Home at Last

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Vic approached Poppy from behind, and set his head on top of hers, his face in her hair. “Home at last.” His hands wandered down his wife’s stout and curvy body, grabbing her shirt and casually pulling it out from being tucked in her pants. He replaced the fabric with his rough fingers, sliding them down beneath her waistband and savoring the warm, soft skin below. She sighed, and leaned back into him, her hand reaching up to grab hold of his neck as he felt her up.

If there was one thing he enjoyed about their travels it was how Poppy would become so tired afterwards that she’d yield to him without hesitation. To prove it to himself, his hand pushed lower, his fingers barely pressing against her slit to tease her while his other pulled her shirt up to grab her breast. She moaned, and he smiled to himself. His finger slipped into her slit to find her clit, which he played with carefully. Her hips trembled as he rubbed her most sensitive spot. He added a second finger in between her lips to increase the pressure on her clit, and she whimpered. She was feeling so hot now, and his ministrations had turned from foreplay to pleasure. If he’d rubbed any harder or faster she might have cum right then and there.

Instead, he stopped and he guided her to their bed, each pulling off clothes every step of the way. Both fully nude, he guided her to lie down and knelt at the foot of the bed before pushing her legs apart and holding them open. She smiled down at him, and bit her lip. Poppy really never had any problem getting turned on, and the second his tongue met flesh she gasped.

His tongue prodded at her opening, not pushing into her, but exploring her inner and outer lips. Up one side and down the other, he took his time, determined not to miss any chance to add to the pressure building inside her. Finally, his tongue delved into her, and he pushed as far as he could reach inside her with it before bringing it back out and up to press gingerly on her clit. He teased her, in between pressing he’d flick it, causing her to jerk. Eventually he covered it with his mouth and sucked gently. She moaned, and wiggled her hips toward him in an attempt to invoke more contact from him. He chuckled, and moved back as much as she moved forward, not content to simply indulge her. She was very much his, and there was no way he wasn’t going to remind her of that every chance he got.

He stopped altogether and sat up higher, and she whined in protest. Her disappointment disappeared as soon as it had come, however, as instead of using his tongue, he used his fingers to touch and fondle her pussy. With two fingers he traced her outer lips up and down, and then spread them open to have a clear view of all her femininity. Now exposed to the air, her opening pulsed and clit peeked out from under its hood. He marveled at the treat in front of him before returning to his practice. With his pointer finger, he tapped her clit, and then began to rub it up and down, then in circles, causing her tremble. He didn’t touch her opening until all his tapping and teasing her clit had caused it to visibly moisten and pulse with desire.

He stood up to stretch for a moment, his gaziantep escortları knees aching a bit from kneeling on the floor.

“Won’t you just fuck me now?” she groaned as she watched him, “Come on, I know you want to.” She gestured to his erection, and licked her lips. There was no mistaking the admiration in her eyes.

“I’d love to, dearest,” he began, “but I’m not done with you yet. My humblest apologies.” Pretending not to be aware of it with a false yawn, he pushed his hips forward to present himself to her. His hard and primed cock just out of reach of her hand, her mouth, and her aching pussy. She couldn’t help visualizing the way it was going to feel inside her, stretching her, filling her, and he knew exactly that’s what she was thinking. It pleased him to watch her ache for him, knowing that she’d have to wait a only little longer but that she was greedy anyways. Her mouth watered and her eyes dilated as it bobbed in the air just for her. Both he and Poppy knew that he was teasing her, and to Poppy it was positively cruel.

“Oh, come on! I want it so bad…” She pushed herself up on her elbows to reach for his cock, but he pushed her back down, and he allowed himself a wicked grin before keeling back down in front of her pussy. He rubbed her clit a little to push her back into the lenient mood she was in before pushing his long middle finger all the way inside her. She gasped, and before she could relax he curled it upward and began to pump it in and out. She cried out, and her hips arched toward him. He grabbed her hip to hold her down, then added a second finger. She made a noise that got caught in the back of her throat. His fingers inside her didn’t come close to what she prayed was coming, but it felt so good she had to arch her back and grab the sheets.

Without warning he pressed his thumb to her clit in time with his fingers, and with his other hand he reached up to grab her breast, stroking her nipple. She yelped, and then held her breath to keep from cumming as he continued. After a few brief moments she yelled “Stop!” He looked up at her. “I’m going to cum right now if you don’t slow down!”

“And?” He asked with a grin.

“And I want to cum on your cock first! So fuck me already!” She gasped.

“Sorry, my dear.” He kissed her abdomen. “Tonight we’re doing things my way.” She groaned, her impatience taking complete control of her attitude.

He didn’t fuck her right away, but he slow down. (How could he refuse her first request when it was so understandable?) He returned to a single finger, and pushed it in and out slowly this time. Instead of his thumb, he put his mouth on her clit to suck and lick it as his finger slid in and out. She groaned, loudly, and he could feel the pleasure he was causing her with the pulse in her vagina.

Finally, to Poppy’s great relief, he stopped and stood up. He climbed onto the bed with her and pulled her up on all fours. She turned her head and grinned at him, and he rolled his eyes with a smile at his eager little companion. Truthfully, it had taken a lot of willpower not to fuck her right when she’d asked, and he didn’t waste any time pushing into her from behind. Her hips trembled and she choked on her own moan as he filled her up. He groaned himself, and silently praised his own work. Spending so much time turning her on made her so prepared to receive him, and her walls gripped him so tight he had to wait a moment for her to relax before thrusting into her.

He allowed himself to lose a little bit of control, and didn’t work up to a fast pace. Instead he simply began pumping hard and fast. Polly was appreciative, and yelped with almost every movement. With every thrust she moaned and her whole body shook. He grabbed her breasts as he fucked her, squeezing them and trapping her nipples in between his fingers. With this extra addition of teasing pleasure, she screamed once, trying and failing to breathe at a steady pace, and it was extremely satisfying for Vic to see what his administrations were doing to her. After a while he let go of her nipples to reach between her shaking legs and and rub her swollen clit in time with his quick thrusts, but she pushed his hand away, too close to cumming to accept it.

Seeing this, he pulled out and turned her over onto her back, prepared to finally give her what she was aching for. Her face was flushed, and she watched him with lidded eyes, weak from pleasure. Realizing he was about to fuck her again, she pulled a pillow behind her own head so she could watch as he grabbed both her legs, pulled them up and apart spread-eagle, and positioned the head of his cock teasingly between her slick outer lips for just a moment before slowly pushing his cock into her, filling up her small but ample little body as far inside as he could go.

“Oh, fuck.” She groaned low in her throat, the pleasure overwhelming as she watched his cock disappear inside her, feeling it inch by inch as it pushed into her, stretching her folds until it bumped against her womb. So far inside her she might have sworn she could feel it in her stomach. “It’s so deep…” She whined. The desperate sound of her voice turned him on more, and she felt him pulsing inside of her, seemingly filling every nook and cranny. It felt so good and so satisfying to be so deliciously full after being teased for so long. She let herself relax so she could accept even more of him. Feeling her relax, he pushed in even farther and she moaned loudly, her legs and hips trembling and her eyes falling shut. She almost wished he’d stay like this for a long time, being impaled on Vic’s cock was heaven to Poppy. It never failed to fill her like it was made just for her pussy. If she let herself she might have been able to cum from simply being filled, even without movement or being touched.

She didn’t have to find out, he began pumping into her again, grunting and clearly close to cumming himself. She screamed in time now, every thrust going deeper than she could comprehend. On the very brink of orgasm every moment, she couldn’t think at all, her mouth just hung open as she watched his cock ram into her, filling her up over and over again, faster and harder with every thrust. Ignoring her insincere protests to wait just a little longer, he pressed down on her clit with his fingers as he thrust into her, and rubbed it as hard and fast as he could while trying to focus on fucking her. She moaned loudly. “I’m gonna cum! I’m really gonna cum!” The delicious satisfaction of being filled over and over so incredibly deep coupled with the immense, electric pleasure of his fingers fiercely rubbing her clit was just what was needed to launch her into an indescribably explosive orgasm.

He felt her unmistakably begin to cum around him, her pussy contracting wildly on his still-pumping cock, trembling and moaning, and in response he pumped faster and rubbed harder, making sure he made her cum as hard as possible. Her walls clamping down on him as her pussy went through spasm after spasm of intense orgasm, it felt so good and he could hardly keep from cumming himself. All his efforts seemed to pay off because she just came and came and came, trembling on his cock for almost a full minute. He continued to thrust into her, and as soon as her orgasm had subsided she came once more with a scream. Her vagina pulsing violently for a second time, it felt too good, too good and he came as well, letting himself spill inside of her. The hot cum filling her up topped off her second orgasm with an extra burst of delicious pleasure that radiated throughout her body, resulting in an immediate third wave of orgasm, and as a result she screamed loudly as it rocked through her whole body, her back arching off the bed, and her breasts heaving and rolling around as she squirmed. His fingers followed her body, continuing to vigorously rub her orgasming clit even as her whole body continued to thrash and shake from the pleasure. Cumming and cumming on his thrusting cock.

“Ah, yes.” He groaned, pumping the last of his release into her as she continued to orgasm for the third time around him, moaning and trembling under his relentless fingers and on his cock that he held inside her to keep her full as her orgasm finally began its decline.

After a few moments, her trembling finally subsided and he pulled out, trying to ignore the gooey mess they’d made as he sat down beside her on the bed. She breathed heavily, feeling little aftershocks of her orgasm and still trying to calm down after the success of their cooperation.

When she’d finally calmed down and found her lucidity, she pushed him casually with her hand. “Why do you always have to do that?”

“Do what?”

“Wait and wait and wait to fuck me? I don’t understand it! You’re a man. Men never want to wait.”

“Most men.” He corrected her, “You have to understand: I’m simply better than most men.”

“Better because you won’t fuck a lady when she asks?”

“Better because my restraint means I can make you cum harder than anyone before me. Am I wrong?”

“…No, you’re right.” She answered reluctantly. “But…”

“Poppy, my dear,” He cut her off. “We share ‘quickies’ all across this godforsaken desert. They are all absolutely wonderful, don’t misunderstand me. But our home is no place for that kind of savage behavior. Life is short!” She giggled, and he smiled at her before continuing. “If we don’t slow down every once in a while, we’ll simply miss out on all the pleasures life has to offer.”

She sighed and rolled her eyes, but she couldn’t help the smile of agreement that appeared on her face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32