Hot Anticipation

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i lie in the bubble bath, softly scented with rose petals. My body feeling all tingly knowing ill be meeting you tonight, my pussy juices already present in the thought of being in your arms. I carefully shave everywhere including my pussy, wanting it to be as smooth as silk for you. After bathing i step out of the bath, gently patting my skin dry, i check myself in the mirror mmmmmmmm good enough to eat!

I fix my hair and makeup then start to dress, i slip on a red lace g-string which is only about 2 inches wide, my legs are tanned so opt not to wear stockings, next a black satin corset and a long black satin skirt with a split up the front stopping 3 inches short of my pussy, the final touch a pair of 6 inch heels. I look in the mirror, happy with what i see i place a small drop of my favorite perfume behind my ears and between my breasts.

checking my watch i will be right on time, as you hate me to be late and could be punished for doing so.

i arrive at the night club, heads turn as i stand a look for you, you are seated at the bar on a high stool, i walk over to you and kiss you gently on the cheek, you look me up and down and smile in approval. I slip up onto the bar stool, spreading my legs just enough for you to get a glimpse of my tiny g-string, in crossing my legs the spit rides up to just below my pussy.

Not knowing what you are thinking or planning makes my pussy wet with anticipation.

During dinner you notice guys staring at the spilt in my skirt, you ask does this turn you on that guys are looking at your pussy nearly visible for all to see? I blush but have Ümraniye Escort to admit yes it does. You tell me to face you and spread my legs, you slip off your shoe and start to tease my pussy with your toes, you know that with your touch you are making me wetter and wetter, needing you badly i ask if you would stop or i am going to cum, in a forceful voice you tell me, you will not cum unless i tell you too. leaving me sitting there wishing dinner was almost finished.

Finally the bill was paid and we walked out onto the street, you pull me into a side alley and pin me against the wall, forcefully kissing me, your fingers find the split in my skirt and loop your fingers into my g-string and ripping it off, you tell me this is to teach me a lesson as i am your slut and will not behave as one in public. With that you unzip your fly, push my skirt up and drive your hard cock into my now very wet pussy. You tell me under no circumstance am i too cum, you start to fuck me hard, my body screaming to cum, but i dare not! In my mind i am begging you to let me cum, but i know to say it out loud would be useless. I feel your hot cum sporting into me, you kiss me tenderly till your orgasm subsides. You look into my eyes and ask, do we understand each other, in a very quiet voice i reply, yes.

Arriving at your house, i ask if i may go and tidy up a little? you tell me no, take off your clothes all but your shoes and let me see your body. I slowly unclip my corset, letting it drop to the floor, i unzip my skirt, it joins my corset on the floor. My thighs are glistening with your cum. İstanbul Escort You ask me to bend over and show you my ass, i spread my legs slightly then bend over about 2 foot in front of you, i feel your fingers tracing circles on my ass, then moving to my pussy, you push them deep inside me, you start to gently fuck me, i feel a third finger slip inside then a forth loving the feeling of your fingers moving inside me, surprised i feel a fifth finger and feel you push you fist deep inside me, my knees feeling weak, my body needing release, i beg you may i cum, i need to cum so bad, you say i do not wish it get and for asking again…..slap you bring your hand down hard on my ass your hand print burning into my ass again slap slap slap covering my ass in large hand prints while still fisting me, i cant take it any longer my body starts to convulse in orgasm, cumming hard on your hand. You rip your fist out of me, furious! Did i tell you to cum bitch? i try to apologies but as i do you forcefully pull me to the bed, lie down! now you are going to suck my cock and it better be the best blow job i have ever had. You put me in a position that my head is hanging over the bed, your start to fuck my mouth showing no mercy you shove it deep in my throat, i almost gag at first, you see this but keep fucking my mouth, i move my hands to your ass, i slip my little finger inside, i hear you moan! that’s a good slut, i fuck your ass with my finger matching the rhythm that you are fucking my mouth i feel you cock grow then shooting your cum deep into my throat, i hear you say take it all bitch! don’t Anadolu Yakası Escort dare waste any. Sucking greedily i devour every drop.

You withdraw your cock from my mouth and lie on the bed, i place a kiss on your lips letting you taste your cum in my mouth, you kiss me back passionately.

Since you have pleased me a little, i am now going to give you what you really need, get on your hands and knees. I move quickly not wanting to upset you again, my ass high in the air. Your cock hard you drive it into my pussy showing no mercy, i hear myself moan, your cock always feels so good deep inside my cunt. fucking me harder and faster i try to match your rhythm, you reach around and start to tease my clit, i know it wont be long before my body needs to explode but i know i must wait for permission. You stop! wondering why? next i feel your cock pressing against my butt hole, now bitch this is what happens when you disappoint me, in one movement you drive your cock deep into my ass, you hold it there for a minute, betting my lips trying not to scream. you start to fuck me, long deep strokes, oh god it feels so good! I try to squeeze your cock with my ass muscles, mmmmmmmm good to see my slut has learnt her lesson, with that you fuck me faster slamming your hips into mine, you tell me to rub my clit. Wetting it first in my pussy, my orgasmic rising with every thrust, i start begging you please may i cum? not yet ill tell you when. It takes everything for me to stop my orgasm but somehow i do, then when i think i can take no more i hear you say cum bitch cum so hard on my cock, make it milk me dry. I feel you explode deep in my ass, i scream out in passion this orgasms taking me to new heights, you slow the pace down as you orgasms starts to subside, then just hold it deep in my ass.

We collapse on the bed, you tell me what a good whore i am, and hold me close.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32