Holiday Party

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They had always been a drag. She felt obligated to attend. The company went through a tremendous effort and great expense to give the employees a night to thank them. Problem was it was always a Friday night and spouses weren’t invited. This year when she told her husband she did not want to go. He encourage her. Said he was planning on going hunting that weekend anyway. He wouldn’t be home until Sunday afternoon. This made the thought of going even worse. She’d be coming home to an empty house.

The week before the party she asked her husbands advice on what to wear. Many wore work clothes and either went home to change or brought a party outfit with them. She lived to far and did not want to change at the office. Her husband then suggested, why don’t you get a room downtown. Is it at the same hotel this year. She said it was. Book a room there he said. You can check in change and then when the party is over you can either stay or if you haven’t had too much to drink you can head home. He told her the outfit he like to see her in and she went to make the reservation.

The Friday morning of the party came. Her husband was up early and had headed on his weekend trip. She had packed a bag the night before. She showered, dressed for work and headed on in. Not much work was usually accomplished on party day. Seemed to be a lot of excitement and people tended to leave early to either get dressed or have a pre party. At noon she headed over to the hotel and checked in. She grabbed a bite at the hotel bar. While dining she noticed an average looking man looking over at her. When she looked, he would look away. Shy she thought. She finished lunch and headed back to the office.

The afternoon was less productive than the morning. Around three the place was empty and she headed to the hotel. As she passed through the lobby she encountered her lunch friend. This time he smiled as they passed by.

In her room, she dressed in the outfit her husband had picked out. It revealed more than she thought she should at a company party. But her husband had agreed. The party started at 6 and it was only 5 when she was done.

She headed down to the bar and ordered a glass of wine. She people watched and had that sense she was being watched. Turning her back to the door she noticed him again. This time he made eye contact and her eyes lingered. He was easy to look at. Older than her with a full head of hair and nicely dressed in a suit and tie. He lifted his glass in a toast to her and she acknowledged with the same.

He took that as queue to come over. At her side he introduced himself as Ron. She responded with Kay. He apologized for staring. She fended not knowing what he was talking about. They both joined in a laugh. Assuming she was traveling he asked where she was from. She said she was local and here for a company christmas party. That seemed to set him back, but her recovered. I’m from the midwest. She asked his business purpose. He said he has clients across the east coast and this was he last stop for the week. Tomorrow he would be heading south to meet clients next week.

Drinks empty he offered to buy a round. She glanced at her watch. He was 5:45 and she did not want to be the first one there. She agreed. She noticed he was wearing a wedding band. The drinks arrived and they made small talk for the next half hour. He was polite and engaging in conversation. However she needed to go. He asked if she had plans after the party. She hesitated, but said she was not sure. He asked what time the party ended. She said 10. He said, I’ll be here if you care for a night cap.

She smiled, thanked him for the drink and left the bar. As she walked away she laughed at the thought of meeting him later. That would only be trouble she whispered through her devilish smile.

She entered the ball room where the party was being held. A band was playing Holiday music and a fair number of people were already settled into the night. She headed to the bar and ordered a water. She figured she had had two glasses of wine and she didn’t want to be the office joke on Monday.

She found co-workers and settled into the table. The conversation started about work and soon turned to men from the office. The girls played a game of who they would sleep with or not. Kay listened but did not join in. Two of the girls were in their twenties and single The other three were married. Two had children one did not. The childless one was leading the pack.

Finally they turned in her direction. What about you Kay. I’m happy at home…not need to wander. Kay it’s only a game…we are not talking about actually following through on it. Just as this was said, the guy they all said they would joined the table. He said hello to Kay and sat next to her. The guy was in his twenties, married yet he held a prominent position in the company. Harvard grad, MBA and well thought of.

He started a conversation with Kay. The other girls swallowed their tongues and tried bostancı escort to join the conversation. Kay’s conversation was on a particular aspect of a project that she was holding back on because the facts did not warrant the action. The others has a hard time getting in. Kay was holding her ground and he admitted she had was correct. He then asked if she needed a drink. She said sure and got up to get one with him. He said, no stay here, I will bring it back.

The table was in awe when he left. Your bad girl…real bad. Kay tried not to smile but she had to admit she enjoyed the attention. Yet she knew she would not become office gossip. Drinks in hand he returned. The conversation turned to life and trended towards personal. Family, friends, hobbies. Kay was enjoying the conversation. He asked her to dance, she accepted. They served themselves from the buffet and ate at a table in the corner away from the girls. He sat close to her and she could taste his scent.

She returned to drinking water and kept her wits about her. As the evening drew to a close he asked if she needed a ride. She said she was all set. He thanked her for the evening and parted. As he walked from the table, Kay took a deep breath and felt the moistness between her legs. Something told her she was in trouble. She made sure she checked in with the girls before they left. For all their talk they were still at the table they started the evening. They asked of her night and she said…girls look at this ring…It’s flattering to be wanted…and her thoughts trailed off. She said goodnight and headed to the elevator. On her way she met Ron. He asked if she was up for a drink. She looked at her watch and said I’m not sure. I got to go do something. If I feel like a drink, I will be down in a half hour.

She headed to her room and called her husband. No answer. She left a message. She checked hers and he had left a couple. One that he arrived safe. Two no deer today. That done she went to the bathroom. Without thinking she was freshening her make up and was out the door. She headed down stairs. As she excited the elevator she saw the guy from work getting on the elevator across the hall. He did not see her and she did not see if he was with anyone.

She met Ron at the bar. She asked of his evening. He had eaten dinner and crashed a certain Holiday Party. Actually I know the president well and he invited me to join. Saw you there, you dance well. She blushed. Also looks like you were engaged in some deep conversation. She acknowledge that unfortunately the party turned out to be a business meeting as well.

Ron told her more about his life and she reciprocated. With each drink the conversation turned more intimate. After the fourth drink she checked herself. She checked the time…Mid night and she did not want the night to end.

Ron moved closer…Do you like to play “Dare”. She had played truth or dare when she was younger…but never just “Dare” She asked how does one play. Well each person gets to dare the other person. They can choose the dare or remove an article of clothing. She laughed out loud. Are you serious she asked. Taken back he swallow and stammered yes. She smiled turned to the bartender and said give us two more…we have a game to play.

Ron taken back a minute ago, smiled and said…why yes lets have another drink…

The drinks were delivered and she said so how does this work…are there limits on the dare…I mean I’m looking like I am at a disadvantage…You have a suit coat, pants, tie shirt, shoes socks and unless you are commando, you have underwear on. Me I have a dress…stockings, shoes and since I am not commando two other articles of clothing…

He said fair…You get to 4 opts out then…does that work for you. She had one more question…How is this going to work here…Thats the good part…you’ll probably have to do the dare…She smiled that devilish smile and said…What the hell…but if I say stop…we stop…He agreed.

Okay Ron since I am new you start…He thought…Okay I dare you to tell me if you swallow…She stopped and said oh…so it can be about truth as well. He said sure…it can’t all be physical…Well Ron thats a pretty bold way to start…She said no I do not…He absorbed and then said it was her turn. She thought is there something I want to know about him or want him to do…She then asked when was the last time he had sex. He said…a week ago.

He asked the same thing…she said yesterday…You win that one. She then asked if he liked rimming. He said yes. He asked if she liked to be spanked…Yessss she said with a smile…She then said I dare you to walk over to the blond and tell her you want to take her upstairs and fuck her…he gave up his tie. He then said, I want you to uncross your legs and flash me…she thought…looked around…and did it. He smile…nice he said. She then told him he wanted him to pull his cock out facing büyükçekmece escort the bar …he looked around and decided to remove his coat. He asked if she like it in the ass. She said yes…She then dared him to go into the bathroom and remove his underwear and bring it out in his pants pocket. He left and returned. He had a wet spot on his pants…He was enjoying this. And so was she. He dare her to flash a tit. She opted out. She asked if he had ever been with two woman…He answered no.

This went on through another drink. It was past one and she was out of options and had all her clothes on, except her shoes. He had managed to keep all his clothes except the tie and coat and is underwear. He then dared her to go over to the corner and kiss the guy there. He pointed and she stared. It was him. The MBA from Harvard and he was staring right at him. She declined without thinking…but kept staring at him. Ron told her to remove her panties. She asked if she could go to the bathroom. He said yes.

She walked to the bathroom. He stared and followed her walk. In the bathroom, she looked in the mirror. She was horny and scared. She went into a stall and peed and removed her panties. She excited the stall and went to the mirror. Doing some self searching he appeared. His hands were on her hips in an instant. Pinned to the counter he raised her skirt. He moved a hand between her legs…nice and wet he said. Yess was all she could muster. You been playing an interesting game with Ron out there. Shocked that he knew his name. Ron is a well known client of ours. His company does a nice piece of business with us. He continued to stroke her. Matter of fact…that project we discussed is to support a new product of his. I think he is going to be thrilled with the alternative you have proposed. Saves us money, he gets the product cheaper and we all win. He turned her to him. He knelt down and kissed her pussy. He continued and said…go back to your game…He then handed her a key when your done. I expect a full report. He reached in her hands and took her panties. He then asked for her stockings…She gave them to him. He then said the bra. She removed it without taking off the dress. He left with a smile. She was left to wondering how she got to where she was…Dare is an interesting game…as she walked back, Ron smiled and helped her to her seat.

As she sat she could feel the wetness between her legs. Ron asked if she was ready to continue. She thought and wonder what was going to happen. She only had her dress and thigh highs left. She decided she should order another drink.

Ron placed the order and ordered water for himself. He then said your turn to dare me. She thought and said. Okay see that young blond at the corner table. Ron looked… You mean the one with the brunette. Yes Kay said. Okay I see her. Go over and ask her for her panties.

Ron contemplated this. It was a good dare move. He had his shoes, soxs, pants and shirt left. If he removed his shoes other around the bar may wonder what he was going. He decided to accept the dare.

He walked that way and stopped. He called the bar tender over and asked for a bottle of Dom. With it in hand he carried it to the table. Ladies mind if I join you for just a second as he flashed the bottle of Dom. He was quickly asked to sit. He opened the bottle and with the two glasses offered them each one. The brunette then said, the Dom is good but what do you want from us. Ron said, well have you ever played Truth or Dare. Both acknowledge that they have. Well see that lovely lady at the end of the bar. They did. Well we have been playing just Dare. If I did not accept the dare I would have to remove an article of clothing. I’ve removed all I care to at this time and accepted the dare. The blond asked what the dare is. Ron leaned in and said, I am suppose to come back with your panties. The blond laughed…and took a sip of champagne. Ron said, do I have a chance. She said you would have a chance, but I’m not wearing any. Shocked Ron laughed. The brunette said will mine do? Ron said let me check.

He returned to Kay who agreed with one condition. They had to be taken off right where she was. Ron returned and the brunette looked at Kay and smiled. She turned towards her. Spread her legs just a little. Paying no mind to anyone. She lifted her ass and pulled her skirt up. She pulled her panties down. Handed them to Ron and then adjusted her skirt. Ron thanked her and she replied. If the game gets boring, I know a few dares. Ron said, I will let you know. We are in room 667 was the reply. Ron smiled and said thank you.

He returned with the panties. Kay having lost knew it was Ron’s turn to dare. Okay let me have it. Okay Kay, I want you to go over to our new friends and finger their pussies where I can see you. Kay was trapped. Her Dare had back fired…She was now faced with removing stockings which would not be too good or her dress, which çekmeköy escort wasn’t going to happen. She decided to accept the dare.

At the table she mentioned to the ladies her dare. They teased her. Have you ever. What do we get. She thought and said…see the guy over there in the corner…If I can get him to come to your table will that suffice. They looked over and agreed. She headed to the corner table. I have been watching the game. Do you need your panties and bra back. No she said, I need you to go sit with those girls. Why should I. She then said because if you do, then I am going to finger their pussies right in front of you.

He walked to the table with Kay. He sat with his back to Ron and Kay went to the other side of the table across from him. Introductions… Pam, Cheryl and Rick were introduced. Who first asked Pam the blond. Kay reached her hand over to Pam and stroked her thigh. Cheryl and Rick watched as Kay lifted the skirt. Moving her chair closer she achieved a better angle. Pam parted her legs providing a great view for Rick and Cheryl. Kay touched the soft white part of Pam’s thighs. Grazing her lips, she could feel the wetness. Kay stroked slowly and inserted a finger. Pam’s eyes closed and a sigh exited her lips. Kay continued until she had two fingers in and then stopped. Pam was taken back, but smiled. That was good. Cheryl was ready. She had her skirt raised in front and Kay was inside of her in an instant. Cheryl said you better make me come bitch or I am going to eat you out right here. Kay worked Cheryl slowly circling her lips and her clit. Cheryl was dripping and her breaths were short. Kay inserted two then three fingers. Fuck my pussy was all she heard. Kay moved in and out quicker and then there was a silent moment. To avoid the moan Cheryl reached to Kay and kissed her hard. Kay could feel the pulsating through her fingers and the kissed had her dripping.

Releasing the kiss, Kay looked at Ron and Mike who smiled. Kay had never touched a woman or kissed on that way. Ron came over to the table. Ladies what do you say we take this game of dare upstairs. Kay was the last to agree. Ron paid the tabs all three tables and led the party to his room.

Kay wondering what she had gotten herself into…only knew she was so hot that she needed something very hard!! Ron led them all to the elevator. Inside it was just the 5 of them. He pressed the stop button and the alarm sounded.

Okay all we are going to play the dare game some more. This is how it works. There are three of you and two of us. We get three turns to your three. Rick and I will agree on the third dare before announcing it. Here is a quarter. Kay call heads or tails. Kay called tails. Heads landed upright. Okay I get to go first. Kay I dare you to suck Ricks cock right now

Kay was lost. How had she gotten here. What would her husband say. Kay decided to remove her stockings. Rick smiled knowing she had nothing else left. Okay Kay it is your turn as he pressed the elevator to go. Rick I dare you to strip naked and walk to the room once we get off the elevator. It was no use. Rick removed a tie. Kay thought…hey Ron we are at an unfair advantage. We’ve been playing and have less clothes. You know Kay you are right. When we get to the room. You and I will continue our game and let the others play their own.

Kay smiled and then frowned. She still only had a dress to bargain with.

Walking down the hall Pam and Cheryl flirted with Rick. Playing with his ass and grabbing at the front of his pants. At the door. Ron said, once inside no going back. Pam, Cheryl and Rick said lets go. Ron looked at Kay. Do I have a choice. No, but it was kind of me to ask.

Ron’s suite had two bedrooms and a living area. Pam, Cheryl and Rick headed to the room Ron pointed them too!. Ron then asked Kay if she wanted a drink. She said she had enough, but would take a water.

Ron then said, Kay lets make this fine. I want you to enjoy it. It’s just between us. Rick, Pam and Cheryl will be tied up all night. Pam and Cheryl are friends of mine. They’ll keep Rick busy.

Kay smiled and thanked him. She stated it would be awkward to face him at work. Ron said, well you could have that issue with me. True she said, but your a client…at least it would not be every day. Ron said, I am aware of your new proposal. I like it. I did not know when I met you earlier. But Rick told me about it. I wanted to get to know you and I think we have accomplished that. What happens from here is your choice. We can continue the game or you can leave.

Kay thought. She was still wet from earlier. She could leave and be guilt free!…She said lets play.

Ron smiled. Sure about that drink he asked. No I’m not sure. Lets toast to the project and to the evening. Ron agreed.

Drinks poured and Ron told her the new rules. Since we are not in public the game has to go to more truth and dare. But if you decline the truth or the dare, then you have to perform an act. What act she asked. Well Kay that is where the fun begins…handing her a piece of paper ripped into several pieces…right some things on there you want me to do. And I will do the same. If you do not accept the dare or the truth, you must pull one of these from the glass and perform the act.

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