Holiday Catch Phrase

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This is the story of our ongoing exploration into exhibitionism and swinging and follows on from our first story ‘Clothing optional, the naked cottage’.

The story line is true but names have been changed to protect those involved.


Further adventures of a mid 50’s couple who have found their more adventurous side.

We landed at Tenerife airport at 08.30am stepping off the plane to be greeted by the warm sun and a gentle breeze blowing across the beautiful Spanish island, a pleasant change from the cold UK and we quickly felt over dressed as we walked across the tarmac to the arrivals desk.

“I wish I’d not worn jeans now even though it was cold in Norwich, I’m getting hot already.”

“Yes, I can’t wait to get out of this lot and put my swimsuit on.”

Myself Scott and my wife Sylvia had booked 10 days in a hotel in Play De Las Americas, we were looking forward to hitting the beaches for some sun and the town for some fun at night.

The hotel was only 600 yards from the beach and only a couple of minutes’ walk from the main town so we had no need to hire a car unless we decided to explore the island further and if this was the case we could hire a car from the hotel if needed.

We located and boarded the correct shuttle bus for our hotel, the bus soon filled up with others heading to our hotel and also the hotel next door which by all account was a very expensive and very exclusive hotel.

A couple in their late 40’s early 50’s were sat talking in front of us.

“Wow it’s hot! I can’t wait to lose these clothes and hit the pool.”

“And I can’t wait to see you in that sexy new bikini you bought.”

They were dressed very smartly, he was in trousers and a white button up shirt and was holding his jacket over his lap, a nice Rolex submariner on his wrist, she was dressed in smart trousers and a pale yellow blouse with a very expensive looking neckless disappearing down her cleavage.

“I recon they are in the posh hotel.” I jokingly whispered into Sylvia’s ear as the shuttle pulled away.

After 20 mins or so the shuttle pulled up at the front of a very posh looking hotel with marble steps leading up to the entrance, almost instantly staff appeared ready to carry the bags of the guests staying there. The couple in front of us got up to exit the shuttle.

“See told you they would be in the posh one, looks a lovely place I bet that cost them a packet to stay there.”

“I’m sure ours will be just as nice.” replied Sylvia as the shuttle moved off again.

After only 100 yards or so the shuttle stopped again outside what was to be our hotel.

“Well this looks nice, smaller than the posh one but for me that’s a plus point. What do you think Scott?”

The hotel looked very traditional with whitewashed walls and dark wood windows and doors, a set of steps led up to the front doors which were open and inside was a nice marble floored lobby and reception with a large wooden staircase in the centre.

“I think this will be perfect and I agree I like the fact it’s smaller means less queuing for breakfast! Let’s get checked in and explore a bit.”

Once in our room we both wanted a quick shower and to change into something more suited to the climate, I went first and dressed in shorts, a vest type tee shirt and flip flops, I made coffee while Sylvia showered and took the coffee out to our balcony.

Our room was on the second floor and overlooked the pool and pool bar area, it was still only just after 10 and the pool was quiet with maybe a dozen or so people in the water and the same sitting around on the sun loungers, the bar was empty except for one guy sitting with his beer watching the swimmers. The hotel is adult only, it’s not that We don’t like kids we have 2 grandchildren of our own but it’s nice to relax without the crying and screaming.

“So, what do you think?”

I turned to see Sylvia standing behind me, she was wearing a small white bikini and I mean small!! Her 36D breasts were barely covered by the tiny white triangles, even the bottom of her tits were on show. The G string thong leaving nothing to the imagination at the rear and only just covered her mound at the front.

“Wow I feel overdressed now, you look stunning babe, are you sure your comfortable wearing it?”

“I thought about it a lot but after our adventure in the naked cottage I figured what the hell no one knows us here let’s be brave and have some fun, I am a little nervous people can see all my bits but fuck it I’m on holiday and as long as you are ok with it why not.”

“Well said and I’m fine with it, you know I love showing you off, come on let’s finish our coffee and get out there, though you might want to grab something to put on if we check out the bars and restaurants?”

“I’ll grab my beach cover up that should be fine.”

We set off to explore the hotel and we started with the pool area, there were 3 pools 1 heated 1 not heated and one that’s was more of a giant jacuzzi, around the pools were plenty Gaziantep Escort Reklamları of sun beds a few more of which were now occupied, looking at the other residents it was clear to see the age group was mostly mid to late 40’s onwards and mostly couples, a few single people and what looked like a group of 3 couples obviously friends holidaying together.

Some of the ladies were sunbathing topless but no one was nude, none were dressed as revealing as Sylvia.

I checked to make sure she was still comfortable with her choice of bikini.

“I’m fine honey I feel a bit exposed but as I said fuck it I’m on holiday, how about you?”

“All good, I’m enjoying watching all the guys try to ogle you without their wives catching them though one or two of the wives are checking you out as well.”

We carried on exploring the hotel outside areas, we found a games room with pool, air hockey and such like, there was a nice shaded area if the sun gets too hot, covered by palm trees and grass to sit on, very pleasant to sit and have lunch under I would imagine.

We stopped at the bar and decided to have a cold beer, choosing to sit on stools at the bar as they were in the shade we chatted to the Spanish barman who we found out was called Gus.

“Your first day here I’m guessing, make sure you use plenty of sun cream Señorita you don’t want to get burnt on your first day.”

“Thank you Gus I will take care, what’s the sunbathing rules here Is it suited, topless or nude?”

“You can go topless by the pool and pool bar but not in other areas down here but you can go naturist on the upper terrace if you wish.”

“Upper terrace mmmmm… where’s that then Gus?”

“Up those stairs to the roof level, there is a bar up there also.”

“Thanks Gus, shall we go check it out Sylvia? After we finish our beer that is.”

“I’m game let’s do it.”

“Señorita is almost nude now I’m sure you will enjoy, I work the bar there every other day so please come say hi I’d love to see more of you.” Gus winked at us as he said it.

At the top of the stairs there is a gate with signs warning of possible nudity, we pushed open the gate and walked onto the roof top terrace, a large open area set out with sun loungers and tables and chairs around a small bar.

There were a few people laying on Sun loungers and a couple at the bar, everyone up there was naked except for us and the barman.

“Hola can I get you and the lovely señorita a drink?”

The barman was maybe late 20’s early 30’s very clean cut and looked like he worked out he smiled at Sylvia and looked her up and down.

“Senior is a lucky man this day to be accompanied by such a beautiful woman, please take a seat and I will get you what you desire.”

Sylvia smiled at the barman and ordered a glass of rose and I ordered a beer.

“That was very forward don’t you think Scott?”

“Just being friendly I guess and trying to sell drinks besides you’re the sexiest woman up here he’s probably got a hard on looking at you in that bikini and now we’re up here I guess we should take that off, you being naked will really give him something to look at.”

Sylvia had opened up at the naked cottage holiday and had been naked with strangers but not in such a public place as this, I on the other hand don’t care who sees me naked and had already lost my shorts and tee. Sylvia looked around and once again stated what was to become the saying of the holiday.

“Fuck it I’m on holiday.”

Sylvia lent forward and undid the string at the back of her bikini and lifted it over her head, her great 36D tits exposed to the sun and everyone around us, no one looked up or took any notice so Sylvia stood and untied her thong revealing her shaved pussy, she placed her bikini on the chair beside her and sat back down, a couple of trips to the tanning centre before we left had softened her tan lines and she looked hot in fact very hot.

The barman returned with our drinks at first not noticing that Sylvia was naked he placed the drinks on the table then as he looked up his eyes found her breasts and then his gaze went down to her crotch.

“Senior Is very lucky man a veeeeery veeeeeery lucky man. You are most beautiful women; my name is Pablo I look after you during your stay you want anything just ask and Pablo will get for you yes?”

“Erm…thank you Pablo I’ll hold you to that” Sylvia smiled at Pablo and slightly parted her legs showing him her shaven pussy, Pablo smiled and winked at Sylvia then went back to the bar.

“Oh my god did I just flash my pussy at the waiter?”

“You sure did and fuck that was hot I’ve got a semi on now but…Fuck it I’m on holiday.” we both laughed and raised our glasses to toast my wife flashing herself to the barman.

Back in the room after exploring the hotel we both lay resting on the bed Sylvia wearing her white bikini me in just my shorts.

“Did that turn you on when I flashed Pablo on the terrace?”

“Yes it did I love it when tease, my cock started to get hard as soon as you opened your legs. How did it make you feel?”

“I felt naughty and a bit dirty but I liked it, it made me feel powerful, I think I’m turning into an exhibitionist, just being naked on the terrace made me feel horny.”

Sylvia got up off the bed and waked out onto the balcony looking around she saw that only a few other balconies overlooked ours, she turned to face me and slowly untied the sides of her thong letting it fall to the floor followed quickly by her top, Sylvia began to run her hands over her naked body squeezing her breasts and sliding a hand down to her pussy gently running her finger up and down her now moist slit.

“Come and fuck me please Scott, right now here on the balcony there’s a risk we will be seen and that’s making me all the more excited.”

Sylvia turned around and lent on the handrail she wiggled her ass then reached back and parted her cheeks exposing her wet pussy and pink rosebud to me, how could I resist I walked up behind her and dropping to my knees I buried my face in her pussy, the sweet smell of her sex filling my nose as I licked her lips up and then down only pausing very briefly at her clit.

“Mmmmmmm…that’s nice I love it when you lick me.”

I licked up to her rosebud and flicked my tongue at the entrance.

“Ohhhhhh…I like that too.”

I wet my finger and gently rimmed her ass as I continued to lick and suck her lips and clit. Sylvia’s hips were rocking with my motion and I could hear her breathing getting faster and harder, I rose up behind her with my rigid cock in my hand gently nudging the entrance to her very wet pussy, I pushed in firmly and in one smooth motion entered her with my full 7 inches.

“Oh my god that’s so deep, I want you to fuck me hard Scott do it fuck me fuck me hard.”

I slid my cock out until the head just appeared then slammed it back in, again and again I drove my cock into her sweet pussy. Sylvia was matching my rhythm pushing back onto my cock as I thrust forward, I wet my finger and gently began to push my finger in her ass.

“Yessss…oh my god fuck me Scott fuck me, harder faster ahhhhh…I’m coming aaaaaaahhhhhhh.”

Sylvia’s legs began to shake and her pussy spasmed hard on my cock her anus tightened around my finger. That was it I couldn’t hold on any longer and I felt my balls tighten and my cock began to spurt my load deep inside her cunt.

We stayed connected as we both came down from our orgasms my cock softening inside her my finger still deep in her ass, sweat glistening on both our bodies.

Sylvia quivered as I pulled my finger slowly from her ass and my now soft cock slipped out of her pussy, a mixture of our juices running down her legs and dripping onto the balcony floor. We kissed deeply and hugged each other tightly.

“Do you know we were being watched the whole time?”

“No Sylvia who by?”

“One of the couples who were together at the pool earlier, their balcony is the first one to the left of us.”

I glanced over Sylvia’s shoulder and sure enough the couple still stood there.

“Fuck what do we do now?”

“Fuck it, I’m on holiday.” Sylvia turned around towards them and waved, slightly shocked the couple waved back. We hurried inside and burst out laughing.

“Morning honey did you sleep well?” The smell of fresh coffee pulling me out of my slumber, my eyes blinking at the bright sunlight streaming through the balcony doors.

“Like a log, I think all the wine we drunk last night knocked me out, how about you?”

“Me to but I woke up early as I needed to pee, here drink this it’ll wake you up.” Sylvia passed me a cup of coffee.

“Breakfast in the buffet bar in 30 minutes if you’re up for eating?”

“I’m starving I’ll hit the shower.”

We walked into the buffet room and found a nice table overlooking the pool, the buffet spread was your typical fare, I chose the scrambled egg on toast and Sylvia went with yogurt and fruit, we both had another coffee.

As we settled down to eat another couple walked in and sat at the table beside us, when they got up to go to the buffet Sylvia commented that she thought it was the couple who had watched us fuck yesterday.

“How embarrassing is that Scott?”

“It might not be them and if it is don’t worry about it, I’m sure they were just as embarrassed when you waved at them.”

“Morning how are you today? Sorry I’m Dave and this is Patty” the couple introduced themselves as they sat back at the table.

“Hi Scott and Sylvia nice to meet you, have you been here long?”

“A couple of days we are here with our friends but they’re not up yet I think they had a late one but we didn’t fancy going out last night so we stayed in and I have to say I’m glad we did as there was plenty to see last night.” Patty looked at us and winked.

Sylvia flushed with embarrassment “Don’t be embarrassed you guys put on a great show and got us horny for our own fun.”

Dave and Patty were mid 50’s much like ourselves, Patty was blond about 5’2″ a little chubby but not fat just cuddly with ample breasts her cleavage on full show to all in her loose low cut top, Dave grey haired about 5’10” again carrying a few extra pounds but generally in good shape. They told us they were here with 2 other couples a bit younger than themselves and joked about not being able to keep up with the youngsters.

“Maybe you guys would like to have a drink sometime? We found a great bar in town it’s very rustic and has live music on most nights if you fancy it?”

“Sounds good how about tonight? We’ve not been into town yet maybe you could show us some good spots?”

“Great let’s say we meet at the pool bar around 7.30.”

“Sounds like fun we will see you there.”

We spent the rest of the day lounging around and in the pool until around 5pm when we decided to get ready for this evenings outing, back at the room we both showered and Sylvia set about deciding what to wear.

“How about this?” Sylvia held up a very short green dress.

“Good choice I like that dress and you always look sexy in it.”

Sylvia was still naked after her shower so she slipped the dress on over her head and stood looking in the mirror.

“Do you think I could get away with this without a bra?”

“Most definitely you have great tits, are you wearing any knickers though it looks a bit short not to, you might give Dave a heart attack if you bend down in front of him.”

“I’m not that brave to go commando…yet.”

Dave and Patty were already at the pool bar when we got there. Patty looked sexy in a red low cut dress cut just above the knee, Dave was wearing smart grey shorts and a blue polo shirt.

“Ahh here they are, hi guys drink here or head straight to town?”

“Let’s hit the town if that’s cool with you, we’ve been lazy all day so could do with stretching our legs and working up an appetite.”

We all chatted as we walked into town and Dave & Patty pointed out a few good bars and restaurants along the way, the town was quite as it was still early, music could be heard coming from the open doorways of the many bars and clubs, the delightful smells of food from various eateries drifted through the warm still night air. Soon we reached what appeared to be a small rustic almost tatty looking bar with acoustic guitar music coming from within.

“This is the place.” Dave stood to one side and waved us into the bar, we entered a dimly lit room with wooden floorboards and wooden beams in the roof.

The bar was along the side wall backed by mirrored shelves filled with colourful bottles of all shapes and sizes, around the room were booths and at the back of the room was a small stage with a young lady playing the guitar and singing. The centre of the room was empty I assumed for dancing.

We chose a booth and the girls slid in the middle with Dave and I either end, the waitress came over and we ordered a large pitcher of sangria to start the night off.

“This is nice, how did you guys find this place Patty?”

“I guess we just stumbled across it on a previous holiday, we love it and often start our nights out here before hitting one of the clubs.”

“What clubs have you been to?”

Dave and Patty looked at each other and smiled, Patty blushed and put her hand on Dave’s knee as if to stop him saying what he was about to say.

“A few in town are good I guess it depends on what you’re looking for, there’s a couple that are good for dancing, some have live music and there’s one we love that’s a bit different.” Patty seemed coy as Dave said the last one.

“Different in what way?” I could tell Sylvia was intrigued.

“We may as well tell them Patty no point beating around the bush.”

“Well we love to go to club Angelica but it’s not for everyone…it’s a swingers club. We’re in the lifestyle as are our friends we came on holiday with, hope that doesn’t shock you?”

“Sounds interesting, Sylvia and I have recently started to explore our more adventurous side.”

I went on to explain about our recent holiday at the naked cottage, I didn’t go into details but Dave and Patty knew what we were talking about, they both smiled at each other knowingly and Patty lent into Dave and whispered something in his ear, Dave nodded “if you’re sure Patty I’m up for it if they are.”

“Do you guys fancy checking the club out? Tonight is lady’s night so couples only pay for the male and it means there’s no single males only single females and couples there tonight.”

I looked at Sylvia to gauge her reaction, she looked pensive but then a smile came over lips and she uttered those classic words.

“Fuck it I’m on holiday why not.”

I reached under the table and squeezed Sylvia’s hand, I still can’t get over her new found adventurous streak but I love it.

“That’s settled then club Angelica it is, are we dressed appropriately or do we need to change?”

“No, your dressed just fine in fact if you don’t mind me saying you look hot!”

“Thank you Dave I don’t mind at all in fact I’m flattered and I’m sure Scott doesn’t mind as he loves showing me off.”

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