Holly and Mark Ch. 02

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I was startled awake by the sound of the phone ringing. “Wake-up call,” I thought in my foggy mind. I quickly picked up the receiver and set it back down. Looking at the clock radio, I saw that it was 6:30 AM. Yes, my wake-up call.

I rolled back over. Holly was still there. I thought to myself that yesterday at this time I would never have imagined that I would wake up with a woman by my side. I spooned myself against her back again, enjoying the feel of her flesh against mine.

Stroking her hair, I said, “Holly, it’s 6:30. Time to get up.”

“Ummmm,” she said as she turned toward me.

I pulled her closer and held her while continuing to stroke her hair.

Finally, she said, “That’s the best night’s sleep I’ve had since I don’t know when.”

“Me, too,” I answered.

We lay quietly for a few moments, then she turned on her back and said, “Well, I guess I’d better get up, go back to my room, and get ready to face the day.”

“Still on for breakfast?” I asked.

“I sure am. For some reason,” she looked at me and smiled, “I’m famished.”

“Pleasurable exercise will do that for you,” I said with a smile of my own.

“And what a pleasure it was,” she said.

I drew her toward me and gave her a passionate kiss. She kissed me back with the same enthusiasm.

“I’d rather take up where we left last night,” she said. “But if we’re going to meet for breakfast, get you to your meetings and me to my booth, we’d better stop now.”

“Do you think that maybe we might have time for a quickie?” I asked.

She put a hand between my legs and noticed that I was already hard.

“Feels like you’re ready now,” she said.

“Yes I am. How about you?” I asked.

“Kiss me again like you just did and I’ll be ready in no time,” she smiled.

So I did. I kissed her hard. I ran my tongue across her lips. I pushed it inside her lips. She sucked on my tongue as I pushed it in and out. She spread her legs as I reached for her pussy. I had barely stroked her outer lips when I felt them swell. She moved her hips so that my fingers slipped inside. Her juices had already made her wet. She spread her legs even wider as I rolled on top of her. She took my penis and rubbed it up and down her opening. I couldn’t hold myself back, and with one plunge my penis was deep inside her.

“You feel fantastic,” she exclaimed.

“You’re fantastic,” I answered.

I was so aroused that after a few strokes I felt myself starting to come. She wiggled her hips so that my penis was rubbing her clit.

I felt her shudder and she cried out, “Come with me.”

We held on to each other tightly as our bodies were wracked with our simultaneous orgasm. I rolled to my side and, keeping my penis inside of her, pulled her tightly to me. We lay together until our breathing returned to near normal.

“More than fantastic,” she said breathlessly.

“I could lie here with you forever,” I responded.

We lay quietly for a few more minutes.

Finally, she looked at me and said, “Your meetings … my booth.”

“I know, I know, we’d better get moving,” I said reluctantly.

She got up and slipped on her clothes while I put on my slacks. I walked her to the door, took her into my arms, and held her tightly.

She pulled back and said, “I can’t tell you how much last night and this morning meant to me. Thank you.”

“Thank you, Holly. I loved every bit of our time together.”

She opened the door, gave me a peck on the cheek, smiled, and said, “See you at eight in the dining room.”


I arrived at the dining room first. Standing at the door, I eagerly searched for her among the people entering or passing by. Finally, I saw her. I couldn’t help myself, the sight of her made me my heart skip a beat. Her blond hair was tied back in a bun again and she was wearing a dark blue business suit with a skirt falling just above the knees. She saw me, smiled, and waved.

We embraced each other and kissed discreetly on the cheek. Looking into her blue eyes, I said, “You look incredible this morning, Holly.”

Her entire face became a smile.

“You even smile with your eyes.”

“It is so wonderful to be complimented again, Mark. Thank you.”

We found a table for two, ordered coffee and juice, and walked to the buffet. After filling our plates, we returned to our table. While eating, we made small talk about my tech school and her computer company.

Over coffee at the end of our meal, she asked, “So when are you planning on going back to Ohio? It would be nice if we could see each other again before you leave today.”

“Actually, I’m not going back today. There aren’t any classes scheduled at school the rest of this week, so I’m taking a mini-vacation. I have my room reserved through Sunday. I thought I’d take in the sights in the city.”

She gave me a wide smile, especially with those eyes again, and exclaimed, “Oh, yalnızım mesut bey izle how wonderful.” After a pause, she added, “Then I suppose you’ll need someone to guide you around town.”

“Yes, I will,” I replied. “Do you have anyone in mind?”

“I have some vacation time. Why don’t I take the rest of the week off and show you Nashville.”

“You would do that for me? That would be perfect. I get to see Nashville and, even better, I get to spend more time with you.”

Looking at her watch, she said, “It’s 8:45. We’d better get going or you’ll miss your first session and I’ll be late to my booth.”

“The conference ends at 3:00. When do you close your booth?” I asked.

“I have to keep it open until 4:00 so people can stop by after the last session,” she responded.

“Then I’ll be there around 4:00.”

We left money on the table for our bill and a tip, and walked to the door. We shared another quick embrace.

As we left in separate directions, I said, “See you at 4:00.”

Blowing a kiss, she said “Can’t wait.”


I arrived at her booth just before 4:00. She, and several others, were packing up the laptops and displays.

“Give me another few minutes, and I’ll be done,” she said.

I wandered around the exhibit hall. When I returned to her booth, she was just picking up her briefcase.

“All done, now,” she told me.

While walking together out of the hall, she said, “I talked to my supervisor and she said it would be OK for me to take the rest of the week off. I also booked my room through Sunday.”

“That’s great, Holly. Why don’t I make reservations for supper and we can plan out the week.”

“I’d love that. But I want to get out of these clothes and freshen up first. You can call me after you make the reservation.”

“I need to shower again and change clothes myself. How about I make the reservation for 7:00?”

“That’s fine with me.”

I walked her to her room. We shared an intimate embrace and kiss at the door. I pulled her close to me. We began grinding our hips against each other.

Pushing me away, she said with a smile, “Enough of that, now. I want a long uninterrupted time with you after dinner.”

“All right, all right,” I said. “I’ll go make the reservations and call you with the time.”

I gave her a quick kiss on the cheek and left for my room.

I made the reservation for 7:00, then called her and told her I’d pick her up at 6:30. I turned the shower on, removed my clothes, and stepped behind the curtain. Letting the water flow over me, I fantasized about making love with her later that evening.


I knocked on her door at 6:30. When she opened the door, the sight of her took my breath away. Her blonde hair reached down to her shoulders and framed her face. She was wearing a red dress. The front was low cut, but not revealing. A strand of pearls graced her neck. The dress was tight fitting enough to accentuate her figure, the hem stopping just at her knees. It was the kind of dress that makes a man desire to see what’s underneath. Red low heels completed her outfit.

After a few moments, she asked, “Well, aren’t you going to say something?”

“I’m … I’m speechless. Words can’t describe how stunning you look.”

“Stunning is acceptable.” Holding out her arm, she said with a satisfied smile, “Shall we go to dinner now?”


We had an enjoyable dinner together while getting to know more of each other. My problem was that I just couldn’t take my eyes off of her.

“You really are a gorgeous woman, Holly,” I said several times.

Her generous smile was thanks enough for the compliment.

“I’ll make you a deal,” I said toward the end of the meal. “I’ll pay for tonight if you promise to take me to your favorite restaurant sometime this week.”

“It’s a deal,” she responded, “and I know just the place.”

We decided to walk through the atrium after dinner. It seemed to be the most natural thing to have her arm around mine. We chatted like old friends and laughed at each other’s stories. For a while we just stood in front of the fountain, leaning against each other.

After a few minutes of silence, she looked at me and said, “Mark, I’d like for us to go to my room and spend the rest of the evening making love.”

With an exaggerated bow, I replied, “Your wish is my command.”

We hurried to her room. I followed her inside and closed the door. As I turned around, she wrapped her arms around my neck forcing me against the wall. Pressing her body against mine, she hungrily kissed me. I felt her tongue darting in and out of my mouth. She dropped her hands, took hold of my hips, and pulled them tightly toward her. Feeling me growing hard against her mound, she began rubbing herself against my hardening penis. Grabbing my shirt, she pulled it over my head, and dropped it yüzüklerin efendisi güç yüzükleri izle to the floor. As she fumbled with my belt and slacks, I reached behind her and unzipped her dress. She stepped back, letting her dress and my pants drop to the floor.

Looking at her, standing there in just her panties and bra, I said, “You’re not only gorgeous, you’re really sexy.”

She again pulled me close and kissed me intensely. As our passion grew, our kisses became more frenetic and our tongues explored the depths of each other’s mouths. She reached down and squeezed my enlarging penis. Suddenly, she knelt down and pulled my underpants off. She cupped my balls and took the head of my penis into her mouth. With her blue eyes looking up into mine, she gave my penis a hard suck and pulled off. I groaned with pleasure. Again she took my penis into her mouth and this time bit gently with her teeth. I groaned again. She caressed my testicles with the fingers of one hand and, with the other stroked my penis. She gave me a mischievous look and licked the head of my penis. I closed my eyes and moaned louder. I felt her take my penis deep into her throat and hold me there. My body shuddered. I reached down and unsnapped her bra, allowing her full breasts to stand free. I took a nipple in each hand, twisting and pulling on them. She moaned slightly, then, while I continued to tease her nipples, she began alternating between stroking me with her hands and taking me deeply into her mouth. I was having a difficult time standing. I wanted release. I put my hands on her head and began thrusting my penis in and out of her mouth. She reached behind me and played with my anus. I was becoming agitated. I was nearly ready to come.

Suddenly, she pushed me away. “Oh no you don’t,” she said. “Not yet.”

Taking me by the hand, she pulled me to the bed and pushed me down on my back. Removing her panties, she climbed on the bed and straddled me. I reached for her nipples, but she leaned down and pressed her breast to my chest and her lips to mine. While we kissed, she moved her pussy up and down my penis. I could feel her wetness moisten my penis. She rose up, took my penis with one hand and guided me to her opening. She lowered herself forcefully, driving me completely into her pussy. Grabbing the headboard, she began lifting her pussy until my penis was almost out of her then shoving it in as deeply as it could reach. Again and again she bounced, keeping her hands on the headboard. I began matching her rhythm with my own thrusts. I reached for her nipples and squeezed. She moaned and thrust even more rapidly. She drove me deep into her pussy, reached behind her, took hold of my testicles, and came with a shout. Unable to hold myself any longer, I shot my come into her pussy. She squealed and continued a rocking motion until she came several more times. When she was spent, she collapsed on my chest.

When I was able, I said breathlessly, “Wow.”

As her breathing returned toward normal, she said, “I’ve always wondered what it would be like to be the one to take charge and really let go. Now I know and it’s really satisfying and a real turn on.”

“Let’s rest awhile, and then let me take charge,” I said.

“That sounds like fun. Sex with you really is fun, Mark, and it feels pretty good too.”

“Pretty good, I exclaimed.” You won’t say pretty good after I get done with you.”


“A certainty.”


As we rested, I stroked her hair and placed soft kisses on her neck. I caressed her breasts and her abdomen. Her body jumped when my hands touched her thighs. She let me ease her legs open and I moved between them. I leaned over and placed gentle kisses on the insides of her thighs. I licked her skin lightly, working up and down both thighs. I moved my face close to her pussy. I felt its warmth and breathed teasingly on her waiting opening. She twitched as my tongue slipped between her lips. I licked up and down her pussy then began to tease her clitoris. I flicked it with my tongue, traced circles around it, and then pulled it into my mouth. She groaned. I could taste her juices as they ran freely. Her arousal grew. I sucked her clitoris strongly in and out of my mouth. She sighed deeply as pleasure began to overcome her. Raising her legs over my shoulders, I leaned over, and pressed my face against her pussy. I sucked her pussy lips into my mouth. She began to squirm. I reached up and found her hard nipples and twisted and pulled on them gently. Sliding a finger inside her, I began moving it in and out of her pussy. She rocked her hips and moaned with pleasure. I added another finger, then another, each time placing a little more pressure on the walls of her pussy.

“How’s that?” I ask softly.

I barely heard her reply, “Mmmmm, you’re keeping your promise.”

I returned my mouth to her clitoris and, with my fingers, and gave attention to her wet pussy, I slowly brought her near orgasm. She pushed her pussy hard against my mouth. I pressed my mouth firmly against her pussy, using my tongue to torment her clitoris once again. With her fingers she grabbed her nipples and pulled excitedly on them. Her body began to shudder with involuntary spasms. Pushing her feet against the mattress and her pussy harder against my mouth, she cried out loudly. Her body twisted and turned as waves of orgasm flowed through her. I continued sucking and flicking her clit and thrusting my fingers in and out of her pussy. Her cries of pleasure turned into moans. Finally, with an occasional jerk of her body, her orgasm slowly diminished. I removed my fingers from her pussy and my mouth from her clit and lay down beside her. Her body relaxed as her breathing returned to normal.


I didn’t know if I could arouse her again, but I spread her thighs apart and slowly caressed her legs with my fingers. I moved over her. Leaning down, I licked up her inner thighs. I could feel the warmth of her pussy even before my tongue made contact with it.

I raised my head, looked into her eyes, and whispered “I love your aroma, Holly. I love the taste of you. I love the feel of your pussy lips on my tongue.”

She sighed deeply as I ran my tongue over her welcoming lips. My tongue explored the smoothness of her outer lips. I sucked her juices into my mouth allowing me to sample the taste of her. I slipped my tongue between her engorged lips and deep into her pussy. I was aroused by the silky feeling inside her pussy and the warm wet sensations of her taste and scent. She squirmed beneath me as I pushed my mouth between her lips and allowed my tongue to explore deeper. With my fingers, I eased her lips apart, moved them to her clit, and began to suck. She began to rotate her pussy against my face, soaking it with her juices. I slipped my tongue back inside her opening, moving it in and out. Her body began to squirm. I sucked her lips into my mouth and pulled on them. While moving from one to the other, I slipped my tongue into her opening and ran it across her inner lips. I gave her clitoris a gentle bite. She screeched. I lifted her hips from the bed and she closed her thighs around my head. With my mouth firmly over her clitoris I sucked and flicked with my tongue. I put my fingers inside her and slid them in and out. She began to move her pussy in time with me while groans of pleasure emanated from her mouth. She grabbed my head and pressed her pussy hard against my mouth and nose. Suddenly, she screamed and lifted herself from the bed. Catching me by surprise, my face fell from between her thighs. She groaned, reached for my head, and pulled it back to where she wanted it. Before she could come, I positioned my face so that I could tongue her clitoris. She groaned more loudly, her face grimaced in a mixture of frustration and pleasure. I put my fingers inside her pussy and thrust them in and out.

She shouted, “I’m coming,” and clamped her thighs around my head.

She screamed as an orgasm shook her body. Her sweet juices flowed out of her pussy covering my face and running down her thighs. Her spasms gradually slowed and her body fell back on the bed.

“Never in my life…,” she started to say. “I’ve never…,” she tried again.

She gave up and lay quietly for awhile. A contented and glowing smile appeared on her face. She reached for my hand, gave it a squeeze, and held it against her breast. We continued to lie side by side, simply enjoying the feel of being beside each other.

“That was the biggest, the best, the most overpowering orgasm I ever had. I didn’t know I could ever feel like that. I don’t know how to thank you.”

“No need, Holly. Thank you for giving the privilege of being the one to make you feel that way.”

We lay quietly again.

“Mark,” she said. “Is there something I could do for you?” she asked

“Just being inside you and coming is all I need.”

“And I need you inside me, too.”

As I moved over her, she spread her legs and opened her pussy with her fingers. I rubbed my penis along her pussy lips. She pulled my hips toward her and my penis slid deep inside. I held myself there. I knew I wouldn’t last long, but I wanted to feel her pussy around my penis as long as possible. She began slowly rocking her hips back and forth. I tried to draw myself back but she wouldn’t let go or stop rocking.

Looking at me, she said, “I want you to come fast and come hard.”

She rocked faster and faster against me. I grabbed her hips and thrust my penis in and out of her pussy. I could feel my come starting to rush up my penis.

“I’m going to come,” I shouted.

She put her arms around my neck and pulled me to her. She pressed her pussy against me. Incredibly, as my come bust into her pussy, she came with me. I rolled on to my side while keeping my penis firmly entrenched inside her.

We held each other tightly while our passion subsided.

She looked at me and said, “Stay with me tonight, Mark. I want the feel of you next to me.”

I gave her a deep kiss and replied, “There’s nothing I want more myself.”

She lay on her side, I curled up behind her, and we fell asleep.

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