Hot Spring Ch. 01

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Typically, being sent to a Department of Transportation sponsored training or seminar evokes a mixed reaction. You’re happy to get out of the office for a day or two, but it can be pretty boring and it generally isn’t held at a very glamorous location. Sure, you get some face time with the DOT staff and get a chance to network with your peers, but you end up spending a day or two in a dumpy community center multi-purpose room with poor air circulation and uncomfortable chairs. At least that’s the way it had always been up to this point.

When Kirsten and I found ourselves volunteered to attend the upcoming DOT training, I was actually okay with it since I like Kirsten; we got along well at work and she wasn’t hard on the eyes, either. We’d never spent any time together outside the office, so this was also a good opportunity for us to get to know each other better. We were both pleasantly surprised when we learned that the location chosen for this particular training session reflected a new policy by the DOT to make attending these events more attractive. In the mountains, a few hours west of the city, was a small town whose major source of revenue revolved around a natural hot spring. The training was being held at a hotel in this little town and, since it was a two-day training, our company sprung for a couple of hotel rooms for Kirsten and me. Also, since the training started bright-and-early each morning, we scored the hotel rooms for the night prior to the training, as well. Kirsten and I fully appreciated the value of this arrangement, so we planned on getting out of the city as early as possible to take advantage of the hot spring pool adjacent to the hotel. We were almost giggling as we sped along the interstate in the company car, headed for the mountains. We stopped on the way only long enough to grab something to eat, both of us looking forward to soaking in what was essentially an Olympic-sized hot tub.

Once we’d arrived and checked in, we went to our rooms, which were on the same floor, and agreed to promptly head down to the pool. I grabbed my swimsuit, towel and sandals from my bag and was ready to go. Kirsten appeared in the hall with a bag almost as big as the one she’d just carried up to her room. She laughed at my reaction and insisted, “Its all essentials!”

After grabbing a couple of pool passes from the front desk, we headed next door to the pool, splitting up as we entered our respective locker rooms. We changed clothes there rather than in our hotel rooms because it was still quite cold outside. We only wanted to be exposed to the elements in our swimsuits for the short distance between the locker room exits and the pool itself. Once I’d changed and stashed my clothes in a locker, I waited for Kirsten in the heated vestibule between the men’s and women’s locker rooms. When she came through the doorway in her black one-piece, I knew I wasn’t doing a very good job of disguising my appreciation because she looked down and blushed. Kirsten is a thin girl with nice-sized breasts and short brown hair. Her swimsuit made her thin legs look even longer and didn’t hide her hard nipples as they pointed at me. I figured we’d better make a dash for the pool before I pitched a tent in my own swimsuit.

I found out later that the look on my face had spoken volumes to Kirsten and had pretty much put to rest the question she’d had in the back of her mind as to whether I found her attractive. It gave her the confidence to flirt a bit more aggressively, something I had attributed to us just being away from the office. By flirting aggressively, I don’t mean that she was throwing herself at me; just that she was sending clear signals that she appreciated my company.

We started out by submerging ourselves up to our chins in the naturally hot water and feeling all tension draining from our bodies. We floated around for a bit, feeling more and more relaxed and eventually gravitating closer together as we drifted further from the few other people using the pool. To those people, I’m sure we just looked like another happy couple spending some time together. Little did they know that we weren’t a couple and that this was our first ever time spent together outside of work. It wasn’t long before the physical contact as a result of mild horseplay became simply physical contact. We went from holding hands to holding onto each other until finally the time was right for our first kiss.

It was one of those perfect moments where we were totally in synch. We looked into each other’s eyes as our faces came together and our lips finally met. Feeling her soft lips against mine was even better than I had imagined. As the steam rising from the surface of the pool swirled around our heads, our first kiss progressively became more passionate. Our mouths gradually opened enough to admit each other’s tongues as we had our first tastes of each other. Her arms were around my neck as we made out and I pulled her body against mine with my hands on her narrow waist. As she wrapped her thin legs around me, I allowed my hands to slip down over her ass and massage her cheeks.

My cock had been hard since her lips had beylikdüzü escort first touched mine and I knew she had to be feeling it pressing between her legs. I didn’t know if it was something she was ready to deal with until she spoke.

“I can’t wait to feel you inside me,” she murmured in my ear before kissing it.

“Who said you had to wait?” I asked, whispering despite the fact that no one was near us. Kirsten raised her head and looked around. Seeing that we were virtually alone, a mischievous smile split her face.

“Let’s not wait then,” she purred, humping the bulge in my swimsuit.

As time had passed, the air had gotten cooler and the steam rising from the pool had gotten thicker. We couldn’t even see the sides of the pool, only the light from the pool house. Without letting her down, I reached between us and untied the drawstring of my swim trunks, then worked them down just far enough to free my rigid cock. While she held onto my neck, I was able to pull aside the crotch of her swimsuit and guide myself to her exposed pussy. She groaned with pleasure as I slipped easily into her slick channel. I was amazed that her pussy felt hotter and wetter than the spring water we were floating in.

I held her, one arm around her back and one hand gripping her ass, and started slowly fucking her. My cock had never felt so hard as it did sliding in and out of her succulent, tight pussy. She was moaning with pleasure as she rode up and down on my tool, even when we went back to making out again. The passion between us was incredibly intense; our tongues wildly explored each other’s mouths as we tried not to moan too loudly. The feel of her pussy sliding up and down my cock was absolutely incredible and I got the distinct feeling that she felt likewise. Given our position, I wasn’t able fondle her tits or even slip my hand inside her swimsuit to feel her bare ass, but I was confident that if I was patient, I’d have plenty of opportunity for fondling, caressing, stroking and licking. Besides, I also had no desire to let her any further away from me than she currently was.

With her legs wrapped around me, Kirsten was pulling herself against me harder and faster the longer we fucked. In response, I was pushing upward, thrusting my rigid cock into her sweet pussy as deeply as I could while pulling her against me with the hand on her ass. Our vigorous fucking was creating a tempest of waves around us, but we barely noticed; we were so caught up in each other and the feelings of pleasure we were experiencing. Kirsten broke off our kiss and pressed her face against my neck while still holding me tightly. I continued to fuck her but was surprised that her pussy began to feel even more slick and engorged. Feeling that, the orgasm that had slowly been building within me was suddenly approaching much more rapidly. There wasn’t anything I could do about it, though, so I just kept fucking her and enjoying the feeling.

With a sudden passionate cry, Kirsten started to cum, a shiver passing through her body. I’m sure if there was still anyone around the pool, they probably all heard Kirsten’s cry emanating from deep within the fog. I felt as well as heard her reaction and slowed down my thrusting as she rode out her intense orgasm. Her pussy felt even more amazing around my rock-hard cock, so I wanted to prolong the feeling just a little bit longer. By the time she seemed to be recovering from her orgasm, I was back to fucking her hard again, anticipating an intense blast of pleasure myself.

I closed my eyes, feeling the water surrounding us and Kirsten’s arms around my neck, her legs around my back and her pussy around my cock. While trying to refrain from grunting out loud, my cock swelled even more as I thrust it in and out of her in pursuit of my orgasm. Finally, with a feeling of pleasure that seemed to course through my entire body, originating from my balls, I got all the way up to that edge and tumbled over. I did grunt out loud as I began shooting my load deep into Kirsten’s sweet pussy, a grunt that was answered by a soft cry of surprise and pleasure from her. I continued to thrust as long as I was cumming, stopping when I was completely spent, but not pulling out of her.

We caught our breath and started kissing again before Kirsten pulled away slightly, my cock popping free. She got her feet under her again and reached down to adjust her bathing suit while I pulled mine back in place and retied the drawstring. We were quickly in each other’s arms again and making out before beginning to move back toward the edge of the pool and the pool house. Without a word between us, we both knew that it was time to head back to the hotel and continue our activities. The few people who were still at the pool paid no special attention to us as we appeared out of the fog, exited the pool and dashed back to the locker rooms. We kissed again in the heated vestibule, then went into the locker rooms to dry off and change, both agreeing that we wouldn’t shower there but would do it together back at the hotel. I turned back for a look at her ass in her swimsuit before going beyoğlu escort into the locker room and found myself wishing I was peeling it off of her as I changed into my clothes. I was in danger of arousing myself right there in the locker room thinking about her, so I hurried up and dressed and met her in the lobby of the pool house.

We walked back to the hotel holding hands and occasionally kissing, slipping into each other’s arms once we were in the elevator. We made out as we rode up to our floor, my hands massaging her denim-clad ass. When the elevator doors opened and we started out, Kirsten asked whose room we should go to. My reply was whichever one we came to first; it turned out to be hers. She slipped the key-card into the lock and let us in, dead bolting the door behind us. At the foot of her bed, we were in each other’s arms again, making out passionately.

“Get up on the bed,” Kirsten finally said, “I want to do something.” I crawled onto the bed and lay in the middle of it. Kirsten pulled off my shoes and socks, then crawled up onto the bed herself and, after leaning down for a kiss, helped me out of my shirt. As I lay watching, she moved back down and began working on opening my jeans. My cock immediately responded, trying valiantly to resurrect itself. By the time she worked my jeans and underwear down, my cock had swelled again to about half-erect. Luckily, her intentions were oral, so, with my clothes all cast aside, Kirsten settled between my spread legs and took my growing cock in her hand. Raising it up, she started by licking my balls while gently stroking my cock.

It wouldn’t take much of this before my cock was rock hard. Her soft, warm tongue caressed my balls over and over, covering every square inch and eventually moving up to the base of my cock. She supported my cock with her hand as her tongue ran up the underside a few times, making it try to stand up on its own. It was close to fully erect, but still not quite there yet. Her hand grasped the base and held it out as her tongue twirled around the head before she slid her lips down, engulfing me fully in her mouth. It felt so good that I couldn’t help but groan with pleasure while she slid her lips back up my shaft. She sucked my cock for a few minutes, providing me immense pleasure while assuring that I was fully erect, before she raised her head, removing my cock from her mouth. While it stood firmly, pointing at the ceiling, Kirsten stood and started to undress. I asked her to stand on the bed so I could see her better while she did, so she moved up onto the foot and started to pull her green sweater over her head, revealing a black bra. She then unfastened her faded Levi’s and worked them down over her narrow hips, as her black bikini panties came into view.

She looked outstanding in her black bra and matching bikini panties, her legs long and thin and her stomach flat. She allowed me a minute or two to admire her before reaching back and popping her bra open. She let it slide down her arms, revealing her perfect titties and their hard nipples. Her areolas were small and her nipples skinny but her breasts stood firmly even without the support of her bra. As her bra hit the bed, she took the sides of her panties and started to move them down over her hips. Her trim, brown bush was slowly revealed as her panties moved lower until finally they fell to her ankles and she stood naked above me. She stepped closer until she was standing with a foot on each side of my hips, then began to squat over me. She dropped to her knees as she reached for my rigid tool, guiding it to her approaching pussy. Once it was positioned between her lips, she lowered herself the rest of the way while my cock once again fully penetrated her.

She moaned and closed her eyes as she felt my girth filling her completely while I slid my hands up her thighs until they came to rest on her hips. She paused briefly, sitting on my cock, before opening her eyes and smiling at me as she began to ride my tool. She rested her hands on my chest as she worked herself up and down my rigid cock while I ran my hands over the smooth skin of her thighs and hips, up over her ribs and finally to her tits. I caressed the soft flesh and brushed my palms over her hard nipples, relishing the feel of them in my hands as I relished the feel of her pussy wrapped around my cock. Her pussy was very snug, but also very slick with lubricating juices, so the feeling on my cock was astounding. I was pushing up into her as she came down on me, wanting to penetrate that sweet thing as deeply as possible. When she dropped her hands from my chest to the bed on either side of my head, I was able to raise my head to lick and suck her nipples. I slid my hands away, around her back and down to her ass. As I pushed my hips up, I was pulling her down with handfuls of her ass cheeks, our flesh smacking together.

She gradually rode me faster and harder, her moaning becoming louder and more insistent. I was loving the enthusiasm she brought to bed and was grateful to be able to keep up with her. I responded to her hard riding by fucking her equally hard. bizimkent escort Despite the recent orgasm in the hot spring pool, I could feel another on the way, being drawn out by her sweet pussy. Based on the way Kirsten was acting, I suspected that she was chasing one down herself. I let my head drop back onto the pillow leaving her perky tits pointing down at me and looking up at the ecstatic expression on her face. Her face seemed to have gone totally slack; her was mouth hanging open and her eyes were half-closed. At the same time her pussy seemed to get slicker, drawing my impending orgasm even closer, she appeared to cinch her eyes closed all the way.

Amazingly, her pussy began to feel even better as she produced more lubrication precipitating her orgasm. I felt my cock beginning to swell and knew I was in for one hell of a climax myself. We were totally in rhythm as she slammed down on me and I pushed up into her, still grasping her ass. I finally closed my eyes as it felt like all the blood had left my head and every feeling in my body was focused in my groin. Finally, after an incredible build up, I exploded deep into her sweet pussy, evoking a cry from her. I let out a sort of cry of relief myself and felt a shudder pass through her as she came along with me. We both rode out the intense waves of our respective orgasms, each breaking into a sweat. After what felt like a blissful eternity, we both let out long sighs and Kirsten collapsed on top of me, my cock still embedded in her.

I wrapped my arms around her and held her tightly against me until she finally raised her head, looked deep into my eyes and kissed me. We made out for a few minutes as my cock began to shrink and slip out of her before she suggested that we take a shower. When I agreed, she rolled off of me and sat on the edge of the bed before standing slowly to make sure her legs were going to support her. I started to sit up but found myself distracted by her ass as she walked to the bathroom. Once she was out of sight I finally got up off the bed and followed her, only to be greeted by her ass again as she leaned into the shower to turn it on. Had the flesh not been weak at that point, I would have taken her from behind, but I was confident that the opportunity would present itself, probably before the night was over.

We both stepped into the shower and under the spray, feeling the minerals from the spring water rinsing away and making our skin feel slick. We made out for a minute or two before enthusiastically soaping up each other’s bodies, making sure every nook and cranny was clean. By the time we washed each other’s hair, we were pretty well aroused once again. We turned off the shower and stepped out, each taking a towel to dry the other off. I took my time drying every square inch of Kirsten’s body, pausing to suck her hard nipples once I’d dried her titties. I worked my way down, drying her flat abdomen and round ass and, finally, each of her legs. Finding myself on my knees with her pussy directly in front of my face, I couldn’t resist a little extra cleaning with my tongue.

I stuck my tongue into her slit, slurping up the pungent juices she was already producing again. Kirsten groaned, but didn’t protest, grabbing me by the back of the head and pushing her pelvis at my face. I grabbed her ass again and went to town, licking her pussy, lapping up her juices and slurping her clit. Releasing one of her cheeks, I brought one hand around and slipped first one then two fingers up into her slick pussy. While focusing on licking and sucking her clit, I pumped my two fingers in and out of her as she held my head and humped my face. It didn’t surprise me that Kirsten was completely on fire again, between the two rounds of sex so far and my hands exploring her body during our shower.

Her cries echoed in the tiled bathroom as she got closer to cumming. My nose was nestled in her trim bush as I sucked her clit, bringing her higher and higher. She bucked against my face faster as her orgasm loomed over her while I just continued enjoying the taste of her succulent pussy. Finally, like a dam bursting, Kirsten collapsed back against the counter, shuddering as her orgasm coursed through her and flooding me with fresh pussy nectar. I continued lapping up her juices until she finally let out a ragged sigh, indicating that her intense orgasm had finished. I stood and, as I leaned in to kiss her, she grabbed my head and jammed her tongue into my mouth, tasting her own flavor. My cock, already hard again, pressed against her stomach, so she reached down and gently stroked it before suggesting we get back to bed.

Following her back to the bed, I was again transfixed by her ass. At the foot of the bed, I took her by the hips from behind and pulled myself against her, my cock nuzzling between her cheeks. I whispered in her ear that I wanted to take her from behind and was pleased when she responded that she’d like to be taken that way. I let go of her hips as she pulled away from me and watched as she crawled to the middle of the bed on all-fours. She looked over her shoulder at me as if to ask what was taking me so long, but I was already moving up behind her on my knees. I guided my cock between her legs just below her ass and rubbed it against her slippery pussy lips before slipping it between them. With the head nestled between her lips, I took her by the hips and slowly slid all the way in until my hips touched her ass.

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