Hot Friend Michaela

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I first met Michaela at our first job. She is now 24 and I am 21. When we worked together I was 18 and she was 21 and had already worked there for 3 years. From the first time I met her I knew she was hot, and she had a great ass too. Working there for two more years with her I found out that hot girls can be really nice and personality wise attractive too. Until a few weeks ago I was only 20 and she was 23 (her birthday is 14 days before mine). We talked a lot before but, recently she started sending me hotter pictures of herself. In bathing suits and pictures of her upper shoulders with what seemed like nothing else on. I just figured it was by accident, but still had a crush on her.

If I haven’t described her well enough for you yet, she is about 5′ 6″ with wavy blonde hair, 32c tits, and a juicy ass that is well formed from working out frequently.

Like i said before my birthday was coming around, and she had just turned 24, so I was turning 21. I had a snapchat notification from her, but was busy working for my birthday, as I typically don’t like my birthday that much. Her parents had went on a couples vacation for the rest of the summer and left her alone at home as she was in college and had to pay her own way. After I got off work I went home to shower and decided to finally open what I thought was just a normal Escort bayan picture. There were 18 pics/videos just from her. Everything was finally shown her hot round tits with their pink areolas, her pretty pink pussy shaved bare, and especially her hot round firm juicy ass.

The last picture had her fingering herself and said come to my house for a special birthday surprise.

I don’t think I’ve ever moved faster in my life when I hopped into my car and drove the 10 minutes to her house. When I arrived, I found all of the lights off with candles leading up to her bedroom. She was wearing a robe and had never looked more beautiful to me in person before. I quickly walked across the room to untie her robe, only to be surprised by the hot lacy purple lingerie that she was wearing underneath. I could pretty much see everything that was under the lacy set of her bra and panties, but it only made me want her more.

She immediately noticed my 7″ erection protruding from the gym shorts I was wearing and giggled. “Slow down I’m not going anywhere I’ve noticed how you looked at me the past few years so I finally decided to let you fuck me Hope this is your best birthday ever”! – Michaela. As she ripped away my clothes, she stated “Your cock is definitely bigger than I thought I’m gonna have fun with that Bayan Escort monster tonight”.

I laid her down on the bed and we started kissing slowly and methodically, and I forced my tongue in her mouth. (I was french kissing one of the hottest women I’ve seen in my 21 years of life). I unhooked her bra completely revealing her perfect breasts, and started kissing my way down to her nipples. Just stopping to lick and bite them, giving them a good worshiping, before making my way down to her panty-clad pussy slowly laying kisses down her stomach to her navel. I slowly ripped her see-through panties down her long legs, and quickly started to suck and lick her pussy realizing she was already dripping wet.

She quickly had a strong orgasm closing her legs around my head, covering my face in her sweet juices.

She then made her way down to suck my dick, licking up my shaft and around the head of my cock twice before swallowing all 7 inches in one go. She continued bobbing up and down for a few more minutes, before we pretty much mutually agreed that we needed each other.

She abruptly stopped and asked, “Do you have a condom?”

“No, damn”

“I was kidding just wanted to tease you a little bit Hee hee hee”.

I quickly flipped her onto her back and inserted my dick into her waiting Escort wet pussy. I felt something pop inside her, and she definitely felt it too as she moaned in high volume. I had popped her cherry, and she wasn’t even feeling any pain? I sure wasn’t stopping if she didn’t want me to. The sounds of pure bliss began to fill the room as I bottomed out and increased speed, beginning to truly pound myself into her.


She was incredibly tight, and I could already feel her walls grasping every inch of my cock. Her panting began to grow heavier and I could tell she was about to have yet another orgasm.


Her walls were grasping me so tight I felt the familiar feeling of cum bubbling up in my balls. “Michaela I’m GOINg to CUM too”


As she came and tightened her grip on my cock, I couldn’t contain my cum anymore, and began to coat the insides of her tight pussy with the continuous spurts of rope after rope of my semen filled her up.

My cock still buried inside her beginning to soften up, we lied there panting, trying to catch our breath. My dick finally popped out of her pussy, and a rush of cum came dribbling out behind it. We quickly got the room cleaned up, and got dressed in just our underwear. I continued to hold her with my dick tucked between her legs right under her hot ass and warm pussy, until we fell asleep that way.

Part 2???

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32