Hot Melt the Snow

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Zafar was a forest ranger living in a bungalow with a boy who was responsible for all the house chores. The weather was cold, and huge snowfalls were routine. Zafar couldn’t leave his station as they were on special duty to protect the forest from illegal logging. One year, his houseboy received a message from home saying his father was seriously ill. He had no choice but to grant his servant leave for the remainder of the season.

When his houseboy left, his chores around the house were going unfinished. Zafar took the matter up with Gull, a lower staff-man. He told him there was no problem.

“You shouldn’t worry about it, Sir,” he told him, “I’ll easily find a solution.”

So Gull sent his 38 year-old mother named Sultana to help Zafar with the household chores. She was an efficient and gracious worker. She was exceptionally beautiful, with sparkling wide eyes, beautiful full lips above her firm square chin. Her body was as attractive as her face, with perfect. She was a bit fat around her waist and had luscious full, firm Big breasts, a lovely rounded wide fat tight ass, and that beautiful Red and white complexion, like an apple and milk, common among her kin in the near mountains. Zafar ‘d always dreamed of sleeping with a woman like her.

She started work in his bungalow. She arrived in the morning to serve breakfast; Zafar was often busy until early evening, when she left, so they rarely saw each other during the day. But he found himself thinking about her on many nights. Her gorgeous, full body held him spellbound and he desperately wanted her under him.

One cold and stormy morning The snowstorm raged outside, Thunder was rolling. -Zafar remember the temperature was close to 20 below- So he was stayed at home. Sultana came to the bungalow looking coyly at him and treating him like her Sabjee (master); the poor lady thought him Sabjee (master) of her son, thus she spoke to him very respectfully. She prepared breakfast and served him. The food was really very delicious; he appreciated a good meal after so long in the forest on his own.

“This is great,” he told her, “It’s been a long time since I had food like this.”

“Thank you Sabjee (master),” she replied, “I made it very quickly.”

“Well I think it’s good stuff regardless.”

They started talking about anything and everything. Then Sultana asked him, “Are you married, Sabjee (master)?”

“No! I am not married,” Zafar replied.

“May I ask you why?”

“Does the fact that I’m unmarried make you uncomfortable?”

“No, Sabjee (master), nothing like that. You are our Sabjee (master); we like you and respect you. I think that you may be still unmarried because you are young.”

Zafar laughed and said, “I am a career-oriented person and this career never gave me time to seriously think about marriage.”

Then she stood and said to him, “I should start the rest of the chores.”

It was then that he understood his time had come. He had seen her eyeing him many times and she had a look about her that told him she wanted him as much as he wanted her.

Sultana started cleaning the house and whenever she bent down to sweep or mop, he got a good view of her milky tits. There was plenty of wood, so a nice fire was burning in the fireplace while Zafar stood there hoping to catch glimpse of Sultana’s body. He enjoyed the undulations of her tight ass as she walked. When she came near him, all bent over, and her ass touched him, he felt an electric shock. He was not sure if this was an accidental or deliberate move; but when he looked at her, he felt a very clear invitation in her eyes. She finished after an hour.

“May I use the bathroom to wash my hands and face,” she asked then. He found her looking at him strangely.

“Sure, why not this is your own house,” he replied.

She went to the bathroom, saying, “I will come back in two minutes!”

Zafar was now alone and was thinking about her huge breasts, wide ass and waist, and lovely hips. His cock was a growing pole. And then she came out from the bathroom, drying her face with her chador.

“I am sure you must need a cup of tea,” she said.

“No, I have no need of tea. I need only you.”

Now he reached for her, grabbing her by the arms, pulled her to him. She blushed and looked at him, surprised. He put his lips on hers while she looked up at him surprisingly, but didn’t resist. Then, after a few moments, she started to respond warmly. She was looking very hungry; he kissed her lips, letting his tongue trace a soft, sensuous path all over her lips and around her eager mouth. The room was filled with sighs and the heat of their contact. The cold of the snow was gone and it was as hot as June. Her firm breasts pressed up against his chest soft and full. He wanted to eat those mountainous apples. Meanwhile, his hands were all over her back, caressing sensually and sliding her qameez upwards. Soon he had her boobs uncovered. Her breasts jumped out as if set free from long bondage as Sultana didn’t wear a bra. He grabbed her tits in both hands and caressed them slowly. She was moaning as she grasped his face with her hands; she beyoğlu escort pulled him down so that he could bury his face between her big breasts.

“Kiss the nipple,” she was moaning, “Suck it.”

Zafar wasted no time in using his tongue all over her nipples. He sucked her breasts like a mad man, and even biting her nipple. She pushed her chest towards him, crying out, “Ohhh,” and, “Ahhh.”

In one swift movement, Zafar grabbed her hand and put it on his hard and throbbing cock. That shocked her, it felt so different to her. She guessed it had to be different in every way. He really had a big one! It felt like putting her hand onto a long, warm pole, so hot and hard she couldn’t believe it. She then grabbed his rock-hard penis. It looked like a heavy log of wood in her hand! His testicles looked huge. His whole cock was stretched tight and she was frightened.

“You have a very big cock, Sabjee (master),” she whispered in his ear.

“Really?” he asked her.


“Have you seen so many in your life?”

“Yes, but I’ve never taken one so big in me,” she replied. He looked into her face and she shyly hung her head and said, “Sabjee (master), I’ve wanted you since we first met.” Sultana was still rubbing his cock in her soft hand. Zafar was stunned and surprised to hear this as they kissed and fondled each other, but not for long; he wanted to be inside her.

“I want fuck you now. I need you now,” he told her.

“I am here for your service. Do with me whatever you wish,” she whispered shyly.

Zafar opened her shilwar, which went to the floor and stayed on her feet. She was now totally naked before him; she had nice white, plump fleshy thighs with a small forest of black hair between them. That is his favorite fantasy -a huge, furry pussy. Now she opened his shilwar and it dropped soundlessly.

She looked his cock with fear in her eyes. It was wildly throbbing. The veins running along his cock, were engorged with blood. His cock was sweating, emitting a sensuous and manly smell. Looking at his penis, she got very excited as her cunt began oozing.

Zafar now turned her body, to look at her buttocks. Being a mountain and aged woman, Sultana had very large and fleshy buttocks. He came close to her, from her behind. He circled her with his arms and cupped her breasts lightly. He kept his palms cupped over her breasts without pumping, or squeezing them. Zafar seemed to be relishing the feel of Sultana heavy breasts! He made her sit on the mattress near the fire. He lay down on her lap and began fondling and squeezing her breasts and nipples. Hungrily, he put his mouth on one of her nipples and began sucking one of her nipple. He kept fondling her other breast, with his palm. Sultana was getting excited to have Zafar’s mouth upon her nipples. Her pussy became wetter. In his lust, Zafar, began biting her breasts and nipples very roughly. It pained her. He almost sucked off both her nipples.

He made her lie down near the fireplace, He then got up and sat between her thighs. He kissed her all over; up, down, and across her silky breasts. He then climbed on her and spread her thighs further apart. He lowered himself gently as he pushed her legs apart. She took hold of his cock and placed it properly at the opening of her cunt lips. Then, with both hands, he grasped her shoulders. He gave a gentle push and his cock slid inside her sweet pussy. She wondered how it could slide so easily into her cunt with one push and not be painful. Zafar immediately felt her heat; it was as if he had shoved his cock into hot lava.

He started thrusting in and out, slowly at first, then with growing speed.

“Move slowly, Sabjee (master)” she told him, “Otherwise you’ll come too soon. Push hard but pace yourself.”

Now Sultana was squeezing Zafar’s ass and pulling him towards her. She was so tight! He wanted to plunge bodily into her and be enveloped. He began drawing his cock completely from her warmth and then driving it forward; he grabbed her ass and pulled her toward him. Suddenly, she encircled his buttocks with her legs locked together at her heels and, with a violent thrust of hips, locked his throbbing member deep inside her hot paradise. Her strong vaginal muscles seemed determined to milk the semen from him. He was happy to oblige, and began to ram his cock into her as hard as he could. his balls began to slap against her ass as he plowed into her hot cunt. She started to rotate her hips, her pussy tightening around his pole. Zafar felt his balls clenching and he drew perilously near to ejaculation. And, suddenly, it was all done. He filled her cunt with his semen. For a long moment she held him and planted long, sensuous, wet kisses on his face and mouth. When she released him from her grip of legs his now soft penis slipped from her.

They both were sweating. Suddenly lethargic, he collapsed on top her and she held him in her arms as if fearing to let him loose.

“Sabjee (master)! You are great.” You were wonderful,” he replied, “Better than any before.”

“I’ve been waiting for so long, Sabjee (master).”

“Me, too. From the first day I saw you, I wanted sarıyer escort you,”

“Women know,” she grinned, “I’ve seen your lust.”

As they lay near the fireplace, her hands moved aimlessly over his body and she took his limp dick in her hands and began to stroke it. Zafar held her to him and kissed her cheeks lightly, then planted a deep kiss on her luscious lips. Her mouth opened to take his tongue and their bodies pressed together. He began to massage her back, moved down to squeeze her ass cheeks. Her stroking awoke his cock as it began to harden once again.

“Be ready,” he told her, “I am going to fuck you again my dear.”

“Yes, Sabjee (master). I know you want it. I want it, too.”

Zafar turned Sultana. Now her ass was towards him while his dick head was pressed into her ass cleavage and his hand was on her breast.

“I want to try and fuck in a new way,” he told her.

“Fuck me, Sabjee(master), as you like,” she replied.

“Get on your hands and knees; I want to fuck you from behind.” he asked her. She obliged subserviently. He rose to his knees behind her, grabbing his steel-stiff cock. He asked her to raise her ass a little more, rubbing his cock around her cunt hole.

“Do me, Sabjee(master),” she groaned as he teased her, “I can’t take it anymore.”

Zafar squeezed her ass cheeks and said, “So you want it?”

“Yes,” she said in husky voice, feeling the tip of his cock touch her cunt lips.

“Then take it in your hand and guide it into your cunt, Sultana.”

She took his cock in her hand and hurried it to the opening of her cunt.

Zafar grabbed her shoulders and, without warning, thrust his penis deep into her. At his first thrust, she raised her hips a little more and his cock was buried to the balls. She gasped and cried out with surprise as his hardness sank to the hilt. Her wet pussy made slurping noises as he pounded into her again and again. She was now moaning as her pleasure mounted, and began to rock her hips towards him. He leaned forward, caught her hanging breasts and played with them. She cried out in pain, as he began to cruelly squeeze and pinch her tits. He was pumping her cunt with his cock, slowing pulling it out and then thrusting it hard into her. As her moaning increased, he increased his speed; he was fucking her as hard as he could, while she pleaded.

“Sabjee(master), fuck me fast and hard!” She was pleading for more and more. With his every stroke, she moaned out, “Oh, Sabjee (master)! Yes. Like that! Yes, hit me!” She was quivering under him, giggling, moaning and crying all at the same time it seemed. Suddenly he felt her becoming rigid under him, knowing she was going to come…

“aaahhhhhh . . . aaahhh . . .”

“Ooohhh . . . Slowly, slooowly.”

As he pumped in and out like a wild man.

He fucked her pussy for more than 15 minutes and he let her climax and scream and let loose her love juices before he let go himself, flooding her pussy with his seed. He lay on top of her just feeling the softness of her fleshy ass against him. When their breathing became normal, he slid down and lay by her side.

For a long time, Zafar was happy. It was a cold winter, and Sultana stayed with him day and night. But then she got word that her family needed her during the day and she made preparations to leave.

“I will still come to you every night,” she told him.

“But what will I do during the day? Who will fill your position here?”

She smiled knowingly and said, “my daughter in law will come.”

Next morning when Zafar was taking breakfast, a young lady around 28 years of age came with Sultana to the bungalow.

When Shabnam entered she said, “Salam, Sabjee (master).”

Sultana introduced her as Shabnam, her daughter in law.

Zafar gave Shabnam a good, long looking-over. She was tall, about 5’6″, and had a nice body. Her eyes were very light, close set above an aquiline nose. She had huge breasts, a wide ass, and lovely legs. A little towards the plump side. Shabnam had a body to die for as her wide hips and ass wiggled as she walked. Her breasts were high on her chest, which was not common. Her beautiful face was angelic and a good-looking, innocent. She was dressed in a light pink shilwar qameez.

She was smiling so nicely; that beautiful smile made him want to kiss her the first time Zafar saw her. From the very first look, he decided to get her into his bed.

He said, “Sultana, your son looks far younger than his wife.”

“She was the wife of my eldest son; when he died, we arranged to remarry her with my younger son.”

“Oh, I see.”

Zafar found himself staring at Shabnam’s chest more and more. his eyes met hers and were locked there.

Sultana told Shabnam, that she should take care of Sabjee (master).

“Don’t worry,” Shabnam told Sultana, “I will try my best to keep the Sabjee (master) happy.”

Sultana then left, promising to return before night. Shabnam’s boobs were so enormous that they pressed the skin around her waist into a little roll of fat; but little fat adds to her beauty. She is very fair and has a mole just maslak escort above her lips. She had natural beauty. Shabnam started the chores just after Sultana left starting on the cleaning first. Zafar wanted to look away, but found his eyes drawn to her ass as she bent forward. he couldn’t stop looking at the tops of her milky breasts where her neckline drooped.

Zafar realized, after some time, that she was looking back at him. He blushed and turned his face away. He was embarrassed and tried not to look again, but it was impossible for him. His eyes would repeatedly return to the cleft between her boobs. His arousal built to a peak. He developed a hard-on watching her sexy plump hips and firm milky breasts.

“Shabnam, would you get me a cup of tea?”

“Yes, Sabjee (master)? I’ll be back with it in two minutes.” She went to the kitchen to make tea for him while he was waiting and thinking about her. Shabnam came after few minutes with a cup of tea in her hand, and when she bent to give him the cup, He got a full view of the beautiful breasts pressed inside her qameez. They are very nice, he thought to himself.

Soon she brought a cup of warm tea.

“Why, didn’t you make some for yourself?” he asked.

“No! Sabjee (master), I can’t take tea with you.”

“Why? What is the problem? Why can’t you take it with me? If you don’t take tea with me then I will not take it.”

She looked at him very strangely and then reluctantly went to the kitchen and made a cup of tea for herself. Shabnam asked to sit. She sat and started sipping, looking very shy as he began to chat with her.

“Shabnam, your husband is a lucky man.” he said with a smile. Shabnam face paled at this. “Are you happy with him?”

She blushed and could hardly form the words. “I am very happy with him,” she replied, blushing, “but, as my mother in law told you, he is the younger brother of my late husband, and I was his sister-in-law before. So he still treats me like an elder sister. Sabjee (master) sometimes I think he is too young, and doesn’t really know how to handle a wife.”

She told him about her husband and how he was neglecting her. She even confessed that she was sure her husband was interested in another girl. Shabnam told him that she couldn’t blame him.

“Maybe he wants a young girl for himself,” she said, “Someone closer to his own age.”

“That is unfortunate,” Zafar said, “You are so gorgeous. I am very sorry for you. Is there anything I can do?” asked Zafar.

“No. Thank you, Sabjee (master), these problems are nothing serious.” When she finished she got up and started her remaining work.

Zafar stared her tits and hips trying to keep his hard on under control; but his erection was visible so he tried to cover it. When she bent before him, he stared mindlessly at her hips. Suddenly she turned back and smiled at him, catching him as he stared at her ass. Shabnam smiled shyly and sexily; she was giving him glimpses of her body and when she noted him looking at her, she lowered her eyes and blushed like a bride.

“The time is ripe”, Zafar thought, “let me strike now.” So he called Shabnam over.

Shabnam was looking at his crotch. He stepped forward, pushing his hard prick against her. She flushed as she could feel his raging dick against her. They both looked into each other’s eyes. He placed his hands on her arms, pulled her to his chest and raised her face with his right hand to kiss her lightly on the lips. She was shocked and tried to pull away, but couldn’t. He wouldn’t let go -she was too soft and warm.

Zafar grabbed her harder, and embraced her shapely body, pressing her full breasts firmly into his chest. She started struggling, caught completely by surprise. But he continued to pull her into him hard, feeling her nipples dig into his chest. He sucked and nipped at her tongue as he ground his hands into her ass cheeks, forcing her against his cock.

Shabnam wasn’t expecting a response like that, but she said, “Sabjee (master), please let me go.”

Zafar started to lick her neck and kiss her earlobe while rubbing her back slowly; his hand was moving up and down on her back and over her butt. He began to squeeze her ass cheeks gently.

Shabnam, moaned at his touch and again whispered, “Please, Sabjee (master), let me go. Someone may come in and see us.”

Without replying, Zafar placed his hand on her tits and pressed them, and tweaked her nipples between his fingers. Now, instead of struggling to get away from him, she pressed her body tighter against him. He slowly guided her hand onto his cock.

“Please . . . please . . . no,” she pleaded.

Zafar’s cock was touching her stomach and Shabnam, whimpering, reluctantly grabbed his throbbing cock.

At first she struggled to get free. Her struggles were weak; he became bolder and kissed her more passionately. After the initial passiveness she started to respond. For some time, they just stood kissing each other. Then, while continuing to kiss her, he started rubbing her cunt from outside her shilwar. He moved closer and turned Shabnam’s head to kiss her ear while she writhed like a snake. He could feel the heat from her as he kept sucking her ears and lips fully into his mouth. He was not only kissing her, but also licking the back of her neck. Zafar could see his lust mirrored in her eyes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32