Hot Tub Virgin

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Author’s Note: This story is based off a real incident I had with a girl deep in the Bible Belt of SC. She was actually 19 at the time of this story, although she was so innocent that it’s almost unbelieveable.


Hot day, hot sun. Communal pool. I lie back, dark mirror sunglasses, brown skin warms in the sun. She is there. Young, innocent. She has never been with a man before. Doesn’t even know what it is like, has never even considered the possibilities. She stands at the water’s edge in front of me. Blue one piece bathing suit. She jumps in. She climbs out. She has long golden hair. Comes down to the bottom of her back. It is dripping. It is bright, reflecting in the hot summer sun. She jumps back in the pool. Laughing smiling. I look at her. I look between her legs. Tufts of hair protrude from her bathing suit. She doesn’t wax her bikini. Natural, soft. Sexy. She doesn’t even understand the concepts of sexuality. Her breast heaves with her exertion. The water is cold. The pavement is hot. Her body shivers slightly despite the heat of the air. She has goosebumps on her arms. Her nipples are hard. They push through the blue fabric of her suit. She has large nipples. Never hard from sex, only hard from cold. She laughs with her friends. They jump and splash. I lie back and wait for my chance. I have time, I have patience.

Her friends get up to leave. Afternoon. She doesn’t want to go. She wants to jump in the water, jump out of the water. She stays behind. She waits. She shivers from the cold. The pool is too cold. She steps into the hot tub beside the pool. It is empty of people. Just her. She enters up to her neck. The jets aren’t on. She seems confused. I walk up to her. I turn on the jets. She feels the water rush against her body. She quivers with the feeling. She is ready for her sexual awakening, she just doesn’t know it yet. She wiggles as the jets tickle the small of her back. I step inside the tub. She looks at me. She doesn’t understand. Small talk, where are you from? What do you do? Do you live with your parents? So you have a boyfriend? She giggles demurely at that last one. Never, no boyfriends. Too young. No kisses. Doesn’t understand what I want. Doesn’t know what she needs. She will learn soon. Soon. As we talk, I watch the whiffs of hair on her inner casino siteleri thighs as they move about in the water. I show her the jets. I show her how to sit on the jets. She experiences pleasure. Pleasure for the first time. Timid. She moves away and giggles. She may not be ready. I wait. She moves back of her own accord. Yes, she is ready. She tries to talk while the jet pulses on her, but she begins to stutter. She begins to falter. She surprises herself. She does not know yet how to deal with these feelings. Her face turns red. A bit of guilt. She stands to go. She wants to go now. I tell her to meet me back here at mid-night. Too late she says. Her parents are strict. I tell her to sneak out. She must sneak. She must want to become dirty. She is intrigued by the deception. She runs off without answering. I hear the clip-clap of bare feet on pavement as she runs. Dressed in her towel. I wait until she is gone. Then I leave and prepare.

Mid-night. I wait in the tub. She will come. I am certain. I have the jets on. Hum, hum, hum. The jets hum. 12:05. No girl. Have I misjudged? Hum, hum, hum. 12:10. She is shy. She is timid. I wait. 12:15. I see her. She is standing at the doorway of the fence. Afraid to come in. Afraid of her body. Afraid of her feelings. She wears the same blue bathing suit. It is still damp from the afternoon. She has never swum at mid-night. Mother would be upset. She feels guilty, she feels dirty. She likes the feeling. It is new. Coyly she steps up to the hot tub. I beckon. She steps in. Her legs have goosebumps on them. I can see the hair between her legs standing up. Her mound is erect. It pushes the crotch of her suit outward. Her nipples are hard. Not from outer cold. From inner heat.

Once she is in I move next to her. My arm around her neck. My arm feels her hair. Her hair is wet. It floats on the water surface. Smells like strawberries. I want to show her the jets again. She wants the jets. Wants to play the games. I move in and touch my lips to hers. She pulls back. I push forward, she submits. Our lips touch. I push my tongue into her mouth. Gently. She doesn’t know how to react. Doesn’t know what to do. Her lips part. Her tongue returns the favour, it enters my mouth. It is hard and stiff. I lick all around her tongue. She doesn’t know how to kiss. She forces her tongue slot oyna into my mouth again and again. It is new. I pull back and grab her around the waist. I push her up against the jet. She opens her legs instinctively. The jet pulsates against her womanhood. She closes her eyes. She doesn’t understand the feelings. She doesn’t know how to react. She begins to shiver. I grab her hand. I put it on her bathingsuit, between her legs. I tell her to pull her suit aside. She moves her hand to the right. She is exposed now. Exposed to the jet as it pulses into her. She muffles a cry. Her eyes are closed. Her head is back. She begins to shiver. She begins to orgasm. Her first orgasm. She doesn’t understand. She feels dirty, she feels guilty. She likes the feeling. She wants to be dirty she wants to be a woman. Her legs begin to thrash. She falls from the jet. She doesn’t know what happened to her. She asks. I explain. I put her hand between her legs. I show her where to touch. She knows touching is wrong. Mother warned against touching. She begins to feel herself. To explore. Her clitoris is very hard now, very erect. She explores it. She feels the tufts of hair surrounding her opening. She shudders again. I tell her to practice. To practice with her hand every night in bed. She demures. She will though. I know that she will. She has been awakened. She can’t control herself any more.

Even as she tells me how dirty she is she continues to touch. I watch her touch. It is soon to be my time.

I grab her and put her on my lap. I pull out my manhood. She has never seen one before. Never touched one
before. It is erect, it is hard, it is large. She doesn’t understand. I pull her bathingsuit to the side, and lower her body onto my erection. She gasps as it enters her. She doesn’t know what I am doing. She has never done this before. She feels guilty and she feels dirty. She feels pleasure. I hold her ass and lift her. I lower her. Again and again. She begins to shudder more. I watch as her nipples become harder and harder. I grab her breast with my hand and begin to pinch them. Gently at first, then hard. She snaps to attention from the shock. I push in and out of her. The water lubricates her well. She feels warm. Warm on the inside, warm on the outside. She feels filled. She feels complete. She begins to see what was missing. canlı casino siteleri She shudders with orgasm yet again. She will touch herself tonight. She will touch herself every night. She wants to be wet. She craves the wetness and the heat and the dirtiness. Her friends won’t understand. Dirty little secret. They will be educated soon enough. After her orgasm, I pull out. I lift her higher and push her bathing suit even further out of the way. What am I doing she wonders. How have I violated her. I begin to press the head of my penis against her asshole. It is tight. I can feel the tufts of hair surrounding it. Light brown hair. I tell her to relax. She doesn’t understand. She knows this is wrong. Knows but can’t stop herself. Knows it is wrong but wants it. Wants to be violated. She relaxes. The head enters. She moves up with the shock. I calm her. I shush her. The head enters again. This time it stays. She feels filled. This is different. She understands what it means to be tight. To be full. I enter further. Soon it is in to the root. She feels it all the way in. She tightens herself, and I enjoy the sensation. She regains control and loosens herself again. I begin to move her up and down slightly. I put her hand on her clitoris. Touching is wrong. This is all wrong. What is this man doing to me? Why do I crave these feeling? Why haven’t I felt this before? My penis continues to violate her young asshole.

A noise! A man begins walking across the pool area. Shortcut. He wants home. He wants bed. He doesn’t care about us. I stop her bouncing. She is scared. I am inside of her. I am part of her. She begins to wiggle. She wants me out. She feels guilty. Doesn’t want to be caught. The excitement gets to me. Semen begins coming out. Filling her rectum. Filling her up. I shush her again as it squirts out. I hold her around the waist. She won’t come off until I am finished. She feels guilty. She feels dirty. After the man leaves I pull out. I hold her for a while. Her emotions are overcoming her. She is confused. I hold her until she feels safe. She feels sleepy. I take her out of the tub. I fix her suit. I dry her with her towel. I dry her hair. Lovely long golden hair. She is smiling. She has learned a new game. She is a woman now. She asks me to meet her again in a few nights. I tell her to go home and practice. She accedes. She runs off. Doesn’t want mother to catch her. Doesn’t want mother to know about her new games. She runs off. I hear the clip-clap of her bare feet on the pavement as she runs off. She will return.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32