Hot Sand: Flip Flops , Halter Tops

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The unexpected phone call in the night felt like part of Carol’s dream. It had been a good dream, but the fragments of it that were left in her mind disappeared; the reality of what was happening wakened her to life at its most difficult. The phone call was short; when it ended she turned to her husband, Alan, himself waking from a dream, lying next to her in bed.

“Cindy was in a car accident. That was her sister that called, she said Cindy’s in the hospital. She’s going to be okay but she’s in bad shape. I think I need to go see her.”

Alan rubbed his sleepy eyes. “Wow, yeah. I mean, she’s your best friend. I’ll take a couple days off and go with you if you want.”

Carol got out of bed and sat at the kitchen table for a while, looking at maps on her iPad, her eyes following the roads that lead to where she needed to be. After a few hours of restless sleep, she broke the news about Cindy to her two children, Megan and Michael.

“I wish I could go,” Megan said. “I’d like to.”

“I know, sweetheart,” Carol said. “But your father and I are going so quickly, it’s easier for us just to go, and not make a big production out of it.”

“Yeah, I know,” Megan said.

“Yeah, Mom, it’s okay,” Michael said. “We’ll hold down the fort. Isn’t that what Dad likes to say?”

Alan shuffled in, wearing pajamas, a bathrobe and slippers. “What do I like to say?”

“I told them we’re going to be leaving,” Carol said. “Our young man here thinks he wants to hold down the fort. I think we’ll have to do a little more talking about that.”

The talking happened in private, mother and father worrying about their home-from-college son who loves to party. “Megan would be fine on her own,” Carol said, “but…I don’t know about leaving Michael in charge. Is our house insurance up to date?”

“He’s not that bad,” Alan said. “I mean, what choice do we have? He’s twenty, Megan’s eighteen now. They’re pretty much adults. I’d be willing to bet money that Megan will keep him in line.”

“I know, but…Lil and Chuck aren’t even going to be home. If they were next door it would be different, but they’ll be gone to the shore for two weeks. I’m pretty sure they’re leaving tomorrow.”

“Yeah, that’s unfortunate, isn’t it,” Alan said. “There won’t be any eyes on the house.”

Carol and Alan decided there was nothing that could be done, but a conversation with their neighbors Lil and Chuck, in the side yard between the two houses, changed everything. “They can just come with us to the shore,” Lil said. “We’d love to have them. They’re both so nice, they’ll be no trouble. It’s just the beach, we’ll just be lying around doing nothing.”

“Oh my gosh, that’s awfully generous of you,” Carol said. “Are you sure, though? It seems like too much for you to offer. You two were planning a quiet vacation.”

“We’ll have plenty of time for quiet,” Chuck said. “Yes, we’d love to have them.”

“They probably won’t be happy about leaving their friends behind,” Alan said, “but it’ll just be for a few days. Carol and I’ll come and get them as soon as we can. Are you really sure this is okay with you two?”

“Absolutely,” Lil said. “Go, be with your friend. Don’t worry about anything else.”

“I’ll tell the kids about it and have them ready to go whenever you are,” Carol said. “Gosh, this is such a whirlwind. I can’t believe all this is happening.”

That evening, while she was packing things for the quick trip to the shore, Megan smiled at herself in the mirror on the wall in her bedroom. Over the past two years she’d gotten used to the sight of braces on her teeth. Just a single wire across the front wasn’t as bad as some she’d seen, the light glinting off of the shiny metal hardly registering in her mind anymore. No, it wasn’t the braces but the smile itself that she found awkward, slightly crooked, on a face adorned with eye glasses. The glasses looked dorky to her, on their last legs, ready for the junk heap of no-longer-used pairs in the top drawer of her dresser.

The lingering look in the mirror showed more of herself — the slender body, the slim arms, the tops of her lanky legs — but it was the outfit she was trying on that held her attention: a pair of white short shorts that accentuated her leggy legs, and a recently purchased halter top that showed off her new breasts, late-blooming fleshy ones that rode like jiggly melons in the unlined cotton fabric of the little top. She wasn’t yet used to the sight of them on her body; lovely, nicely shaped breasts just like her mother’s, newly filled-out in the last year or so. It seemed as if in just the last month or two they’d grown very noticeably bigger, and they’d become more exuberantly nippled, something that was blatantly obvious with the new halter top she was trying on.

V-neck halter tops had long been Megan’s favorite summertime attire. Her thin, nicely shaped body had always looked good in them, ever since she was little, when she had the shape of a miniature ballet dancer. Adolescence had left aydınlı escort her a bit gangly, but the swing into young womanhood, which she was just beginning, showed more than a glimpse of promise. She was starting to pay attention to her posture, becoming mindful of the way she walked and moved her arms. It was all new, these subtle shifts, but her breasts weren’t subtle at all, not in that pure white halter top, with her fully aroused nipples making unmistakable bumps in the thin fabric. They hadn’t done that at the store when she tried it on. There, in the store’s dressing room, she knew the little top put her breasts front and center in a somewhat showy way, but it was a nice halter top and she loved the style and she wanted it. But there, in her bedroom, looking in the mirror, she suddenly realized she didn’t have girlish breasts anymore. She had tits.

Surprisingly—or maybe not—it was Chuck Williams, her kind, handsome next door neighbor, who she thought of first. “Oh my God. Can I wear this in front of Chuck?” The quietly spoken thought blushed her face and sent tingles through her entire body. She’d called her neighbors Mr. and Mrs. Williams up until six months ago, at Christmas time, when Chuck and Lil had finally persuaded she and Michael to use their first names. For Megan it had felt like a big step into adulthood, one that was uncomfortable at first but becoming easier and even likable. Chuck is such a nice man, one whom Megan has had a crush on since she was too young to understand such a thing as a crush. This womanly blossoming that was happening right in front of her eyes, these tits and these lively nipples — was it too much to show, to Chuck, and to brother Michael, and to any other male who happened to be around? That was the question in Megan’s mind, and it was Chuck Williams who was at the root of it.

Megan could almost taste the hormones that were coursing through her veins when she took off the sexy white top, folding it neatly, placing it on the top of the pile of halter tops she was taking with her. There were two other new ones to try on, and she had a feeling she knew what she was going to see. Both were cupless like the white one, with none of the built-in bra-like structure of most women’s halters. Not long ago, as a younger teen with breasts that had yet to fully develop, she’d preferred the lightweight, unstructured kind, the same type she had worn as a child. Cooler and more comfortable, the simple single layer of fabric did the job of covering her, but her mother had told her that as her body changed she’d have to start wearing the ones with the built-in bra cups. This latest shopping spree had been without her mother, and Megan hadn’t been able to resist these lovely, thin, unstructured halter tops, thinking only about comfort and coolness for the hot summer days. The little tops with the deep ‘V’ necks were certainly that, cool and wonderfully comfortable, but Megan was seeing the full truth of them in her mirror for the first time, the thin cotton cradling new breasts of the type that made men’s mouths water. There was something serious going on with the look of her newly bloomed body all of a sudden, and there was something interesting happening in her veins, where those high octane hormones were coursing.

Trying on the next top, tying the back of it in front of her, she rotated it around her middle, covered her bare breasts with the two triangular covering pieces, and tied their straps behind her neck. This halter top, being bright yellow, nearly lit up the room with its effervescence. Megan couldn’t help but smile. Yes, these three new ones were seriously sexy. She hadn’t planned on it being that way, but it was what it was and it made her happy. Chuck will like this, she thought, her body tingling with goosebumps again. It’ll be, like, he’s seeing me for the first time, maybe. Yes, I think he’ll like me…this way.

With their parents driving in another direction, Megan and Michael rode in the backseat of Chuck and Lil’s car to the shore. The Williams’ beach house is a modest structure, not right on the beach but just a one minute walk away. The Intracoastal Waterway is just a five minute walk in the opposite direction. The Williams’ keep a modest boat at a marina there, one that they use when they come to meet and clean up after tenants. The beach house is a rental, one that’s fully booked up for the entire summer except for the two mid-summer weeks that Chuck and Lil use it for themselves. It’s a lot of work, dealing with renters, but the little house is proving to be a wonderful investment, walking distance, as it is, to the ocean, the Intracoastal, shopping, and restaurants.

The shopping intrigued Megan, so, soon after arriving, unpacking, and eating a late lunch of submarine sandwiches, she and Lil walked up the road, took a left, and stopped in at the nearest swimwear store.

“I should have told you earlier, that’s a cute top,” Lil said, eyeing Megan’s halter, a batik-print purple one bağdat caddesi escort of the style Megan’s mother approved of, meaning thickish padded support in the bra cup area, with just a modest hint of cleavage.

“Thanks,” Megan said. “You know me, I’ve always loved purple. I bought some different brighter colored ones last week, though. I brought them with me.”

Lil smiled. “I’ve never seen a girl with so many tops. Have you ever counted them all?”

“No. I just love them. My bathing suits aren’t the best, though. I really need something new.”

“Well, this is the place,” Lil said. “There’s another store down the street, but this place has a nicer selection. You’re inspiring me. I guess I’ll look for something new, too.”

“I’ve never seen you in a bathing suit,” Megan said, running her hands over a rack of bikinis right inside the store’s door. “What kind do you like?”

“I used to wear bikinis, but…it’s been a while.”

“Maybe you should try them again,” Megan said. Picking one out for herself, she wasted no time trying it on. She stepped out of the dressing room to show Lil.

“Oh my God,” Lil said, letting her eyes roam over Megan’s newly womanly body. “Your mother’ll kill me if you buy that one.” Lil said it before she’d even seen the backside of the little bikini. When Megan turned around to show it to her, there was just a few strings and a cheeky thong-back bottom that overall gave the impression of pretty much naked from head to toe.

“My mom shouldn’t be allowed to decide for me anymore. I’m eighteen now, remember?”

“I know but…okay…I guess,” Lil said, looking unsure of what her role in this intervention should be. “Will you pay for my funeral, when she does kill me?”

Megan smiled, and thought for a moment. “Maybe…you’ll like it better if you’re wearing something sort of like it.”

“Me? Are you kidding?”

“Pick one out. Let’s try them on. It’ll be fun.”

Lil had often wondered what it would be like to have a daughter. Not having children was a choice she and Chuck had made, but she still wondered, once in a while, what life would be like. And here it was, a grown teenage ‘daughter’, wanting to play dress-up with bikinis in a fun store. “Okay,” Lil said, smiling.

It was back at the house when Lil realized the folly of it — a forty-five year old woman with a newly purchased sexy bikini, and the expectation, from Megan at least, that it would be worn at the beach.

“Success, huh?” Chuck said, eying the shopping bag in Lil’s hand.

“Megan talked me into a bikini, of all things,” Lil said.

“Oh, you bought one?” Chuck said, looking surprised.

“I got one, too,” Megan said, her eyes twinkling at the thought of wearing such a skimpy thing in front of him.

In Megan’s eyes, Chuck is a real hunk. A manly man of forty-six, barrel-chested and solid, but not fat. She loves the crinkles around his nice eyes, and his warm, easy smile. It was then, standing there with thoughts of showing herself to him in the tiny bikini, when she realized she’d be seeing him in his bathing suit, bare chested, barefoot, more than half naked. The thought tongue-tied her. There was nothing more she could say, about anything.

That evening, after a dinner of take-out food from a Chinese place down the street, the four of them sat down in the living room to watch a movie on Netflix, one picked by Michael and seconded by Megan. A young, hip romantic comedy, it featured scene after scene of hot bodies, with quite a lot of nudity and a surprising amount of sex. Twenty minutes into it, with the third scene of blatantly sexual nudity steamily underway, Lil said, “Remind me to never let a twenty-year old boy pick the movie.”

Megan giggled nervously, glancing at Chuck, not expecting to catch his eye the way she did. Her raging hormones tingled and goosebumped her again, in a deep way that felt almost like a small orgasm. Orgasms were nothing new to Megan; she’d been giving them to herself for a year and a half, though at a slower pace now than when she’d first discovered how to do it. Back then she’d nearly rubbed the skin right off of her clit, but now it was more relaxed, somewhat more skilled, and not quite as often. She had a feeling, though, that on this night her fingers would be irresistible. The house’s small bedrooms seemed well built, after all, not with the paper thin walls she thought they might have.

And so it went, just two hours later — a nearly silent, trembling, mind-expanding orgasm in the dark of Megan’s bedroom, her fingers not only twiddling her young clit but fucking her own tightness as deep as they could go. The fucking part was something she now knew she desperately needed — a real, true fucking, by a real, manly man. Eighteen, she thought, is much too old to be a virgin.

The next morning, dressed in the t-shirt and high school gym shorts she sleeps in, Megan sat on the side of her bed, thinking about clothes. bostancı escort What to wear on any given day was always among her first morning thoughts. This day, though, would be the maiden wearing of the sexiest little bikini she’d ever had her hands on. She went to it, there on her dresser top, lifting the nearly weightless weight of it, holding the top and then the bottom up to the mirror, so she could see both sides of them at the same time. They seemed magical to her, so womanly, so sexy. She felt oddly ready for those traits, the girl in her still churning butterflies in her stomach, the brand new woman in her clawing to get out.

First, though, was a morning shower in the hallway bathroom. Chuck and Lil had their own small bathroom off the bedroom they used, but still, the one in the hallway was just as much Chuck’s. He’d almost certainly done work in there, Megan figured, with those workman hands of his, and he’d probably even been naked in there, washing that strong body of his in the shower. The thought of it was enough to make her weak in the knees as she stripped off her sleeping clothes. She stood there, looking at her naked self in the old fashioned medicine cabinet mirror above the sink, wishing she was as beautiful as Lil. Seeing Lil’s body for the first time yesterday, during the bikini try-ons at the store, gave Megan some confused thoughts. It was the body of Chuck’s woman, the kind of body he liked, Megan assumed.

Somewhat thicker through the middle and less willowy of arms and legs than Megan, Lil was nonetheless beautiful. One thing that pleased Megan was Lil’s breasts. Megan’s own brand new ones were just as big and shapely, and firmer and less gravity ridden, she assumed, although she didn’t see Lil’s without the support of a bikini top. Nipples were always a question in Megan’s mind. The girls in the high school gym’s locker room shower had many different kinds of them— pink ones and dark ones, big ones and small ones, smooth ones and bumpy ones. Some were easily aroused, like Megan’s own, and some weren’t. She wondered what kind Chuck liked. Standing there naked, a knock at the door startled her. She knew it had to be her brother. “What! ” she said, annoyed with him, the way sisters often are.

“Hurry up, dork,” Michael said. “It’s nice out. Let’s go to the beach.”

“Give me a chance!” Megan whined. “I just got in here!”

After she listened to Michael walking away she turned the shower faucets on, stepped into the spray, and let the hot water melt away her thoughts.

Five minutes later, she walked past Michael’s open bedroom door. “Holy shit,” he said. “Mom let you buy that?”

Megan, barefoot with gym shorts on, looked down at herself, breasts scantily clad in the clingy, sexy bikini top. “I bought it yesterday. Is it…okay?”

“Yeah,” Michael said. “You don’t look like so much of a dork anymore.”

Megan smiled, showing the braces on her teeth. “Be nice when you see Lil in hers,” she said. “She’s nervous about it.”

Michael’s eyes widened. “Lil bought one? Like that? “

“Kind of,” Megan said, looking down again at the way her breasts looked. “The bottom’s different than mine, but…yeah it’s pretty much…like this. That’s why you need to be…polite.”

“Yeah, I will,” Michael said. “Are they going to the beach with us, do you think?”

“Don’t be staring at her. I mean it.”

Michael, smirking, said, “Why do you guys wear those if you don’t want us guys staring?”

“Just don’t,” Megan said. “They’re super nice to have us here. Don’t screw it all up.”

Megan went to her room, closed the door tightly, and blow-dried her hair in front of the dresser mirror. She pushed her gym shorts down her lanky legs and put on the nearly weightless bikini bottom. It seemed even tinier than it had in the store, smaller even than her skimpiest panties. Wearing it felt thrillingly daring, to a nearly shocking degree, so she stood there for a few moments to try and get used to the idea. Always a girl with happy thoughts, Megan’s optimism quickly swept away her doubts.

Examining herself in the mirror and with her fingers, Megan searched her crotch for any shaving that she may have missed in the shower. Her pubic hair is soft and fair, but still, a mistake there, pubes peaking out from the edges of the finely sewn bikini, would have been embarrassing. Happy with the smoothness of her nether region’s flesh, she stood back and twisted her body, using the mirror to have a look at her wildly cheeky thong-naked buttocks. Shocked and excited in equal measure, the sight of her bikini-clad body didn’t even look like her own self; it was more like one of the earlier-blooming cheerleader girls from her senior class, or a girl from TV or the movies. This new body of Megan’s was something almost alien to her, but exciting, especially with Chuck in the house, just moments away from seeing her.

A pair of cute shorts as a cover-up would have made sense, at least for the breakfast hour, but Megan decided to be brave and be a full-time bikini girl. It was a beach house after all, where such behavior was normal. Walking down the hall with a pair of flip flops in her hand, she was already past the bathroom door when Michael opened it and stepped out, his hair wet, his naked body wrapped with a damp towel around his waist. “Dork, what the fuck,” he said, eyeing the so-close-to-naked backside of his little sister.

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