Hostess Ch. 02

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We didn’t make it to the bedroom right away. My wife and I looked at each other after the guys left, then attacked each other like a couple of teenagers without supervision. We were rolling on the floor in the living room. Our hands and mouths were all over each other. We finally made it to the bedroom very late. We were exhausted, but not tired. We attacked each other again.

I haven’t had that much sex, or wanted it so badly, since I was in my 20’s. We finally fell asleep in each other’s arms.

The next day when we got up it was no longer morning. We set out to clean up after last night’s party.

Shelly said, “I’m sorry that they left so early. I was just getting warmed up.”

“I know,” I said, laughing. “You were a wild woman last night, or was that this morning?”

“I really liked it and you seemed to as well, and not just after the guys left.”

“I loved it every time one of the guys put his hands on you and I thought that I was going to explode when you used their hands to get yourself off!”

“Do you think that we can do it again?” she asked with a questioning look. “The guys did seem in shock by the end of the evening and they all left so fast.”

“I’ll talk to the guys, but I would love to do it again. I’ll see if the guys want to take it further; I know that I do and you already said that you do.” I was laughing and so was she; that laugh you get when you are planning to do things that your parents wouldn’t approve of.

We set upon our weekend chores, and late in the afternoon I called each of the guys to tell them how much Shelly and I had enjoyed last night’s party and to tell them that we wanted to do it again. Each of the guys was both eager and afraid to continue. I tried to alleviate their fears and said that we would talk more about it later in the week. I also mentioned that Shelly had wanted to go further.

Throughout the rest of the week I talked with the guys individually and they were starting to get excited about seeing Shelly again.

Shelly was anxious and asked me often if the guys were too scared to continue. I called Bob and told him about Shelly’s concerns. He told me that he had enjoyed the fashion show, so I asked him to talk to Shelly. Gaziantep Saatlik Escort I handed her the phone.

“Hi, Bob,” she said, ” I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed last Friday night, and that I hope we can do it again. I felt so alive and desired; I just hope that you didn’t feel too weird about it.” She talked with him for several more minutes and, when she got off of the phone, she was beaming. “I think he wants to go further,” she said.

I called Jim- he was the most reluctant – and told him that Shelly wanted to talk to him, then handed her the phone. They were on the phone together for half an hour. She was excited when she came up to me in the living room. “He’s getting some ideas now about how great it could be next time. We need to plan what we want to do.” We started laughing and talking about this upcoming party.

The next night Shelly talked to Bill and Chuck with similar results. I talked to the guys throughout the week and they were excited, suggesting that Shelly wear everything from a skimpy bikini to a sheer nightie.

The night arrived and Shelly met the guys at the door wearing an oversized T-shirt and not much more. She welcomed each of them with a long, passionate kiss. Hands were roving over her breasts, her ass, and between her legs. Her hands were exploring as well, checking out the terrain between their legs.

We sat down at the table and I said, “Shelly and I have been talking about tonight all week long – about what we would do tonight – and we have been having trouble deciding.”

Shelly spoke up, saying, “You all have different ideas about what you like, and I like them all. There was one thing that you all agreed that you liked, and that was me changing clothes in front of you. So, tonight we decided that I would be your naked hostess.” And with that, she removed her T-shirt and panties.

“Now, what would everyone want?” She disappeared into the kitchen. There was a collective ‘jaw drop’. She returned with several bowls of snacks and started to set them on the table.

Chuck stood up and said, “I think that we need to thank our hostess for the snacks.” He placed his mouth over hers, one hand was on her breast and the other was between her legs. A line formed behind Chuck; each wanted to thank her personally.

Her face was red and her nipples hard as she went to get the wine. She set the wine on the table and said “I don’t want to stay on my feet all night tonight so I’ll just sit on Bill’s lap, if that’s okay.” Bill nodded enthusiastically. She sat down and told us to go ahead and deal and that she would play Bill’s hand. “You don’t mind, do you?” as she moved her butt against his groin.

“Not at all,” he said, placing his hands on her breasts. We played cards for about an hour with Shelly shifting her seating arrangement every so often until every cock was hard and met with her approval.

She got up to get more snacks and said that they had to remove their shirts before they could thank her. The shirts flew off and, as she stood in front of each one of them, she wouldn’t let them kiss her. Instead, she placed their hands on her breasts and massaged each of their chests. She allowed them to kiss her breasts after she was finished with them.

Bill asked her if she needed a seat and she responded, “I need to test something,” as she straddled Bill’s legs and sat down facing him. She started to grind her pelvis into him. She got up and moved on to Bob and repeated the maneuver, then to Chuck, then Jim.

She stood up, a question on her face,” I can’t tell if you guys are turned on enough. Take off your pants.”

We had talked about this several times this past week. I got hard every time we described it, but seeing it unfold in the flesh was so much better. I knew where this was going and I just had to keep my mouth shut and watch. She was playing her part perfectly.

She repeated her seating test, staying a little longer on each lap this time. “That was so much more informative,” she said, getting up and excusing herself to get more wine.

She came back with the wine and complained, “You know, I haven’t had any snacks yet. Chuck, could you help me out?” Chuck walked up to her and she dropped to her knees. She removed his underwear. She grabbed his member and tongued the tip, then licked the underside. She placed the head in her mouth and tongued it as in a very passionate kiss. She engulfed his cock and started to stroke with her mouth. She pulled back and said, “That tastes great, but I need variety.”

Jim was next, and she tongued him top and bottom before sucking on him. “That tastes so good, who’s next?”

Bob stepped up. She was not allowing any of the guys to cum, as this wasn’t the final act. I was anticipating the next phase. It was something that she has fantasized about for a long time and it seems so very hot to me. I was going to be able to watch it.

Bill was last, and she spent more time with him, more teasing. She held his cock and tongued the tip, looking up into his eyes. She said, “You know, Bill, there is something that I’ve always wanted to do and I was wondering if you and the rest of the guys would help me?”

Everyone said yes, anything, just name it. She looked up again and said, “Bill, would you take me from behind while I suck on Jim’s cock and pound into me forcing his cock down my throat?” Bill paused and Shelly took all of his cock into her mouth. “Oh. Yes!” he said.

She removed his cock and he went behind her as Jim came up, pushing his cock towards her mouth. Bill slammed into her and Jim’s cock disappeared. This was better than I had imagined. I almost came just watching. It seemed as if they all came together and Shelly collapsed.

They picked her up and she said, “That was great, can we do it again?”

Bob and Chuck stepped forward “Where do you want us?” Bob asked. I took out a coin and flipped it and pointed at Bob. It came up heads. “Bob,” I said, “You’ve got heads.”

The guys were so primed that it didn’t last long before they all collapsed on the floor. Everyone was contented as they picked themselves up, giving kisses and getting dressed. I said, “Same time next week?”

Shelly said “Oh yes, please?”

Everyone left, saying how much they had liked the new ‘poke her’ game. I helped Shelly clean herself up and said, “I guess that we don’t need cards for these parties anymore.”

She looked at me and said “Sure we do. How about I give a lap dance to the winner of each hand for the duration of the next hand, and if they win with a straight or better, they get a blow job first?”

“Will that be enough for you?” I asked.

“You didn’t let me finish. After eleven we are all naked,” she smiled.

“You are great,” I said.

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