Home Alone

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“We’re boarding now. Call you when we land.”

With that text from my wife Cindy, my 10 days of bachelorhood officially began. She was off for a girls’ trip to the UK, touring castles, drinking tea, wearing fancy hats. All the stuff one does once the kids are out of the house and there’s more disposable income about.

I’d feigned all the “babe, I’ll miss you so much” and “10 days is a long time” but we both knew a short break from each other wasn’t all that bad. Plus, I genuinely thought she’d have a blast on the trip, so when the opportunity arose, I urged her to jump on it.

These little interludes when I had the house to myself usually lasted only two or three days. I’d spend them watching old spy movies or superhero adventures Cindy didn’t enjoy as much as me, or I’d doze in front of the television with golf or something droning in the background.

When you’re a newlywed or a younger guy, your single friends all think, “Hey, you’re free a few days – let’s have some drinks, stay out late.” In reality, after a few years of marriage or when you hit middle age, you’d much rather enjoy peace and quiet at home with sole custody of the remote control and delivery pizza.

But with a full 10 days on my hands, I’d actually have to accomplish a few “honey-do” items on the list to keep Cindy happy. One of those was moving the furniture out of our son Steven’s old room and bringing in some new stuff. The idea was to turn it into a guest room since he was now happily married and living two states away.

But first things first. Along with beer, pizza and comic book movies, there was one other passion I was able to indulge in more fully during my time alone: porn. With the wife gone, I could watch all the porn I wanted on a 52-inch screen instead of being confined to a quick jerk watching a phone or tablet.

There was also one other thing I could only do when I had plenty of time alone – Skype with a jerk-off buddy. It was something I’d discovered really only a few months ago. I’d made a couple of online friends, and we swapped pics and porn clips while beating off together. That included swapping pictures and clips of ourselves, and I’d recently graduated to cam sessions where I spent as much time watching my friends pleasure themselves as I did perusing the porn we shared.

For 55, I was in pretty good shape. I ran four days a week and swam the other three, so I was pretty lean, with even a little muscle showing. My face was definitely a little weathered, but there’s nothing I enjoy more than being on a boat or sitting on a beach, so a few wrinkles didn’t bother me much. A silver beard and salt-and-pepper hair completed the look of a fairly attractive older guy.

I was just settling in when I heard a truck moving down the street and then my doorbell rang. I took a glance at the video from the front door and saw a delivery guy standing on the porch. I cursed a bit, then pulled my gym shorts up and a t-shirt over my head and went to answer the door.

As I spoke to the driver and signed for the delivery, I saw his eyes dart down a couple of times. Sure enough, my still enlarged cock was tenting the gym shorts a bit, and I felt a little thrill when I knew he was looking. He was pretty nervous about it and quickly made his way back Escort Bayan Antep to his truck.

The problem was, he’d left me with a “mattress-in-a-box” that weighed a couple hundred pounds right here on my front porch. I figured I could wrestle the awkward thing through the front door, but getting it upstairs was something I hadn’t thought about.

I was just about push-and-pull it into the house at least when a red Mustang convertible came around the corner and swung into the driveway next door. Behind the wheel was the neighbor kid Brian.

Brian was 22 and had just graduated from the state university. He was a couple of years younger than my son, but they’d been high school friends. Brian had hung around our pool a few times this past summer prior to my son’s wedding. He was usually in the company of a hot co-ed named Jen. They made quite a pair.

She was a classic, sun-kissed blonde with firm tits, long legs and an ass you could bounce a quarter off of. She had a bright smile, a flirty nature and kissable lips. Brian was about 6’1″, with dark hair and eyes. He kept his beard trimmed to a stylish stubble, and I assumed he was manscaped, since his chest and legs were smooth. I’d had to fight off more than one hard-on when the two of them were laying out back, taking turns rubbing sunscreen onto each other.

“Hey, Mr. J! How’s it going,” Brian called out, and I suddenly thought maybe I could get him to at least wrangle the big-ass box inside with me.

“Brian! How’s the job search going?” I asked.

“Two interviews next week – wish me luck,” he said.

“You’ll do great,” I replied. “Hey? What do you have going on right now? Could you give me a hand getting this damn box up to Steve’s old room?”

“No problem!” Brian said and walked over. He was wearing ranger panties and running shoes, and his t-shirt was damp. “Just did 10K – when are we running together again?”

“I’m too old to keep up with you, kid,” I said good naturedly. “But we have to get you dad back out there.”

“Doc says his knee should be good to go in a couple weeks,” Brian replied. “But he’s vowed to stick to the track or road and off the trails for a while.”

A couple of years back, Brian and his dad, and my son and I, had teamed up for a relay trail race. It was a great time, and we’d been talking ever since about finding a similar event.

“Well, if I don’t wrench my back getting this fucking mattress up the stairs, we’ll get in a few miles soon,” I said.

“Is that what this is?” Brian asked. “That’s a giant damn box.”

“Don’t worry,” I said. “I’m not trying to rope you into spending the day helping me clean out a bedroom. If you’ll just help me get it up the stairs, I’d appreciate it.”

“No problem at all,” he replied and squatted down to “lift with his knees.” As he did so, his thighs flexed and his t-shirt rode up a bit to show his bare belly.

I grabbed my end and backed up the stairs as Brian took most of the weight on the way up.

“We can just leave it here in the hallway,” I said.

“This thing is a beast, Mr. J!” Brian said. “Let me go ahead and help you get it on the frame now – it’ll suck trying to do this yourself later.”

I hadn’t considered that and was grateful for the help.

“If you’re sure you don’t mind, that’d be great,” I said. “We’ll have to take the old mattress down to the garage though. You sure you have time?”

“I’ve got all day,” he answered. “Let’s do this.”

We got the old mattress out of the room and through the house into the garage where it would stay until I could call the city to haul it off. I grabbed a boxcutter from my toolbox and gestured to Brian.

“Grab us a couple of bottles from my beer fridge, would ya? Least I can do is buy you a beer for the help.”

I popped the tops off a couple of ales, and we clinked bottles before going back into the house. Upstairs, we maneuvered the box over in front of the bed and boxsprings, then I carefully cut it open. What looked like a giant rolled up sponge sprang out, and Brian helped me get it up onto the frame.

“It takes a while for it to air out and pop up,” I explained. “Cindy and I got one of these a couple of years ago. You don’t have to wait around.”

“It’s cool,” Brian replied. “I’d like to see what it looks like if you don’t mind. Maybe I’ll order one of these when I move out.”

“Hey, fine with me – I could use the company,” I said and walked toward upstairs den where I’d previously been prepared to jerk off for a bit. It was then I realized that there was still porn on the big screen – paused on a nubile blonde on her knees, just about to take an enormous cock in her tiny hand.

I heard Brian laugh.

“I take it Mrs. J won’t be back for a while?”

I stammered a reply.

“Ahhh, sorry about that – busted I guess,” I laughed nervously. “And, no, she’s gone for a week or so.”

I hit the input button until a baseball game filled the screen.

“Hey, don’t change the channel on my account,” Brian replied and grabbed for the remote playfully. He wrenched it out of my hand and plopped down on my sofa.

The blonde appeared again, and with big innocent eyes looked up at the guy onscreen and said, “Daddy, it’s soooo big!”

“She’s not lying,” Brian said. “She can barely wrap her hand around that monster!”

I sat down on the sofa and took a long swig of beer.

“She’ll give it a valiant effort, I’m sure,” I replied and laughed.

We sat there in silence and watched the college girl begin to stroke and lick the thick, veiny shaft. She kept calling him “Dad” and “Daddy” and before I knew it my cock was stiffening. Embarrassed, I took a quick glance at Brian and was surprised to see him with his hand inside his thin shorts, rubbing his dick. He caught me looking and just gave me a sly smile before turning back to the screen.

I was pretty nervous. Up until now, all my jerk-off buds were strictly online. Even more so, this wasn’t some random guy. This was the kid who grew up next door, whose dad I frequently hung out with.

Brian, on the other hand, seemed perfectly at ease. He’d pushed his shorts down and was now actively stroking his cock. While not as big as the one onscreen, it was bigger than any I’d seen lately. It had a big mushroom head that was flushed with color at the moment as Brian fisted himself.

Five or ten minutes later, the guy on screen finished in the girl’s mouth. The clip ended and the next one in my queue came up – this one was a solo video of a guy about Brian’s age stroking himself. He was using both hands on himself and moaning loudly as he bucked his hips. It was a pretty short clip – mostly just the last couple of minutes of a long session, edited to bring the cum shot of faster. As the kid on screen pumped out a huge load, I heard Brian draw in a sharp breath and then his hand stopped.

He looked over at me and laughed nervously.

“Shit, I don’t want to cum too soon,” he said and looked down to see my dick tenting my shorts. “Why don’t you take that out?”

I didn’t say a word, just pushed my shorts down and off and leaned back. I was so turned on, my cock was actually moving up and down with my heart beat. When the next clip began my playing, it was my turn to gasp.

Truth be known, it was one of my absolute favorites – but I wasn’t sure I wanted Brian to know how much I enjoyed it. On screen, an older guy was on his back while a guy in his twenties or so moved onto the bed over him. He reclined on the older man’s thighs as he pushed his cock forward to touch the other guy’s head. After pumping his hips up and down a few times to increase the contact, he repositioned himself so they were chest-to-chest, leg-to-leg, throbbing cock to throbbing cock. The camera zoomed in on the shafts and I let out an involuntary moan and grasped my own as they frotted.

I chanced another look at Brian, and he licked his lips as he stared at my cock. His hand went back to his own as he turned his attention to the screen again, and he stroked himself slowly.

Neither of us spoke, but the heavy breathing and slapping noises filling the room, along with the moans and groans coming from the television, were an erotic soundtrack. Brian reached down and pulled his shirt off and motioned for me to do the same. As I complied, he twisted his body so his back was against the arm of the sofa, and his feet brushed my legs.

When I saw what he was doing, I followed suit. Now the hot action on the screen was forgotten as we watched each other. Brian’s smooth balls looked heavy as she stroked his cock. His bare leg fell across my hairy thigh, and I imagined running my tongue down his damp hairless chest.

The moans on the screen grew louder, and I was moaning as well. I began to pump my hips even as I fisted my cock, and in my mind’s eye, Brian and I replaced the two men onscreen, as he lowered his hot young body to mine.

Brian was staring into my eyes now as he worked his shaft furiously, and I returned his intense gaze. With a groan, he threw his head back and I looked down to see his cock erupt. Four, five ropes of thick cream arched out, splashing over his chest and running down his hand.

“Fuuuuccccckkkk,” I grunted as my own orgasm came. I lifted my ass all the way off the sofa as I pumped my cock, and a hot blast of cum even splashed against my neck. I came harder and more copiously than I had in years. As I finally released my cock, it continued to pulse, and looked down to see Brian staring at me hungrily.

I reached over to grab my beer and slammed the rest down in two gulps. I heard Brian laugh, and I looked at him and started laughing myself.

“That escalated quickly,” I said, in my best Ron Burgundy voice.

“Yes, the fuck it did,” Brian replied. “How long did you say Mrs. J was going to be gone?”

These 10 days were looking better and better.

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