Hot for Playing Teacher

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Cinna adjusted the white blouse again, tying it a little higher under her breasts, and made sure the buttons were open far enough to show that she wasn’t wearing a bra. Tugging at the short skirt, smoothing it over her thighs, feeling the little tingle of anticipation in her pussy. She could already feel the dampness along the white panties, as she stepped into the slingback sandals, and turned to check the outfit in the mirror. Then she tied her hair back into a ponytail – sweet, demure little schoolgirl ready for action. She winked at her reflection – oh yes, this would make the teachers hot.

“Miss Black, are you ready? You’ll lose points for tardiness…”

“On my way!” Cinna called out. Role playing was something she loved to do with her two favorite guys – it gave her a chance to pretend to be someone else, someone more uninhibited and free. And she could play at being younger, even if she was well over the age of consent. She looked young, for twenty-seven she could pass for twenty easy. And the guys couldn’t get enough of her.

She descended the stairs, feeling their eyes on her, knowing they were watching the way the skirt hugged her ass. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to keep you waiting.” Her voice was soft and sweet, but her eyes betrayed a saucy sense of fun. She glanced over at the two men waiting for her, both of them standing with arms crossed, dressed in similar dark pants and white shirts.

“You should be sorry, Miss Black,” David spoke first. “You think you can be late for our class?”

“No, sir. That was thoughtless, wasn’t it?” she asked, strolling across the floor to where they stood. Letting her hips move provocatively, the heels of the shoes tapping against the floor. “I’m such a bad student.”

“Go and sit down, Miss Black,” Mark said firmly. “Think about your behavior for a moment before we join you.”

“Yes, sir, whatever you say.” Cinna rolled her eyes as she passed between them, heading for the living room, where a straight back chair waited for her. Letting her hand brush Mark’s chest, and David’s arm, as she sauntered by, with a throaty little giggle. She sat down and crossed her legs, making sure the skirt hiked up higher, inspecting her nails nonchalantly. From her little white purse, she pulled out a pink lollipop, and unwrapped the cellophane slowly. She took her time with it, finally popping into her mouth, sucking on it suggestively, as she peeked over at them.

“Miss Black, are you ready for your lesson?” David asked, tearing his eyes away from her mouth. He moved to stand in front of her, and his cock jerked reflexively, seeing the curve of her breast displayed by the open buttons of the shirt.

Cinna let her tongue snake out along the candy, winding around it for a second before answering. “Oh, yes, sir.” She recrossed her legs, making sure to give him a flash of her virginal panties in the process. “What do you want to teach me today?”

Mark moved behind her, and traced the nape of her neck with one finger. “We want to teach you obedience, Miss Black. Can you handle that?”

Cinna suppressed a small shiver as his finger tracked over her neck. “I can handle anything,” she murmured.

“Very good, then, let’s get started,” David said quietly, moving closer to her. Cinna brought the lollipop out of her mouth again, watching his eyes, as she licked it. “But you have to give up the candy first. If you behave, maybe you can have it back later.”

Cinna pouted briefly, “Whatever…but I like sucking on it.” Her tongue went around and around the pink candy, making him tighten, images of her tongue around the swollen head of his cock like that flooding his mind.

“There are other things I could find for you to suck on,” David murmured. “Much more enjoyable for both of us.” He took the lollipop away from her.

“Mr. Young! You’re being very inappropriate,” Cinna whispered, as he put his hand on her knee.

“But you’re a bad girl, you like this, don’t you?”

“Bad girls are willing to do anything…” Mark told her, winking at David. “Anything to please their teachers.”

Cinna bit back a moan, as David’s fingers moved under the skirt, and Mark’s hands fell to her shoulders, holding her in place. “Yes…that’s true,” she confessed. “I’ll do anything to get a better grade.”

David’s fingers slid against the damp silk of her panties. “Prove it.”


“You have to make yourself come for us – with that dildo on the table. We want to watch you come…” His thumb rubbed against the clit that throbbed and ached, just enough to make her twist in the chair. Mark’s hands moved lower, sliding beneath the shirt. Cinna’s breath caught, and her nipples suddenly went harder, and a slow burn took over her pussy.

“Oh…” Suddenly her ability to think deserted her, and Cinna just wanted their hands on her. Her hips lifted, and she moaned. “Yes…whatever you want…”

“Good, so do it, Miss Black,” David whispered, giving her a final stroke with his fingers before releasing her, anadolu yakası escort just as Mark tweaked her nipple, and then backed away as well. Cinna fell back against the chair, already panting and nearly at the point of coming.

“Hurry, we’re waiting,” Mark said, giving her a little nudge with his hand.

Cinna stood up, her legs shaky and licked her lips. “Fine…I’m going.” She marched across the room, sensing the pure male arousal and her own sudden need. God this was twisted, but she was already drenched, feeling the wetness along her inner thighs as she crossed the room.

“Do you need a spanking to get you going, you seem to be hesitating,” Mark said as she paused beside the table. “Obedience today, remember?”

“Yes…Mr. Winter…I seem to be in need of more discipline,” Cinna said, bracing her hands on the table. “Make me behave…make me do what you want.”

“Then let me help you with that.” Mark followed her, and yanked her skirt up around her waist, tucking the edge into the waistband to keep it in place. “Look at this virginal ass, Mr. Young. Isn’t this perfection?” He rubbed the silk against her ass, small circles almost too gently. Cinna’s knees almost buckled, and a sudden spasm hit her clit.

“Spank me, Mr. Winter…please sir…”

Mark’s hand descended hard then, and Cinna almost came in that moment, the swift pain whipping through her, making her wetter. He spanked her again, giving her exquisite sensations of decadent pleasure, mixing with the heat that suffused her. Then she felt David’s hands on her as well, and the panties were ripped down her legs. “Ohhh….teachers, what are you doing?” David took over the spanking, and Mark’s fingers slid between her legs, and she bucked harder, panting, almost coming as they worked together, spanking and driving into her pussy at the same time.

David leaned over to whisper in her ear. “There…that should get you started…now…do what we told you, little girl.”

Cinna almost sobbed in frustration, her breath coming in great gulps, as they picked her up then, and set her onto the table. Mark pushed her legs apart, and David handed her the dildo. “Now, Miss Black…don’t make us wait any longer.”

“No…I’ll do it…” she whispered, in a fever to climax anyway, her pussy so wet, her clit like a throbbing pain that wanted relief. She laid back, and grasped the dildo, pushing it against herself. The knob felt huge, as it slowly moved against her. Mark almost groaned, seeing her with it, his own cock demanding to be in that very spot.

“Take it all,” David urged her, kissing her as she worked it deeper into her wet pussy. “Just like that, little girl. I know you can take it…”

Cinna moaned, as it slid deeper, feeling the ridges and thickness of it stretching her wider. Her hips flexed upward on their own, sliding the dildo further still. “God…god…” she muttered, and her head went back, her pussy contracting as the dildo filled her. “Oh it feels huge…” She pulled it back out, her wetness shining on it, before thrusting it back in. Her other hand moved up along her body, impatiently undoing the tie on the blouse, letting it fall away from her. She cupped her breast, stroking the hard nipple, adding to her intense pleasure.

“Fuck it, baby…” Mark growled, mesmerized by the sight.

“Do it for us,” David urged again, letting her take complete control, resisting touching her. “This is what we wanted…show us how dirty you can be…”

Cinna barely heard him any longer, lost in a swirl of pure pleasure. She throbbed, she bucked, she moaned and writhed back and forth. Each grind of her hips took her closer, and she moved faster, the only thing in her mind was the need to come and come hard. “Yes…I’m coming…YES!” Cinna screamed as the orgasm slammed through her, the dildo pumping in and out of her faster, until she arched off the table, and the room spun away. She finally collapsed back, aftershocks firing in her, as she whimpered in satisfaction.

Then Mark and David both against her, their mouths traveling down her slick skin, sending her into another small climax. “Very good, Miss Black,” David praised her.

“You take direction well,” Mark chuckled, touching his tongue against her quivering clit. “Such a good student, after all.”

“Thank you…” Cinna sighed. “What else do you want to teach me?”

David caught her mouth, his tongue driving against hers suddenly, as Mark stroked her clit. The dildo still clenched in her pussy, Cinna bucked at the assault. Then Mark pulled the dildo away from her, and she shuddered as it moved out of her, and he replaced it with his fingers. As he caressed her with his expert touch, David’s mouth moved lower again, capturing her nipple with his teeth. As he tugged at her, Mark teased her clit with his tongue, and she almost screamed. “Don’t stop, please…” she begged.

“You need to come again, Miss Black…?”

“Yes…oh yes…” atalar escort she panted, nearing the edge again. She fell back, her head at the edge of the table, her hair working out of the ponytail. “But I want you inside of me…”

“Who?” Mark asked, his eyes glinting at her, his fingers still toying with her.

“I don’t care…just fuck me, please, teachers…”

“Such a bad little girl, willing to fuck either of us,” David murmured, stripping his clothes off. He watched lazily as Mark did the same, and Cinna moaned, seeing their cocks ready for her. She pulled herself up, and grasped them both, one in each hand, squeezing hard. Cum trickled against her fingers, as she stroked them.

“Damn…” Mark groaned, pushing against her, putting his mouth against her throat. David moved in closer from the other side, kissing her as they pinned her between them. Their hands moved along her body, entwining together here and there, as she moaned.

“This isn’t working…” David finally growled, his legs taut from holding still.

“Too awkward…” Mark agreed, his breathing ragged.

Before either of them could move, Cinna hopped off the table, and dropped to the floor. “So get down here then, your student is getting anxious…”

“You want to be spanked again, don’t you?” David laughed, falling to his knees, and moving between her legs. Mark knelt at her upper body, his palms at her breasts.

“No…just fucked,” Cinna giggled. “I want to make my teachers happy. I’m just a naughty girl…”

David stared at the swollen, glistening pink folds of her pussy, and lost his control. Gripping her hard, he drove into her, lifting her away from the floor. “Damn, you feel too good to resist…” At the same time, Mark moved against her mouth, and she took his cock in her lips, her tongue dancing over him, tasting the cum and licking it away. Teasing him, as David rammed into her harder, each thrust making her head go back, her sounds of pleasure resonating against Mark’s cock.

“Take it baby…fuck me harder..” David groaned, watching her writhe, watching Mark’s cock slide between her lips. Drowning in her tight pussy, each clench giving him pleasure, until he shot hard and deep into her, falling against Mark. Cinna let Mark go, and he moved to take David’s place, sliding into the wetness, ready to climax instantly. David kissed her, tasting Mark, tongues dueling. His hands in her hair, their bodies all moving together until she tightened, and Mark came, and all they could do was fall together, panting and laughing.

“Damn…” Mark rolled away finally, his hand over his eyes.

“You really know how to please your teachers, Cinna,” David groaned, falling to the other side of her. His arm snaked over her waist, as Mark propped himself on one elbow, his arm across her hips.

“But I’m not sure if I’ve learned my lessons completely,” Cinna said coyly, kissing David, and then Mark. “I think I need more private tutoring.”

“Hmmm…are we up for that?” Mark mused, looking hotly at David, and his cock twitched suddenly.

“I’m always up for more,” David grinned lazily, seeing the look in Mark’s eyes. “More dirty fun, I say….so what do you think, Cinna? Have you learned your lessons for today?”

“I think she needs more discipline, personally,” Mark commented. “She was pretty eager to misbehave with her teachers, don’t you think?”

“You’re right, it didn’t take much coaxing.”

“More spankings might help…”

“Or the paddle…”

Cinna giggled softly, as they argued over her discipline. Disentangling herself from between them, she got to her feet. “If you boys want to punish me, get to it. I’ve been naughty, and dirty, and you need to teach me how to behave.” She sauntered over to the chair again, sitting down and crossing her legs. The sandals were the only item of clothing still on her, and she felt their hungry eyes on her. “Do I have to put on another show for you? Is that what you want?” Her body still hummed with desire, letting her own gaze sweep over the two of them, still lounging on the rug. “I know…it’s show and tell…” she giggled.

“Show us then, Mer,” David said hotly, his cock twitching for her again.

“Yes, do that for us,” Mark added lazily. His hand drifted over David’s leg, as he shifted position.

“Will you show me yours then?” she asked softly, letting her legs fall apart, displaying the wetness that still clung to her. “I want to be spanked, though…will you help me, Mr. David?” She pouted prettily at him, rubbing her fingers along her inner thigh. “See how wet I am yet? And my pussy is all tingling…deep deep inside of me, where your cock was…” She swayed slightly, toying with her clit, sending a spasm through her core. “And I’m a bad girl for playing with myself…you should be spanking me for this.” A throaty moan punctuated her touches, and her head went back.

David moved closer, unable to resist the sight of her ataşehir escort fingers gliding into her wet pussy, each time making Cinna shudder a little more, and moan a little more. “You like it when we watch you, you bad girl,” he said softly, on his knees in front of her then.

“I do…that’s why I need discipline…to control my urges…” she sighed, coaxing another mini climax from herself. “Ooohhh….that feels so good…”

David caught her hand then. “So control it then, Miss Black. No climax yet.” He glanced over his shoulder at Mark, who moved a little closer as well. David pulled Cinna forward without warning, tumbling backwards, until she was facedown over his legs. She gave a little squeal of surprise, as he held her tightly. “Time for the spanking. How many can you handle this time?”


“Pick a number, or we’ll decide for you…” Mark murmured softly, putting his hand on her ass, that arched upwards against his palm. “Hurry…”

“Fifteen…” she gasped, unable to think clearly.

“That’s a good starting point,” Mark chuckled. Then he brought his hand down swiftly, before she was ready.

“Ow..oh…” Cinna twitched, as her pussy clenched, and her ass stung, accepting the spankings. “Yes…oh….just what I need…”

“You can take more, can’t you?” Mark asked smoothly, leaning over her ear. “That was fifteen…”

Cinna gulped, feeling lost in a daze of pure primal desire. “I can, sir…spank me harder…” David’s hands moved along her chest, cupping her breasts, as she twisted over him. Pleasure arced in her body, as he squeezed harder, just as Mark’s hand came down again. “Oh damn…damn…”

“Not yet, Miss Black,” David murmured, knowing she was so close to the orgasm that she wanted. His own body was treacherously aroused, as she bucked over him, her belly rubbing his cock.


“Soon…just a few..more…”

Smack! The last one sent another thrill through her body, and Cinna thought she would faint.

“Much better, little girl,” Mark hissed, pulling her away from David then. “My turn now…come and satisfy your teacher with that hot little pussy of yours. The one you’ve been flaunting at me. You want my cock now…is that it?”

Cinna could barely breath, so turned on, so wet and aching, she just nodded.

“What do you say?”

“Pl-please…” she murmured, falling backwards against David. He kissed her shoulders, sinking his teeth against the soft skin, surprising her with the nip.

“Better. You learn quickly,” Mark approved, moving between her legs, and touching her swollen, pink pussy lips. Sliding forward, pulling her up against him, so that he drove into her deeply. Still supported by David’s arms, Cinna let herself go, giving up to both of them again. Each thrust from Mark drove his cock deeper, making her shake. David’s fingers caught her nipples, pinching her as she cried out for more. Her orgasm came over her then, in a mad rush of pleasure, and she arched upwards.

Mark continued to push against her, his hands meeting David’s on her body, both of them touching her, as he fucked her harder. “That’s it, little girl…you are so damn good…” Mark groaned, looking at David, as his own climax spiked. He grinned sensually at his friend. “Damn…David…”

“What…” David caught the look again from Mark, just as Mark was ready to explode. Stroking his own cock, knowingly keeping Mark’s gaze, David pumped himself a little harder. “You want this too…? Take it…now…” He moved close enough that Mark could grasp him as well, their hands joining.

“God…” Cinna shuddered, watching Mark’s fist close around David’s cock. Her orgasm rocked her again, as Mark started to glide faster and faster. A soft tangle of moans, and muttered urging to go faster, harder filled the air. Mark tensed, as she pulled him along with her, her slickness accepting the jerking release. David growled as his hips flexed, and he came in a hot torrent, over their hands, and raining down onto Cinna. He fell forward, panting heavily, bracing his hands on Mark’s chest.

“Shit…” They fell together, laughing and groaning, unable to move for a few minutes.

“I have such naughty teachers…” Cinna giggled, caught between them both, their hot damp flesh touching everywhere. “Not setting a very good example for me, are you?”

“But you’re such a willing student,” Mark murmured, kissing her throat from one side of her, as David moved against her other side. Cinna closed her eyes, as their lips and hands explored her lazily, as her body still burned from the spankings. More sensual, more gentle, they took their time to touch her everywhere. Where one mouth slid away, fingers replaced it; and where fingers drifted away, a tongue stroked wetly. Then both men moved lower, kissing her thighs, seeking the wetness that still trickled along her pussy, touching her clit that suddenly begged for attention.

“C’mon, honey…we’re done for the moment, but you can come again…” David urged her, his fingers in tandem with Mark’s tongue, driving her to distraction.

“Just let us take care of you…”

“Yes….” Cinna sighed happily, abandoning herself to the pure raw pleasure that flooded her all over again. Feeling their talented fingers and tongue taking her away, until she came in great waves of molten heat, suffusing her endlessly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32