His Too-Perfect Pet – Complete

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His too-perfect pet – complete story


Revised January 2023

I wrote this story after attending a workshop on the role of kink in healing trauma. I left the workshop frustrated, feeling kink could be more constructive in healing soul wounds than the teachers thought.

This version has had an extensive editorial review to clean up punctuation and improve the flow of many paragraphs. If you are only looking for pet-play sex, that starts in part 3 if you want to jump ahead.


Dramatis Personae

Akira – Wife, OCD lawyer

Snow – Akira’s puppy-girl name

Selina – Akira’s secretary

Giles – Husband

Betty – Giles’ Black German Shepherd.

Emiko – Akira’s sister

Brian – Akira’s boss

Sophie – Giles’ older sister

Mike – Giles’ brother-in-law


Part 1, Introducing Snow

Selina was surprised to see her boss looking worried on her way back from Brian’s office early Thursday morning. She guessed Brian must have said something that had unsettled her. Brian was a Senior Partner at the New York law firm of Amritzi-Morgenstern and ran the Atlanta office with a firm hand.

She followed Akira into her office, shut the door, leaned against it, and waited. Akira was a strongly driven Type-A overachiever with a Harvard Law degree and a considerable measure of OCD thrown in for good measure. She was half Japanese, and her mother had reacted to her US military husband leaving by becoming a Tiger Mom demanding perfection in everything her two daughters did.

“Brian has put me in an impossible situation,” she blurted out, “He’s effectively just asked me to choose between my career and marriage. You know I need both.”

“I’m listening.”

“Remember how I almost lost Giles a couple of years ago because I was working long hours, and he was lonely. He’d reached the point he couldn’t see a reason to remain married to a woman who didn’t spend time with him.”

“Yes, I remember. You brilliantly solved that problem by moving to a house with a big yard and getting him a German Shepherd and a truck. Though, to be honest, scheduling more dinner dates for the two of you was probably the thing he most needed.”

Akira smiled and sighed, “Getting Betty was the best thing I ever did for him. He loves that dog so much he drives hours to where he can give her long walks in the woods off the leash.”

“So, what’s Brian got to do with this?” At this point, Selina had no idea where the conversation was going.

“Brian is being transferred to the Manhattan headquarters. Since he’s my mentor and I’m his top protégé, he’s putting me up for promotion to Junior Partner, but only if I agree to move to New York with him. I might just get Giles to agree to New York if we had a yard and he brought Betty. The issue is that the new HQ has penthouse suites, and we will be required to live there. The tower has a strict no pets policy.”

“Fuck!” Selina responded, “I could see Giles living in the suburbs where there are parks to walk Betty. But if he had to choose between Betty and a wife he struggles to get time with? Honestly, I don’t see how you will win that one.”

Akira sat there dejectedly, not speaking, so Selina continued, “Hey, don’t say anything to him tonight, OK? We can both sleep on it and brainstorm some ideas in the morning like it was a new court case we’d been assigned.”

Akira gave her a grim nod of acceptance.


The next morning Selina followed her boss into her office and shut the door behind them. Akira stared at her, trying to determine whether she was smirking or giggling – it was a cute mixture of them. Smirggling? Giggiking?

“So, I have an idea about New York. A somewhat naughty idea:” then smirked again. “I just sent you something from my personal email because it is NSFW.” With that, she hurriedly retreated, leaving a somewhat bemused boss behind.

Akira opened the email and stared at it. It was entitled ‘A replacement pet for Giles.’ The body of the email simply had links to Literotica with titles like ‘Little Lost Puppy,’ ‘His Perfect Pet,’ and ‘Her Obedient Lapdog.’ For one of the rare times in her life, she couldn’t settle down to focus on work, so she opened her personal laptop and clicked on the links.

Growing up with a Tiger Mom who didn’t let her spend time with boys had left Akira relatively sheltered. Years of law school and then apprenticing had also given her no time for boys, so she was still somewhat sheltered by most people’s standards. As she got into the first story, she gawped. What the heck? A dominant husband decided he preferred his wife as a puppy and slowly transformed her into an increasingly obedient puppy girl. What the Fuck! Why would any woman go along with that?

She was going to stop reading and return to the court case but realized she was trembling and ever so slightly wet. She continued to the end and travesti istanbul read the other stories too. It was the last story that caught her eye. In ‘Little Lost Puppy,’ the woman behaved exactly like a dog with no human abilities. The dog not speaking meant the poor man had to work out for himself what the puppy girl was and what she wanted. By now, it was late morning, so she called Selina back in and suggested lunch out.

After they were seated, she asked, “OK, I’m just a little confused here. Are you winding me up, or do you think I could ever go for this? Do you think Brian would accept this as a replacement for Betty?” By now, her right eyebrow was raised inquisitively.

Selina couldn’t contain her giggling any longer. She’d spent last night trying to imagine her completely OCD feminist boss, who was already widely feared in the courts, pretending to be a puppy and eating from a dog bowl. It was just hysterical.


“Sorry.” She couldn’t stop herself from giggling. “The idea cracked me up. I imagined you doing all those things and laughed so hard my poor hubby thought I’d lost it. Then I got to thinking, what would it communicate to Giles if you did that for him?”

“My idea is,” she paused, then explained how to present it to Giles in a way that should make him feel loved.

All weekend Akira wracked her brains for a better idea but got nothing. So very reluctantly, she started looking for the things she would need on the internet. She quickly found some cute Lycra Zentai puppy outfits, but that wasn’t her. The Dalmatian was especially cute in a Halloween party kind of way, but nothing like a real puppy.

She realized that if she was going to do it, she had to do what the girl in the last story had done, commit to the roleplay, and be OCD about only doing what dogs could do in real life. She would need two separate personalities: Akira, the wife, and a yet-to-be-named puppy girl.

Her OCD demanded that she be completely one or wholly the other, with nothing allowed to blur the line between them. This was like a court case she could win by giving it 100% of her commitment while keeping her private life private.

One thought was troubling her. In all the pet play stories, the pet’s owner expected them to go outside to pee. She didn’t think she could do that in their very private walled-in garden in Atlanta. In Manhattan, she wouldn’t be able to go outside to walk, never mind peeing on the sidewalk and quite likely get arrested. OK, there were limits to being OCD and 100% authentic.

Since she couldn’t find a realistic puppy suit, she did what she always did when stuck; she asked Selina.


On Tuesday morning, there was a private email from Selina. “I found an amazingly lifelike puppy suit, but it would have to be bespoke, which is costly. With a rush order, it will take 6 working days.”

“Any idea how easy it is to clean? Eating from a dog bowl could get messy.”

“The face cover is removable, so it can be washed more often. The material is treated with the same stain-resistance chemicals as office carpet, so everything should just wipe off without a mark. They guarantee the ‘no-stain’ for two years.”

“OK, If you think it would look good and I would be OK with it, order it.” She replied.

“I can order it in black to match Betty, but I think the off-white would look stunning on you.”

“Let’s go for off-white.”

“Off-white it is. If I’m doing this, I want you to promise to let me see you wearing it at least once.”

Akira blanched. “No! This is my private life with Giles, and no one, I repeat, no one, will ever be allowed to see this apart from my husband!”

One week later, some parcels had been delivered to Akira’s house, but no puppy suit, and she was getting concerned. Finally, the next day, Selina walked into her office and told her it had arrived. She looked at her secretary with a puzzled expression.

Selina laughed, “I knew you’d never let me see you wearing it, so the only way I’d get to see it was to have it shipped to my home. Sorry, Boss!” and grinned to indicate she wasn’t even remotely sorry.

Of fuck, Akira thought, her secretary was enjoying this way too much.


Thursday evening came, and Giles worked a late shift that didn’t end till midnight. Akira had everything Selina had ordered hidden in the guest room except the puppy suit. Knowing it was inevitable, she invited Selina to bring the puppy suit to her house and help her try it on.

They opened the box and were amazed. Selina found an outfit with high-quality off-white synthetic fur and an eye-watering price tag. After a few minutes of struggling with the skin-tight fit, they had it on her. Akira twirled around, looking in the full-length mirror. Oh goodness, it was perfect, every curve in her body shown and sculpted to perfection. She dropped to all fours and looked in istanbul travestileri the mirror again: it looked absolutely fucking gorgeous on her. And, oh my, that tail! She waggled her butt, and the tail flew side to side; she and Selina cracked up at its sight.

“Boss, you look amazingly sexy in that outfit. Just adorable. I’m so glad you let me see it on you.” her secretary gushed.

Akira quietly thought she had been blackmailed into doing it but bit her lip. She owed Selina for the idea and for getting it for her.

She sat for a while stroking her fur and wondering how Giles would react to seeing her do something so out-of-character. She grinned at the thought of his shocked expression. Selina stroked the gorgeous puppy until Akira called it quits, and she helped Akira extricate herself from the outfit.

Giles got back at 1 am on Friday morning. She fixed him a G if anything, it sounded nervous, which was quite unlike her. Despite serving two tours in Afghanistan with the Marines and a tour teaching cadets at Parris Island, his wife still intimidated him at times.

She bit her lip, “I have some bad news I need to tell you. News you are not going to be happy with. I don’t think I can have the conversation without a nice meal and a bottle of good wine to give me courage. I’ll tell you what’s happening at work over dinner. After dinner, we’ll come back, and I have a surprise for you that I hope will make everything OK between us. The most important thing is I need you to promise not to say anything in response until breakfast on Sunday when you’ve had time to sleep on it.”

“I have told Selina that I am not to be contacted by the office this weekend under any circumstances. Instead, you will have my undivided attention to work through this together.”

If active duty had taught him anything, it was don’t fight imaginary enemies. Instead, he’d discipline himself to not think what this bad news might be but wait till he knew the truth. He sighed, “OK, my love, I’ll wait to hear what it is, and I promise to sleep on it before discussing it over breakfast.”


Giles sat in the restaurant, stunned at what she had just told him. They had had to work hard to save their marriage two years ago, and, in his mind, Betty was what had kept them together (OK, the more frequent date nights had helped too). Now, she wanted him not only to give up the dog that his life revolved around but move to Manhattan and live in a skyscraper? Fuck no.

He started to object, but she shushed him.

“You promised me you would not react till breakfast, and then we will talk. But, before that, I have a surprise for you at home, although it will take me a little time to retrieve it from where I stashed it and get it ready to show you.”

She stroked his cheek and looked pleadingly into his brown eyes. He glared at her, but he had given her his word and was curious what present she thought might mollify him.


He let Betty out into the yard at home, then got out the Woodford Reserve. He fixed himself an over-generous Manhattan while shaking his head at the irony of the name. Akira had disappeared into the spare room, so he settled down to enjoy the feeling as the Manhattan warmed his throat.

He’d half-finished his drink when he heard the door open. What. The. Actual. Fuck.

He froze in sheer bewilderment as he watched his wife, dressed up as a white puppy, padding towards him on all fours. He noticed a sealed letter in her mouth, a dog collar, and a tag around her neck. He burst out laughing: talk about unexpected, this was priceless.

The puppy bounced on all fours and proffered the letter before resting her head on his thigh and looking up at him with big puppy eyes. He was about to open the letter when he remembered seeing the tag. He lifted her head and read the tag out aloud, ‘Snow. Property of Giles Jones.’

He shook his head and grinned, “Hi, Snow!”

“Aarf” was the happy greeting he got back.

He resumed opening the letter.

My dearest darling,

I’ve struggled with this news and have been miserable since Brian talked to me. I came too close to losing you once already and vowed never again. I can’t lose you. I won’t lose you. I told Brian this morning that if I’m put in an impossible situation, I will have no choice but to choose you over my career. This is my solemn commitment to you.

I hope Snow will be enough for you to try living in Manhattan. If you are willing to try, we can keep our house here in Atlanta to escape at weekends. You can have Snow for one evening every week and, if you wish, one weekend every month.

Please remember Snow is a puppy. She can only do things a real puppy can do. She cannot talk. She cannot open doors. She cannot eat with a knife and fork. The only exception is the bathroom. Snow will go into the bathroom and use her nose to shut the door. Then, istanbul travesti she will scratch at the door to be let out when she’s finished. Don’t ask what happens in the bathroom: it’s puppy girl magic. Equally, don’t ask what happens in the spare room when I leave and Snow comes out, and vice versa, and you must never watch: it’s also puppy girl magic.

I am not Snow, and Snow is not me. You must promise to never confuse us. Your wife knows nothing about Snow, so talking to her about the puppy is pointless.

You will just have to work it out for yourself tonight since Snow can’t talk. Tomorrow, and tomorrow only, I will speak with you about Snow. After tomorrow, Snow should never be discussed again. All you need to do to get time with Snow is tell me, “Darling, do you think you could use some downtime. I will know what you mean. You simply say, “I wonder when Akira is coming home,” when you want your wife back.”

If you are willing to try Manhattan, Roger and Steph are willing to host Betty on their farm, and we can have her every weekend we are back here in Atlanta. You know she loves that farm, she’s so happy when we go there. I hope that will be enough for you to at least try it.

I love you more than I can ever find the words to say.

Your adoring wife,


Giles looked at his wife, who was still making big puppy dog eyes at him. No, he caught himself, not his wife; she wants me to see Snow. He sighed and started ruffling the fur on her head.

Wow! The fur felt amazing. He briefly forgot what Snow was and just enjoyed running his hands over every square inch of her perfect tight pelt.

The fur suit came down over her head to just above her eyebrows, and the bottom came up to her chin. He found that the face-covering was attached to Velcro and covered the area between her eyes and mouth. It had a cute black button nose. He guessed the removable face mask was to wash it more frequently.

He explored the leather on her palms that had been stiffened and padded. Her knees had a leather cover over what felt like the kind of knee guards she used for rollerblading. He guessed they had a layer of padding for comfort, judging by how much they stuck out from the rest of her legs. He saw stiffened leather on the bottom of her feet for walking on two legs, but they also had leather over the tops of her toes and lower foot where they would drag on the ground when she was on all fours.

Snow rolled over and waggled her chest at him. Betty loved long tummy rubs; it seemed Snow did too. Getting down on the floor, he started running his hands over Snow’s belly and her furry chest. Damn, B-cup furry boobs felt fucking perfect. Within seconds the bulge was clearly showing in his chinos.

At the fire station, he and the other guys had swapped favourite erotic stories to fill long quiet shifts, so he’d read a few pet play stories along with other stuff. The pet play ones all involved lots of oral sex or kinky fucking doggy-style. Looking down, he saw the zipper around her crotch. This should be fun: fucking my wife doggy style while she’s dressed as a puppy.

He tried to grab the zip to access her pussy, but she spun around and growled at him before he could. He didn’t realize she was growling as his mind was entirely distracted by a random thought: can you use the word pussy for a dog’s quim? The cat reference seemed weird. He shook himself to get his head back in the game and realized Snow was growling. He tried to open the zipper again, so she growled louder and bared her teeth.

OK, she didn’t want kinky fucking tonight. He also realized that Snow would convey her boundaries as a puppy. Maybe next time? Then the thought struck him: Snow can only do things a real puppy could do, and he would never even think of violating Betty. Damn, where was the fun in his wife making him so damn horny and then slamming that door shut?

He told her, looking Snow in the eyes, “Humans can’t fuck real puppies, so I can’t fuck Snow either. Is that right?”

Snow got up on her rear legs in the begging position, then gave him an enthusiastic “Aarf.” She looked so pleased with him working it out.

Damn, he thought, she’s not just a perfect puppy girl, she’s too damn perfect: in a puppy costume, but puppy sex was off-limits. Giles was not going to let this go. He knew he needed a plan: a plan that would, one step at a time, bring Akira around to letting Snow have kinky puppy sex. This question was definitely not settled.

Feeling frustrated, Giles now wanted to know just how far his wife would go to be a puppy for him.

“Snow, sit!”

Snow immediately sat on her rear legs with her paws up.

“Snow, lie down!”

Giles was surprised to see instant obedience to him again. He thought this was weird; she never does anything he said. He stood up.

“Snow, heel!”

Snow did exactly what Betty would have done, standing quietly on his left next to his knee. OK, let’s see how far I can push her.

“Snow, stay!”

He disappeared into his man cave and opened the box of tennis balls. He reappeared with the oldest grubbiest tennis ball they hadn’t yet thrown away.

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