Hot Sex Instead of Dancing Ch. 02

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Big Tits

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Walter masturbates himself while watching his shapely neighbor cleaning her kitchen in her sexy nightgown.

Bill worked long hours as a desk sergeant and wasn’t always home to care for such a beautiful woman. As far as Walter was concerned, if Tiffany was his wife, he’d never leave her side but realistically, he’d have to leave her to go to work. Yet, all day in work, he’d be thinking of her. If she was his wife, rushing home to her, he couldn’t wait to be with her again. She was that beautiful. She was that sexy.

Whenever Walter knew she was home alone, once he heard Linda retire to bed, he’d turn off the TV and sit in the darkened living room while sipping his beer and having one, last cigarette. As if he was a man on death row dreading to walk up to the gallows to the executioner, he felt the same way about walking upstairs to his bedroom to sleep with Linda. Knowing that she’s awake and indecency exposed, he’d much rather walk next door and ask Tiffany if he could sleep with her. Their little, sexy secret, he’d much rather ask Tiffany if she’d masturbate him while he fondled her breasts and fingered her nipples. Only with Bill her husband, violating his friendship and his trust, he’d never dare do that.

Patiently, he’d wait for Tiffany to turn on the kitchen light and make her nightly appearance before unzipping himself and removing his flaccid cock from his pants. Something he looked forward to doing every day or whenever she was up cleaning her kitchen late at night, he’d masturbate himself while watching her. While pretending they were husband and wife instead of next door neighbors, and he was there with her in her kitchen, he imagined talking to her while he fingered the head of his cock. Usually around the same time, 10 pm or shortly thereafter, while Linda was in the upstairs bathroom getting ready for bed or already in bed snoring, Tiffany was in her kitchen ready to entertain Walter by giving him a sexy show of her hot, beautiful, black body.

If only she’d clean her kitchen naked, he’d be such a happy man while masturbating himself. If only Bill would install a pole in the kitchen, he’d be even happier while watching her making love to her pole as he masturbated himself. He’d love nothing better than to watch Tiffany erotically and exotically dance around a pole while stripping off her clothes and while he masturbated himself. With him watching his own nightly, personal striptease show, how hot is that? Only with that part of her life over, once she married Bill, he knew that Tiffany would never be dancing naked around a pole ever again.

With him sometimes imagining more than he ever saw of her, he’d watch her flitting around the kitchen in her sexy nightgown while hoping to see all that he shouldn’t see of his best friend’s wife. Always he wondered if she was wearing panties beneath her nightgown while assuming that she wasn’t. He loved watching her don her pink, rubber gloves to do the dishes. While stroking his cock faster, it was then that he imagined her giving him a hand job while she wore those pink, rubber gloves. Of course he’d love to feel her naked hand on his cock but, as if she was his private nurse, there was something so sexy and perversely perverted about her giving him a hand job while wearing those pink, rubber gloves.

“Stroke my cock Tiffany but first put on your pink, rubber gloves,” he imagined saying to her.

He imagined her giving him her best sexy look while she covered her hands with pink rubber.

“After I give you a hand job while wearing my pink, rubber gloves Walter,” he imagined her saying. “May I suck your cock too?”

With her being such a sexy woman, he envied how she could drive men mad by just making an appearance, even when fully dressed. Different with women than it is for men, unless they’re a CFNM stripper and the women are drunk, men don’t usually sexually excite women in the way that women almost always sexually excite men. As strange as it may sound, sometimes he wished he had been born a woman. With him a secret, closet cross dresser, he’d love to wear a sexy nightgown that would drive some man wild with desire for him. If he was married to Tiffany, with some of the sexy outfits that she has, he’d be wearing some of her clothes.

Yet with him having only cross dressed in private, he’d never go out in public dressed as a woman. Even though he’d like to go out in public dressed as a woman one day, just to see if he could pass as a woman, he was too afraid to even try. He’s even thought about driving to another town where no one knows him, but he didn’t have the courage to even do that. The furthest he’s ever gotten venturing out in public dressed as a woman is driving around in his car while dressed as a woman. He could only imagined how mortified and humiliated he’d feel if someone from work recognized him dressed as a woman.

“Walter? Is that you? A little bit late for Halloween, Beylikdüzü escort bayan is it?” He imagined a co-worker laughing at him after recognizing him. “What are you going to a masquerade ball? Say, you’re not one of those closet cross dressers, are you? C’mon Walter. Be honest. You can tell me. Are you in drag?”

He could only imagine what his friend Bill would think of him if seeing him in drag. He could only imagine what his sexy siren of a next door neighbor, Tiffany, would think of him if ever catching him wearing a dress, a girdle, a pushup bra, a wig, high heels, and makeup. Only, with her being a stripper, he’s sure that she’s seen a lot worse than a man dressed as a woman. Who knows? Seeing him dressed in drag may even sexually arouse her. As soon as he thought it, he seriously doubted that Tiffany would be sexually aroused by seeing him dressed as a woman in the way that he’d be sexually aroused seeing Tiffany dressed as anything, even as a man.

Having never shared his cross dressing secret with his wife, he wondered if she suspects that he’s a cross dresser. Figuring that she knows that he enjoys wearing women’s clothes, she’s never confronted him by publically exposing his cross dressing secret. In the way she never speaks about having sex with his friends, she never mentions his cross dressing either. A secret sexual code they have even though he suspects she knows he’s a cross dresser, he suspects that she knows about him arranging his friends to have sex with her when tying her to the bed and blindfolding her. Seriously, with her not stupid or a drunk, just as how could she not know that he’s a cross dresser, how could she not know that she’s been having sex with three of his friends?

In the way that he watched her nearly every night while masturbating himself, he imagined some man watching him while masturbating when he was dressed in drag. Only, he wasn’t gay. He’d never have sex with a man. He just enjoyed dressing as a woman.

He was just sensitive to the roles and to the games that men and women like to play. His need to cross dress dated back to when he was 18-years-old. Dressing in their clothes when they weren’t home was something he tried when he lived with his mother and sister. Now thirty years later, he has his own clothes hidden away in boxes in the back of his closet. When Linda’s not home, especially when she’s away for a few days visiting her mother and/or her sister, if the mood strikes him, he’ll spend the day dressed as a woman while masturbating himself.

It’s then and only then, while dressed as a woman that he wishes he had been born a woman. Even though he’s not the type to take female hormone supplements, to have breast implants, and/or to have a sex change operation, not even willing to shave his legs, he just enjoys how sexy he feels when wearing women’s clothes. He wondered how many other men enjoy dressing as a woman. He wondered if there are private clubs that he could attend while dressed as a woman. He’d like to talk to other men who shared his need to cross dress.

* * * * *

With her not very coordinated and thinking that she’d know better by now or maybe it was because of the loose fitting, slippery, rubber gloves, when she used the gooseneck pull out faucet with the spray head, she’d always drop it in the sink. When she wasn’t dropping the sprayer in the sink, she was accidentally pointed it at herself. The same sexy show every night, as if she was Buster Keaton, Stan Laurel, or one of the Three Stooges, as if the sink had a water gun pointed at her tits, the water would splash up on her. As if giving herself a wet tee shirt or in her case, a wet nightgown, the front of her nightgown was always soaked with water. If he was there with her now, he’d suck the water from her nightgown.

“There. How’s that? I sucked the water from your nightgown,” he imagined saying.

“That’s not all you sucked Walter. Please remove my nightgown clad nipple from your mouth.”

Perhaps so that he could see more of her breasts, he liked imagining that she wetted her nightgown deliberately. With her black skin peeking through the pastel colors of her nightgown, he always imagined that he was seeing more of her than he was seeing while hoping to see even more of her as he masturbated himself. With her standing in front of the kitchen window, he always imagined her stripping off her nightgown to replace it with a dry one. A job he’d love to do, instead he was relegated to watching her dabbing her wet nightgown with a dry dishtowel while he stroked his cock.

In the way she never looked his way, as if an actress never looking at the camera, maybe she doesn’t have a clue that he’s watching her. With her an ex-stripper and privy to the unrelenting sexual lust of men, obviously she knew or suspected that he was watching her. Perhaps as if she was wearing a wet tee shirt instead of a wet nightgown, she sexually teased him while flashing Escort Beyoğlu him her water soaked breasts.

He liked thinking that she knew he was there in the dark with his stiff prick in his hand and slowly stroking himself while watching her. As much as he’d love to see her naked, he’d love for her to see him naked too. As much as he’d love to touch and feel her naked body, he’d love for her to touch and feel his naked body too.

Maybe nothing more than a sexy game with her, perhaps she purposely soaked her tits as her way of sexually teasing him. He liked to think that she purposely wetted herself in the way he’d love to get her all wet by kissing her, touching her, feeling her, fingering her, and licking her before making love to her and before fucking her. Maybe she was as turned on that he watched her as much as he was turned on when watching her. Maybe with her being an ex-stripper, she liked being watched. Maybe in the way that he’s a voyeur, she’s an exhibitionist. Imagining touching her and feeling her while kissing her, he’d love nothing more than to dab her nightgown clad breasts with her dishtowel.

“Give me the dishtowel Tiffany, please,” he imagined saying to her. “May I? Allow me do that for you.” While feeling all that he could of her big breasts with his horny hands, he imagined dabbing her big tits with the dry dishtowel.

When he used his binoculars while she stood by the kitchen window washing those things not dishwasher safe, and after she wetted the front of her nightgown with water, he could see the whole, shapely outline of her breasts. Because her skin was so dark and her nightgowns were so light, he could see the big, dark impressions her nipples made through all of her nightgowns. Whenever he saw the impressions her black nipples made through the sheer material of her nightgown, involuntarily, his lips moved in the motion of a baby hungry for breast milk.

Having never been with a black woman, having never been with any woman other than his wife, with him finding her so erotically exotic, he’d give anything to finger her big nipples before sucking her big nipples. After seeing her breasts last year when she lost her bikini top at the waterpark, so full and so shapely, she has beautiful, natural breasts. She has breasts as big and as naturally beautiful as Tyra Banks’ big, naturally breasts or Halle Berry’s big, naturally breasts. He’d love nothing more than to see her big tits again while masturbating himself.

In the way that Susan Sarandon as Sally washed her naked breasts with lemons to remove the smell of fish after working in a fish market all day in the movie, Atlantic City, he wished Tiffany would walk around her kitchen topless and/or naked. In the way that Burt Lancaster, as Lou, Sally’s next door neighbor, watched Sally washing her tits every night, he’d love to watch Tiffany washing her tits every night. Even better, he’d love to volunteer to wash her naked breasts with his naked hands instead of with her dabbing at her breasts through her wet nightgown with a dry dishtowel while she wore her pink, rubber gloves.

“Allow me to wash your tits Tiffany. Oh, my. Your breasts are so very dirty. How did your tits get so dirty? I’m going to have to lift them up to washed underneath them. I’m going to have to hold them in my hand while really scrubbing them to get them clean. It may be better if I just lick them clean while paying special attention to your nipples,” he imagined saying to her while stroking himself faster with the thought of licking her tits.

* * * * *

A sexual fantasy of his, he’d love to see her standing at the kitchen sink while wearing nothing but her pink, rubber gloves. He wondered if Bill ever asked her to wear those pink, rubber gloves to bed. In the way he’d love her to give him a hand job while wearing her pink, rubber gloves, he wondered if Bill ever asked Tiffany to give him a hand job while wearing her pink rubber gloves. He could only imagined what it must feel like for Tiffany to wrap her rubber gloved hand around his hard cock while she stroked him to a bigger erection.

‘Oh, my God, Tiffany,’ he imagined saying to her while she masturbated him. ‘I love how it feels when you masturbate me while wearing your pink, rubber gloves.’

Just once, if he was in bed with Tiffany, he’d ask her to wear her pink, rubber gloves to bed. Even though Linda has blue, rubber gloves for when she runs the hot water to scrub the pans, watching Linda wearing her blue, rubber gloves is not nearly the same as watching Tiffany wearing her pink, rubber gloves. Watching Linda wearing her blue, rubber gloves never makes him want her to masturbate him while she wears her blue, rubber gloves. Then, again, watching Linda clean the kitchen never inspires him to pull out his cock and stroke himself in the way it happens every time when Tiffany cleans her kitchen. He always has the urge to masturbate himself while watching Tiffany clean Bomonti escort her kitchen while wearing her sexy nightgown and while wearing her pink, rubber gloves.

The last time he had such a sexual attraction to a woman wearing gloves was when he used to watch the reruns of The Donna Reed Show and the Leave to Beaver Shows with Barbara Billingsley playing June Cleaver as the Beaver’s mother. A masturbation machine back then, thirty years ago, while masturbating himself, he imagined Donna Reed and Barbara Billingsley giving him a hand job while wearing their white gloves. Back then, women never left the house without their white gloves. Back then, he’d be willing to bet that a lot of women gave their men white glove hand jobs in the backseat of a car. He used to imagine June Cleaver giving Ward Cleaver a white glove hand job.

In the way that Angie Dickinson wore white gloves as Kate Miller in Dressed to Kill, he imagined Tiffany wearing white gloves while giving him a full bodied, naked massage. In the way that Bryan Brown as Fitch gave Mimi Rogers as Nina a full bodied, naked massage in the movie Full Body Massage, he imagined Tiffany giving him a full bodied, naked massage but one with a happy ending. He’d love nothing more than to have Tiffany allow him to strip her naked so that he could massage her beautiful, black body. Then, returning the favor, with her stripping him naked, he’d love for her to give him a full bodied, naked massage too.

Massaging him while masturbating him, he imagined her handling his cock in her soft, black hand. He imagined her fondling the head of his prick while staring at his emerging erection. He imagined her slowly stroking him to a harder erection. Then, briefly stopping her masturbation of him to coat her big, full lips with bright, red lipstick, he imagined her putting on her pink, rubber glove to finish masturbating him.

Stroking him faster and stroking him harder while wearing her pink, rubber gloves and bright, red lipstick, once he was hard enough, he imagined her taking him in her mouth. Coating his cock with her lipstick all over his dipstick, he imagined humping her mouth and fucking her face. Then, sucking him to an even stiffer erection, once he was hard enough, he imagined her mounting him, making love to him, and fucking him.

* * * * *

When she swept the floor, in the way that the kitchen light illuminated her sheer nightgown as if it was a stage spotlight, he could see the outline of her beautiful, black, naked body through her nightgown. When not facing him and she leaned at the waist to pick up the dirt with her dustpan, he enjoyed the up nightgown view of the tops of her shapely thighs and the bottom of her sexy ass cheeks. He always stroked himself faster whenever she was showing him more of her sexy body.

“Just a little higher. Just a little bit more,” he said wishing his hand was her hand masturbating him while wishing he was laying on her kitchen floor behind her so that he could stare under her nightgown at her black ass and pussy.

Then, while stroking himself faster and harder and while wishing her nightgown was shorter and she was leaning further forward, he enjoyed the view she gave him of her sexy body. When facing him and when leaning at the waist to pick up the dirt with her dustpan, while watching her breasts dance in her nightgown top, he enjoyed the down nightgown view of the tops of her meaty breasts and her cleavage that she unknowingly gave him. When she squatted down to pick up things she missed, unable to tell if she was wearing panties or not, he imagined seeing her black pussy. With him never quite seeing enough of her and always wanting to see more of her, his voyeurism of her made him crazy to constantly and continually masturbate over her.

“I really want you Tiffany. I wish I could make out with you. I wish I could make love to you. I really want to fuck you,” he imagined saying to her.

He imagined her giving him a sexy smile that she only gave to her best customers.

“May I suck your cock Walter?” He always imagined her asking him the same question.

Then, when she opened the refrigerator door with the kitchen light off, he could clearly see her beautiful body through her nightgown as if she was naked. He only wished their bedroom was on this side of the house. With her shades not fully drawn, he’d love to watch her undressing at night and dressing in the morning. As if he was a hunter setup in a blind positioned in a tree, he’d love to watch her remove her bra in the way that John Belushi did when standing on a ladder as John Blutarski in Animal House while watching Martha Smith as Babs Jansen remove her bra.

“Oh, my God,” he said to himself while stroking his cock. “I’d love to see her tits.”

Wanting to return the favor, he so wanted to parade around his living room naked with all of the lights on while deliberately giving her a show of his naked body in the way he imagined she’s been giving him a deliberate show of her nearly naked body. He so wanted to flash her his cock in the way she was flashing him her nearly naked ass, tits, and pussy through her sexy nightgowns. Only with him deliberately flashing her his cock, what if she was inadvertently flashing him her body through her nightgown?

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