Hope Gets A Taste

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I live alone in my own apartment in the suburbs. Most of my time is spent working long hours so that doesn’t give me much time keeping my place in order. I thought it might be a good idea to get myself a housekeeper or at the very least someone just to clean up and keep the place in somewhat of an orderly fashion.

I placed an ad in the paper and over the week got quite a few calls about the job. I wasn’t looking to spend a fortune. All I wanted was someone a day or two a week to keep my place clean. By the end of the week I had asked three of the phone callers to visit so I could interview them in more depth.

The first two didn’t impress me much, but the third girl I hired on the spot. Her name was Hope. It wasn’t so much that her qualifications were perfect for the job because she never did this type of work before. In fact, this was her first job. After chatting with her for over an hour I was feeling a bit sorry for her. She had just turned eighteen years old and lived with her mother. Now that she was out of school she wanted to earn some income for herself and to help with the household expenses. That rather impressed me that a young teenage girl was willing to help her mother out like that.

I had to ask a lot of questions, as Hope was kind of a quiet girl. It was difficult at first getting her to open up. It was obvious she had never been on an interview before. She was so nervous and shy. Of course her looks didn’t hurt her chances of me hiring her. At eighteen years old she looked a bit younger, but her 5′ 6″ figure was developing nicely. She had an extremely pretty face with shoulder length brown hair. Although her breasts were quite petite, I knew in a few years she was going to be a knockout. Yet I wondered what they looked like now. Those breasts must be so sweet looking and her nipples for sure had to be a sight to see. My eyes glanced down her whole body admiring her slim waist, shapely hips and perfectly proportioned behind. She had on a pair of white slacks. When she stood up I could see the outline of her panties underneath. That just made me want to see her incredible ass that much more.

So like I said, I hired her. Hope was going to clean up for me two days a week. Honestly, I did think of what it would be like screwing her, but she was so shy and innocent that the idea just seemed too far-fetched. She was just too nice of a girl.

A few weeks went by and Hope performed her chores perfectly. I couldn’t have asked for more.

It was a Saturday afternoon and Hope was doing her normal duties. I happened to be home without much to do that day. It was one of those rare occasions that I had the TV on and relaxing. I’m trying to remember exactly how it started. I know Hope walked in front of me. She was looking particularly sexy that day. She was wearing a white clingy button down shirt that flowed so nicely over her cute petite breasts. I could see the points of her nipples poking through. And complimenting that was a pair of white shorts that showed off her incredible ass. I don’t know what made her decide on a pair of pastel colored underwear, but I immediately was looking through her shorts at the outline of her skimpy pink panties. That reminded me of the day I interviewed her and all the dirty thoughts I had.

She turned back looking over at me sensing I was staring at her. Then it just came out of my mouth. “Hope, you sure are pretty.” Her face became red and blushed from my comment. After a pause that seemed to last forever she asked. “You really think so? I’m pretty?”

It seemed like such a silly response coming from her. But then I realized how shy and quiet she was. I guess she lacked a lot confidence in herself and her looks.

“Hope, don’t you realize how pretty you are.” Where was this boldness in me coming from? Gaziantep Eve Gelen Escort Hope was less than half my age. She just stood there with a slight glimmer of a smile starting on her face from my comment. I stood up and walked over to her.

“Do you have a boyfriend?” I asked. She shook her head “no.” I reached to her face stroking her cheek with the back of my hand. “Well, you “are” very pretty Hope. Very pretty.” As my fingers stroked her cheek once again I could see her eyes filling up. She reached to my hand touching it with hers.

“Nobody has ever told me that.” She replied with an overwhelming emotion.

My God what was happening. I was stimulating an emotion in this girl that had never been tapped before. I could only imagine what she was feeling inside. And what do I do now? What do I say next?

“Hope,” I paused a moment stumbling on what to say to her. “Do…you want me to stop?” I don’t even know what I meant by that. Stop what? I was only stroking her cheek. But I could feel the tension that was growing. There was a strong sexual overtone in the room and Hope knew it as well as I did. At that moment I wanted her so bad. I wanted to grab her, kiss her and do all the nasty things that were running through my mind. But instead I waited for her answer.

“N…o,.. don’t stop.” And she closed her eyes for a moment.

An excitement level was racing through my body. I wondered if I was the first to give her attention like this.

“Has any man ever touched you before?” I asked. Hope stood there staring at me looking afraid to answer. But I knew what that answer was. “That’s okay Hope. Don’t say anything.”

I ran my hand down her cheek one more time. She closed her eyes again taking it all in. It was as if she were saying, “go ahead take me.” I let my hand wander down to her chest running my fingers over the material covering her cute little breasts. I could feel her nipples hardening even through her shirt and bra. She let out this soft little moan.

“Look at me Hope,” I whispered only inches from her face.

She opened her eyes and stared directly into mine. As I stared back I began unbuttoning her blouse. She didn’t resist or try to stop me. I got to the last button and pushed her blouse up over her shoulders letting it fall off to the floor. I cupped her small, pert, bra covered breasts in my hands. Then I reached behind her and unsnapped it letting it fall away. My God what an incredible sight. Her breasts were so beautiful, so petite and pert. And her nipples were so soft and tender. They were like what I’ve seen in so many magazines being large and puffed out, extending full from her breasts. I couldn’t resist taking them in my mouth.

I leaned to her and kissed each one sucking it gently into my mouth. Again Hope moaned out. They felt so good on my tongue as I licked the tender nipple flesh on each one.

“You’re so damn pretty Hope.” I could see from the smile on her face that she enjoyed my attention. And her moaning just confirmed it.

I knelt down in front of her putting my fingers in the waist of her shorts. I slowly peeled them down her legs. Now she stood there naked except for her dainty panties. I ran my hands up and down the soft skin of her legs. Then I kissed from her knees all the way up into her inner thighs. She moaned louder as I got closer and closer to the spot between her legs that had never been touched by a man before. Then I ran my tongue slowly over her panties right on that spot. “Ohhhhhhh…Ohhhhhhhhh Ohhhhh my God, …Ohhhhhh.” I debated ripping her panties off and tasting her cunt. But she was in such a state of arousal I didn’t want to lose it advancing too fast.

I stood back up and cradled her face in my hands. “You’re incredible Hope.” She had this huge smile on her face. I think I could have done anything I wanted to her right then and there. But I chose to keep it simple for her. I kissed her full on the lips and she responded back putting her arms around me.

“Hope, I know you’ve never done this before.”

I guided her hands between my legs. She could feel my hard cock in my pants. “Take it out,” I softly commanded.

Hope began unbuckling my pants as she knelt. She pulled the zipper down letting them drop to the floor. I stepped out of them. My cock was straining in my underwear. I wanted that pretty face sucking me. I wanted to feel those gorgeous young lips wrapped around my cock. “Please Hope. Do it for me. Suck it. Suck my cock.” She looked up at me while tugging at my shorts yanking them down. My cock sprung free right in front of her face.

“I’ve never done this.” She whimpered out a bit scared.

“Please Hope. Suck my cock.”

Then her dainty little hand grabbed me. “Oh fuck,” it felt so good having her touch me.

She looked up again and then back at my cock.

“It’s so hard.” And she stroked it.

It’s amazing I didn’t cum in her face right then. Her innocent look and delicate touch was driving me crazy. With her hand firmly around my cock she began jerking it. Hope was masturbating my cock. Then this sexy little virgin looked up again at me saying, “in… my mouth.”

“Oh fuck… Fuck… fuck…” She was teasing me like crazy with out even trying. She was looking at my engorged cock as it glided through her hand and so innocently confirming that I wanted it in her mouth. If she didn’t do it soon, she wouldn’t have to bother because she was going to get a face full of my hot thick cum.

Then her eyes closed, her lips parted and my hard cock slid into her mouth. Her tongue immediately began licking. Where the fuck she did know to do that, I thought? I would have loved to feel her sucking me all night long. Those lips were incredible and her licking was driving me wild. My cock wanted to burst and spurt right then, but I was holding back trying to enjoy the most amazing blow job I ever had. My excitement had to stem from knowing it was her first time doing this.

I entangled my hands in her hair holding her head. I let her do all the work sucking me even though I would have loved to shove my cock down her throat.

“Oh Hope…Hope… You’re going to make me cum. Oh, I’m gonna cum honey.”

She kept sucking and sucking me. My hard cock was sliding across her wet tongue going deep in her mouth. I was close to the point of erupting at any moment. For a split second I wondered if she knew what was about to happen. Did Hope know I was about to fill her mouth with my hot thick sperm? That thought quickly vanished and was replaced with my lust wanting this sweet little darling to have her mouth full of my cum. I wanted to see her with my cockcream in her mouth and see her swallow it.

“Oh Hope… Oh Fuck…” I’m gonna cum in your mouth.”

“Take it. Oh, take my cum.”

She started sucking faster. Her gorgeous eyes looked up at me.

“Oh, Fuck… I’m…cumming…”

I held her head firmly as my cock began throbbing.

“Fuck!!!!… Fuck!!!…” Cum was pouring in Hope’s mouth. She knelt there taking it while looking up at me. I watched her as my cock erupted into her mouth spurting a massive load of cum. She let out this soft whimpering sound as her mouth filled. I wasn’t sure if she liked what was happening, but she was letting me do it. She knew I wanted this. I guess she figured this is what was expected of her.

When I finished I backed away pulling my cock from her lips and knelt down next to her. I stroked her face as I did earlier. “Show me, Hope.”

She opened her sweet little mouth slightly. Her mouth was loaded with a thick cream, my cum. “Oh Hope.. My God…” I kept caressing her face. Hope was such a darling girl and here she knelt before me almost naked with her mouth open showing me her tongue covered with thick globs of sperm.

“Swallow it for me.” My fingers brushed across her face. “Swallow it Hope.” I kissed her cheek.

She really didn’t think about it that long. Looking at me with a smile her lips closed. How could a young innocent thing like this act so hot and sexy the first time?

She gulped… She looked back at me…coughing in a sort of a slight choking fashion. I’m sure my cum had thoroughly coated her throat and was making her gag on it. She licked her lips and swallowed once more.

“Oh, Hope.. honey… you’re such a hot fucking little girl. You’re so hot. You swallowed my cum.”

I couldn’t stop here. I had to give her as much pleasure as she gave me. “I’m going to make you cum now.”

I helped her lay back on the floor and pulled her panties off. I felt somewhat of a nervous tension in her body. I’m sure she didn’t know what I was going to do to her. I spread her legs wide and gently ran my fingers across her pussy. She was soaked. She watched as I leaned down and started licking.

I spread her young virgin cunt open and licked right up through her dripping pussy. “Ohhhhhhhhh…Ohhhhhhhh.” She moaned out. I didn’t waste anytime and focused right on her clit flicking it with my tongue and sucking it into my mouth. “Ohhhhhhhh, my God… Ohhhhhhhhhhh,” she kept crying out.

I continued sucking her clit, harder and harder and faster. As I ran my hands up the whole length of her body I could feel her tightening. “Ohhhhhhhhhh my God,” she whimpered out.

Then I worked my middle finger down into the crack of her ass and rubbed it over her asshole. She squirmed on the floor twisting her hips. “Ooouuuuu…,” she quickly gasped. I knew she wasn’t expecting that. I’m certain for all her eighteen years she’s kept that tight little hole very private.

I kept my finger firmly against her cute little pucker while I continued sucking her clit. I wondered what she was thinking with this attention on both her cunt and asshole at the same time. I started pushing hard. “OOOHHH!!!!” She screamed in surprise. I kept going. I pushed firmly right on the center of her ass until my middle went through her tight virgin asshole stretching it open. In one motion I shoved it all the way in. “Ohh!!…Ohh!!…Ohh!!…God…” Her body tensed and her legs tried squeezing together. Her ass was so tight hugging my finger.

“Does that feel good Hope? Do you like getting fingerfucked in your ass?”There was no way I expected her to respond as I probed deep inside her anal hole making her moan out of control.

“Oooohhhh!!!… “Oooohhhhhh!!!… Oh God… Oh my God…” Her clit was swollen in my mouth and began throbbing. “Ohhhhh!!!… Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!…” Hope was having an orgasm. It was like her body exploded. She was shaking. Her body was trembling. Her ass was clenched around my finger. And her moaning didn’t stop. “Ohhhhhh… Ohhhhhh… Ohhhhh, yes… Yesssss Please don’t stop.” My tongue was still on her clit and my finger deep in her ass as her body thrashed about on the floor.

“Oh that’s it Hope. Cum for me.”

I sucked her clit hard and probed her cute little rectum until her orgasm subsided.

Minutes later she lay there exhausted while I caressed her delicate body. Every few moments she let out a soft moan. She had her hands between her legs feeling her wet pussy. The finger I had in her asshole I was softly rubbing over her lips. She daintily licked at it getting a taste of her own ass. My God, I thought, what have I done to this sweet young girl?

Well, that’s the way it started. From then on I can’t say Hope got a lot of house cleaning done for me. And the rest of that day…well.. Hope experienced a few more new things.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32