Holding Out for Perfection Ch. 07

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I arrived at the church two hours early to take care of some last minute preparations after Ron called and asked if I was available. He wanted me to help John rearrange some tables because Linda didn’t like the set-up that the catering company had come up with. It didn’t take long so I had plenty of time to change clothes in the church restroom. I felt good wearing my tuxedo, as I didn’t have many occasions to put it on.

When I was finished dressing I went to see if there was anything else I could do. John came over to me and said, “Ashley wants to talk to you. She’s in that room over there.”

I knocked and heard the door unlock. I was quickly pulled into the room and the door was locked behind me. Ashley standing there wearing a cute tit-hugging camisole and nothing else. Her pussy was bare and shaved completely. She was laughing as I stood there dumbfounded. The Samuels women certainly had plenty of pleasant surprises for me.

“Hi Paul!” She hugged me. “How are you?”

“I’m… uh… fine. Ashley, what are you doing?”

“I did this for Brian this morning but you could say I did it for you too. Do you like it?” She ran a finger across her clit and gave me a naughty smile. “I saw you with Rita last night at dinner…. It made me horny.”

“Uh, it just happened. It was nothing.”

“It didn’t look that way to me. Rita was pretty flushed, just like I was after our night together. You know I still think about what we did together. It makes me hot.”

“Ashley, you’re getting married today. We can’t….”

She cut me off. “Paul, I’m not trying to seduce you. I just wanted to tell you that I know you’re a bad boy and that I like it. I also wanted to give you a little thrill for that big thrill in your pants. You look good all dressed up.”

“Thanks.” I was a little relieved but I couldn’t take my eyes off of Ashley’s intense body. I didn’t know if we were done and I should leave or if something might still happen.

Ashley moved to show me her gown and raised it to hide her body. “It’s beautiful.” I said. She laid it down and picked up the thong she was going to wear. Slipping it on, she turned to show me her ass. I almost jumped her when she wiggled her hips at me. There was a veil attached to gaziantep escortları the spaghetti strap of the thong with a white ribbon holding it in place. The thin material covered her ass, which looked like a present that needed to be unwrapped.

“You like it don’t you?” Ashley approached me and squeezed my cock hard. “I’ll miss being able to play with other cocks.” Then she whispered in my ear. “Yours was very good to me.” She kissed me tenderly on the lips and then pushed me out the door to get ready.

The chapel was nearly full by the time I made my way to my seat after calming myself. I made eye contact with Rita and she winked. When I spotted Meg, I noticed that she was discretely holding hands with her son Paul. It struck me as being odd but then I saw Linda who looked more stunning than ever. She was wearing a cream colored suit that fit her with spellbinding elegance. Her hair and make-up were perfect and she looked the part of a picture wife and mother.

A few moments later, the wedding march began and Ron began to lead Ashley down the aisle. Brian was waiting for her at the altar with the other members of the bride and groom parties.

Ashley was so beautiful that everyone was in silent awe. The delicate sheer fabric of her wedding gown exposed the toned lines of her arms and back. Fine lace accented her ripe breasts, just tight enough to cause a swelling of her enticing cleavage. Ashley looked like a virgin princess and any man would have been elated to have her in marriage, especially with the prospect of a wedding night and a lifetime of sex looming ahead.

The ceremony was beautiful and many tears were shed as the young couple was joined in matrimony. After the formalities concluded, we all went to the reception where there was lots of laughing, drinking, and dancing. I was having fun flirting with all of the good looking women and danced with several of them during the course of the evening. When I had my turn with Rita, I found that she’d had a fair amount to drink. She began grinding into me as we slow danced, causing my cock to grow erect. Looking into my eyes, she told me that she wanted me inside her.

As we made our way through the crowd, however, Linda appeared before me and made an excuse to pull me aside in private. She whispered, “That was an interesting exhibition. I am wearing your favorite thong.” Then she walked off with a sexy sway.

When I turned to look for Rita, I saw that she was dancing with Linda’s nephew Paul and so I took the opportunity to dance with Meg. She smelled so good, my cock began to stir again. I would have fucked her right there and then but the song ended and Paul came to retrieve his mother.

I went to get another drink and surveyed the room. I could see that Ron was having a good time, perhaps a little drunk, with Linda at his side at the main table where Ashley and Brian were the center of attention. Suddenly I became frustrated and decided it was time to leave. I approached the newlyweds to thank them and wish them well.

Linda looked a little disappointed but there were too many people around for her to let on. I exchanged good-byes with everyone and drove home a little upset. For the first time, I considered ending my relationship with the perfection embodied in my neighbor Linda.

I took a long bath and pondered my situation. Pouring myself a drink, I settled in front of the TV and watched a movie for distraction. Although it wasn’t very late, I went to bed at about 10:00.

Sometime later, I was awoken by a series of kisses. It was Linda. “Ron passed out and I wanted to see you Paul.” I flipped on the lamp and sat up.

Linda was wearing a strapless satin gown that was intricately beaded. For a second, I felt like it was a dream but then she crawled onto the bed and spread her legs. I took note of her ankle-strap pumps as I got between her thighs and kissed her. Then I said, “It was a beautiful day. You…”

“Ssshhh. It’s not time to talk yet.” She gave me a long tongue-sucking kiss and caressed my cock firmly. Beneath her posed appearance she was out of control. Pushing her gown down over her tits, she pulled my face down to suckle her nipples. As I nibbled them, she raised her hips to expose her pussy and press her wet lips against my cock.

Insistently, Linda took my cock in hand and put it inside of herself. Then she locked her legs around me and urged me to pump. I quickly started to thrust hard and responded to her urgent aggression with my own. Our bodies pounded together with charged pleasure generating in our sex organs. The tight ring of Linda’s slick pussy sliding back and forth over my cock-shaft caused me to want more so I hammered her harder.

Linda cried out and curled against me in a submissive gesture. “Paul… Paul… Paul…” She chanted.

Her body was tense with building pleasure and I could feel the deep surge of cum beginning in my balls. I lifted her right leg to get into a scissor-fucking position and rammed her hard. With each thrust her body rocked against the bed.

Feeling the need to cum, I changed the tempo and pumped Linda with a smooth fast rhythm. She reached down to play with her clit and bucked her hips against me. We were in sync and worked harder to earn the release. In an explosive frenzy our bodies thrashed together into orgasm, our arms grasping and clawing. I couldn’t feel my body and my mind was floating as my cum surged into my lover’s spasming hole.

Linda was gasping and moaning as I held her. I didn’t ever want to let her go. I wanted to keep my cock in her forever. Slowly, our breathing calmed and I laid back in wonder.

“You’re so amazing Linda. I can’t get enough of you.”

“Paul, listen for a minute.” She reached for her coat at the foot of the bed and pulled something out of the pocket. “I want you to wear this.” She produce a jewelry box and handed it to me. It was a silver band.

“Oh Linda. I love you.” I choked up a little.

“I love you too sweetheart. I want you to wear it so that I can know that you’re mine. I’m wearing a ring for you too, didn’t you notice?” She lifted her right hand to show me a matching silver band.

“Oh baby.” I kissed her and embraced her sensual body.

Linda whispered, “I’m yours. I had to let you know that tonight.” And nestled herself against me.

For long moments we laid like that. Linda’s show of devotion made me feel stupid for doubting our relationship. Still, I knew she would have to leave and soon enough she stirred and said, “I have to get back.”

When I held onto her, she added, “Remember that you’re inside me. Your sperm is swimming inside of me right now.” She kissed me and quietly left.

Although I was alone again, I could feel Linda’s juices on my cock and I curled up into sleep with a smile on my face.

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