Hot and Sweet Ch. 10

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The next morning we were awakened by pounding on the door. I got up, threw on some boxers, and let Dana and Erika in. They were both wearing short silk robes that barely covered their asses. Each gave me a kiss on the cheek as they walked past then went into the bedroom and joined Jana in bed. The girls all kissed each other and began chatting in Hungarian. I ducked into the bathroom and took a leak, then began brushing my teeth.

Just then Jana poked her head in and said, “Dana and Erika were going to make breakfast of us, you should come into the kitchen when you’re done.” I assumed she meant “make us breakfast” and, after finishing up, I dutifully reported to the kitchen where I found Jana lying on the counter Dana and Erika each sucking on a tit.

Dana was wearing a boy-shorts-and-bra set in lime green, Erika was wearing yellow lace panties and no top, Jana was wearing a purple thong. Dana’s boy-shorts were short enough that they couldn’t simultaneously contain the small curves of her tight little ass and the top of her ass crack. As she bent forward to suck on her sister’s tit I could see the bulge of her pussy between her legs. Erika was on her knees and trying to take Jana’s entire breast into her mouth at one time. Her ass was delightfully framed by her panties and as she worked on Jana’s tit I could see her small, bare breasts brushing the countertop. Jana just lay back and moaned.

I watched the two girls work on Jana for a while. Dana was caressing her sister-squeezing her ass and rubbing her pussy-while sucking on one breast. Erika was sucking on the other breast and had begun rubbing her own pussy through her yellow panties. Finally I couldn’t take it anymore and decided to join in. I kissed Erika on the back of her neck then lay down on the kitchen floor and slid my head between her legs. Pulling her panties to the side I began licking her already wet pussy. Erika joined Jana’s moaning, filling the small kitchen with a most erotic sound.

Dana said something to Jana in Hungarian. “Igen, igen, igen,” (yes, yes, yes) her sister replied. As they tried to take off Jana’s panties, she almost fell off the counter. She was saved only by Erika grabbing hold of her and stopping her fall. The girls decided to move onto the dining room table. Jana hopped off the counter and led the way. Erika ground her pussy against my face, then stood up and followed bayan escort the other two girls into the dining room. Jana had pulled off her panties and climbed up on the table. Dana stripped and joined her sister. They began kissing and fondling each other.

Erika pulled off her panties as I followed her into the dining room. I clasped her around the waist and pulled her back towards me, grinding my boxer-covered erection against her bare ass. She stood up and leaned back against me. We kissed as I squeezed her breasts and began rubbing her wet cunt.

“Hey!” Jana shouted. “Quit distracting her. You’ll get your turn, but let us ladies go first!” I made a sad face at her. “None of that,” she told me. “Just sit in that chair and watch.” I sat where I was told, my raging erection straining in my boxers. “As for you,” she said to Erika, “I believe you were working here,” and offered her a breast.

Erika began sucking on Jana’s tits again. Jana lay back and Dana, sank between Jana’s legs to start eating her out. I could see Erika’s pussy between the curves of her ass as she bent forward to suck on Jana’s breasts, first one then the other. I could also see Dana’s perky little tits move as she lapped at her sister’s clit and had a great side view of her ass. Jana’s legs were up in the air and she began moaning again. Her head thrashed from side to side.

I figured she was far enough gone that she wouldn’t notice me disobeying her. I stood up and began moving around the table, admiring the erotic tableaux from all angles. First I moved behind Dana. I admired the tight little curves of her ass and the bulge of her completely shaven pussy. Her pussy lips were parted slightly and glistened with moisture in the light streaming through the window. I resisted the urge to grab Dana and fuck her furiously from behind and continued around the table to the side opposite Erika.

I watched Erika’s breasts move as she continued to suck on first one of Jana’s tits, then the other. Erika’s thin lips and broad tongue moved around and around Jana’s small hard nipples, then she took the entire globe of Jana’s breast into her mouth, sucking hard on it. Back and forth between Jana’s breasts Erika’s head moved. Jana was in the throes of a powerful orgasm. Her hands gripped the table edge so hard they turned white. Her back arched up off the table, thrusting her breasts against Erika’s hard working mouth. Dana held her sister’s legs up and apart while continuing to work her tongue across her sister’s most sensitive parts. Jana’s cries of pleasure filled the room as her orgasm peaked, and then her moans trailed slowly down to a quite whimper. She lay on the table with her eyes closed, completely spent.

Dana sat up and faced me with her legs spread. Erika moved around to the side of the table and leaning across Dana’s leg so as not to block my view, began to lap at the brunette’s shaved pussy. Dana leaned back and spread her legs a little further to ensure that I was getting a good view of the action. Jana roused herself and sat up. She leaned over and gave her sister a long, deep kiss. Jana said “Koszonom” (thank you) and began sucking on one of Dana’s small nipples. Dana let her head drop back and released a long moan.

After less than a minute of this she sat up and gently pushed the other girls away from their work. She hopped off the table and stood very close to me for a moment, before pulling my head down and kissing me deeply.

“You’re going to accuse me of being the worst tease in the world,” she said as she slid her firm naked body down mine, pulling my boxers down in the process. My raging cock flopped forward to hit her in the face. She rubbed her cheek against it as she said, “I promised myself a long time ago that I wouldn’t suck or fuck a guy until I’d done it in my own bed at home first. It keeps me from being too much of a whore.” Her grey-blue eyes met mine, looking for my reaction.

I just looked back at her, watching my throbbing cock move against her cheek and doing my best to not bust a nut all over her pretty face. She slid her self up my body, my cock passing across her neck and between her small breasts to come to rest sandwiched between my body and her firm, flat belly.

She kissed me again and said, “I will let you eat me out right now, though. Next weekend you can come out to our house and I’ll do everything you want then.”

“Anything you say,” I replied. “Provided Jana doesn’t object.”

Dana smiled at that and said, “I’ve shared enough of my boyfriends with her, that she can share you with me.”

“Igen, igen, igen,” Jana chimed in from the table where she and Erika were fingering each other’s pussies.

“Lay down on the table,” Dana said to me. I did, stretching full length on the hard slab of wood. Dana climbed back onto the table and slid her body the length of mine. The slick lips of her pussy parted over my cock, but because she was moving up my body I didn’t actually penetrate her. We kissed as our lips came within range, then I gave each breast a quick lick before trailing my tongue across her flat belly. Finally, her shaved cunt hovered over my mouth and I went to work, slurping and sucking at the juices already flowing freely from her shell-like lips.

Jana and Erika began passing my cock between them, taking me between their soft lips and subjecting me to their talented tongues in turns. After a few passes back and forth, one of them climbed on top of me and I felt my cock being guided into her warm, wet cunt. I reached down and rubbed the vital junction between us. By the size of her clit I could tell that it was Erika who was riding me. Jana straddled my chest and began squeezing her Dana’s tits and kissing her sister from behind while I continued to work my tongue in Dana’s wet pussy. My fingers joined Erika’s working on Jana’s pussy. I began circling her large clit, while Erika finger fucked her.

Dana came first and I sucked and swallowed as much of her juice as I could, but I still ended up with my face glazed with her cum. Feeling her sister cum from my attentions and thanks to Erika’s nimble fingers, Jana soon joined her sister in orgasm. She leaned back against Erika, kissing her deeply, and Erika began cumming around my cock. The spasms of her pussy combined with the sounds of all three of the girls as they came was too much for me and I fired my hot seed deep into Erika’s wet pussy.

They collapsed in a heap on top of me. After a few minutes we began to recover. Dana sucked my cum from Erika’s cunt, saying “I love the taste of Jim’s cum mixed with pussy juice.” Jana sucked my cock clean of Erika’s juices. She brought enough life back to it that I fucked her bent over the side of the table so we could both watch Dana working on Erika’s pussy.

I ended up making breakfast for all of us and we spent the rest of the day lounging around the apartment, nude. We watched movies and enjoyed each other’s company. I fucked both Jana and Erika several times apiece over the course the day. Each time, Dana sucked my cum from the other girl’s pussy. I also ate Dana out several times, bringing her to juicy orgasm after juicy orgasm. That night, all three girls slept in my bed.

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