Hiring Justine

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Rick wanted to cry.

He hated the drive home worst of all. It was when he missed his wife, Helen, the most.

Helen had been deceased for three years, but Rick wasn’t the kind of man to just ‘get over’ someone like Helen. For all of his high school years, she’d been his life, she was THE love of his life. When she died, it was devastating.

And sure, most people moved on before three years passed. But some part of Rick was holding onto Helen.

The young man rubbed at his eyes and sighed in the evening rush-hour traffic that was creeping down the streets. Finally, he was home. He walked into the house and threw the mail onto the table, not really noticing it as it spread out. Then something pink caught his eye.

“Gentile Escorts – where we give you exactly what you need, whenever you need it…”

Rick frowned and put the paper flyer ad back down, going to the fridge and pulling out a beer. His buddy Joe used those escorts, and swore by them. He was constantly hiring them for parties for the guys at work who had a birthday or a promotion. And he said they were safe, and discreet.

For a moment, Rick considered calling them. Then he shook his head and went into the living room, turning on the TV and finishing his beer quickly.

Helen, he thought.

How do I get over this? Rick had been depressed since his wife had died. Helen had been a great woman, and a wonderful lover. But she’s gone now, Rick told himself. Maybe Joe was right. Helen wouldn’t want him pining away like this all the time. She’d want him to keep living, she’d want him to live again, wouldn’t she?

Of course she would, answered some voice inside Rick.

He walked to the fridge and got himself another beer. As he passed the table, the pink flyer glared at him. It was almost as if a neon sign was pointing at it saying, “Call Now!” Rick popped open the cap of the bottle of beer in his hand. Then, impulsively, he made the call.

Thirty minutes later, there was a knock on his door. When he answered it, a girl in a cap and coveralls stood there, with a toolbox in hand. She smiled at Rick winningly.

“May I come in?”

Rick nodded, opening the door wider and letting the woman come in.

“Sorry about the costume,” she said softly in a slightly French accent. “You asked for discretion. No one would suspect someone dressed like this. May I change?”

Rick nodded again, still dumbfounded about actually having the courage to call the escort service.

Right before his eyes, the girl began to unzip the coveralls. As the thick work-heavy material slid down her body, she stepped out of them to reveal a petite frame wearing a slinky black dress with flashy sequins sewn in here and there. She took off her cap and shook out a head full of long red curls. And she opened up the tool box and pulled out a tinted lipstick, which she quickly applied to her lips.

Rick stared at her. Then he gulped, and took a swig of his beer.

“You are surprised?” said the girl.

He nodded, looking the girl up and down. She was barefoot now, no nylons, wearing just that black dress. She walked over to Rick, who was quite a bit taller than her, and smiled up at him.

“You are nervous, aren’t you? May I ask your name?”

“My name is Rick,” he answered quietly.

Suddenly, he wasn’t sure he wanted to do this.

“My name is Justine. And you have nothing to be nervous about. We will not do anything you do not want to do.”

With that, Justine took Rick’s hand and lead him to the couch. She sat down next to him and smiled at him. Her smile was bright and charming, and Rick couldn’t help but smile back.

“So, Rick, what do you do for a living?”

“I’m a network supervisor at a business downtown.”

“Ah! That must be tense work.” gaziantep escortları Justine smiled.

Rick stared at her, then blinked and looked away.

“I’m not sure I can do this, Justine. My wife died recently, and I’m just not sure I’m ready. I’m sorry.”

Justine smiled at him again, then she put a hand on Rick’s, patting it comfortingly.

“You have not agreed to do anything, Rick. You only wanted company. And that is what I am. Maybe you are not ready to do anything? Maybe you feel you would be betraying her love for you?”

Rick turned and looked at Justine, who was studying the living room.

“How…how do you know that? That’s exactly how I feel.”

“I am a woman. I know these things,” Justine said in that beautiful accent.

“My friends say it’s time.”

“They are not you, hmm? Only you know what you are ready for, yes?”

Rick nodded, looking at Justine’s profile as she looked around the room. She had a perfect neck. The long red curls hung down over her bare shoulders, and seemed to be tickling the exposed tops of her rounded breasts. Her skin was milky white, but not startlingly so. It was like cream, and it made you want to lick it -!

Rick shook his head. Had his cock just throbbed? He hadn’t been able to get an erection for so long!

Justine turned and looked at Rick.

“Perhaps what you wish is to not be…together…with someone at all, hmm? Perhaps maybe you just want some attention.”

Justine tilted her head, but Rick didn’t know what to say.

“Perhaps, if you are letting someone touch you, and you are not doing anything, then you will not have the guilt you sometimes feel, no?”

Rick blinked into Justine’s crystal blue eyes. It made sense! And Justine was a really beautiful woman, with a voice like velvet.

“A massage, that is not a bad thing. You will not feel guilt if maybe I give you a massage?”

Rick nodded, setting his beer unsteadily on the table. Then he took Justine’s hand and began to lead her into the bedroom. He had to do this. It had been three years.

Justine pushed Rick’s hands away from his body as he began to undress himself next to the bed. She took over, slowly undoing the buttons on his shirt and pulling it from him.

“You should let me do everything,” she whispered.

“That way, I am the guilty one, yes? And you are free and have not wronged the memory of your beloved. Makes sense, no, sweet one?”

Rick nodded. Justine began to slowly undo the buckle of his belt. Then she slipped it free and let it slide quietly to the carpeted floor of the bedroom. She began to undo Rick’s slacks, pushing them down to his feet and resting her fingers on his hips while he slipped out of them.

Surprisingly, his cock was already hard in his briefs.

“Now, you lay on your stomach or back on the bed, and I will touch you.”

Rick lay on the bed, on his stomach, giving Justine his smooth muscled back to work on. She lifted her tool box onto the bed and opened it, and soon she was rubbing oil all over his shoulders and spine.

“Now, if you want me to touch you anywhere, you need only roll over so I may touch that part of you. Okay, Rick? And if you do not want me to touch something, you can tell me to stop, or you can pull that part of your body away from me. That is safe, yes?”

Rick nodded, closing his eyes as Justine’s experienced fingers ran over his too-tense muscles. Her hands felt so good, he almost wanted to drift off to sleep.

Then, Justine began to move her fingernails over his body. She lightly dragged her fingertips along his skin, her long and well manicured nails following. The feeling made his skin come alive after the soothing massage.

Justine’s fingers ran around Rick’s neck and he shivered as she made lazy circles there, then over his shoulder blades. Her fingers ran down his spine next, then back up. She was drawing on his skin now, tracing his muscles, exciting his flesh. Part of him wanted to object. But most of him wanted to enjoy it.

Slowly, carefully, Rick rolled onto his side, watching Justine.

She didn’t look at his face, only focused on his body. Her nails ran over his ribs, then traced his arm. Then, cautiously, she moved them to the upper part of his chest. Rick rolled onto his back slowly, exposing his chest and stomach and front to Justine’s fingertips. She seemed to smile then, and it was a smile of delight. Rick watched as her nails ran over his chest.

Justine’s eyes flickered to Rick’s. She licked her lips, and the sight of her tongue against her painted mouth made Rick’s mouth go dry. He watched as her fingers circled his nipples, and he gasped in surprise as his nipples hardened and became erect. Justine smiled and teased her fingers over each of them.

Then her fingers began to go lower.

Rick watched, holding his breath as her fingers ran over the hardness of his stomach. He could see the jut of his cock in his briefs just below her hand. How he wanted her to touch him. He wanted her to just take him out of his shorts and stroke him.

But Helen, part of him remembered.

He lay back his head, sighing as he felt his cock going limp, slowly. Justine must have seen, for suddenly, she was peeling back his shorts.

“If you do not want me to touch you, you need only pull away, Rick,” she was saying in her accented velvety voice.

Rick nodded, and lifted his head to watch Justine. She slipped Rick’s briefs down to his knees, then moved them lower until they were off and landing next to the bed. Then her fingers returned to his stomach. And she kept smiling, as if it was all no big deal.

It really isn’t a big deal, Rick thought. She was a beautiful woman, and she was giving him a massage. There was no harm in that.

Justine’s hands moved lower, and she was dragging those long nails over his hips. He watched, and surprisingly enough, his cock began to throb again, bouncing lightly as Justine found the sensitive insides of his thighs. She ran her fingertips up and down his legs, soothing him and yet stimulating him at the same time.

Rick clenched the sheets.

Justine’s hands were flat against his stomach now. And she was making sweeping motions along his muscles, down toward his groin. But she hadn’t touched him yet. Her fingertips danced over his lower abdomen, teased over his hips, and stroked his legs. But she hadn’t touched his cock yet.

Rick bit his lip. He watched Justine for as long as he could. But he couldn’t watch any more. Carefully, he gripped her wrist.

Justine did not look up. And she did not change the smiling expression on her face as Rick guided her slender fingers to his shaft. He placed her hand on his cock, and Justine didn’t even nod, only began to minister her attentions to his member.

Her fingers gripped Rick’s shaft firmly, expertly. With one hand, she teased over the head of his cock, rubbing the flat of her palm over the taut skin. At last she was rewarded with an oozing pearl of pre-cum.

Her other hand began to slowly stroke Rick’s thick cock. Up and down her grip went, pulling the tight tendons and muscles of his member first upwards, and then down. She squeezed him tightly, and Rick groaned.

Then her free hand moved to his balls, cupping them and teasing them. In Justine’s hands, they felt so heavy, like bowling balls. They hadn’t been unloaded in so long. Rick felt the sweet tingles of pain shooting through them as Justine played with them.
For a moment, Justine stopped. She got up on her knees, slipping off the tight black sequined dress. Then she was lying on her side, next to Rick, naked. He could see all of her creamy skin now, and he could see the dark red curls covering her mons and privacy. Justine’s fingers went back to Rick’s cock, and she leisurely stroked him, looking at him from time to time.

“If you want to touch me, you can, Rick. But I would not do anything to make you feel guilty. There is no pressure, and there is no rush, here.”

Rick nodded, gulping. Already, his fingers were reaching for Justine. She slid down slightly, twisting her body so that her hands could stay on Rick’s cock, but so that her sex was near enough for him to touch.

The curling red hair tickled Rick’s fingers, and made him whimper with the silky feel of her sex. He quickly parted Justine’s privacy, examining her glistening red cunt lips. Justine was excited. She was wet and slick beneath Rick’s fingers. He moved his thumb up over her slit, finding her budding clitoris, erect and stiff in its tiny hood. He teased at it, and Justine moaned lightly, closing her eyes.

Then, she dropped her mouth to his cock.

The feel of her hot lips against his member was almost too much. He almost put out his hand, to stop her, to stop the good feeling suddenly surging through him.

But he didn’t. Justine continued, moving more of his cock into her tight hot mouth. She sucked him, until the walls of her cheeks were pressed against his shaft, and her tongue was swirling around the rim of his head.

Rick gasped, but reached out with both hands now, and moved Justine until she was straddling his head with her knees. He forced himself to look up into her womanhood. It was inches from his eyes, wet, slick and hungry for him.

Rick pulled Justine’s cunt down onto his mouth, and she moaned around his cock. She twisted her head side to side, slurping over his member. Rick moved his fingers against Justine’s bottom. He spread her labia, opening her puss up to his mouth, and began to lick at her furiously.

She was a woman. She tasted like a woman. And he hadn’t tasted a woman in so long. His tongue went insane, flicking feverishly over Justine’s clit, then diving into her tunnel, thrusting deep inside her. He moved a finger to join his tongue, forcing it into her, stretching her with his thick digit.

And Justine suckled his cock hard. He could feel himself butting against the back of her throat and sliding down as she took him deep inside. She lifted her head and dropped it back down, and Rick thrust his hips upwards into her face.

Justine was moaning around his member, and her puss was quivering over his face. He continued to tongue and finger-fuck her. Then she began to cum, seeming to surprise even herself as her body began to shake and tremble and twist.

Rick didn’t let her escape. He licked at her, lapping up her nectar, drinking her. And that was what drove him over the edge of his own precipice. A woman’s fine body responded to his, felt pleasure from his.

Rick came inside Justine’s mouth. And she swallowed it, swallowed him, gulping vigorously as he poured load after built-up load into her.

Rick pumped his hips, thrusting them upwards, cumming and cumming. Then, he lay limp, spent.

Justine slipped her privacy away from Rick, but kept her mouth on his cock, cleaning him. Finally, she looked at him, shyly.

“We usually are more safe than that. I am sorry,” she said, blushing. “I am still new to this.”

Rick smiled, pulling Justine close to him.

“That’s alright, honey,” he said. “I think you did fine.”

“I hope you do not feel guilt, Rick?” Justine asked as she snuggled down against his body.

“Nope,” he answered. “You reminded me of exactly what I have been missing.”

Rick kissed Justine’s forehead, and lay quiet, satiated for a few hours. Later, he would enjoy Justine again. He had, after all, paid for a whole night…

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