Holiday Camping Trip

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Lanora and her husband Tim had planned a trip to go camping for the holiday weekend. They had asked some other friends to meet them at the campsite. Tim had a plan to fish the first morning after they got there, but did not have much planned after that. They arrived at the campsite in the late afternoon and got settled in, they put groceries away, unpacked their clothes, and wanted to get some dinner prepared for their friends that night. Their friends started arriving, there were some new friends and some that had been camping with them before. Everyone was gathering around outside while they finished preparing dinner. They all ate and drank and enjoyed the company of each other as the sun went down. The night got late and decided since Lanora and Tim were getting up early to fish, they would call it a night.

Tim woke up extra early the next morning, raring to go, he hadn’t fished in such a long time and couldn’t wait to get out on the water and fish. He rolled over to wake up Lanora. She said, “I’m not feeling well. Go ahead, I’ll stay here. If I start to feel better later, I will call you and meet up with you.”

He gathered his things and headed out, it was still very early, the sun wasn’t even up yet. Lanora decided that she would just try to go back to sleep for a little while. She wakes up almost startled, because she was having this amazing sex dream and woke up in the middle of it. She was looking around to even remember where she was, it was so real. She starts thinking about what she was dreaming about and slides her hand down between her legs and her panties are wet from being turned on in the dream. She is so horny now and decides that she will play since she is alone. She gets out of the bed and goes over to the dresser drawers where she has her panties and gets her “toy box” out, she always brings her toys, you just never know when you might want to use them. She is still wearing what she normally sleeps in which is a black tank top and boy short panties. She knows that she is going to need new panties later since the ones she has on are wet and removes them and her tank top before laying back in the bed.

She opens up her toy box and gets her favorite dildo out. Which is one that is in the form of a cock, and has a suction cup on it. Then she also gets out her favorite vibrator. It is the one that vibrates and has the suction on it. She likes to use them both together. She takes the vibrator and moves it in position right on her clit that immediately begins to swell. It doesn’t bahis siteleri take long at all and she feels an orgasm building so quickly. She uses her other hand and slides a couple of fingers in the folds of her pussy and then slides them into her wet entrance.

She loves to edge herself as close as she can to cumming. She slides two fingers inside as deep as she can and she continues to hold the vibrator on her clit. She closes her eyes and thinks about her dream. She can hardly contain herself, her fingers feel so good thrusting in and out her pussy. She feels her orgasm building and getting so close. She has to remove the vibrator, but continues sliding her fingers in and out of her entrance slowly. She removes her fingers and brings them to her lips and rubs the wetness across her lips teasing herself as if someone else is doing it to her.

After circling only the outside of her lips, she slides both fingers into her mouth as far as they can go. Licking off every drop of her wetness and imagining it was just a cock that had been inside her. She takes the suction cup dildo and sticks it to the headboard of the bed. She gets on all fours and backs up to it. She takes the tip of the dildo and teases her entrance with it. Then slides all the way down on it, moaning and gasping as it fills her pussy full of girth and length. She then takes her vibrator and puts it back on her clit and begins to slide back and forth on the dildo and imaging she is being fucked from behind. The dildo feels amazing as it thrusts deep inside her. Her clit is so swollen from being edged over and over. Her ass is arched up and her face is down on the bed, her eyes are closed as she is imaging being fucked and her orgasm is getting closer and closer.

She continues to ride the dildo getting ready to cum and she thinks that she hears a noise in the camper, she opens her eyes and her friend Sara is standing in the camper bedroom doorway with her hand in her shorts. Lanora is startled, slides off the dildo and pulls the covers over her. She doesn’t know what to say to her. But says to her, “What are you doing here?! How long have you been watching me?!

Sara answers and says, “I was stopping by to see if you had any coffee, we forgot to pack ours. I knocked on the door, but you didn’t answer and I thought I heard you in here so I walked in and then I saw you playing and was immediately turned on. It was so hot and my pussy was instantly wet and I wanted to watch you since your eyes were closed. I wanted to wait until canlı bahis siteleri you cum, then I was going to say something.”

Sara walks closer over to the bed and sits down beside Lanora. She slowly moves her hand towards Lanora’s shoulder and grabs the cover that she has pulled over her. Sara pulls it away from her body. Lanora stays still and doesn’t move. Sara says, “I always wanted to do this.”

She leans over and places her lips onto Lanora’s and starts kissing her. Lanora starts kissing back. Sara pushes her body against Lanora’s and lays down on top of her on the bed as she continues to kiss her. Lanora has only dreamed about being with a woman and has never been with one before. Lanora is enjoying kissing Sara and the softness of her lips compared to her husband’s. Lanora wraps her arms around Sara and starts rubbing up and down her back. She then slides her hands under her t-shirt and feels the softness of her skin. Sara raises up and is staring eye to eye with Lanora.

She removes her shirt and reaches behind her back and unclips her bra and throws it off to the side. She lays back down on Lanora and starts kissing her again. Now their bodies are skin to skin, Lanora starts rubbing on her back again and loves feeling her tits against hers. She can feel Sara’s hard nipples pressing against her body and moves her body back and forth to stimulate her and Sara’s. Lanora runs her hands down Sara’s body and grabs her ass. First on top of her shorts, then she slides her hands inside her shorts and grabs her firm soft ass. When she grabs her ass. Sara grinds up against Lanora rubbing their bodies together. Lanora has never felt any feeling like this before, the warm sensation feels so good against her pussy. Sara continues kissing Lanora and moves her way down her neck, then onto her chest and as she moves down her body.

She starts massaging her tits and teasing her nipples with her finger tips, then she leans down and starts sucking on her nipples going back and forth between each one of them. Lanora is about to explode with all the new sensations that Sara is giving her. Sara kisses farther and farther down Lanora’s body to her stomach and then down to the top of pussy. Lanora is completely shaved even though her husband never goes down on her, it’s just an easier upkeep. Sara grabs each leg of Lanora’s and pushes them apart as far as possible, she gets as close to Lanora’s pussy as she can with her lips. Lanora has so much anticipation wanting Sara to taste her. Sara can canlı bahis feel the warmth from Lanora on her lips. Lanora is squirming, then Sara begins to devour her like she is eating a peach on a hot summer day that is so juicy and sweet that she cannot get enough of it. She is making long strokes with her tongue up and down her folds and sucking and making circles around her clit. Lanora can feel her orgasm building that she didn’t get to finish earlier building quickly. Lanora then feels Sara’s fingers teasing her entrance and in one motion she feels two fingers enter her. Her fingers are so deep, she can feel Sara’s knuckles against her pussy.

Her hand is facing upward and she feels Sara’s fingers deep inside her making a come here motion that rubbing her insides like she has never felt before. Sara continues to suck on Lanora’s swollen clit. Lanora’s body is beginning to pulse as she feels her orgasm building beyond control and she starts cuming so hard as Sara continues and Lanora’s body pulses release every drop and feeling of cum from her body. Sara continues to finger fuck Lanora until her body becomes limp. Once Lanora’s body is relaxed. Sara slowly removes her fingers from Lanora and places them in her mouth and licks the cum and wetness from them as Lanora looks up at her. Sara then slides her fingers inside the waistband of her shorts and slides them off with her panties. She then straddles Lanora and interlaces their legs and Sara places her pussy directly on top of Lanora’s and Sara starts grinding against her pussy.

She starts slowly at first pressing them together and feeling the warmth and wetness and then pulling away just a little bit. Sara is so wet and swollen from being so turned on making Lanora cum. She starts pressing her pussy harder and harder against Lanora building her orgasm up. Sara is holding one of Lanora’s legs close against her body, it feels so good to both of them. Lanora reaches up and starts massaging and teasing Sara’s tits and nipples. Sara increases her movement, getting closer and closer to cumming. She can barely hold back, until she can’t no more, she starts moaning more and more and then she starts grinding, cumming faster and harder on Lanora until she explodes and starts cumming. When she starts cuming she starts squirting on Lanora uncontrollably shooting all over Lanora’s pussy and stomach. She keeps grinding until she has released every drop of cum and her body stops pulsing.

She then lays down on top of Lanora and kisses her and runs her hands through her hair. She then slides off to the side of her body, but still lays on top of Lanora. Sara says, I have wanted to do that to you since the first time I saw you. Lanora says, “I wish you would have done it sooner.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32