Hot Tub Love Ch. 02

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Smiling, I kiss your shoulder, moving to your neck, and turn my head to kiss your lips. You smile, sated and content, letting the bubbles ease you back to normal, your breathing easing to an even rhythm. Brushing my lips softly over yours, you smile, and whisper, “Shall we take this inside?”

Smiling back I whisper, “Yes”

Gently lifting you off my lap we stand together. You take my hand as we step out of the hot tub, and hand in hand we walk to the patio doors, the cool air soothing our warm skin. Turning your head slightly, looking back at me, you lead me through the house to the bedroom.

Closing the door behind us I turn to take you into my arms, one hand on the small of your back, the other moving up to your cheek. My fingertips soft on your skin, I slide my thumb over your bottom lip. Looking deep into your eyes, I lean in to kiss you, my lips softly brushing yours and pulling you into me. I turn and guide you to the bed still holding you in my arms and giving you a long deep kiss.

Reaching the edge of the bed I gently lay you down, moving over you, letting the tips of my damp hair tease the skin on your shoulder. I lean down to kiss you, resting on my palms on the bed, moving my lips over yours, soft and warm, kissing you deeper, the tip of my tongue parting your lips and touching your tongue.

Slowly I slide my thigh between your legs and press it gently on your warm soft pussy, feeling your hips begin to slowly lift to get closer. Kissing you harder I let out a soft moan as I gently push my thigh harder on your pussy. Continuing to do this for a little while I take my lips off yours, watching your expression. With your hips lifting up and grinding your pussy on my thigh, I bend my head down and kiss softly along your chin, moving to your ear lobe, taking it between my teeth. Nibbling it softly as I whisper into your ear, my breath warm on your skin “Mmm where’s the ice, baby?”

With your arms around my neck you whisper, “In the freezer. Want me to get some?”

“Yes, baby,” I reply, sliding my fingertip over your lips.

Slowly I stand up and take your hand, pulling you to your feet gently. Standing, you smile and put on your robe, and leave the bedroom. Moving to the side of the bed I pull the covers down. Getting in, feeling the coolness of the sheets and laying back, illegal bahis I wait patiently. The door opens and you walk in with a bowl full of ice cubes.

Bringing it around to me you ask, “This enough?” showing me the contents.

Smiling, I peer over the rim, and reply, “Oh yes, more than enough!”

Taking the bowl from your hand and placing it on the bedside table, I pull you down to me, turning and laying you on your back. Getting on my knees straddling your thighs, I open your robe exposing your beautiful body. On my knees, I slowly gaze over the length of you.

“Damn baby,” I whisper as I give a big smile. “My god, ,you’re beautiful Laura.”

Moving between your thighs on my knees, I lift your legs and wrap them around my waist. Moving over you again bending my head down kissing you full on your soft lips, I reach over to the ice bowl and take one cube between my fingers. Taking my lips off yours, I smile and sit up on my knees. Holding the ice cube between my index finger and my thumb, I begin to slide it slowly around your right nipple, watching it grow erect and hard instantly, the coolness of it making your breasts tingle. Wetting it, I watch the melting ice cube drip slowly down your breast along the sides.

Sliding the ice cube slowly around the tip of your nipple, I bend down and take your cool wet nipple into my mouth, sucking it in and letting my tongue swirl around it.

“Fuck baby!” you cry out, grabbing my hair, giving it a pull.

As I warm your nipple back up in my mouth, you hold my head steady with your hands in my hair, and look down to watch me. I look up and smile as I release your nipple, but not before I give it a quick nibble. Moving to your left breast, I take your nipple between my teeth and give it a little tug. Reaching over and grabbing another ice cube, I pop it into my mouth, sucking on it, slowly[1] making it melt a little before I bend my head down and suck your nipple into my mouth.

“Carrie… fuck baby please!” you whimper, pulling my head closer to your breast, lifting your hips upwards.

Sliding the ice cube around your nipple with it in my mouth, warm mixing with cold, and your nipple instantly hardens. Moving the ice cube around with the tip of my tongue I suck harder, moaning and loving the feel of your nipple in my mouth. illegal bahis siteleri I circle your nipple with my tongue, letting the ice cube melt slowly.

“God baby! I want you so much!” I groan as I let the ice cube melt away in my mouth.

Sucking your nipple deep into my mouth when the ice cube is totally melted, I cup your breast with my hand and gently squeeze the soft roundness of it.

“Fuck Laura,” I whisper, “Let me have you, I need to feel you!”

Breathing deeply, taking my face in your hands and tilting my head up you whisper “Take me baby, please take me, I want to feel your tongue inside me!”

Letting out a low moan, I kiss my way gently down between your breasts, leaving a trail with the tip of my tongue to your belly button. Stopping I take your belly bar in my teeth and give it a soft tug. I feel you take a deep sharp breath in and your stomach contract. Moving lower to your hips, I place more soft kisses along your curves, loving the taste of your skin on my tongue. Kissing lower still to your inner thighs, I nibble softly down to your knee of your left leg.

Nibbling my way back up along the inside of your thigh to your warm wet pussy, I blow softly on your exposed clit. I feel your body shudder and hear you moan loudly, grabbing my hair and urging my mouth closer. Giving your clit a quick lick I kiss my way back down along the inside of your right thigh to your knee. Holding your calf in my hand, I nibble softly back up teasing the soft skin of your inner thigh.

Reaching your pussy again, I take your swollen clit between my teeth, giving it a gentle tug and then another quick long lick.

“Fuck! Oh fuck Carrie please fuck me! Oh my god I can’t take it!” you cry out, as your legs wrap around my shoulders pressing my upper body closer.

Smiling, I reach over and grab another ice cube and pop it into my mouth sucking on it slowly and looking up at you. Your face expressing how much you are enjoying this. Slowly I bend my head down again and slide the ice cube into my cheek and take your clit into my mouth at the same time. I slide the melting ice cube around it as I suck slowly on your clit.

“Carrie fuck! Oh fuck!” you moan as your hips thrust up, grinding my lips on your waiting wet pussy.

Sliding my hands under your ass I lift your canlı bahis siteleri hips up to let me have better access. Your clit feels hard and cool, and I let the warmth of my mouth heat it up quickly, melting the ice cube. You begin to thrust your hips up and down slowly as your moans and breathing become heavier, faster. Gently squeezing your ass, I release your clit and part your pussy lips with my tongue. With the ice cube almost melted, I slide the remaining bit of ice just inside you giving your pussy long slow licks.

“Holy fuck! Oh my god Carrie! Oh my god! Don’t stop fuck!” You cry out almost begging.

Licking up and down your clit I slide my left hand between my thighs, rubbing my clit hard and fast, ready to cum with you. With the ice cube almost gone I slide my tongue inside you, thrusting gently and slowly, your gasp urging me forward. I start to tongue fuck your pussy harder and faster, your hands reaching down in my hair, pushing my tongue farther into you.

“Baby, oh fuck! Laura cum baby!” I rasp against your pussy, rubbing my clit as fast and hard as I can, bringing me so close to exploding with you.

Thrusting my tongue in and out with my head bobbing up and down, I can feel your hot wet pussy throb with the oncoming rush of your orgasm. Your hips thrust up, driving my tongue deeper. I feel your body tremble, and your legs start to shake.

“Carrie! Oh fuck Carrie!” you scream as I bury my tongue deep inside your pussy.

“Laura oh fuck baby, cum with me!” I moan as my cries of ecstasy are muffled with my tongue deep inside you.

“Carrie fuck Carrie! Carrie” you cry out as you start to cum, soaking my lips and my tongue.

Sucking hard on your pussy, I cum with you, sending shooting aches of pleasure through my body. My hips thrust forward, as yours thrust upwards, banging hard on my lips. Swallowing and licking all you have to give me, I feel your body slowly relax. Our breathing becomes slow and deep, and I feel your legs gently release my shoulders.

Sliding my tongue slowly up and down the length of your pussy, I manoeuvre myself back up on my knees. I give your clit a soft kiss, and move slowly up over you. Slowly I begin to kiss my way back up to your lips, stopping to kiss each nipple.

“Mmm god baby, I could do this with you all night,” I whisper as I smile down at you.

Placing your arms around my shoulders, you smile that beautiful smile that made me fall in love with you.

“What are you waiting for then baby…” you whisper, lifting your lips to mine and begin to kiss me…

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32