I’m just saying, what if HE were cheating on you like you cheat on him. Where would that leave you? We know exactly what the other is doing and with whom. See the difference between us is we are honest about fucking other people. Honest with our partners, but more honest with ourselves. You, little hottie, are not.”

And with that I got up. “Follow me.” I said to the group and they all followed. I started heading down the hall toward room 210. The anticipation in my stomach was unbearable. What if they didn’t get him? I did have a plan B, but it was shaky. Plus, my wife was going to be in the room with the monster cock of Carlos again and I might loose her forever. Kidding.

“210. Here you are. Lainy?”

“Who’s room is this?. What, you want me to knock?” She said. Everyone was confused. I motioned toward the door. She knocked and the door opened to the sounds of sex, lots of sex. There was a girl standing there holding the door. This girl was one of the 21-year olds. The one hanging onto Carlos the Cuban. She was stark naked, and stood about 5’7″. Her legs were athletic; you could see the calf muscles from the front. No hair on her pussy whatsoever. There was a little heart tattoo kind of at an angle with a tear in it almost to the bottom of the heart above her naked pussy. Her tits were edible. They were Bs or Cs, but the nipples were 21-year old perky. She was very aroused. Piercing green eyes and dark brown shoulder length hair. It was held back in a ponytail. She almost slammed it closed from embarrassment from seeing all these people; until she saw my face. Then said, “Come on in.” Turns out, this girl is the one that lured Mike into the room. She went inside the bathroom and grabbed his cock from behind while he was peeing. He protested pretty hard, until she got down and started sucking him. But, we only heard THAT story later.

We all piled into the room, but the sex didn’t stop. Lainy did, though. She just stopped and stood wide-eyed and mouth gaping at the scene before her. There was Carlos, big Carlos, giving it to one of the girls from behind while she stood holding onto the bed. You could see his enormous cock disappear into this tiny girl. She was tiny and that cock looked huge compared to her. His dick looked to be going inside her up to her tits. It truly was amazing. But, the show stopper was the guy on the bed. He had the black 21-year old enveloping his head. She was probably suffocating the poor guy, but he loved it and was licking her fiercely. Meanwhile, there was the hottest one of the four riding him like he was a wild stallion. Blonde, with great tits and an ass that looked like it needed to be fucked but never had been. She’s screaming for him to fuck her, while she’s grinding her clit into him. Really fucking him good. The fact that this guy held out so log was a testament to his manhood. It was Mike. He was having two girls while the Carloses each fucked one.

Little Carlos walked up and said, “Welcome. I hope everything is to your liking? I had to stop fucking this beauty here so she could answer the door. Now if you don’t mind, I think we’re going to get back to it. Make yourselves at home.” He grabbed our doorgirl by the arm and she kind of giggled and waved at us behind her.

I saw that Lainy’s look hadn’t changed, but Kerry was beside herself with the size of Carlos’ cock. And Diane had gotten on her knees and was sucking Pete’s 7 incher. He was thinner than me at about 5 inches around. I knew she’d really have fun with that. I kept focused on Lainy. Is she going to freak? “Think tonight is the night you guys come clean? It’ll change your relationship, I promise.” I said as I held her for a hug.

“Yeah.” She just looked at the floor.

About that time, the girl on Mike’s bostancı escort face said it was her turn to “ride the monster” and scooted on the bed over to Carlos and almost touched the ceiling with her toes; she held her legs so high. Carlos walked to her and impaled her with his meat. She never flinched. Just kept her legs high and got pounded. Meanwhile, Kerry had walked up behind Carlos and was caressing his chest with one hand while fondling his balls with the other, then she started making out heavy with big Carlos. That girl was next, I could tell. My Diane and Pete had gotten into a 69 with her on the bottom. He was really forcing his cock into her soft mouth. Then Mike looked up and saw his wife. The look was pure horror. “Its ok Honey, I haven’t been totally honest with you,” she said. “And, we have to talk. But, I want to watch you do whatever you want to whoever. I am so turned on by you fucking her. Don’t stop.”


At this point, Lainy goes and starts kissing her husband really deep and the girl on top of him starts her gyrating back up. I had slipped some rubbers in my pocket just in case, so I put a couple in D’s hand. She never looked, just kept sucking Pete’s cock. God, this woman is incredible. “Be sure to use these.” I said.

“bophhggh.” I think that meant OK or thanks. He is really thrusting his hips into her mouth. I’m surprised she is taking it so deep in her mouth. Whenever I try to deepthroat her, she gags and tells me to stop. But, I can see him really pushing his cock into her mouth so deep, his balls are getting stuck on her nose. Meanwhile, he is moaning while licking her pussy. I love to 69 Diane with her on the bottom, because if you do it just right, when she cums, her body jerks her head forward; forcing her to deepthroat whatever cock she is loving with her hot mouth. Pete must have hit the spot, because all of a sudden, D starts choking. I see her spasming her whole body and pulling his cock deeper into her throat. She has her hands on Pete’s ass pulling him down to her, while her head is jerking itself up. I know how he is feeling and am a little jealous. She starts spitting out saliva this time, its all over her cheeks as she comes down from her orgasm. She has to take his cock out of her mouth and is jacking it off, now.

It has now become a full-fledged orgy. Kerry takes her top off and, I swear, Carlos stops fucking this black girl and pushes Kerry down and starts tit-fucking her. It looked like a primal reaction. His huge cock is fucking this big titties, and the head is poking her in the mouth. That thing should be in movies. I was heading toward the tiny girl Carlos left before giving it to the hot black chick. This girl was waiting in the chair with her legs spread, rubbing her clit furiously at the action. When she saw me, she stopped rubbing, then licked her lips and said, “Godfather. Come here and fuck me.”

“Godfather!” The other three 21-year olds shouted in unison. I didn’t know what was going on, but this tiny girl was hot. Five foot nothin’ about 90 pounds soaking wet. A true spinner. Big fake boobies. She had pierced nipples, a pierced clit and I found out later, a tongue stud. I rolled a rubber on after I had stripped on my way to her. As I got there, I just put my cock straight into her hole in one shot. She was pretty stretched out. I don’t know from Carlos, or because she was a little cock slut. Didn’t matter much, though. I placed her ankles on my shoulders and lifted her up, holding her by her ass. As I rocked my hips back and forth, I got deep into this little slut. She was helping, too. Her hands were everywhere. Since I was holding her, she was able to rub her clit and reach under me to fondle my balls. What a slut. Fantastic. Right then, I looked to see Diane convulsing. She’s coming again with Pete’s cock still in her mouth. This guy is a champ. He might fuck her for days at this pace. Then, I feel a tap on my hands. It’s Little Carlos. He starts to hold this girl I’m fucking up, legs still pinned to my shoulders. Then, I see her eyes open really wide and feel something rubbing my cock. He just put his cock in her ass. We start bouncing this little slut up and down and she’s whispering, “Oh, God. Too much. I’m not. Too much. Don’t stop. Fuck me. God fuck me. I can’t take.. I’m going to.. Fuck.” All in a throaty whisper.

About this time I hear Mike yell that he’s going to cum. I see that hot girl on top of him jump, literally jump off his cock and yell, “CB, CB, CB.” Then she envelops his cock. The black girl and the dark haired green-eyed girl run over to her. And our double-ended girl says in her throaty whisper, “cb, c…” She can’t even speak. Then the girl comes up from his cock and gets above the black girl, then drips his come into her mouth. The black girl does the same to the green-eyed girl who looks around. “Over there, Sam is over there.” One points. She runs over, stands on the bed and drips it into our little slut’s mouth. She almost choked, but it woke her up a little. Then the original girl came over and Sam drooled it into the first girl’s mouth and she swallowed it.

“Ah, great CB, girls. Sleazy-DZ.” Said the first girl. “Anyone comes, we are first in. K?” Nobody responded. “K. See we have this little sorority thing we do its called a Cum Brigade. We pass it to all the girls in the room and then the original Cum Catcher gets to swallow it. Fair? You new hotties can play if you want.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32