Hot Black Coffee

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As Judy hung up the phone Richard asked, “What did Dani want?”

Judy laughed, “She just bought a new coffee grinder, and she’s trying to figure out how to use it.”

“Good luck, she’s so blond” he laughed.

“That’s for sure” Judy said, “Maybe after I take my shower I’ll drive over to see if she needs help.”

After she put the kids to bed, and showered, that’s exactly what Judy did. As she pulled up to the house she noticed that Dani’s husband’s car was gone, which meant he was out of town working. As she walked up the driveway Judy thought she heard voices coming from the backyard, so she walked towards the fence. She could hear Dani laughing, and another voice that wasn’t familiar. Instead of announcing her arrival she tried to look through a gap in the fence to see who was there. It was getting dark, but by the patio light she could clearly see Dani sitting in the hot tub. Seated right next to her was the new neighbor guy from down the street. Judy could hardly believe it as she continued to watch and listen while Dani and this large black hunk whispered and laughed.

“I can’t believe it.” Judy thought to herself, Dani always complains about the all the black people who are moving in to her neighborhood, and there she was, a married woman sitting in the hot tub alone with this big black guy!

It was obvious as she watched that they hadn’t just met. As Judy strained to hear, she saw Dani’s head tilt back and what sounded like a moan escape her lips. Judy couldn’t believe her eyes. This guys hand was below the water line and between Dani’s legs. Her moans became longer, and deeper as the he pushed his long thick fingers deeper into her. After only a few short minutes Judy could hear Dani panting as she climaxed while the guy finger fucked her.

Then he stood, and pulled his shorts down revealing the most massive black cock. Judy almost gasped out loud when she saw how huge it was. As the man moved in he took his cock in one hand, and ran his black fingers through Dani’s golden blond hair as he pulled her face down onto his swollen knob. She smiled up at him, and opened her mouth as wide as she could, and he began to force his dick into her mouth. Judy couldn’t believe that she was seeing her best friend sucking off this monster black cock. She also couldn’t believe how incredibly wet her own pussy was, as she fingered herself.

The stud groaned as Dani continued to suck his cock the best she could. Her head bobbed and bounced on the thick black shaft, and still only managed to get maybe half of it in her face. He pulled her top off and pulled and squeezed on her breasts as she continued to stroke and suck him. Dani’s free hand was obviously rubbing her pussy, and as Judy continued to rub her own clit, she knew she would come soon. As Dani neared her own orgasm her sucking became even more aggressive, which was audibly appreciated by the man who was face fucking her.

Then the guy pulled out of her mouth, and his heavy thick cock swung free. He picked Dani up, and turned her around and bent her over the edge of the hot tub. Gripping her waist with one hand, he positioned his massive cock head against her waiting pussy opening. Judy couldn’t believe it when the guy shoved at least 8 inches into Dani. Dani’s whole body spasmed, and she started to scream, but her scream was muffled by the guy’s large black hand. He pulled back, and then drove himself deeper inside her. Again, and again he forced his huge black cock into her once tight white pussy. Dani’s pussy went from extreme pain, to numb, and after several minutes of slow deep fucking she gradually became accustomed to his size. Realizing this, he began to pick up his pace. Soon he was slapping his heavy balls against her as he banged her. Her over stretched pussy muscles Bostancı escort bayan clamped onto his great organ as wave after wave of orgasm flooded her body.

Then without a word he withdrew his cock from her engorged pussy, and it swung again in the night air. He then scooped Dani up, and carried her over to a lounge chair. He laid her out on her back and went down on her sucking madly on her clit. He was loud as he lapped at her pussy. She came again, and he moved quickly up between her legs. Pulling her like a rag doll, he positioned her legs so they were atop his big black shoulders. This left her pussy wide open for another attack by his massive weapon of a cock. Positioning himself against her quivering gaping opening, he pushed the whole length in. This time he didn’t care to muffle her scream. She let out a deep long sound that could only be described as painful but extremely pleasurable too. Judy just watched as he bounced all of his weight against Dani. The lounge chair creaked, and slid back and forth on the wet concrete as the guy fucked her with abandon. Her moans were deep and throaty as her body arched again, and again under his punishing rhythm.

Finally Judy heard the man grunt, and she could see his shiny muscular back tense as he began to fill Dani’s pussy with a hot river of thick cum. Dani could feel every vein in his cock expanding and seemingly tearing at the walls of her cunt as he continued to empty his semen into her. This time her orgasm was so intense and her breathing so labored that she went limp. It didn’t seem to make a difference to him, and he continued to pump the last of his sperm into her. Finally he pulled out and he stood up, and again Judy watched his thick black cock swing free from Dani’s swollen oozing pussy. He moved up to her face and simply said “clean it!” and Dani licked and sucked the cum from the length of his impressive cock. Then he knelt down and picked up his shorts and put them on.

Judy had lost track of her own orgasms, and still couldn’t believe what she had witnessed. She knew the guy would probably be leaving soon so she quietly made her way back to the street, and got in her van and drove off towards home. She waited about 3 minutes before she dialed her cell phone, and waited for Dani to answer.

“Hello” came Dani’s voice still panting.

“Hello Dani” Judy said. “You sound like your breathing hard”

“I’ve been grinding coffee.” Dani lied.

“Ok” Judy said as she smiled to herself. “Call you tomorrow…”

“Ok” Dani came back. “If you come over I’ll show you my new grinder.”

“Ohhh I would love to try it” she thought to herself as she hung up, and turned into her driveway.


“How was the coffee?” Richard asked as Judy walked in.

“Great!” Judy came back. “Black and strong.”

“Now, what I need is for you to fuck me.” Judy said as she straddled Richard.

“Well I’m happy to see that fresh black coffee has such an arousing affect on you.” as he slid his fingers into her soaked pussy.

As Judy rode her husband’s cock, her mind flashed back to the hot tub scene, and her friend Dani with the big black stud. It wasn’t long before Richard’s thrusting prick, and the thoughts of Dani being ravaged by that massive black cock put Judy over the edge. Judy’s orgasm triggered his, and Judy continued to milk, and squeeze his cock with her tight pussy until he started to go soft inside her. Exhausted she kissed Richard, and rolled off and headed for bed. She tossed and turned all night as visions of the mysterious black lover in the hot tub invaded her dreams.

Morning came quickly, and Judy couldn’t wait to talk to Dani. She had to know all the details of how Dani could let herself do what she did. Escort Bostancı After all Judy, and Dani were “nice girls”. Not prudes, but definitely not sluts either.

RRRRIIINNGG the phone startled Judy. “Hello Judy, wanna come over and enjoy some fresh dark ground coffee?” Dani asked.

“I was just about to call you to see if I could come over, after I shower” Judy excitedly replied.

“OK” Dani said, “I have to run to the store for a few things, I should be back before you get here.”

Inside of 15 minutes Judy was showered, and out the door. What would she say to her friend she wondered. Or would Dani confide in her. After all they were best friends. They didn’t keep secrets from each other. As Judy walked up to the door she read a hastily written note,


I’ll be right back. Let yourself in.

There is fresh black coffee waiting

on the patio, help yourself.


“Great” Judy thought, “More waiting.”

As she walked into the kitchen, she picked up her favorite mug, and walked to the back door. As she slid open the door and walked towards the patio table she didn’t see any signs of coffee, but was startled by a deep voice…

“Come put some oil on my back.”

As she turned she saw the same black hunk laying out, face down, and completely naked on the same lounge he had fucked her friend on the night before. He was faced away from her. He must have heard her, and assumed it was Dani. “C’mon babe, oil me down!” She froze for just a second, and just stared at his large muscular body. Then instead of turning to go as her mind told her she should, she walked towards him, and picked up the oil on the table next to him. His eyes were closed, and he smiled as she poured the sun heated oil onto his thick dark back.

Judy knelt beside him, and worked the oil into his back. His muscles glistened in the sun as she continued to massage him. Her pussy juices were flowing, and she let her hands wander lower to his hard butt. She poured more oil and it trickled down his crack. Judy’s fingers followed it as he spread his legs apart. The oil ran down over his huge nut sack. His semi hard cock was already huge, Judy pulled and squeezed his full balls with one hand, while trying to wrap her fingers around the thickness of his beautiful black shaft. Then the silence was broken,

“Did you like the show last night?” he asked.

Judy froze with her hand still squeezing his cock.

“Your nice blond friend taking the big black cock your holding, in her little white pussy.” “I knew you were watching us.” he laughed.

At that point he rolled onto his back, and Judy’s mouth dropped as she got a good close look at the studs now fully erect cock. “I don’t know what to…” she managed to say.

“What you were doing is a good start” he said as he smiled at her. Judy’s hands both reached out towards his stiff black pole. She couldn’t believe it. First that she was there doing what she was doing, and second that it took both of her hands to go around his cock, and he was at least 12 inches long. He moaned as she ran her hands up and down the whole length of it. She couldn’t believe how wonderfully thick and veiny it was as she continued to squeeze, and stroke it.

“MMMMMMM That’s real nice… now why don’t you come up here, and let me taste your pussy.” he commanded.

Judy didn’t want to let go of his glistening dick, nor did she know if she could go any further with this. After all she thought, “I could leave now, and..” and then she let go of his dick, and stood up. For a second she began to turn away, but then she felt his big hand work its way up her leg, and to her very wet pussy. he rubbed her for a few seconds through her shorts, and then he pulled her Bostancı Rus Escort over closer to him. Now both of his large hands pulled at Judy’s shorts, and they dropped to her ankles.

“I don’t think..” Judy started.

“I’m not asking you to think babe.” he smiled. Then he pulled her like a rag doll towards him. Judy didn’t resist. Instead, she straddled his face, and lowered her dripping pussy to his waiting tongue. His tongue was long and thick, and he lapped, and slurped at her like a thirsty dog at a water bowl.

Her heart raced as her pussy convulsed on the black mans mouth. He kept licking as he held her in place with his strong hands. Her legs began to shake as she came again from his expert tongue. Then he asked her if she was ready to “Grind coffee” as her friend Dani put it. Any chance of her leaving was long gone. As she turned around his massive black cock waited.

Judy slid down his muscular chest, and positioned her slippery pussy lips above him. With one hand on his ripped abs to steady herself, she guided his cock to her opening with her other hand. As his cock head spread her pussy lips apart there was some pain, but determined, she kept lowering herself slowly. He knew she would have to get used to his size, so he just laid there enjoying her tightness and her expressions as she slowly engulfed his ridged cock. Judy’s pussy convulsed as she managed to get half of him inside her. Once she got to that point she relaxed her pussy as much as she could, and then started to fuck slowly. He matched her rhythm, and began thrusting up into her.

“MMMMMMMMMMM your cock is soooo bigggg MMMMM yes fuck meeeeee.” “OOOHHHH yesss”

Without a word her black lover wrapped his big arm around her waist, and he stood up with her still impaled on his cock. He turned and lowered Judy back onto the lounge. Grabbing her feet he effortlessly pulled her legs apart, and lifted her ass off the chair. She was spread open, and helpless to resist his full entry now. When she was on top she could control how much he penetrated her. Now he was going to show her what her friend had got last night, and he didn’t hesitate. Driving his cock deep into her, she screamed loudly as he fucked her tight white pussy for all it was worth. Her eyes rolled back and she moaned loudly as he banged her helpless pussy. Judy’s hand instinctively reached down to rub her clit. Her mind was buzzing, and her breathing fast. Like Dani, she almost passed out as her body continually orgasmed. The waves of pleasure continued to sweep her body, as the black cock that had stretched her tight pussy out, now plowed effortlessly in and out of her.

As the dark stranger began to build towards his climax, he asked her, “You ready for me to fill your whole belly with my black seed?” “Your friend Dani loves it when I fill her womb with my black seed.”

Before Judy could reply, she felt his thick veiny cock growing even larger, and begin to spray her insides with hot thick streams of cum, which triggered her strongest orgasm yet. She squeezed and milked him as he continued to fuck her and fill her. Her pussy was sloppy and oozing his cum, and her own juices. She shook as he continued to pump and empty his balls into her. Then just as she had seen him do the night before, he pulled his cock out, and she heard the same plop sound as his thick tool swung free.

Then she heard “Clean it.” just as he had told Dani. Judy could barely move, but managed to sit up. His cum oozing from her red swollen pussy, he pulled her face to his glistening cum coated cock, and she licked, and cleaned him.

“MMMM good girl.”

“So how did you like your coffee Judy?” she recognized Dani’s voice from the backdoor.

Judy still gripping his cock turned to Dani and said,

“I loved it!”

The black stud pulled up his shorts and said, “Don’t worry ladies, after the first few times your pussys will get used to it.” and then he left.

Dani turned the jets on in the hot tub, and they got in to soak, and try to put into words what they had experienced.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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