Hospitals Can Be Fun

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It is late. You have been stuck in your hospital room a bit to long, but the doctors, stingy as ever, will not let you leave although you are feeling great now. Sighing you look absently at the window, hoping against hope that you could leave right now. You hear a light shuffle of feet outside the door; you let out a defeated sigh thinking it is the nurse yet again, when you see me enter the room in a doctor’s coat. I grin as I walk over to you, helping you out of the bed; I pull you close to me and kiss you.

“Well, since I can’t bust you out of here I thought we might go exploring, get you out of this room” I say with a smile, taking you by the hand. I lead you out into the hallway, we get a few glances going down the halls but nobody really seems to pay us to much attention. We near the examination rooms and I grin, “mm Mrs. Ziello it is time for your examination, step this way” with that I lead you into an unoccupied room, shutting the door behind us.

I tell you to stop when you reach the table, your back to me; I take off the light gown you were wearing. You can hear my coat hit the floor, along with other clothing. You can feel me press up against you, I say softly as my hand runs over the details “mm fair skin” my hand moves up your stomach “firm breasts” my hands cup them tightly “soft neck” I say, biting it softly “moist pussy” I say as my right hand drops down caressing your pussy lips.

I slide three fingers inside you, you moan as they enter, then push against them. I continue to kiss your neck as I work my fingers in and out of you, getting them wet in your juices. My hand moves away from your cunt, and you can feel a finger rubbing illegal bahis against your asshole. “Mm nice tight ass” I say, sliding a finger slowly inside. You let out a surprised gasp, feeling an odd mix of pain and pleasure as I work the finger in and out of you. As you get used to it, I slip another one of my wet fingers inside of you, increasing the tempo, my left hand moves down and begins to stroke your clit as my right fucks your ass.

You begin to grind against my fingers, gyrating your hips, and to your dismay they leave, but you let out a moan as you feel my cock rub against you. I slide it slowly into your pussy, picking up pace I begin to fuck you hard, my cock rubbing against your g-spot every thrust. You can feel yourself getting close, and let out a disappointed moan as my cock leaves you. You can feel it rub against your asshole and you know what I want. Unsure you look back at me, but quickly decide, a lusty grin on your face as you say “go slow”.

You wince and cry out feeling my cock head enter you, I stop letting you adjust before going further, the pain is unbelievable, but so is the odd mix of pleasure. You try to relax your muscles as you feel more of me into you; your head is swimming in the new sensations as all of me finally enters you. I begin very slowly, sliding in and out of you, picking up the pace every time your moan gets louder. I begin to pound your ass hard; your cries of pain and pleasure filling the air before you clamp around me cumming harder than ever before. Yours quickly sets off mine and I cry out as I cum in your ass, to both of our surprise the door swings open a night nurse drawn in by our noise.

“What illegal bahis siteleri is going on here?!” she says surprised, unconsciously shutting the door behind her.

Surprised by the young cute nurse I slide out of Sarah, the cum dripping down her legs and coating her pussy. “I’m sorry miss, we were just having a little fun, I’ll do anything just don’t tell”

The nurse gazes at Sarah’s condition, she is still out of breath, flushed, and looks like she wants more. Taking the view in the nurse gazes over me, her eyes resting on my cock. “Anything?” the tone of her voice has changed dramatically. “Mm well you see.. My boyfriends been out of town..” she walks up to me, a sly grin on her face. “And I have been.. How do you say…” her hand reaches down stroking my still hard cock, “lonely”.

Sarah looks shocked, unsure of what to do. The juices flowing down her leg tell her god yes go for it, but her mind is holding her back. She gazes once more over me, her breath quickening, and then over the hot new comer. She smiles a lopsided grin, moving up behind the nurse; her hands reach around cupping her breasts. “Well if your gonna have some of my man, I’m gonna have some of you. What’s your name cutie?”

The nurse is taken by surprise as both me and Sarah begin to rid her of her uniform, she quickly responds “I’m Kristi”

I get her top off, moving her over to the table, where Sarah quickly removes the skirt and panties. We sit her up on the table; I begin to massage and suck on her breasts, biting softly on the nipple as Sarah kisses her inner-thighs, teasing her. Kristi moans as I bite down on her nipple, just as Sarah gives in, canlı bahis siteleri expertly licking her cunt and playing with her clit. Kristi gasps hitting her first climax of the night, she curls around Sarah who is sucking hard on her little clit. I back off, watching the show with a smile. Kristi pulls Sarah up from between her legs, kissing her forcefully, which Sarah returns fiercely. Kristi lays Sarah down on the table, and then climbs up, sitting on her face. Sarah gets to work licking Kristi’s cunt furiously. Thinking how much she liked it, Sarah finger fucks her pussy, getting it wet, and then slides it into Kristi’s asshole. Kristi leans down, now in the 69 position as she licks Sarah’s dripping cunt. I move behind Kristi, removing Sarah’s fingers and replacing them with my own. Kristi cries out in pleasure as I fingerfuck her ass and Sarah sucks her clit. When I think she is ready, I slide my cock across her asshole. Lustily she cries, “mm fuck me”

I press my cock against her asshole, sliding in slowly, Kristi is getting loud, unable to contain the all the sensations I can tell she is already about to cum as I slide my cock all the way into her. I gasp, as she begins to tightly clench around me hard cock, I begin to pump into her as Sarah licks up her flowing juices. Kristi can feel every inch of my cock sliding in and out of her, harder and faster with each stroke, she pushes back against me with every thrust and gasps cumming hard when she feels my cock begin to swell. I let out a cry as I begin to cum inside her, she pulls away quickly spinning around to help Sarah catch the all cum. some lands in each of their mouths, forming a little coat on their lips, some trailing down Kristi’s chin and a streak on Sarah cheek. They grin showing off their prize and then kiss each other passionately. Their fun continued most of the night and Sarah promised that they would keep in touch with the helpful nurse.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32