HK Visa Student Studies Hard

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It was a 1st year statistics class at the University. This semester had over 200 students enrolled in it, and a very difficult year it was for many. For some it was just another course, but for others it was an important course that could help their grade point average when it came to applying for med school in their 2nd year.

One such student was Mei Lee. She was a Hong Kong International student studying at the University in the States. Her parents still in Hong Kong, but paying for her to study in the states so she can reach their goal of her getting into Med School. Mei Lee was a very stunning yet petite Chinese girl, a mere 5 foot, with long black hair, beautiful almond eyes, and very fashionable. Always dressed in a dress or skirt, with a nice matching heel and long French nails. She was living a good life in the States, as she also had a Chinese boyfriend who studied at the same University and drove around in his BMW. He was also an international student from Hong Kong. He would drive her to class and pick her up with just a simple telephone call on their cells. They had met early on through friends, and mostly communicated in Cantonese.

Mei Lee was in Derrick Brown’s tutorial class. Derrick was the TA and assigned to a group of 15 students that met once a week to discuss the lectures and review past test results. Derrick also had an office that students could drop by if they had questions and wanted extra help.

The previous week Mei Lee received one of her major tests in the course, and it was a very poor mark. She was very upset all week regarding Ataşehir Yabancı Escort the mark and had talked to him previously after the tutorial but Derrick said the mark would stand. Mei Lee was afraid this might have some impact on her chances at Med School, so decided to go talk to Derrick at his office after her last class. She told her boyfriend that she would need more time so she can go talk to her TA.

Derrick was going over some questions from the previous lecture when Mei Lee came by his office. He had always thought about Mei Lee, for she was quite a beautiful Chinese girl. Seeing her at the doorway, in a short grey skirt, and white dress shirt, with tall black high heeled mules really got him going. He smiled as he asked her to come in and sit down. As she sat down at the chair in front of his desk, she crossed her legs exposing a nice bare leg going up all the way to her thighs. Conversation began regarding their pervious talk on her past test results. The answers he gave her made her upset once again. He told her that he couldn’t just give her a retest, it wouldn’t be fair to the other students. Mei Lee tried one last time to explain the importance of these marks on her applying to Med School, but there was no changing Derrick’s decision.

At that point Mei Lee almost in a pouting face, while her crossed leg was dangling the black high heeled mules, looked up at Derrick and asked if there was some way she can earn the mark. At that point Derrick asked her what she meant. Mei Lee without a word got up and went over to close Ataşehir Yeni Escort and lock his office door. She slowly moved toward him and around his desk and looked at him as she told him that she was willing to work for her mark. He smiled and nodded as he showed his agreement. Mei Lee took that as a sign and went down on her knees, as Derrick unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants in front of her. Mei Lee slowly reached at his shorts and pulled out a very thick 6 inch cock and began to work on it in her small asian mouth. Derrick had never had such a small asian girl suck his cock before. He just towered over her small frame as he looked at her head bobbing up and down as she lick and sucked his cock. He can tell from her eyes and sucking that she was enjoying this. He grabbed her head with both his hands and started to fuck her mouth and face harder. She was making noise as she was scared with each thrust that he was burying his thick cock in her small mouth and at the back of her throat. Derrick was in heaven.

After a while of having this little asian slut be orally penetrated in this fashion, he had her stand up and turn around. She was a bit confused at first, but when he turned her around then she understood. She bent over his desk and spread her legs open as she lifted her skirt over her ass. To his amazement she was wearing a thong. He started to kiss the little sluts ass as she moaned with each stroke and lick of his tongue. Just then her cell phone went off. It was clipped to the side of the skirt, which he unclipped and handed to her. Ataşehir Masaj Salonu In the middle of eating her out as she was bent over his desk, her boyfriend called her to ask if he should go there to pick her up. They spoke in Chinese and she lied to him telling him that she will need at least an hour.

As they spoke on the phone he took his cock out again and placed it in her pussy from behind. She almost screamed on the phone, but just gave a sound out that surprised everyone, including her boyfriend. She told him she dropped the phone. After she hangs up, she enjoys the total penetration from Derrick. Derrick could not believe the tightness of her pussy, yet so wet it was. She gladly spread wide with each thrust, she had never experienced such a thick cock and it really had her going crazy for more. It wasn’t long before Derrick shot a load and exploded in her small tight pussy. And after that he made her go back on her knees and lick his balls and cock till it came again in her mouth. Mei Lee was stunned. She had never done anything like this, but her satisfaction that she got her grade was more than delighting her. Mei Lee pulled down her skirt, got her papers and bag, thanked Derrick and ran out in her high heels. Mei Lee could feel white pearly hot jism coming out her pussy and rolling down her thighs. From a distance her thighs were glistening.

When she walked up to her boyfriends car she opens it up and goes in. As she gets in he tries to kiss her, but she turns her head and says in Chinese to go. He notices her sides of her mouth are also glistening and have some white dried fluid. When he asks her what she have on her face, she tells him she had a milkshake and wipes her mouth in front of the mirror as he drives off. If he only new what his little slutty girlfriend did after class. But he will never know. It is just this little Chinese girls secret.

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