His First Cougar Ch. 02

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When Chelsea returned from her latest modeling gig in the Bahamas, one of her friends threw a “preview party” to preview the first cover shot Chelsea ever had in her short career.

“Come on, Mom,” she begged Steffi. “it would mean a lot to me if you were there. I’m a first-time cover girl! Can you believe it?”

“I’m not sure I’d fit in with your model friends, honey,” Steffi replied, “Don’t you think I’m a bit old to be hanging around such people?”

“You’re my mom and only thirty-five, so it isn’t like you’re ancient. You’re supposed to be older, silly. Will you come to the party? Pleeeeeeeeeeeease?”

“Let me think about it.”

“God, you’re almost as bad as Mitch. I came short of squeezing his balls to get him to go with me.”

Steffi perked up. “Mitch is going?”

“Yeah, after I nagged him all afternoon. He finally agreed when I bribed him by saying he might ‘get lucky’ tonight when we come home.”

“Honey, you really shouldn’t use the promise of sex to get a man to do anything. Trust me, I learned from experience. The only difference was when I did the bribing, I ended up pregnant.”

“Too much information, Mom. Besides, I make Mitch use condoms. The last thing I need right now with my career taking off is a kid.”

“True, but just be careful.” Steffi paused for a moment before adding, “You know what? I think I will go to Liz’s party.”

Chelsea hugged her. “Oh, thanks, Mom! You won’t regret it, I promise!”

“What kind of mom would I be not to want a sneak peek at your new pictures?”


When Chelsea had gone home to get ready for her friend’s party, Steffi showered and dressed. She’d chosen a white low-cut peasant blouse and a loose skirt that came down to just above her knees. She checked herself out in a mirror before driving to Liz’s place.

Not used to drinking, she had a few glasses of wine and began to feel a little tipsy. Two guys drooled over Chelsea’s preview cover while Steffi and a few other women pored through some other pictures from her Bahamas shoot.

Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed Mitch alone in a corner nursing his beer and looking bored. Steffi shook her head, wondering what was going through his mind as he’d watched several “beautiful people” fawning over his girlfriend. She made a note to have a chat with him once she could get away from Chelsea and her friends.

The wine hit her with a full effect and she needed to find a restroom. Pulling Liz aside, Steffi asked where it was.

“Down the hall, third door on the right,” Liz replied, pointing toward a nearby hallway.

Once in the bathroom, Steffi shut the door and quickly attended to much-needed business. She’d just washed her hands when she looked up in the mirror and realized she wasn’t alone.


She turned toward him. “What are you…”

He put his hand over her mouth. “Shhh…”

Mitch’s Ankara travesti hand was immediately replaced with his mouth on hers. He kissed her hard and well, probing ever inch of her mouth with his tongue.

He yanked down the top of her blouse and the strapless bra she’d worn underneath, revealing her breasts. He almost came at that moment. Instead, he squeezed them together roughly and his thumbs moved over her lnipples, stimulating them until they were erect.

“God, baby, I’ve been so damn horny since you showed up,” he whispered in her ear.”Your tits looked so fucking hot in that top.”

Steffi noticed the obvious bulge in his pants, an aching hard-on begging for release She reached down and undid his jeans. With a wicked smile, she reached inside and grasped his shaft. She wrapped her hand around his cock and stroked it teasingly.

It was all Mitch could take. “I need to fuck you right here, right now.” he said.

“Hmm, you’re such a bad boy,” she replied.

“Yeah, and you love it.” His tongue slithered in her ear.

Mitch pulled Steffi up onto the counter before he hitched up her skirt and removed her thong. He leaned in between her legs and shoved his entire length inside her. Steffi’s pussy muscles gripped the sides of his cock like a vise while they fucked and passionately kissed, their tongues probing each other’s mouths.

They stared into each other’s eyes while he continued pummeling her for a least twenty minutes. Steffi bit her lip to prevent crying out her orgasm, which she knew would draw attention to what she and Mitch were doing in the bathroom.

The idea of Chelsea only a few feet away mingling with friends while her mother and boyfriend engaged in raw sex behind a locked bathroom door made Steffi even more aroused.

Mitch put his arms under her knees and pulled her legs back toward her head while he continued to fuck her. They hissed dirty talk at each other the entire time, and he continued screwing her with rough, high-velocity thrusts.

“God, Mitch, fuck me!” she hissed.

He didn’t miss a stroke. “You love this,” he growled in her ear. “Tell me how much you love being such a slut for me, baby.”

“It’s so hot when we fuck like this,” Steffi replied as her hips thrust forward to meet his. She rubbed her clit as he thrust into her. “That’s it, Mitch,” she gasped. “Fuck me like the filthy whore I am!”

“Oh, yeah, you’re such a sexy little nympho…I love how you’ll take my cock anytime and anywhere.”

“I love how you want to give it to me all of the time.”

His balls began to tighten and his cock swelled inside her. Mitch increased his thrusts as hard as he could as his orgasm drew closer.

“I’m going to come inside you, you beautiful bitch,” he groaned breathlessly.

She gripped his neck. “Yes! Do it!”

Mitch kissed her hard to squelch any cries of their respective Konya travesti orgasms as Steffi felt the familiar wet warmth of his sperm passing into her.

After a few more thrusts, he pulled out and helped her down from the counter.

Mitch pulled up his pants and zipped them. “Wait here a few minutes and I’ll go out first,” he said with a wink. “Don’t want anyone to get suspicious, especially your daughter.”

Steffi nodded. “See you tonight?”

“Already got an excuse to sneak out. I should be there around nine.”

When he was gone, she wet a spare washcloth and cleaned up as much as she could before she put on her thong, fixed her top, and smoothed her skirt. Taking a deep breath, she returned to the party.


“Hey, Mom,” Chelsea smiled at her. “Feel better?”

“Much, thank you.”

“I was about to send Liz to check on you. You were gone for a long time.”

“Guess I drank too much wine too soon, but I’m fine now.”

“Yeah, I guess Mitch was a lightweight with drinking today too. He had to step outside for awhile. He came back just before you.”

“Well, I hope neither of us spoiled your good time, honey.”

“Not right now, but Mitch says he got a call while he was outside. He has to work tonight. Guess I’m going to have him ‘get lucky’ tonight earlier than I planned.”

Oh, he’s already gotten lucky, Steffi thought, and the only ‘work’ he’ll be doing tonight will be in bed with me…


“I bet you’ve been thinking about this all afternoon,” Steffi said as she bounced on Mitch’s cock that night.

“I’ve done almost nothing but think about you since the first night we fucked,” he replied, “but this was really my lucky day. You and I had that hot screw at Liz’s, then Chelsea decided she wanted to get laid when we got home, and now it’s you and me again. My dick’s been getting quite a workout.”

“Hmmm, so my daughter did go through on her promise.”

“Yeah, but I don’t think it lasted more than ten minutes and then she wanted to go clubbing with her girlfriends. Hell, one would think that twenty-year-old chicks would want to fuck all of the time.”

“Guess not all of them.”

Mitch grabbed her ass and ran his hands all over it. “Maybe I’m thinking it’s older women who are always hot for sex. At least you are anyway.”

“You’re complaining?”

“Not in the least, baby. Nothing like an older woman wanting to take advantage of me sexually.” He gave her ass a playful slap and then kneaded its cheeks.

“Like that bum, don’t you?”

Mitch grinned. “Mmmmm…it’s sexy as hell. So big, yet so tight.”

“Ever screw a woman in the ass?”

The question shocked him. “You’re into that?”

“It feels good when a man knows what he’s doing.”

“God, I’ve been trying to get Chelsea to let me fuck her ass for a long time, but İzmir travesti she always says no. She thinks it’s dirty and will hurt.”

“My little girl needs to know most ‘dirty’ things are usually the hottest.”

“Yeah, no kidding. Think my cock will feel as good in there as it does in your pussy?”

“I KNOW it will. Mitch, I want you to fuck my ass. I need to feel your big hard cock buried deep in my asshole.”

Hearing Steffi beg him to give her anal sex made him so overcome with lust that he barely restrained himself from coming. She positioned her body on the bed until her ass faced Mitch, waiting for him to take her.

He found something on the bedside table to lube his cock before he positioned his face level with her ass. Mitch licked and fingered both of her holes to orgasm before he rose and aligned his cock and pressed it against her pink asshole. There was little resistance when he pushed inside. Steffi moaned at the sensation of him gradually pushing his entire length into her back door and began to thrust backward, her hips meeting his.

“Oooh, Mitch, you feel so good,” she moaned.

Once completely buried in her and knowing she wanted more, Mitch began slamming Steffi’s behind over and over. He grabbed handfuls of her cheeks and kneaded them while his cock slid in and out of her stretched anus almost effortlessly.

“That’s it,” she said. “Give my big ass a good pounding. I want to be a total fuck slut for you.”

“Hell, yeah,” he responded as he increased his thrusts. “I love it when you’re a dirty bitch.”

Steffi clenched on him with an orgasm shaking her in a way that made it clear he hadn’t expected it. In the few years he’d been sexually active, Mitch never experienced a woman coming during anal sex. He clasped her hips, holding her still as Steffi’s ass spasmed on his cock.

The pressure was far more than Mitch could handle. He gritted his teeth and felt heat rise in his balls. “Stef,” he groaned, “I’m going to come…”

“Come in me now. I want to feel it shoot deep in my ass!”

Feeling his release, Steffi experienced an earth-shattering orgasm like she never had before. It felt as if his climax went on forever, and she loved the feeling of his semen spurting into her bowels.

“What a filthy slut you are,” he grunted. “You love being my sperm dumpster, don’t you? God, you are so fucking hot!”

“Yes, Mitch,” she panted. “I want to be your fuck slut and give you everything Chelsea doesn’t. I can’t get enough of your cock!”

“Oh, baby, I can’t get enough of you, either,” he replied. “You’re the hottest woman I’ve fucked.”

Mitch continued to thrust in her ass until his climax was complete. He slowly withdrew his softened organ and collapsed beside her on the bed.

“Fucking incredible,” he moaned. “I never thought I’d experience anal orgasms from a woman.”

“Now you know you did it right,” she replied.

They lay on the bed awhile longer and stroked each other’s bodies before Steffi suggested they take a shower together. “I bet you and my daughter never had shower sex either.”

“Nope, can’t say we have,” he replied. “Last one in has to do the other’s back!”

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