Home and Away: Vittorio and Bianco

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It was a warm day in Summer Bay with the scorching sun. In Irene Robert’s house, April Scott is doing her homework with heaps of textbooks on the table. Her pretty elder sister, Bianca, enters the back door with her handsome Italian new husband, Vittorio Seca, both are now recently married.

Bianca calls to April: “We’re back!” She goes over to April and kisses her sister on the forehead.
Bianca then says: “I hope you behaved well and studied well when we were in Italy.” April quickly responds: “I didn’t misbehave, I just felt that I mistrust you two belong together.”

Bianca immediately says: “Well, you had that wrong.” April asks: “Did you both enjoy yourselves?”
Vittorio responds: “Yes, we did! We took long swims on the beaches, sight sighting Rome, relaxing on the canal in Venice and ate pizza during the evening.” Bianca says to Vittorio: “You forgot to mention about how we snuggled up and kissed during the late evenings.”

Vittorio and Bianca kiss and then glanced at the love in each other’s eyes. Bianca rubs her hands up and down Vittorio’s waist while Vittorio is fascinated by Bianca’s skinny and attractive appearance: her long blonde hair and pretty face, 34d breasts under her blouse, smooth round buttocks and her shapely feminine legs from under her skirt.

April rudely interrupts: “Excuse me! Don’t you have your bedroom for that sort of thing?” Bianca says: “Sorry, Sis.” As Vittorio walked towards Bianca’s bedroom, Bianca leans towards April’s face and said firmly: “I thought you behaved gaziantep rus escort yourself after you rudely interfered with my relationship with Vittorio. You wanted me to choose Liam because it’s what YOU wanted. I’m getting sick of you interfering and disagreeing about my relationship with Vittorio. He and I are married and together now, and that’s that!”
As Bianca walks away sternly, April now suddenly realizes how a selfish and a nasty bratty young sister she has been.

Vittorio is sitting on Bianca’s bed in her bed, waiting, as Bianca enters, both in anger and in tears. “April wouldn’t accept we’re together. I’m not sure if anyone in my family accepts us.” Vittorio kindly says: “Your mother accepts us, so does Mr. Alf Stewart, Mrs. Colleen Smart, John and Gina Palmer, Leah and VJ, Marilyn, Mark Lynn especially, mostly everyone!”

Bianca wraps her arms around Vittorio’s neck. “You’re right, Vittorio. So, now we are married shall we have…our private moment?” Vittorio answers: “Yes” Bianca and Vittorio continued kissing and fondling with each other’s arms.

Vittorio falls back onto their bed and Bianca lies on top of him. Bianca slowly opens Vittorio’s shirt button-after-button. Sweat is pouring down Vittorio’s hairless muscular chest. Bianca says: “I didn’t realise it was so hot in here…!”

Bianca slowly unbuttons her blouse to cool herself, and to reveal her 34d breasts in a tight silky brassiere. “…that’s better! You’re so HOT, Vittorio!” Vittorio says: “As hot as pizza.” Bianca sniggers as she snuggles against Vittorio and kissed him on the ear. Vittorio grinned: “What about we have your favourite thing, Bianca?” Bianca answers: “Yes Vittorio!”

Vittorio reaches into his trousers and pulled out his solid hard sweaty penis. Bianca starts licking his penis very pleasingly. Bianca did all she could stuff the huge thing into her mouth. Bianca informs: “My mom always comments about taking the taste of a man’s penis slowly to the back of the mouth and massage your tongue all over it.”

Vittorio tells Bianca: “I remember the time when your mother taught you of how to become a lesbian.” Bianca smiles: “I remember that. And I loved it!” As Bianca continues drooling and flavoring Vittorio’s penis, Vittorio rubs his hands up and down Bianca’s smooth and feminine bare back and her legs.
Bianca says thoughtfully: “I wish we had a baby. I want to be a mother!” Vittorio grins: “Sounds like you want me to make you pregnant.”

Bianca nods with orgasm from her mouth and Vittorio’s rock hard cock swaying around! Bianca then pulls up her skirt to reveal the full length of her skinny shapely legs and her vagina. Vittorio firmly gets his moist cock into Bianca’s pussy and pumps all the semen into her!

As Vittorio is fucking Bianca, she keeps yelling in excitement: “YES VITTORIO! FUCK ME! OH BABY YES! I WANT TO GET PREGNANT! After a while, Vittorio slowly slides his penis out of Bianca’s pussy, his penis and Bianca’s vagina had semen all over it.

Just then after an hour, April enters. She turns from looking surprised to a remorseful look, after when she sees her elder sister and Vittorio relaxing, both in complete nude in bed.

Before Bianca is about to get angry at April for entering without knocking, April says in an honest manner: “Bianca, I was thinking and, you’re right, maybe I was being bratty and selfish. I now realise how much you and Vittorio love each other.” April begins to sob. “I’m SO sorry, Bianca!”

April starts crying more evidently, Bianca realizes her sister now regrets everything she did. Bianca and Vittorio glared at each other and grinned. Bianca declares: “April, I know what will make you feel better and make up for your behavior earlier!”

Bianca starts kissing and tongue-kissing her younger sister, like a pair lesbians do. April strips herself out of her clothes until she was in full nude in front of her elder sister and her brother in-law. Bianca was rather surprised by April’s breast implants, which made her look very sexy. April asks: “What’s it like to get fucked?” Bianca answers: “How about I show you, Sis.” Bianca pulls April over to Vittorio hand-in-hand and then, just like what he did to Bianca, Vittorio FUCKS April as well as he could!

After a while in the heated room with their breasts covered with sweat and with semen still flowing from their pussies, Bianca snuggles April like some lesbian cuddle. “Thanks for showing me how to become a lesbian and get fucked Bianca. I guess you and Vittorio are perfect together.” Bianca cheerily says: “I’m just glad I have him for a husband.” Vittorio replies: “You’re welcome, Bianca.”

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