Hired Hand

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Reading the ads in the paper looking for work, I spotted “Ranch Hand Needed”. It went on to say room and board waived for hard vigorous labor, building and maintaining fences, branding and all other cowboy duties. Must have own rigging and tack, we’ll provide your horse…serious inquiries only. We’ll this sounded just the break I was looking for!

A couple hours later I pulled down the dusty road of this expansive ranch, several barns in the distance, attached bunk house and the main house about 100 yards away. Walking up to the bunk house I introduced myself and asked who I’m needed to speak to about filling the add, was pointed to the main house and told to ask for the lady in charge. A little taken aback, but gender wasn’t going to deter me if this truly kept me out of trouble.

Softly rapping on the door and almost immediately a lady came to the door asking if I could help her? “Yes ma’am, I’m here inquiring about the add in the paper for the ranch hand y’all posted”! I wanted to skip the formalities over the phone and show you who I am in person! I’d like to work for you for free for the first week, to show you I’m worthy and indeed someone y’all might want to keep around?! To be frank if I may, can’t rope the broad side of the barn, put I’m pretty decent in and out of the saddle.

This Tüyap escort bayan young woman looked me up and down locking eyes with me and small smile spread across her face and said she would love to work me over in a trail run for the week and have her decision by Friday! She pointed out to the bunk house, told me to talk to Rico and make my self at home, just no fighting!

Let me set the picture of my new boss: sandy blonde with some grays poking out, soft flawless skin adorned with a few freckles on her cheeks, hazel eyes, kinda short but very well proportioned in all the right areas…nice! Me, I’m Cody 6’1″ 200 blue eyes, salt/pepper short hair and bearded. I think I look pretty good in my slim wrangler or even dress up nicely in a pair of cinch jeans. My black Stetson is broke in well and I cherish looking good, even at work!

Next morning we got right to work with feeding just before Dawn, my chores for the day was mucking out stalls for the entirety of the day…guess all the new hands get broke in this way, but non one heard me bitch. While all the other hands were out tending to the ranch, I had the opportunity to see the boss lady more than once. I even think I caught her checking me out a few times…probably making sure I Escort Tüyap wasn’t milking this chore. Whatever the attention, I knew I had to make some excuse to talk to her more. I wouldn’t have to wait long, she greeted us all at chow and asked for a volunteer to ride the fence lines and keep the coyotes at bay. Of course I was the first to jump up and take the daunting task.

Taking me outside she explained the situations they’ve been facing past week or so, picking off the sheep in the forest at least one a week. I told her rest assured, the military taught me sharpshooter skills and not to worry! She said she’d be out around midnight and check in on me. Shortly after I had my pack, a snack, water weapon and ammo ready in my saddle bags, I set off into the sunset. Bound and determined to make a lasting impression, unfortunately has been pretty uneventful for the past few hours. As the darkness got more and more I began to sing to myself until I heard commotion within 15′ to my left, behind some scrub brush. Shouldering my weapon, flipping on my tactical light shone not a coyote, but my lady boss with NVG’s (Night Vision Goggles). “WHAT THE FUCK LADY!!!” I yelled, “Get out here! You know I almost gave you lead poisoning?!”

Blinded and literally shaking, Tüyap Escort lady boss came walking pleading, ” Cody, it’s me Jen…your Boss! I’m so sorry for startling you, was just checking in on you making sure you are actually watching over the flock and not sleeping on the job. You don’t even know how many hands I’ve gone through, failing on this very task in the past few months. Rico and the others feel this is punishment, for what I don’t know, but when you jumped first I had to see if you’d held up to your word or not. Again, I’m so sorry, thank you for not shooting me” with a weary smile and calming voice now, sort of a chuckle ending.

“Boss Jen, I told you the day I got here I wanted to prove myself to you for no pay, ensuring I’m not wasting your time and you know I’m serious about working for you and this ranch!”, dismounting and approaching my still slightly shaking boss. Here goes nothing…I reach out grabbing her left hand and lifting her goggles off at the same time, ” I got you! You don’t have to give me special duties or treat me any different from Rico and the others, I’m happy to ride out here and be the watchdog!” Looking from down at her into her hazel eyes I saw what looked like a cross between fear and lust. Shyly following my eyes down to her left hand that I’m still holding, I can feel the moisture inside her palm, noticing a faint tan line where a ring used to be, hmmm. “You can protect me, I, I mean my flock and ranch anytime!” Jen say with shaky voice and I think I can see a slight blushing in her freckles cheeks.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32