Hot Coffee Break

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Damn, I hate meeting in these noisy coffee joints. But it was the safest way to start on an adventure with my new on-line “friend.” We had been e-mailing back and forth, sounding like a couple of bunnies in rut, and now for the first time, we were to meet face to face. The idea was strangely thrilling and yet scary. He sounded candid, honest and straightforward about his experiences and what he wanted in a new “friendship.”

Would we love it — or leave it?

I picked up my extra-large cappuccino and found a seat in the far corner, close to the washroom and back exit — just in case either was necessary in a hurry. When I’m nervous my bladder always goes into overtime.

I was just settling into my seat when he approached, a tentative smile on his broad and rugged features. “Hmm, better than his picture, that’s for sure,” I thought and smiled up at him.

“I hope you haven’t been waiting long — and sorry, I should have been here to get your coffee for you.”

“Not a problem. Thanks for the offer, but this is the 21st century,” and I laughed.

He sat down, arranged his coat over the back of his seat and then leaned forward, his hands reaching out to touch my knees. I could feel the heat of his hands right through the corduroy fabric and jumped a little.

“Okay? Didn’t want to scare you. Just wanted to make sure you are real! You look great, by the way,” he said, and his face became one large lopsided grin.

“Yes. Fine,” I tried to reply, but suddenly my voice had gone rather funny. “Have any problems finding the place?” I asked, realizing that I was simply buying time and making that horrible small talk that I hate so much.

“I’m so glad you are here,” he said, leaning even further forward, and staring so intently at me that I had to look away for a moment, feeling not embarrassed, but suddenly shy.

I looked into his dark grey eyes and realized instantly that I wanted this man. All the e-mails had indicated a very passionate and sexy man, and here was the living proof. My legs started to quiver under his touch, and he looked down at them with a chuckle.

“Got you going already? Wow, you are one sexy woman!”

Considering his vast experience with other woman I took that as a huge compliment.

“Thank you. You’re much better looking than your picture, but then that was from the police line up, wasn’t it?”

“Oh those passport photos are awful, but it was the only one I had handy. Sorry.”

“Not a problem — quite the opposite actually.

I took gaziantep escortları a sip from my cappuccino and blushed slightly as his hands moved a little higher up my legs. The warmth in his hands was wearing away any resistance I might have felt .

“I hope this is okay,” he said with a question mark in his voice.

“Yes, and thanks.” And suddenly the urge hit me so hard I could hardly breathe.

“Er . . . er, um . . . I have to go to the bathroom . . . ” I said in a loud stage whisper.

“Need some help?” he asked mischievously.

“Yes. Yes I do. Can you help?”

I couldn’t believe I had said it. We hadn’t been together for more than two minutes and I wanted nothing more than to have him ravish me. I looked down and could see from the stretch in his slacks that he was just as ready as I.

I got up and retrieved the washroom keys from the cashier’s counter and walked almost drunkenly down the hallway to the ladies’. He had already foreseen the move and was standing in front of the men’s room just two steps down the hall. I opened the door and let myself in, but held the door open slightly. He took the cue and in a second was inside the dark room with me, shutting the door firmly behind him.

“Well I hope no other ladies need to use this in the next five minutes,” he said, laughing.

And then he took me into a crushing embrace, his lips against my neck, his hands holding tightly onto my buttocks. I returned the embrace.

“Oh god, oh god — I gotta have you. NOW! Fuck me, please,” I cried, amazed at how easy it eas to ask him to take me. And with that we fought to remove whatever articles of clothing hindered his cock from ramming himself with full fury into my pussy.

“Ah, but I’ve got to see the goods first,” he said huskily and turned on the light. As he did he pushed me onto the edge of the sink, and dropped to his knees. “This is MY favorite bit” he explained and then his head dove in between my legs and his strong tongue found its mark and he began to probe deeply into my juicy, hot center, while his strong arms pushed my legs even wider apart.

I exploded at his touch. His hot tongue was unleashing a sexual fury unlike anything I had ever experienced. My hands dug into his shoulders and I had to bite my lip hard to stop myself from screaming with sexual arousal. Deeper and deeper he went, his tongue growing larger, stronger with each thrust. Then he added yet another layer of pleasure as his hands found the little knob that, with its arousal, always brought me to an overwhelming climax. I wanted to hold onto him, I didn’t want this exquisite anguish to stop. His hands were rough, a workman’s hands, but I didn’t mind. They knew exactly what to do.

“Oh yes, oh yes — omygawd — you are stupendous,” I whispered loudly into the air. My blood was throbbing in my head and cried like a little kitten when he removed that gorgeous tongue from my clit. I was barely aware of his hands surrounding my waist as he lifted me slightly from the sink’s edge and lowered me to the floor again.

“You need to lie down — now!”

I complied in an instant, the cold floor uncomfortable against my back, but I didn’t care. I just didn’t care. I wanted him!

I raised my skirt to my waist and spread my legs. He lowered himself down, shifting his pants so that his enormously engorged cock could have free reign. And then he plunged into my waiting, hot and wet glory hole.

“Oh, oh, oh — awwwww — you are HUGE!” I cried. His cock was larger than any other I had ever had and it seemed to have no end.

“Arrrrr” he moaned into my shoulder as he thrust deeper and deeper, stretching my cunt, and making me weep with desire. Then for a moment he stopped and simply rested, his cock now having found its final mark — the entrance to my cervix. And yet I could still feel him expanding even more.

Then he slowly began to withdraw and I cried out — “oh no, don’t go. Don’t leave me! Stay. Stay!” But he continued to withdraw, and his free hand now found its way to my mouth and I opened and took hold of his index finger between my teeth. As his cock continued its backward slide, his fingers thrust into my eager mouth. The delicious sensation made me come and he sighed.

“Ah, you are so juicy. So juicy. Let me lick you again.” And suddenly his cock was gone from me and his tongue returned to its place of worship, seemingly even thicker and stronger than before. But now his eager lips had encased my clitoris, sucking, licking, pushing his tongue against in an exquisite combination of pleasures.

My eager hands reached down to his cock, still huge, but now quiet and waiting for its next assault on my eagerly awaiting hole. I began to rub his rock hard penis, as his tongue lashed into me with fury and a heat unlike anything I had felt before. My fingers grabbed his fuck machine and I began to plead, “Fuck me. Fuck me! TAKE me. I want that cock! I want it now. My voice was hoarse against his heavy chest and he raised his head for one moment.

“Not until I get you to explode in my mouth,” he replied and set once more to working his magic.

With that he powerfully grabbed my buttocks and brought my cunt up even higher into his hot face. I raised myself off the floor as far as I could, my back arching to reach him, my thighs quivering with desire and need. My hands grabbed his head, pushing it even harder into me, willing him to make me explode.

Suddenly there was even more of him inside me. His fingers joined his tongue, stretching and forcing my cunt open as wide as I had ever known. I was exhausted with the wanting of his pile driver inside me, pushing against him, pleading quietly, but to no avail. He was too busy with his tongue and my grip on his head probably made it impossible for him to hear my mewling for the ultimate assault.

And suddenly, from nowhere it came — I could feel the gush and my body released itself. My muscles went limp and my cunt became a small lake of cum. I started to raise myself away from him, but he grasped my waist and dug in deeper and suddenly I could hear it and feel it. He was sucking my cum, deeply and lasciviously lapping up every drop, licking my folds to reach every single dewy morsel. When he raised his head to look at me after long rapturous minutes there was look of satisfaction and contentment that made me leap with the pride of having giving him something very, very special.

He raised himself up onto his knees, took my legs and place them over his shoulders, and slowly, gently, placed his magnificent cock against my vulva.

“Are you ready?” he asked softly — but didn’t wait for an answer. With one huge grunt of pleasure he plunged into me, and then began the overwhelming ramming and retreating motion that I could feel all the way up to my throat! It was an assault. It was the most amazing experience I had ever had and I was flying! It only took another moment or two and I was again awash, and within a heartbeat he made one final, almost anguished thrust and dropped down onto my chest, his face glistening with the sweat of a superb sexual victory.

We clung together for a few glorious moment, neither of us wanting to move. Then he stood up and quietly re-arranged his clothing, and then helped me with mine. We stood there, grinning sheepishly at each other.

“That caffeine really does something for you, doesn’t it?” he grinned.

“Yep — the energizer bunny, that’s me”

“Shall we finish off our coffees now?”

“Sure,” I responded with a laugh.

“Perhaps it will give you the energy for another round,” he laughed, as he guided me to the door and to our waiting, now cold drinks.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32