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For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had a crush on my dad. My parents divorced when I was young, and I grew up with my dad so it was just the two of us living together. I often found myself fantasizing about him when masturbating. It never really bothered me that I clearly desired my dad’s body, though I kept my desires secret for obvious reasons.

He’s really good-looking for his age, he always kept in shape. I was more lean from playing soccer since I was in high school, but my dad was built like a truck. What I loved most about his body was his bulging pecs, and his thick nipples that always poked through his shirts. Especially when he’d come home from the office, and sprawl out on the couch with his dress shirt still tucked into his trousers, and unbuttoned down to his stomach exposing his hairy torso, and his tie undone and hanging over both sides of his neck.

I’ve never seen him go on any dates with anyone though, despite how handsome he is. He’s more into his work than anything else. Might be the reason why my parents divorced. I can’t help but wonder if he feels loney, or if he even feels a desire to be with someone sexually…

When summer came, I decided to drive home from college to spend time with him. While I drove, I thought more and more about my dad and how much I desired him. It felt so wrong, and that’s what really turned me on. I rubbed the bulge in my jeans as I drove, pretending that it was my father’s hand rubbing it. I was going commando, and my precum made a wet spot in my jeans. I flexed my cock and let out a groan at the sensation of my cock rub against the slippery wet spot on my thigh under my jeans. There’s nothing I loved more than the feeling of my hard cock being strained beneath a pair of tight jeans. I couldn’t take it anymore, I need to jack off.

I pulled over on the shoulder of the highway and unzipped my jeans and pulled my thick uncut 9 inch cock out. I flexed it and admired the head half covered with my forsekin gleamed in the sunlight from all the precum. I was so hard it hurt. I began to stroke it slowly as I adjusted the driver seat down, as I closed my eyes and fantasized about my dad sitting in the passenger seat watching me as he touched himself.

“How’s this, dad?” I said to myself

“That’s it boy, show me how you work that cock.”

I began stroking it with twisting motions, letting my tight wet foreskin tickle the head of my cock.

My dad finally slid his trousers off, only wearing his tight black tank top and climbed on top of me, and lowered himself on my cock.

“Dad, people driving buy could see you if you do that…”

“Let them look, I don’t care.”

Now stroking faster with both hands, I moan loudly knowing no one can hear me anyway.

He groaned as he slid my cock inside him carefully. “Argh! You cock feels so good inside me.” he said as he begins grinding his ass on my cock. I grope his thick bubble butt with both hands and begin pumping my cock in and out of him slowly.

I thrust my cock into my fists pretending it’s my dad’s ass, and using my precum to lube up my entire shaft. My thick cock strained through the zipper Avcılar Escort hole providing me with more pleasure.

“Come on, boy, is that your best?! Fuck your dad harder!”

I grope his ass tightly as I begin thrusting in and out of him hard.

“Yeah, that’s it son!”

He holds his hands behind his head, balancing himself on my cock plowing his tight ass as he moans and shoots his load hands-fee all over me.

“Dad, I’m about to cum…”

He quickly pulls my cock out of his ass, and opens his mouth as I jerk it into his mouth.

I thrust my hips up, not caring is passing cars can see me, as I stroke my cock fast with both hands and shoot my load all over my shirt and face. I moan loudly shouting “dad” in ecstacy. Oh, how I longed for the real thing, to share a special moment like that with my dad.

When I arrived home, my dad wasn’t there to greet me sadly. I checked the time and it was almost 7pm. He should have been home by now. I wasn’t bothered by it though. This gave me more time to think. When I was driving home I made up my mind. I’d try to seduce my father. I’ve been wanting to do this for so long now.

I waited up for my dad to arrive home. He arrived late in the night. Good, he’ll be exhausted and want to unwind after working so late.

“Max?” He called out as he entered the foyer.

I went to greet him with a tight hug. “Hi, dad. What kept you?”

“I got held up at work. I wanted to get some extra work finished so I could spend more time with you.”

He took off his blazer, undid his tie, and unbuttoned his shirt just as he always did when he came home from work. He looks bigger than from what I remembered. Like his biceps were going to tear through his sleeves, and his thighs would rip the seams of his trousers apart.

He poured himself a glass of brandy and dropped himself on the couch with his legs and arms apart. Fuck, he’s so hot. I tried not to stare too much. Watching his hard bulging pecs lift up and down as he breathed. I poured myself a drink and sat beside him the same way.

“So how’s college?”

“It’s great, I’m doing well in all my classes.”

“Good, good… You have a girlfriend?”

“No… What about you? Are you seeing anyone?”

He sighed at my question.

“I haven’t got enough time for dating.”

“Don’t you ever, y’know, get horny?”

“What?!” He exclaimed, shocked to hear me ask him something so private.

“C’mon dad, we’re both adults.”

He laughed and sipped his drink. “I do, but nothing I can’t fix myself. What about you, boy? You ever plowed some lucky girl while you were away?”

Talking to my dad like this really started to turn me on.

“Oh, yeah. Blowjobs too.” I said. Though, they were guys, not girls.

He laughed again and rustled my hair. “You stud.”

“How about you dad? You never at least had your cock sucked?”

“Watch your mouth.” He said jokingly. “Not in a long time. Could really use a good cock sucking right about now whenever I come home from a long day.”

I noticed the bulge in my dad’s trousers. I finally gathered up thr courage Avcılar Escort Bayan and got up and stood in front of him.


I got on my knees between his legs and rubbed my face against his bulge.

“MAX!” He shouted as he tried to push me by my shoulders, but I held on to his thighs and held my ground. I felt his cock throb under his tight dress pants against my face. He gasped as I groped it and rubbed it vigorously through the fabric.

He resistance ebbed and finally gave into my touch. Who was he kidding? He needed this, and he didn’t care if he was going to get it from his own son. He kept his eyes down on me as I pulled his cock out through the zipper hole of his trousers. One of my fantasies was doing it with him while he wore one of his expensive business suits.

His cock was even bigger than I imagined. I marveled at it’s size and caressed it against my tongue.

“You cock is massive, dad.” I complimented.

“Max…” He began then gasped as the sensation of his shaft sliding against my tongue. “You’re my son…”

“Have you ever measured it?” I asked, ignoring his protests.

His face turned red and hesitated before answering me. “About 11 inches…”

I licked under the head at the fenulum withe the tip of my tongue, and watched him as he closed his eyes and quivered at the sensation of my tongue teasing him. Finally I took his entire shaft into my mouth and sucked slowly, as he did his best to contain his moans of pleasure.

Finally he responded back to me and started to rub my cock with his foot. The sensation of his black silk knee-high socks felt amazing. I can’t believe I never had someone do this to me before. I looked up at his as I kept sucking his cock and saw that his expression changed from resistance, to devious. I finally have him.

I stopped sucking for a moment and moaned out loud. “Oh, fuck, dad! That feels so good!”

“Oh yeah? How about this?” He said as he started to jerk my cock between his toes. My cock leaking precum like a faucet and soaked his expensive silk socks.

“Oh god, yes! Faster dad!”

“Mmm, I love it when you call me dad like that.”

I continue sucking his massive uncut cock as he puts his hands on my head, and begins to fuck my mouth.

“Fuck, I’m gonna cum!” He shouts and he shoots his hot creamy load down my throat. “Be a good boy and swallow every drop.”

I eagerly swallow my dad’s creamy semen, and lick off the excess on his lap and thighs. His cock remained stiff like an iron pole.

“I haven’t cum in a few days now, son. I can keep going.”

He pulled me on his lap and kissed me passionately. Was this really happening? Were all my fantasies coming true? He kissed me down my neck and further down, and flicked is tongue over my erect nipple.

“Tell me, son. How long have you wanted to do this? Tell me everything. I want to hear every detail from that perverted mind of yours.”

I held him tight and moaned as he played with my nipples, and grind our stiff cocks together. “Years now… Every since I first started masturbating. Rubbing my cock pretending Escort Avcılar you were nonchalantly watching me. Humping my pillow pretending I was humping you. Pulling over on the highway this morning to jack off, thinking about you riding me and not caring about the passing cars seeing you…”

“Is that how much you love me, son?” He asked as he kept playing with my nipples with his tongue and the other with his hand.

“I just want to show my dad the proper respect he deserves from his son.”

My laid me down on the couch and tore my shirt in half, admiring my lean body and my thick cock. He held the shaft in his hands and stroked it. “Almost as big as you’re old man’s.” He said lewdly as he leaned down and started suck the first 5 inches of my cock while jerking it at the same time. He’d clearly never been with another guy before.

“This your first time sucking cock, dad?” I joked.

“Watch your manners, boy.”

He quickly got the hang of it and began to deep throat me slowly. I moaned ‘dad’ loudly, and he looked at me with that same devious face again. He slid his tongue under my foreskin and swirled it around the head, taking up as much precum as he can.

“God dammit, you taste good!” He exclaimed. He pulled my foreskin back and began to suck on the head of my cock. I couldn’t take it. The sensation was so overwhelming, I fought back my approaching orgasm. At that moment, he stopped and smirked at me.

“I want you to fuck me.” He ordered.

Like a good son, I obeyed my father. I turned him over on all fours and used my precum to lube up his tight virgin hole. Just as I pushed the head of my cock against his hole, he shouted out in agony.

“You need to relax. If you tense up your hole like that it’s gonna hurt even more.”

He took a deep breath and relaxed himself. “All right, go ahead now.” He said.

I pushed the head of my cock against his hole again, and he bit down on the couch cushion and muffled his moans. Inch by inch, I entered him slowly until finally my entire cock was buried inside him. I slowly pumped in and out of him carefully. Once he finally got used to the sensation, I began to go in and out of him faster.

“Oh, man. I’ve never had a hole this tight before!”

My cock continued to leak precum inside my dad’s hole, lubing up his innards. The sensation of my wet foreskin sliding back and forth seamlessly made me moan like a porn star.

“Come one, son! Pound that ass like one of your frat boys!”

I turned my dad over on his back, and fucked him in the missionary position. Wanting to see his face as I fucked him. Wanting him to see my face as he got rammed by the cock that he made.

He reached behind me and slapped my ass as I entered him again. Immediately I began thrusting in and out of him fast and hard. He jerked himself off in sync with my thrusts and let out an animalistic growl. I leaned down and locked lips with him as he muffled his groans in my mouth as I sucked on his tongue.

I begin fucking him faster as I feel my climax approaching. “Dad… I’m going to cum…” I said as I burried my face in his shoulder.

“Cum inside me, boy.”

I did as I was told and pumped my cock hard and shot my hot load inside him, as he came all over himself at the same time. I shuddered at each thrust in him. As I pulled out, all my cum began to leak out of his hole.

“I’m so lucky to have a loving son like you.”

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