His Game

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Big Dick

It had been an absolute bitch of a day, she was tired and worn out – and she had been glad to finally make it to their cabin in the mountains. When she got there, she had found a note pinned to the front door, simply reading “it’s all ready to go, I’ll be back soon, mine”. Of course she could rely on him to remember to record their favourite show – they normally watched it together, but on the evenings she worked, he would record it for them to watch together later. He must have already watched this week’s episode, and had left her time to relax after her hard day.

Her shoes had found the underneath of the coffee table when she’d kicked them off and snuggled deep into the cushions of their old, dark brown leather couch. Not even bothering to get out of her uniform, she had switched on the big screen TV and hit play on the remote, and immediately become absorbed in the show.

As the credits rolled she heard a noise behind her, and turned her head to find him silhouetted in the kitchen doorway. Although she hadn’t heard him moving around in there, her face broke into a smile as she noticed the tray of goodies in his hands. And then he spoke. “As yaw makah, Ahh command you…..” and she collapsed in a fit of giggles.

When she finally regained her composure he was standing by her side, having placed the tray on the heavy wooden coffee table in front of them, with that sly grin on his face. “As I was trying to say, my girl, I think it’s about time you got out of that uniform, don’t you?”

Trying to keep the impish grin off her face, she rose from the worn leather of the couch, as he sunk into it. Turning around on her toes, she unclipped the little white cap from her short brunette hair, she felt the heat beginning to rise in her cheeks. That gaze of his made every nerve-ending tingle, and he was getting his full depth of viewing tonight. Quickly discarding the cap to the side, she stretched up to the back of her neck and started to pull the zipper down, her full breasts straining against the white fabric, stretching the little printed red cross till there were cracks appearing in it. As she eased the rest of the zipper down, the fabric loosened around her body, and it fell about her legs. She quickly stepped out of it, and then kicked the spent uniform to the side with tuzla escort the white cap. The light from the open fire flickered over her skin, giving it a warm glow and the heat emanating from the roaring flames stopped the goose bumps from rising on her flesh.

“That’s enough girl, leave those delicious knickers on and join me here” he gave the couch cushion a resounding thud, just to affirm exactly where he meant. With a delighted grin, she snuggled up on the couch next to him, and he pulled the blanket, that had been resting on his other side, over to cover them both. Wrapping an arm firmly around her shoulders and pulling her to him, placing a gentle kiss to the top of her head. “I’ve missed you today, heathen”

She laughed at his latest pet name for her, something that was a very recent development “I’ve missed you too, Mr.” and she snuggled as close as she possibly could to him. “Thank you so much for recording the show for me,” she smiled up at him and brushed her lips gently over his stubbly chin.

“You’re welcome, girl. Now, can you pass me that small bowl there? I’ve got a small surprise for you.” She was unable to see that gleam in his eye as she leant forward to take the bowl from the table, and she was now certainly curious as to what it contained. As she placed it on his lap, she couldn’t help but notice it was full of choc dipped raspberries, and her smile brightened. “Oooo how scrumptious, I love raspberries,” she said, as she eyed the bowl with a new hunger.

“Yes, I know you do, but before you munch your way through the whole bowl, I want to try something with you.” He grinned as he saw the puzzled look on her face. “No need to worry sweetheart, it’s not going to hurt a bit.”

Picking one of the biggest berries from the bowl, he lifted it, turned slightly in his seat and placed it gently against her lips. She shivered a little as the fridge-cold fruit touched her flesh, and her lips instinctively parted for him. Placing it gently on her tongue he whispered “Suck on it baby, don’t chew it just yet. Tease the flesh apart with your tongue, crush it up against the roof of your mouth”

He watched her face intently, as her eyes closed, and her breathing deepened. He could see the way ucuz escort her tongue was moving about her mouth, and the way the blanket was rising and falling with each deep breath. Leaning in, he pressed his lips gently to the side of her neck, nipping at the creamy flesh and relished in the sound of her muffled whimper. “Can you feel that tang hitting the back of your tongue? The way it excites you? Alarms you? Makes you crave more?”

She can do nothing but nod her head along with his questions, the little pockets of flavour bursting in her mouth, coating her tongue with their sweet sharp taste. His mouth moved closer to her ear and he whispered ever softer, “Yeah, that’s pretty much how it feels every time you nestle in my arms like this. De. Licious”.

A tear trickled slowly down her cheek as she swallowed the tasty treat, she had never felt more at home than she did with this man. Scooping up the bowl of berries from his lap, she maneuvered herself, and the blanket, till she was straddling his thighs with the bowl resting in between them. She smiled softly at him, before leaning in and brushing her lips over his, whispering against them “Ditto Mr, ditto. Now it’s your turn, but you have to share it”.

Pulling back from his handsome face a little, she reached for a chocolate coated morsel and held it just out from his lips. His blue eyes sparked with life and he dropped his hands to her womanly hips, pulling her snug to him as he opened his mouth. Carefully she placed the berry between his teeth then leant in again to press her lips to his. Flicking her tongue out from between her lips and over his teeth, she nudges the fruit. Responding in kind, he pushes it back into her mouth. With a wicked giggle she scissors it between her front teeth and sends the half back into his mouth, the red juice coating their lips.

His fingers dug into her hips and he arched up against her as the sharpness hit the back of his tongue. Feeling his desire, she places a hand on each side of his face and pressed her lips harder to his, enveloping him in a deep kiss, her tongue darting into his mouth, tasting the sweet chocolate and the tartness of the berry. A growl erupts from deep in his chest, and she drops a hand from his face ümraniye escort as she feels the bowl begin to topple, gripping it blindly and dropping it to the couch cushions.

Dragging his fingers across her back to rest at the crest of her arse, he bit gently on her bottom lip, causing her to whimper into his mouth. Breaking the kiss, he admired the flush over her cheeks, the way her chest was rising and falling rapidly, and with a wicked grin on his lips, he leant to the side and gripped another berry between finger and thumb. “Be a dear and hold this for me” he said, as he slipped a raspberry between her soft full lips.

Pressing his fingers into the small of her back, he guided her to arch her back and leant forward, with that smirk growing on his face. “Hold it in your teeth and try not to crush it, ok?” His lips captured her hardened nipple and his teeth grazed the sensitive flesh, moving to grip it softly as she had the berry. A stifled squeal erupts her lips as her teeth clamp down on the berry, the juice flooding over her tongue, her hands sliding down from his neck to grip his biceps, hard.

Chuckling as he lifts his head from her breast, that wicked grin playing in his sparkling arctic blue eyes, he shakes his head at her. “That’s one point for me, mine.” He kisses her lips softly, and lifts another berry from the bowl, “Let’s try that again, shall we.” She growled in mock frustration, her gray blue eyes flaring, as he popped another tasty treat into her mouth.

Lowering his head again, his eyes not leaving hers this time, he gave a waggle of his brows, as his tongue flicked out and over the engorged bud of her left breast. Dropping her head back, she let the soft tender fleshed fruit fall back onto her tongue, cradling it there as a tremor of pleasure rolled through her body. Digging her fingernails into his large muscles she ground her pelvis impatiently against his and pressed the berry back out between hers soft full lips. She lifted her head back up as his mouth fell away from her breast, showing off the prize she had captured without spilling a drop of juice. He beamed with pride at her “My, you are learning quickly baby girl, and a point for you too.”

Taking his middle finger, he pushed the berry into her mouth, then grabbed her around the waist, and flipped her onto her back on the couch and reached for the bowl of berries. He grinned lewdly down at her, as he pulled his shirt quickly over his head. She giggled and writhed on the soft cushion, as his deft fingers found the elastic waist of her knickers “Let’s see where else you can hold these without crushing them, shall we?”

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