Hockey Camp Ch. 03

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Gary Arnott had counted all the boys on the bus and one was missing. He stood outside the door of the bus, looking around the girl’s camp, but there was not much to see in the darkness.

“Mona, have you seen Ethan?” he said.

She was just getting on the bus and stopped. “No. Isn’t he on the bus?”

Gary shook his head. “No. He’s the only one missing.”

Mona turned around and searched through the darkness with him. “I saw him dancing with one of the girls. Where did they go?”

“I don’t know. They disappeared.”

Mona nudged him with her elbow. “Maybe they went off to neck. That Ethan’s a pretty cute guy.”

“I wouldn’t know,” he said.

“Well, maybe they didn’t hear the horn. Maybe they went off in the woods together.”

Gary shook his head. “I don’t even want to think about that. If they’re doing what I think they’re doing we could all get in a lot of trouble.”

Mona leaned against the door frame. “I think you worry too much. You’re like a mother hen. They’re just kids. How much can they know?”

“How much did you know at that age?” Gary said with anger in his voice, and immediately regretted it. He didn’t get angry with Mona often, and it was hard to stay angry with her for long.

He looked at her. She seemed deep in thought.

“Maybe you’re right,” she said, then she pointed across the yard. “There they are.”

He saw Ethan and one of the girls come out of the stables. They said something to each other briefly, and she went off in the directions of the cabins. Ethan came toward the bus. Gary wasn’t sure how much they had been into until he saw the grin Ethan was trying to suppress.

“Next time try not to be late,” was all he could think to say as Ethan climbed on the bus. He looked at Mona. She, too, had apparently noticed the grin on his face and figured out what it must have meant because she was grinning, too.

“Don’t you say anything,” he said, and went past her onto the bus.

Ethan was still grinning when he got up in the morning. It did not last when he could not find the opportunity to relieve himself. The hardest thing he’d ever had to do was leave Angie when she was about to give him the most incredible experience he ever could have imagined. It had been painful to put his erection back in his pants. The glow of what they had done together lingered, but now it had been replaced with an agonizing ache in his groin that begged for relief.

If he could get a few minutes alone he could get himself off, but he had no opportunity to get away. And he could see no opportunity any time soon.

The counselors had several activities planned for Sunday. None of them sounded too appealing to Ethan, so he picked the one that seemed least boring: the secret hike.

The members of the group were blindfolded, driven around in Gary’s truck, then dropped off somewhere to find their way back to the camp. When Ethan’s blindfold had been removed, he discovered that he had been teamed with Ramona, and it was just the two of them.

“Ready to go?” she said shortly after Gary had driven off in his pickup truck to drop off the next blindfolded group.

Ethan looked around. He did not recognize the surroundings at all. There was no way he would have been able to find his way back on his own.

“I guess so,” he said. Ramona started off and he followed her. She seemed to know a way to go and he didn’t mind being led. He wasn’t in a very good mood. He was still thinking about Angie, which was painful enough, but his groin ached more and more with each step.

He looked at Ramona’s back. She wore a t-shirt, khaki shorts, hiking boots and a small backpack over her shoulder. Her long, black hair was tied in a ponytail. He wished he could see her front. She had such a beautiful face that he liked to look at, and she had beautiful breasts. He remembered squeezing Angie’s breast. It was so firm and delicate. How would Ramona’s feel? The ache between his legs got worse. He tried not to think about things like that for a while.

They had hiked for miles when Ramona decided they should stop and have something to eat. Ethan was relieved. His body was in very good shape for playing hockey, but it was not used to making long hikes up and down wooded hillsides.

Ramona had a couple of sandwiches and plastic bottles of juice in the backpack that they split. They ate quietly and Ramona made small talk. The sun was directly overhead and was quite warm on them. Ramona untucked her t-shirt and pulled it off over her head. Ethan watched, frozen with the sandwich in his mouth.

Under the shirt she wore a tiny orange bikini top held on by strings. Her breasts were bigger and rounder than he had imagined. They spilled out over the edges of the tiny bikini like they were going to bust out of it. She bent over to stuff the t-shirt into the backpack and Ethan found himself staring straight down at her cleavage. It was a gorgeous sight. His penis throbbed and he groaned in pain, clutching his groin.

Ramona looked up. “What’s wrong,” she asked.

“Nothing,” Marmaris Escort Ethan replied.

He used both hands to cover his groin. He could not stand the embarrassment if she saw what was happening in his shorts.

However, she was looking right down at his hands, no matter how hard he wished she would go away. She came and sat down next to him. She had a slender waist and a flat belly, and her breasts jiggled when she walked. He winced in pain again.

“How far did you go with that girl last night?” she said.

“We kissed. And then … we touched. We didn’t have time for anything else.”

He remembered the sight of Angie’s full lips, parted, hovering inches over the head of his penis, and he winced in pain. Ramona put her hand on his shoulder to comfort him.

“So you didn’t have sex?”

Ethan shook his head. The pain was unbearable. If she didn’t go away he was going to have to do something and he didn’t care if she saw his dick.

“And you didn’t ejaculate?”

Ethan looked up at her. “What’s ejac-?”

“You didn’t cum, you didn’t get off?”

Ethan felt humiliated. “No,” he said.

He hated admitting to anyone, especially Ramona, that he had failed to get off his first time doing anything sexual with a girl.

“And now it hurts?”

He nodded. “It hurts a lot.”

She stood up. “If you want to masturbate to relieve yourself, I won’t watch, ok?”


“You just take your time and tell me when you’re finished.”

Ethan nodded. He wanted to ask her to stay and help him or at least watch, but she walked off and sat on the trunk of a fallen tree with her back to him. When he was sure she wasn’t going to look back, he took out his penis and rubbed his hand rapidly up and down, squeezing the shaft. It took only a minute and he was shooting long, thick spurts of cum into the grass several feet from where he stood. It flooded out of him until he felt drained, and he let out a deep sigh. The ache was still there, deep in his groin, but it was nowhere near as intolerable as before.

He pulled up his pants and walked to Ramona. She turned around.

“I’m done,” Ethan said.

“Feel better?”


Ramona got up. “Then let’s keep going. We want to get back before dinner, right?”

“Right,” he said. She put her arm around his shoulder and he felt happier, although he had a feeling he was never going to get as close to having sex with a girl as he did with Angie.

Gary had been relieved when Mona told him Ethan admitted to not having sex with the girl, and she had scolded him for not being sensitive to Ethan. He had tried to explain to her that he did feel for Ethan because he had suffered some pain, but what was more important, at least as far as he saw, was that they wouldn’t have to worry about the girl getting pregnant. Now they wouldn’t have to worry about a lawsuit from the girl’s parents or about the state shutting them down.

Mona hadn’t understood, of course, and their argument ended abruptly when she stormed out of his office. Now she was mad at him and he was mad at her for being mad at him, and they had hardly spoken two words to each other since that Sunday night. Now here it was Wednesday and he was aching himself. If they didn’t make up soon so they could have sex again he was going to go out of his mind.

That day he had a special event planned, one he hoped would get him back on Mona’s good side, as well as be a good experience for the boys. He was taking them on a trip to see a training camp workout for the K-Wings, the local minor league hockey club. Mona always loved that team, and she would generally get very excited any chance she got to see them. Gary hoped her excitement spilled over into their bed. He loved it when she got a little crazy. She was normally hot-blooded, and when she got worked up she could be a lot of woman for one man to handle.

He made the announcement after breakfast and everyone was excited, except Mona. Gary couldn’t understand this. He had expected her to be most excited of all. Instead, she explained to him she wanted to get some things done around her clinic while she had the opportunity. Then she told him she’d like to ask Ethan to stay behind to help her move some things.

Gary was flabbergasted, but he conceded. The last thing he wanted was to make her more angry at him. She might never let him see her naked again, and he couldn’t bear that. So he boarded the bus with the rest of the boys and counselors, except Ethan, and said good-bye to Mona. It was going to be a long day without her.

Ethan had been excited about seeing the K-Wings at a training camp. There were guys on the team he knew about and was thrilled to get a chance to see them in person. Then he had been disappointed when Ramona asked him to stay behind to help her with some work in her clinic. Normally he wouldn’t have minded, but did she have to take him away from such a great opportunity?

Nevertheless he did the work. They spent most of the morning Marmaris Escort Bayan cleaning and rearranging her clinic. During that entire time he stole quick glances at her. She had tied her hair back and was wearing old work clothes and gloves, yet still she was stunning. When she wiped the perspiration from her forehead with the back of her gloved hand or bent over to clean the dust from some bottom shelves, he fell in love with her just a little bit more.

Just before lunch she asked him to carry a stack of boxes to her cabin and wait for her there. He carried them down the hill from the main building and across the small field to the cabins. Except for the songs of a few birds, the camp was very quiet. He and Ramona were the only people there, and it was peaceful.

Ramona had her own cabin, since she was the only woman in the camp. Ethan opened the screen door, went in and set the boxes on the floor. Her cabin was much nicer than any of the others. She had a real bed with a mattress and sheets instead of a bunk, and she had a dresser and a makeup table. It made him a little homesick.

The screen door opened and Ramona came in. He had been standing in the middle of the cabin, reminiscing, and turned to her.

“I set the boxes over there,” Ethan said, pointing to the stack by the wall.”

“Thanks,” she said with a quick glance at the boxes. She smiled at him and walked past. She went to the makeup table and sat down.

“Is there anything else I can do?” he said nervously.

“Have a seat,” Ramona said calmly. “I’ll have something for you in a second.”

Ethan looked around the small cabin. There were no chairs. The only place he saw to sit was the bed, so he sat on the edge of it. He didn’t know what she was doing, but every now and then she glanced at him in the mirror.

“Are you nervous, Ethan?” she said. She removed the rubber band that held her hair in a ponytail and brushed it out.

“No, why?” he said, although he actually was quite nervous.

“No reason,” Ramona said.

She got up and sat on the bed beside him. He suddenly felt much more nervous. She touched his bare knee. He became aroused. His penis started to stiffen in his shorts.

“Do you like me, Ethan?” she asked.

Her fingers brushed through the rough hairs on his leg just above his knee.

“Yes,” Ethan muttered.

His erection was swelling the front of his shorts. She would not be able to miss it. He wanted to cover it with his hands, but was afraid this would just draw her attention to it.

She moved her hand up his thigh and touched his arm. “Do you want to kiss me, Ethan?”

He began to tremble. He looked at her lips. They were full and red, slightly parted. He imagined them pressing to his lips the way Angie’s had, and his stirring penis sprung fully erect. For a second, he had an image in his mind of it ripping open the front of his shorts.

“Yes,” he sighed.

Never in his life had he wanted anything more. She watched his eyes. He wasn’t sure if she wanted him to go first.

He leaned toward her, tilted his head, closed his eyes, and pressed his lips against hers. They yielded and she responded by pressing back. He felt dizzy with pleasure. It was like he was under some sort of spell and didn’t want to move for fear of breaking it.

Ramona put her arm around his neck and kissed him more insistently, pushing her tongue into his mouth. Ethan tried to remember what he’d done when Angie kissed him like this. He met Ramona’s tongue in his mouth with his tongue, and that seemed to work. Ramona moaned softly.

“Tell me,” Ramona whispered as her hand stroked the bare part of his thigh. “When you were alone with that girl at the dance, what were the two of you gonna do if you’d had more time?”

Ethan stammered and hesitated. He had hoped he and Angie would have had sex, but she had eliminated any chance of that by saying she had to remain a virgin. However, if they’d just had another minute …

“She was gonna …” He stopped. He felt strangely uncomfortable telling this part to her.


“She was gonna put my thing … in her mouth.”

Ramona’s eyebrows arched up in surprise. “Really?” she said.

Ethan nodded, squirming uncomfortably to try to find room for his erection in the confinement of his shorts.

Ramona’s hand moved from his thigh to the swollen lump. She squeezed it and Ethan sighed.

“It’s very big,” she said, her soft voice barely a whisper.

“That’s what Angie said.”

Ramona looked confused. “Angie?”

“The girl from the other camp.”

She nodded. “Oh. She was gonna put this in her mouth?”

Ethan nodded. Her hand was rubbing the length of his shaft. His heart pounded in his chest and he was breathing hard.

Ramona’s mouth moved very close to his ear. “Would you like it if I put your … thing in my mouth?”

“Oh yes, very much,” Ethan gasped. He couldn’t believe this was happening. It was more incredible than what he had done with Escort Marmaris Angie.

Ramona’s small hands unfastened the button and zipper of his shorts. Ethan leaned back with his hands on the bed. Her hand reached in and pulled out his penis.

“Oh it’s beautiful,” she sighed. It stood straight up, dwarfing her tiny hands. She leaned over it, moving her hand slowly up and down the shaft. She was licking her lips.

“Oh God,” Ethan moaned.

The anticipation was killing him. He could feel her breath on the head of his penis.

She leaned closer and kissed the head. Ethan held his breath. Ramona looked up at him, the corners of her sensual mouth turned up in a playful smile. She stuck out her pink tongue and licked the tip. Ethan groaned. Ramona giggled.

“I want to suck it,” she said in a matter-of-fact way.

He watched with wide eyes as she lowered her open mouth over the head and closed her lips around the shaft.

“Oh my God,” Ethan moaned again.

Her mouth was warm and wet and smothered his penis. He could feel her tongue moving on the tender side as she moved her head up and down. He was breathing harder. She was going to get him off. He could feel it coming.

All of a sudden it was happening. His penis was throbbing and he was doing it in her mouth. He couldn’t believe it. She kept her mouth over the end of his penis the entire time he was getting off. That meant his stuff was going in her mouth. It was so incredible it made him dizzy. He watched her face and saw her cheeks puff out as he filled them with his semen. She continued to move her head up and down until he cooled down, then, to his shock, she swallowed it and started licking and kissing the sides of his penis.

“What did you do?” Ethan panted.

“I gave you a blow job,” Ramona said. Her voice was deep and husky.

“But my … my …”

“Your cum? What about it?”

Ethan had never heard it called cum. It took him a few seconds to realize what she was talking about.

“My cum. What did you do with it?”

Ramona smiled, showing her straight, white teeth. “I swallowed it. Why?”

Ethan could not comprehend this. He never would have thought of any girl doing anything like that. He would have assumed she would have thought it as disgusting as he did.

“Did you like it?” he asked.

“Mm hm. I love it.” She stood up. “I like your’s especially. You have so much of it. And look.” She squeezed his penis. “You’re still hard. Not many guys can cum like you did and still be ready for more. I bet I can make you cum again.”

“You can?” Ethan said, astounded she would offer to make him feel that good twice.

She walked around the bed to the other side. He turned to watch her.

“Let’s find out,” she said with a sly grin. She started to unbutton her top. Ethan stared at her hands, fascinated. Ramona removed the top and dropped it on the floor. She wore a small, satiny bra with a light floral print and black lace trim that accentuated the round, full shape of her breasts. The sight of them pushed up in the tight bra made his mouth water.

She unfastened her khaki shorts and let them drop to the floor. Her panties matched her bra, with a sexy, high leg cut on her hips. She got on the bed and lay on her back. Ethan stared at her, dumbfounded. She was incredibly beautiful.

“Take your clothes off, Ethan,” she said.

He snapped out of his daydream. “What?”

Ramona giggled. “Undress, silly. I want to see you naked. You can’t have sex with your clothes on.”

Ethan blushed and Ramona giggled again. His throat felt tight. He was shaking. She was going to have sex with him.

He stood up and undressed, feeling terribly embarrassed and self-conscious, even though she had already seen and touched the most private area of his body. Ramona was amused by his discomfort, and that only made him feel more awkward.

Ramona moaned, with a little smile on her puffy, red lips, when he removed his shirt. She seemed to like looking at his body, although he couldn’t understand why. He thought of himself as skinny and ugly. He dropped his shorts but left his underwear on, which he’d pulled back over his penis, and covered the swollen bulge with both hands.

Ramona pouted with her lower lip stuck out. He looked at her twice. She looked remarkably sexy in a vulnerable kind of way.

“Take it off, Ethan. I’ve already seen your cock. You don’t have to hide it from me.”

He looked down at the bulge under his hands. She called it a cock. There was so much about this sex stuff he had to learn. He pulled down his underwear and let his cock out.

“Mmm,” she moaned, staring at it. “It’s so beautiful. Come over here, Ethan.” She patted the edge of the mattress beside her,

Ethan sat down, staring at her body. She had long, smooth legs, a slender waist, and large, full breasts with nipples that were hard points under the bra. His penis throbbed as he took in her beauty. His heart pounded.

Ramona put her hand around his cock and moved it up and down.

“Kiss me, Ethan,” she whispered. Her chest heaved, pushing her breasts against the tight bra.

Ethan leaned over her, with both hands on the mattress on either side of her head, and kissed her gently. Ramona put her other hand around his neck and tangled her fingers in his hair.

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