Hippy Hotsy

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“Hey, Man, ya wanna go fuck?” the young woman asked Charlie Barnes on a warm August morning as he sat in the bleachers in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park watching the two attractive women cavorting on the tennis court.

Summer Morning had awoken an hour earlier feeling horny, and she decided to do something about that very pleasant but needy feeling. The first thing she did was to take a shower, being aware her natural odor would be something of a turn off when it was as strong as hers was then. Summer loved having her pussy eaten, and any guy she found might refuse to do it if she smelled bad. She put on a clean t-shirt which was several sizes too small, and displayed her pleasantly round breasts, because she would never even consider wearing a bra. Panties and a pair of carefully torn blue jeans completed her wardrobe that morning. She would have preferred going barefoot, but Summer was aware that broken glass and sharp stones could present a danger, so she wore her usual sandals before going out to look for a man who might be willing to alleviate her condition.

Finding a man was not a problem, of course, but Summer Morning, which was the name she chose to use rather than Constance Gross, the name her parents had inflicted on her, hoped to find somebody with the right vibes. She ambled over to the tennis courts, because that was where the walkway led, and saw a young man who seemed to be just perfect. He had a beard, of course, but it did not grow wild as did those of most of the men she knew, being well-trimmed. His hair was long and dark brown, like hers, and he was wearing a pair of ragged jeans, sandals and a t-shirt. Although he was watching a tennis match that involved some very pretty girls, he appeared to be almost a soul mate, so she approached him and made her proposition.

Charlie looked closely at the young woman who had just made such a bold suggestion, and liked what he saw. She had long dark hair, which was clean and combed straight down and held out of her eyes by a red bandana, and her pretty white face was clean and free of makeup. Her figure was attractive, somewhat plump in a sexy way, with big breasts straining against the green t-shirt she wore. The two women in their tennis whites might have been more visually appealing, but he knew what the young hippy girl had in mind for herself and for him would be much more pleasurable than just looking at the scantily clad tennis players.

“Sure,” he answered. “Where do you want to go?”

“Back to my pad, unless you’ve got someplace better.”

Charlie did not. “Okay, let’s go,” he answered, and took her hand while she led him back to the place she had left less than an hour ago.

Her pad was the first room in a hallway over a store selling brightly-colored shirts and beaded belts, and she led him in, locking the door behind them. Like most of her young companions in San Francisco during “The Summer of Love,” Summer did not believe in accumulating a lot of possessions. The tiny room was furnished with a sleeping bag and a small table and one chair. Whatever cooking she might decide to do was done on a hot plate, and the small sink in the corner was piled with the dishes from the last few days. Charlie didn’t care about that; the only things in the room of interest to him at were the hippy hotsy and the sleeping bag on the linoleum floor and what they would soon be doing on top of it.

After kicking their sandals off at the door, they embraced and kissed, thrusting their tongues together while running their hands all over each other’s bodies. Summer pressed her pubic area against that of her guest, and was elated to feel his hard cock straining against his pants, although she had no wish to put that part of his body to work right away.

When they broke off the kiss, they stayed in each other’s arms, and she smiled up at him, because he was half a foot taller than she. “My name’s Summer,” she told him, all the introduction he wanted or needed.

“My name’s Chuck,” he replied, and that was the only introduction she needed or wanted.

“Do you eat pussy?” she asked, which was much more important to Summer than the name of her sex partner that morning.

“I love to. I’d love to eat yours.”

Smiling at what she wanted to hear, Summer took a hold of the hem of her t-shirt and raised it all the way off her head, liberating her succulent breasts. She shook her hair back into place, making the lovely twins bounce and sway. Chuck reached out and gently took one of the beauties in either hand and bent down to kiss her adorable dark pink nipples.

Summer breathed in between her teeth at the beginning of the intimacies she craved, then backed away and bent over to turn the sleeping bag upside down so the zipper would be away from her flesh. She had one pillow, which she put where her head would be resting, and lay on her back with her arms raised in an invitation. It was an offer Charlie could not refuse, and he knelt beside her naked form, held a breast in Kastamonu Escort either hand and started to lick the nearest nipple.

“Yeah, keep doing that,” she urged him.

He needed no urging. Summer’s nipple was big and soft but, after a few strokes of his tongue, he could feel it becoming erect. Moving her love beads out of the way, he switched to its adorable twin and licked her there until that cute pink nubbin became so hard he could feel the tiny ridges and the pebbly texture of her areola. As the young lady cooed in pleasure, he switched his attentions back and forth between the rigid nipples, stopping only when he was able to detect a delectable aroma which he recognized as that of fresh pussy juices.

Summer knew about it too, of course, and was elated when the man she had chosen started licking and nuzzling his way down her soft body, especially when he stopped and unbuckled the belt that was looped through her jeans. She raised her ass from the sleeping bag so he could push the pants down to her thighs, followed by his moving around so he was kneeling between her legs. When he pulled her jeans the rest of the way off, the breeze through the open window felt so good on her wet pussy, she murmured happily and her body started squirming in anticipation. When her panties joined the jeans on the floor beside the sleeping bag, leaving her completely naked, her soft sounds of delight were louder, and she raised her legs so he could get at the place that badly needed his oral skills.

There was one thing she wanted first, though. “Take off your shirt first, Man,” she requested. “I want to feel your skin against mine.”

That was sensible to Chuck, and he quickly peeled the garment off, left it on top of her clothing and leaned forward so Summer could rest her legs on his bare shoulders. After he wrapped his arms around her thighs so his hands rested on her Mount of Venus, his face was just inches from the source of the delectable aroma he had smelled earlier. Her pussy was covered with light brown curls, and the surrounding skin was soft and creamy, while her swollen inner lips were blossoming through the pink slit. Very gently, Charlie spread open that slit and was met with a great cloud of the fragrance that had lured him away from the young woman’s succulent breasts.

He breathed deeply of the incredible aroma and delicately licked some of the freshest juices from her lips. The flavor was even more delicious than the scent had been, and he eagerly licked everything from the swollen folds. He saw some of the fluids had dripped down to the insides of her thighs and, wanting none of that delicious treat to go to waste, mopped it up with his tongue also. This was followed by his licking upward on her crotch, catching the freshest nectar as it trickled from the pink hole that was still producing it.

Before starting to caress her lips with his tongue, Charlie raised his head to observe the results of his ministrations so far. They were more than he could have hoped for; the hot hippie’s body was writhing on top of her sleeping bag and her head was rolling from side to side on her pillow. Summer’s face was a mask of carnal pleasure, with her eyes closed and her lips parted in a grimace of joy. He didn’t spend too much time looking, because eating her delightful pussy was so much better than looking at her voluptuous body and pretty face.

At that time, especially among young women such as Summer, shaving or even trimming of pubic hair was rare, and she was not an exception. Charlie hadn’t expected otherwise, and had no negative thoughts about the pubic hair where he started to lick. Her bush was soft and curly and clean, and felt as good under his tongue as cleanly-shaven skin would have. Moving slowly and relishing everything about what he was doing, he licked the outer lip until he reached her Mount of Venus and kissed her there. Quickly, so none would go to waste, he brought his mouth back down to her dripping pink hole and devoured all the nectar she had just produced, before starting on her other outer lip.

He licked this one the same way, slowly and relishing every bit. Summer liked it just as much and, by the time he reached her mons again, her sexy body was rocking from side to side and her cooing had evolved into moans of bliss. By the time he reached her mons and kissed her again, her pussy was starting to fuck up into his face, a reaction Charlie considered to be another of the many great things about eating out a woman who really enjoyed it.

She believed his tongue was also one of the great things. “I love that, Chuck! I love that!” Summer urged him. “Keep eating my pussy.”

Doing what they both wanted, Charlie started licking between an inner and outer lip and, when he reached the point where they were close together, he tilted his head slightly so he could probe his tongue into the seam between them. As he licked both labia simultaneously, the contrast between the slick outer lip and the Kayseri Escort puffy inner one, which was swollen with the young hippy’s arousal, was a unique treat to his tactile sense.

Everything that was happening to her was a treat to Summer. The tongue and the lips slowly traveling between her sensitive labia set currents of joy swirling through her body, and the sight of the dark head between her thighs was truly a visual delight. Even the man’s beard against her delicate skin filled her with joy. Although her body was already writhing in bliss on the sleeping bag and she was moaning from the excruciating pleasure, Summer knew how to make everything even better. She reached up to cup her breasts in her hands and started to roll her nipples between her fingers. The currents of delight from where Charlie’s tongue was caressing her pussy started rippling through both those erect nubbins too.

She quickly established the three-way connection between her nipples and her clit, knowing it would become even stronger and better after Chuck took her man in the boat into his mouth and started sucking. It already felt fantastic, and her body was bouncing up and down as she gave herself completely over to the pleasure she was receiving from the head between her legs and her own hands tweaking her nipples.

When Charlie reached the end of the inner lip, where it merged with the other inner lip to form Summer’s clit hood, he raised his head briefly to survey what was happening with her. What he saw was delightful; her body was rocking from side to side and her head was tossing back and forth on her pillow. He looked more closely at her pussy and saw her clit had pushed itself almost all the way out from under its protective hood and resembled a lovely pink pearl. He smiled inwardly, but his mouth was too busy otherwise to express emotion, because he quickly moved his face back below her dripping pink hole and feasted on the delicious juices before starting to lick between the other pair of inner and outer lips.

He treated this pair the same way, but licked more slowly, because it was so fabulous and Charlie wanted to make the fun last. By the time he reached the end of this inner lip, Summer was sobbing and whimpering in joy, and her hips were swiveling wildly under his face, thrusting her legs out and back over his shoulders like a pair of pistons. It was almost time for her to cum, but Charlie first devoured all the fresh nectar she had produced, before starting to thrust his tongue against the small area between the pink hole that was the source of Summer’s delicious juices and her clit.

“Lick me there! Suck my clit!. Make me cum,” she whimpered, as she kept ramming her pussy against his mouth, as if trying to wrap herself around his face.

Charlie could see Summer was at the apex of her arousal, and the time for her orgasm had arrived, so he moved his face slightly and engulfed the adorable pearl he had seen before. His lips formed a tight seal around the base of the precious morsel and, while he sucked in rhythm with her ramming her pussy against his face, his tongue caressed the engorged sides and top. Summer’s erratic movements became even wilder, and the couple actually rolled off the sleeping bag onto the floor. The harder surface changed nothing, and he kept sucking and licking while she sobbed from the exquisite pleasure Charlie’s mouth was giving her.

“Oh, god, I’m cumming!” Summer cried out joyously after a few minutes of her ass bouncing up and down on the floor.

Her legs clamped onto Charlie’s temples and her hands dug into the long hair on the back of his head so she could jam his face against her pussy. Summer continued bouncing up and down and rocking from side on her ass. “Oh! Oh! Oh!” she cried out in delight in the same tempo as her pussy and Charlie’s face being jammed together. He clung tightly to her thighs, kept his lips snugly on the base of her clit and kept sucking while his tongue continued fondling the engorged morsel.

After less than a minute of being in the throes of cumming, Summer emitted a loud but incoherent cry of ecstasy as she climaxed. Her back arched, ramming her pussy against Charlie’s face for a final time, and every muscle in her body clenched. After her orgasm, all those muscles relaxed; her hands and legs let go of their grip on his head and she completely relaxed, with her arms sprawled out at her sides.

Her legs were still draped over his shoulders, and Charlie moved slightly back, then forward so he could feast on all the fresh juices the hippy hotsy had just produced. He licked them from her thighs, belly and pussy lips, but left the slick fluids that were still inside the pink hole that had secreted them. His cock was so hard it was almost ripping a hole in his pants; he badly needed to fuck, and the juices would be needed to fulfill their natural function of lubrication. After devouring everything he would allow himself, he backed away and stood up, first easing Kıbrıs Escort Summer’s feet down to the linoleum surface where they had ended up.

Believing in being prepared during The Summer of Love, Charlie had condoms in his pocket and he took out one of the packets and, after removing the rest of his clothing, rolled the contents onto his hard cock. The AIDS pandemic was still in the future, but STD’s and pregnancies were a possibility, and Charlie wanted to take no chances. Summer’s legs were still spread and her eyes were closed in bliss from her great orgasm, but when he knelt back on the floor and placed his hands on her knees, she opened them and grinned lewdly at seeing his cock, fully erect and encased in latex.

“That was great, Man, but I see you’re ready for more. Just let me get back on the sleeping bag. This floor is too hard on my ass.”

This was no problem to Charlie, so he backed away while Summer hitched her way over to the impromptu bed and lay back on it with her legs spread for him. He knelt between them and leaned forward, guiding his cock with one hand while supporting the weight of his upper body on the other. When she felt the head pressing against her pussy, she reached down and used her fingers to spread her lips. Charlie moved the tip of his cock back and forth in her wetness and, after she had guided it into the dripping place that wanted its presence, thrust forward. He felt it wedge its way between Summer’s fingers and through the soft edges of her pink hole.

“Ooooo, yeah,” she murmured. “Ooooo, that feels good!”

It felt good to Charlie too, because the young hippie’s internal muscles were already starting to massage the end of his cock. He smiled down at the look of joy on Summer’s face and thrust forward again. Almost two inches of his stiff shaft burrowed into her dripping pussy, and she breathed in sharply through her teeth.

“Give it to me, Chuck. Gimmee all your cock,” she urged him.

There was nothing Charlie wanted more than that but, although her pussy was wet, she was also quite tight, and he wanted to take his time plunging his cock into her. In small increments, he drove his hard shaft in deeper and deeper, until their two thatches of dark brown pubic hair were mingled together and her body was squirming on top of the sleeping bag which was her bed. She reached her arms up to him in a silent invitation, and he responded by sliding his hands forward and under her shoulders so all his weight was supported on his arms and knees. Summer wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled his face down to hers and they shared a long kiss, while reveling in his cock buried to the hilt in her pussy.

“Oh, your cock feels so good,” she murmured after their kiss ended. “That’s what I’ve been needing.”

“It’s been needing you too,” Charlie whispered back. “And it’s gonna get better.” They had no need to whisper, but they wanted to fully enjoy the intimacy of the moment.

As promised, their coupling started immediately to get better. He slowly pulled his cock back just the head was still inside her pussy, paused, and started to drive it just as slowly back into the dripping wet place where it was wanted. When she felt the hard, thick cylinder surging into her, Summer spread her thighs farther, hooked her ankles around Charlie’s legs and pulled herself forward to meet him. Their bodies met with a satisfying wet sound, which was accompanied by loud sighs of pleasure from both of them. They stayed in that position for almost a minute, letting the extremely blissful sensations throb through their bodies until he drew back again.

The second stroke was just as long and deep as the first had been, and felt just as wonderful to the man and woman fucking on the sleeping bag. They didn’t wait as long before resuming; just a few seconds passed before Charlie drew his cock most of the way out and drove it back into the wet place that felt so good. Summer held onto his upper arms and fucked back to meet him again, and another trio of joyful sounds ensued. They continued like that for a long time, fucking slowly with long, deep strokes, with the young hippy moving to and fro under the man she had chosen as her partner. Summer could feel her climax building slowly within her body and knew how to make it even better for him and for herself.

“Just stay like that, Man, and let me fuck myself on that big ole dick of yours.”

Charlie nodded; he liked the idea and, while his cock was buried in her pussy, he put his hands on either side of her and pushed himself up from the sexy body under his so she could move even more freely. Summer moved her hands from his shoulders to his upper arms and pushed against them to slide on the smooth fabric of the sleeping bag and pull her pussy mostly free of his cock. With just the head remaining inside her, she flexed her leg muscles and slid back toward him to start fully impaling her pussy. When Charlie felt his shaft being engulfed, he waited until their bodies were almost together and thrust up and forward, massaging her clit with the upper side of his cock until their two thatches of pubic hair were mingling again. Once again, the ecstatic twosome moaned in bliss and Summer’s plentiful juices splashed all over their legs and bodies.

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