Hot Passion Drive

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Big Ass

Hot Wet Sex On A Rainy Day

I have known Kate now for about a year or so. When I was in town I would meet her at the bar and we would have a couple beers, as we talked about what we were both up to as far as work was concerned, then a hug and a kiss.

The hugs and kisses became more passionate and intense each time we would meet.

Last week when I was in town I asked Kate if she would like to go for a ride up the coast that afternoon. She agreed so off we went.

It was a rainy day, and as we drove along we began talking about sexual things we have done and would like to do.

Kate told me how she sometimes would drive up the coast topless. I told her that sounds like a good idea today, especially with the rain; so it would be less likely to be se

Kate said that being seen was a turn on to her anyway so she didn’t mind.

As she slipped off her shirt, I became very excited seeing her huge breasts in her bra. Then she removed the bra, and as we drove along, I was becoming more and more excited watching her swaying tits.

I began to fondle her breasts with my free hand, squeezing her huge nipples.

Kate then reached over and began to unzip my pants, then pulled out my cock. As she stroked my cock to a strong erection gaziantep escortları I moved my hand from her breast, down to her crotch. She was wet right through her jeans.

Kate then began to remove her pants, first her jeans, then her panties.

Here I was, now driving up the coast with a completely naked woman next to me, with my cock sticking up from my pants, and my free hand now working her pussy.

We both were becoming so hot and horny by this time I had to find a place to pull over.

As soon as we did, we were wrapped up in a tight embrace, with our lips pressed together, and our tongues entwined and hands all over each other.

The place was pretty secluded, so Kate didn’t even bother putting her clothes back on as we got out of the truck and climbed into the canopy covered pickup bed.

I quickly laid out some blankets and removed all my clothes as well.

I began to kiss her breasts, and suck and lick her nipples, as my hands were on and in her cunt. Kate began kissing my face and neck, as we were both so hot and desperate for each other.

As I kissed down her breasts, to her crotch we fell into a 69 position. Kate began to suck on my hard throbbing cock, filling her mouth and throat with it, as my mouth went onto her wet cunt.

By now we were locked in a very heated sex session as Kate was sucking my cock as I was fucking her mouth with it. Kate was going wild with lust grinding her wet cunt into my face, as my tongue worked on her clit and fucked her pussy.

Kate then began to lick and suck my balls, then back to my cock as I squeezed her head between my thighs.

I would lick and suck her clit, then plunge my tongue deep into her wet pussy as her thighs tightened around me, and she began grinding her hot dripping cunt into my face.

I then ran my tongue down to her asshole, and began to lick and probe sending her into a frenzied humping and grinding motion.

My tongue was then back into her wet juicy pussy as I reached around and began to insert my finger into her butt. She was really going wild now on my cock buried in her mouth, as my tongue worked desperately on her cunt, and my finger was now completely buried in her hot sexy ass.

“Fuck my ass with your finger!” Kate screamed out. I began stroking her asshole in and out with my finger, as she continued sucking my cock, and I kept eating her hot wet sexhole.

We were now locked in a hot rhythm as we were satisfying our hot urges for totally nasty sex.

I was getting closer and closer to cumming as Kate began bucking and moaning with waves of orgasmic pleasure.

At this point I had no limits or inhibitions, and neither did she as we were totally engulfed in lustful passion.

I then pulled my cock of her mouth and slid it into her hot wet cunt. I rammed it all the way in, until my balls began slapping against her crotch and we fucked and fucked.

Our tongues were again fucking each other’s mouths, as our hot passion grew.

Kate was also licking her cum from my chin and face, where moments ago it was buried between her hot thighs.

Then as we fucked, Kate reached her hand around my and slid her finger up my asshole, and began to work it, as I did the same with her.

I could feel her shudder, and the wetness of her cunt as she came and came.

My cock then stiffened even more, as I shot load after load of hot cum into her cunt.

“Fuck me, fuck me she screamed” as I was pounding her and filling her cunt up with cum. Then we both collapsed in each other’s arms, our hot naked wet bodies pressed together,

The whole truck smelling of sex!

On the way back down the coast we made plans to do this again soon.

Next time I get into town, we will probably go to a cabin up the coast and stay locked in it for the entire day and night, and fuck and suck the whole time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32