Hormonal Minefields

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Anything could happen tonight, I mused as I drove carefully through Chinatown’s Canal Street traffic.

I drove to my cousin’s big yearly blow out party at his Brooklyn Loft. He lived just off Flat bush Avenue near the Manhattan Bridge.

I hadn’t seen my cousin in quite some time, in fact it seemed as though a whole spring had passed without seeing him. We are close and have been so for many years.

As is my custom, I usually arrive early to these events. It gives me a little time to catch up with my cousin whose name is George.

As I walked in the open front door, I immediately saw George walking down the hall “Oh my God, Steve what’s up man?” said George as he embraced me warmly. “What’s up George?” I said as I returned the embrace. “Man it’s so great to see you again Steve, we’ve not hung out in a minute,” George said sincerely.

“Yeah man word up it’s been a while,” I agreed. “Hey,” I asked, “you have some place to put this six pack.” George led me over to a makeshift drink table in the front of the loft. There was a painted sign taped up on the wall behind the table that read COOL OUT.

“Looks like it’s going to be some blow out man,” I mused as we walked back to the kitchen. “Oh yeah, we’ll have a few people here no doubt,” replied my cousin, “although, I don’t know how many will show up.”

I went to the keg and filled my first of about 4 cups of beer. As I walked around, I saw that in one of the roommate’s rooms they had a ping-pong table set up and a very attractive woman and this other guy were playing. I noticed she wasn’t very good and neither was he so I decided to watch them play for awhile. He eventually tired out; however, she still wanted to keep playing.

“Would you like to play a game?” I asked.

As I picked up my paddle, I introduced myself. “Hi I’m Steve. I’m George’s cousin from New Jersey.”

“It’s nice to meet you Steve, I’m Nicola Ferguson I’m a friend of Kurtis.”

Likewise, Nicola, I replied and then asked, “this is just a friendly game right?”

“Yes, that’s fine Steve, I don’t want to have a serious competition here, and lets keep it fun, she said with a beautiful smile on her lips.

As we played, I noticed her skill lacked just about as much as mine did. I hadn’t played ping-pong in over 15 years. It was a good spirited playful game, however. I made quips about searching for “lost balls.”

Nicola was not stunning but had a natural beauty about her. She was an incredibly sexy brunette with shoulder length hair and a sloped nose that was slightly big. She didn’t have to wear a lot of make up. Her body wasn’t ultra slender but not fat either. Everything about her was well proportioned and a real turn on. Her eyes were deep set and looked almost European. It was as if they gleamed the words “fuck me” at times.

There was a lot of joy and beauty in her laugh also. I loved to hear it as we played and subsequently made countless mistakes and outrageous serves. It made me glad that I took the precaution to have a condom in my wallet.

“Nicola, I don’t know about you but I could use a beer at this moment, could I get you anything from the other room?”

“That would be great Steve, I could use a break from this.”

As we both made our way through the growing throngs of people standing around with drinks in their hands, I filled up my cup and hers at the keg. “Here we are Nicola,” I said as I handed her the cup, “here’s to a great party and equally good company.”

“Cheers Steve,” she said with a grin.

“I never asked where you’re from,” I asked after taking a drink of the weak beer. “San Francisco,” she remarked. I’m here on vacation visiting a friend of mine for two weeks.”

As she drank, the beer left a bit of foam on her top lip. She quickly licked it off her top lip with her long tongue. When I saw this, my cock stirred.

To not gawk and be rude I asked the standard question that most people ask tourists. “How do you like New York”?

“I love New York, she gushed, it’s so fast paced and active, so much different than Frisco.”

“Yes indeed,” I concurred,” New York City is extremely fast and impatient.”

“I totally, agree,” said Nicola as her lovely deep set took on a far away, dream-like appearance. “I also notice that some people look very uptight gaziantep escortları here and they look as though they will explode any second. A comely smile drew across her face as her voice changed a bit; she said in a throaty voice barely audible above the cacophony of the party crowd roar.

“Thanks for the compliment,” I stammered, noticing the direction our conversation took.

“Your welcome Steve, I’m glad to give compliments where they’re due,” she said as she cocked her head to one side and let a single wisp of dark brunette hair fall across her delectable neck.

After some small talk between us, I told her I was going to go find George and ask him when he was going to get on his turntables.

“I look forward to chatting more later Nicola it was great meeting you, I said.”

“Likewise Steve, she replied, “I’ll catch up with some of my friends here. See you later.”

As my cousin took to the tables, I listened for a while to his selections of Hip Hop classics and mixed them together deftly. The party began to get that joyous air of festivity looked for Nicola but could not locate her at that moment.

I went and fetched one of the last bottles of Rolling Rock beer on the drink table and mingled with other people.

When my cousins friend Greg, got on the tables for the house music portion of the evening, it seemed to bring the party up a notch. It helped that by now people were well lubricated enough with alcohol.

The house beat Greg was spinning throbbed and was infectious. There were many people dancing now including, Nicola. Her dancing was much better then her ping pong playing. I watched as her body moved so fluidly with the music as if she were a slave to it’s rhythm.

I couldn’t stand to be a wall flower anymore as I suddenly thought Gene Kelly when he exclaimed in a burst of energy in one of his many films “GOTTA DANCE.” I put down my beer cup and danced as best I could to the beat trying not to look too drunk or lame.

As I hoped she would Nicola, saw me dancing, and broke away from her other partner, and danced her way over to me. She met my every move with one of her own. Soon we both flowed in perfect time with the beat. She had a beautiful sheen of sweat on her head and I took the liberty to wipe off her brow with my t-shirt. When we began to body dance, I felt my cock rapidly harden in my jeans. She felt it also, and it only made her grind into me harder.

By now, the few cups of beer and the bottle I’d had started to kick in. I’d ingested earlier were starting to kick in. I whispered as loud as I could in her ear without hurting her, could we take a break and hang out in my cousin’s room. “If you don’t mind Steve I’d like to dance a bit more, I’ll meet you in a few though, is that ok?”

“Sure,” I said. I didn’t want to push and ruin the mood we’d created minutes earlier on the dance floor.

I must’ve nodded off for a while because heard a woman’s voice and felt a nudge against my sweater. “Hey there Steve, you tired out already?” My eyes took a second to focus. Nicola had sat down next to me.

She took a long drag on a cigarette. Her face was intimately close with mine. She blew the smoke back in my face slowly. “Thank you,” I said dreamily, although, I don’t exactly know why. Generally, I hate smoke in my face. I must’ve been pleasantly drunk.

“How is it out there now?” I asked. I meant the dance floor. My voice resonated a far away aura. Nicola stared right into my eyes and said, “It’s like an explosion of hormones out there.”

As if love’s forces opened up the door, I drew in close and kissed her lips and she didn’t pull away. Our tongues quickly found each other and mingled for quite awhile. She tasted like cigarettes. I didn’t care. My cock rose to the occasion. “Is that so bad honey?” I asked when we finally wanted to both take a mouth breath. “It’s ok when I’m into the guy and thus his hormonal out burst,” she purred seductively

I couldn’t stand it anymore. “Nicola, I want you NOW, so bad,” I said just as we kissed again. “We kissed deeply as my hands explored her tits.

“Ok Steve,” she said in a husky voice, two questions: where can we go, and have you got a condom?” I thought about it for a few beats and then exclaimed, “I’ve got it, the roof of this building, have you ever had rooftop sex?”

“Since I live in California, I’ve not yet had the pleasure of rooftop sex. Is it safe,” she asked looking enthusiastic. “To be honest sweetheart I don’t know. I’ve never been up there before. To answer your earlier question, I have a condom. This could be an adventure for both of us.” “Ok,” she said after she pondered it for a moment. “Lets take some risks tonight, I’m game. I’ll just tell the friend I came with what’s going on so she won’t wonder where I gone too.”

“That’s fine honey,” I said reassuringly, “would you like to meet me on the stairs in 10 minutes?”

“Yes, I’d like that,” breathed Nicola, that’ll give me some time to hit the bathroom and freshen up.”

In the meantime, I went up to the door leading outside to the roof to see if the to see if it was indeed open giving us access. I also, to avoid any unnecessary awkwardness, checked around for a few minutes to make sure some other couple didn’t beat us to it.

After I had established that we would have access, I went back down a flight or two, sat on the cold stone steps, and waited in anticipation. I soon heard footsteps coming up the stairs.

“We’ll get a great view of Manhattan and the Bridge. The lights are beautiful at night.”

“I just hope we don’t get interrupted sweetheart, that’s what I’m worried about,” said Nicola as we walked up the three flights of stairs.

At the top of the stairs, I pushed the door open, and we both stepped tentatively out onto the roof.

“Oh my God what a fucking awesome view,” Nicola exclaimed.

She didn’t exaggerate. The lights of the city were bursting with colorful magical majesty as though it were an amusement park open 24 hours. Directly in front of us, a sting of lights that were reminiscent of pearls comprised the Manhattan Bridge. It was truly a beautiful sight to see. A mild summer breeze off the east river provided a great relief to us both.

We didn’t waste time. In both our minds, the threat of interruption loomed overhead. Our hands explored each other thoroughly. “Oh god Nicola, I have to taste you,” I moaned as she undid her miniskirt and pulled it down. My cock throbbed as I pulled down my jeans also. It seemed like we were racing to get our underwear off.

“Here, stud you get mine and I’ll get yours,” she said regarding my tented boxers. As she freed my turgid cock from its fabric confines, she moaned her approval. I worked her panties down to where her miniskirt lay and knelt down to her flower petal.

Nicola had a trimmed pussy. I reached out to feel her in my hand, dripping wet. A personal turn-on of mine when I go down on a woman is to inhale her personal fragrance. I was delighted that her aroma was ripe, in a good way, with arousal. “Oh fuck yes, Steve, eat me please, do it now I want your tongue so bad I can scream.” As I took another large snoot-full of her musky aroma I knew I’d better get down to the task before she did actually scream out. I gently parted her folds and let my tongue devour her juicy pussy. She tasted sweet and tart. I lapped at her like a dog at his water bowl after a long tiresome run.

I found her clit; I encased it with my lips and tongue. She went crazy then pushing my head in as deep as it could go.

“Oh god Nicola, you taste so fucking good. I want you to come in my mouth and all over my face,” I said as I looked up at her contorted face. “Give it to me, please let me taste your nectar right now.” I soon heard her cry out. Her body quaked. I had to hold her up to keep her from falling down.

“Ohhhhhhhh fuck I’m comminggggggggg STEVEN DON’T STOP NOW,” she hollered softly, if there is such a thing. It was more of an intense hiss.

I held fast as if my face were super glued to her cunt. I felt her juices flood my mouth and run down my cheeks to my goatee covered chin. As her tidal wave subsided slowly, I drew away and stood up to kiss her mouth letting her taste her cum in my mouth. “MMMM” she breathed, as we kissed “that was so incredible baby, I really came hard.”

Now I wanna taste you too,” she said as she knelt down to my semi hard cock. “Well lookey, here, have we been napping a little bit down here, hum?” She stuck out her tongue and licked my pre-cum from my cock head. Then suddenly without warning, she enveloped my whole cock down to its base. As if lighting struck, my cock woke up in an instant and hardened like quick drying cement in her mouth. “Oh yeah, that’s more like it. I love when a cock gets nice and hard for me.” As she wrapped her beautiful lips around my cock, she dragged her tongue down also giving me a wonderful sensation.

“Oh fuck yeah,” I cried, suck it sweetie please your so good. “MMMM thanks honey. I’m glad you approve. Now just sit back and enjoy it sweetheart,” Nicola moaned, just before she deep throated me once again.

“If you keep this up honey I’m going to cum,” I moaned. “That’s fine Steve, she coaxed huskily. I want you to come in my mouth. I said I wanted to taste you. When your ready honey, just tell me so I can get it all and not waste a drop.”

Nicola blessed my ears with a few more dirty words of encouragement. I couldn’t hold back anymore. “I’M CUMMING NICOLA” is all I said, I looked down at her closed eyes and open mouth. Blasts of come followed quickly. She greedily swallowed all of it. She did not let up and sucked until I became soft. Only then did she release my cock. “Ah yes that’s I wanted. I like a protein snack,” she giggled.

As we cuddled and rested in each other’s arms, thank god the roof surface was smooth. The only draw back was it wasn’t very clean and we both became quite dirty. We took a short break whilst fished around in my wallet for the condom.

“Steven, I want you to take me from the back so I can look at the city lights and more importantly, this floor is really hard. I don’t want to look like a complete wreck when we finally go back downstairs,” she laughed.

My cock was slimy both with her saliva and cum residuals. To my surprise however, I didn’t have to wait for an extended intermission. I quickly hardened again.

As Nicola bent over on the wall facing the Manhattan Bridge, she played with her drenched pussy from that bent over position. That always drives me insane. “Get over here and fuck the shit outta me. I am still so wet and ready. I wanted you from the time our eyes first met my cunt was soaked all evening with need and desire.”

I stepped behind her and reached down to cup her hanging orbs in my hands. With one push I was inside and she gave a beautiful moan of gratitude. Her pussy felt amazing even with my cock wrapped in plastic. “Oh GOD YES STEVEN NOW FUCK ME HARD,” she cried; as she looked back at me her face taut with anticipation.

I got all the way in to my balls, dragged it out again, and pushed in again each time with greater force.

In the zone completely, I could not give a fuck if the whole party or the whole neighborhood watched us.

She was tight as a drum around my cock and with each forceful push, I felt myself drawing closer to comming. We both sweated profusely by our exertions. The only other sound I heard was a squishy sound of hot sex.

As we went into the home stretch, I so wanted us to both come together. “Nicola,” I extrapolated, “I want you to come with me, please tell me when you’re coming so we can go together.”


Hearing her sweet words of rapture and beautiful sounds emanating from her lips, that was all I needed. Soon after her outburst as I grabbed her tits I yelled out “ARRRRGGGGHHHHHH HERE I GO TOOOOO I’M FILLING YOU UP NICOLAAAAAA.” Come I did, I spurted again what seemed like a ton of come into the condom and didn’t pull out until I had wilted completely. Our bodies were slick with sweat as we sat down with our backs to the wall. We embraced again and kissed for what seemed an eternity.

“Thank you Steven,” she said sincerely as we slowly got up off the ground. “This was truly an experience that I won’t ever forget. Truly awesome indeed.”

“I’m glad we could enjoy each other up here like this. I had a great time with you Nicola thank you so much. I’m glad this hormonal explosion worked out the way it did. I just hope George has some extra towels because I don’t know about you but I’m filthy.”

“Ditto that here” Steve she laughed aloud. She grinned an evil grin as we managed to get on our clothes over our dirty bodies, said “maybe a shower together then?”

“Sounds like a heavenly plan to me sweetheart.” I replied as we made our way back down the stairs. Back to reality and the remains of the party.

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