Hillary’s Growth Continues

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“Honey, Toh’s coming over to visit. Could you wait out front for her? She doesn’t know this area and I don’t want her driving in circles!”

So I clattered my way downstairs and around to the front. Toh and Hillary had become fairly close friends since they first met in Ms. Le Faye office several months ago, but this was the first time Toh had visited Hillary’s apartment. Hillary and I were seeing each other regularly, but neither one of us had broached the idea of moving in together.

I had waited about five minutes before I realized that I had no idea when Toh was expected. I could be out here all day! But I knew that if I left my post to ask Hillary Toh would drive past and miss the house.

As I was trying to decide whether to take the chance Mrs. Murgatroyd’s daughter skipped around the far corner of the house.

“Hey, Kim!” I shouted.

“Whatcha doing Rich?” Kim asked as she came to a stop in front of me. “Looking for someone? You and Hillary gonna have visitors?” Three weeks ago Kim would have gone the other way when she saw me. Now she skipped right up to me and started chattering away. She had become much more comfortable with Hillary and me. I wish I knew why.

“Yeah, actually,we are. Could you do me a favor? Run upstairs and ask Hillary when she expects Toh?””Toh?”

“Yeah, that’s her visitor’s name. Do me a favor, huh?”

“Oakey dokey.” Kim ran/skipped around to the back.

In about two minutes she was back.

“About 5 or ten minutes she said. Boy, I haven’t seen her up close in a long time. She has the biggest boobies I’ve ever seen! You must really like big boobies to be dating Hillary!” This kid was really putting me on the spot!

Kim was looking at me with the biggest blue eyes. Waiting for an answer. It’s funny how young kids can say the damnedest things. And get away with it.

Luckily, I was saved. Before I could think of a response I saw Toh coming up the street in her Toyota mini van. Hurriedly, I waved her to a nearby parking spot.

I had turned to say goodbye to Kim when I saw her eyes bug out and her jaw drop.

“Fuck ME!” she exclaimed. “Does every woman you know have tits the size of beach balls? Holy hell!” Kim suddenly didn’t sound like a kid!

Toh had gotten out of the van and was walking toward us. Wearing a pale blue linen jacket over a lightweight summer dress she looked fresh, young, beautiful and hugely stacked. There was no disguising the fact that Toh proudly carried an immense set of breasts in front of her. She walked lightly and agilely despite having breasts that were as wide as her shoulders and proceeded her by at least 18 inches. Beachballs indeed! She actually looked bustier than the last time I’d seen her about a month back.

“Rich! So nice! You look good,” Toh exclaimed as she reached us. “Who is this?” She asked as she turned to Kim.

“Toh, this is Kim. The landlady’s daughter. She lives here. Come on up. Hillary is waiting to see you.” I was glad to get away from the suddenly curious Kim.

“S’long Rich. Nice to meet you Toh” said Kim as we departed. She was still gaping at Toh’s bust line.

“Such nice little girl,” said Toh. She latched on to my right arm with both hands as we walked. I enjoyed the soft, warm pressure of her breast on my arm and side as we headed upstairs.

For the next 45 minutes Hillary and Toh chattered away like any pair of life long friends – who had known each other for just months. When I closed my eyes I heard talk about work and men and clothes and men and food and fashion and men. With my eyes open I watched two women with the largest bosoms imaginable. Watching them together I kept waiting for worlds to collide. I t never happened.

Both of them sat at an angle to the small dining room table between them. If they had sat facing each other I doubt that there would have been room to place a saucer on the table between them! That is if Toh had been able to rest her boobs on the table. She was so petite that her breasts met the edge of the table about six inches below where her cleavage started. She kept crushing one breast against the table as she conversed with Hillary.

“Oh, dear, you’ve gotten something on the sleeve of your jacket.” Hillary suddenly exclaimed. “Slip it off and let me try to clean it”, she offered.

“Boy, without your jacket you seem larger than I remember,” commented Hillary as Toh handed over her jacket. This, of course, riveted my attention on Toh. I t seemed to be true. Now that Toh had removed the jacket, her bosom DID appear even larger than the last time I’d seen her. Although Toh was much shorter than Hillary it seemed that she was only a little smaller around the bosom than Hillary’s massive bust.

The very sheer sundress had spaghetti straps, with a square cut bodice. While it fit closely around her waist and bosom, it was loose and swirly around her hips and legs. It ended just at the knees. There was the barest hint of cleavage at the neckline.

“And I love that dress. Manisa Escort I have such a hard time finding clothes. With breasts like these it seems all I can do is get separates.” Hillary said. “If a dress is sized for my bosom, the lower half swims on me and if the lower half fits, I can’t even come close to fitting into the top.” Hillary gestured to the blue jeans and white ribbed top that she was wearing.

“And you’re wearing a strapless bra! I love it! Where on earth did you get it?”

“Oh, Ms. LeFaye tell about a tailor woman. Make lovely clothes. Not expensive. Know how to make clothes that flatter figure, disguise if I want. Nice lady. From England.” Toh explained.

“You must give me her address. I want to see if she can do some flattering intimate apparel for the bedroom. And dresses. I would love to wear a dress that really fits me again. Not just separates or skirts and blouses.”

“She have shop on Rampart Street. I give you address before I go. She help you with nice clothes. We two women, have vast bust. All men watch us. Richard watch us both all time I here! I like to feel Harvey’s eyes on me when we are together and I like to feel eyes of other men as well. Do you like as much as Toh?”

“Maybe more. I like to know that men ogle me with lust in their hearts. Knowing that they are spouting boners as I walk by makes me feel good. And having men sprout boners and feeling good about it seems to be what make the pendant work for me!

“It only takes one look at these huge melons to get most men hard. And just a little wiggle, like this, can get some men so confused they walk into walls.” Hillary demonstrated with a small shoulder shimmy that caused her breasts to quiver massively under her knit shirt. I could see the ribbing expand and contract as the knit top tried to cope with the suddenly surging flesh beneath.

When Toh imitated her, one of her dress straps fell off her shoulder exposing a quivering eight inch length of cleavage and the upper swells of her boobs as they bounced and shook. Her long nipples immediately poked out and made themselves present under her thin dress.

“Wear strapless bra today with this dress. Not need for support. More to hide nipples but when excited, not much I can do to hide. Seems amulet makes breasts firmer than most. Need bra only for tease and hide.”

“Yes, I’ve noticed,” responded Hillary. “I’m so much firmer than any other woman near to this size. You’d expect that these things would be down around my knees but they perk right up here.” She gave herself a little squeeze. “The lower slopes are just below my navel despite being 76 inches around.”

“But, Toh, where is your pendant?” I asked her.

“I take off last week. I still get jealous when boyfriend notice other woman. That why bosom now larger than before. Still grow when jealous. But not really want to grow bigger. I know boyfriend love me only. Need to learn not be jealous. I give pendant back to Ms. LeFaye.”

“Really? Not me! I want to be as big as possible. There is no such thing as too much, I think!”

“I started because I wanted HIM to love me. Now I know I have man who does. So I can stop. Not want to be biggest. Want to be in love.

Several hours later, the still stained jacket in hand, Toh left, with Hillary and I walking her back to her minivan. None of us paid much attention to the honking horn of the pimply adolescent who was driving by. Funny thing. They never stop. Just honk, wave, sometimes yell – but they never stop.

Toh’s note with the address of the “tailor woman” was clutched tightly in Hillary’s hand as she hugged Toh goodbye. Boy, there was a combined cleavage you could hide a yule log in!

“I had so much fun we must do this again,” she said.

“Yes, please!” said Toh.

Toh turned to me and impulsively hugged me too. Shorter than I, her breasts engulfed my lower chest, stomach and groin as she squeezed me tightly. I was used to being hugged by Hillary – which usually involved my almost suffocating in her cleavage. This made a nice change. And I was sure that Toh felt my dick take notice of the soft warmth of her breasts. She quickly released me and got into her mini van. She waved goodbye, but not before giving my crotch the quick once over with her dark eyes.

She grinned quickly and winked at me as she pulled away.

“And just what the hell was that all about?” Hillary was upset with me.

“What was what.. .?” I started.

“Don’t try to play innocent with me. Look at yourself. One hug from Toh and you’re standing at attention like you haven’t seen a pair of tits in two years!

That was an exaggeration. I was at about half mast. But it was tough to hide in the jeans I was wearing.

“And her winking at you! That tramp.”

Kim took this opportunity to bounce around the corner of the house and was standing beside Hillary before either of us knew she was there. Her eyes immediately fell to my crotch and she stammered “Hi” while staring Manisa Escort Bayan at the protrusion that reached over half way down my thigh.

I was as much embarrassed as angry as I went up the stairs as quickly as I could.

I decided to change into a baggier set of pants. My cock drooping heavily toward the floor, I wasn’t nearly hard but my dick was at least nine inches long and thicker than a knockwurst as it dangled in my shorts.

I was standing there, in just my boxer shorts, when Hillary came in.

With out a word she stood in front of me. There was a gleam in her eyes that I didn’t recognize. Looking me in the eyes, Hillary slowly raised her hands to the front of her chest and began to toy with her nipples through the fabric of her top and bra. With in seconds the little nubs were hard enough to see thru the fabric as she plucked and pulled at them.

Still without removing her eyes from mine, she pulled her top from the waistband of her jeans and slipped her hands under it. Sensuously she ran them over her stomach and up over her bra encased breasts under the cloth. As she moved higher, her forearms slowly raised her top, exposing her tight, smooth stomach. Within moments the fabric of the top was exposing the bottom edge of her bra, just at her navel, while her hands were a foot higher, caressing the upper slopes of her breasts.

With a grunt of effort, Hillary lifted both elbows up, exposing her immense bra, and in one continuous move stripped the top off over her head.

Proudly standing in front of me, her breasts surged and quivered within the confines of the immense industrial strength bra cups as she breathed heavily from the effort of removing her top. Still wordlessly, she slipped each inch and a half wide strap off her shoulders. In response her bosom dropped, but only an inch. Slowly she began to shimmy her shoulders from side to side as she gradually leaned toward me. I could hear the fabric of her bra groaning in protest of the abuse it was taking. As the bra straps fell past her elbows she slipped her arms free and raised them to behind her head. She released her hair from the pony tail that had restrained the waist length blonde strands while continuing to shimmy back and forth.

Once more leaning forward Hillary used her upper arms to press her breasts together – forming a cleavage above her bra a foot long and even deeper. Quickly then she reached behind herself and, glancing coyly at me from under her eye lashes, she released one bra hook after another. After releasing five hooks she slowly pivoted to show me that bra was still held in place by the middle hook.

Facing me again Hillary simultaneously inhaled and lifted her hands to cup the back of her head. As she continued to inhale she flexed her back muscles to expand her chest as much as possible. With an audible creak something in the bra slowly collapsed under the pressure, the body band came loose and her bra began to slide majestically down the long slopes of Hillary’s bosom toward the floor.

Hillary caught the bra just before it would have revealed her nipples. Crushing the stretched out fabric to herself, she kneaded her breasts, squeezing and massaging, while licking her lips suggestively. Her breasts heaved and surged in response to her self-manipulation and I felt my dick, which had been rising slowly in response to her teasing, pop out of the opening of my boxer shorts fly.

Laughing gaily Hillary tossed the bra aside and, shimming like a kootchy dancer, slid to her knees in front of my fully erect dick. Her boobs continued to shudder and shake for long seconds.

“I thought I ought to remind you of who has the BIG tits around here!” She giggled as she used her boobs to enfold my lance in a warm embrace. “No one has bigger tits than I do. No one has a cock like yours! You know that! Let Toh look all she wants. SHE can’t handle you the way I can! No one can! I’m bigger than her. I’m INCHES bigger than Toh!”

Her tongue darted out to tease the tip of my cock as it surged through her cleavage.

“Now I want you to spurt your cum all over my big, big tits. I love to watch you cum on my boobs.” She continued to push and pull her tits up and down over my cock until, with a groan, I unloaded. My squirting dick slid up and spouted onto Hillary’s neck and the top of her breasts and then was swallowed up again to drench her cleavage.

Smiling proudly, Hillary grabbed my dick with both hands and milked every drop out onto the vast shelf of her boobs. She rubbed the sperm into her skin as she smiled up at me.

“Now, get on the bed, honey. I want to feel your tongue in my pussy! If you have the strength, I may even let you fuck me later!” She giggled as she jounced into the other room. Hell, I knew as well as her that she wouldn’t let me out of bed until after we’d fucked our brains out. And that was okay with ME!

Pausing to pick up Hillary’s discarded clothes to toss them in the hamper I noticed that the stitching Escort Manisa on her bra had held up. It was that last hook itself that had given up. It was pulled straight!


The next morning the tinkle of a small bell announced Hillary’s entrance into the shop of Ms. Joan Shaw. The proprietor was not in evidence and Hillary used the time to examine the shop.

Nothing out of the ordinary. Some racks of clothes, some mannequins displaying clothes and undergarments. In fact, the whole place had a kind of dusty, unused air about it. The clothes were not particularly fashionable or current; the bras and other items of intimate apparel were standard “Cross Your Heart” B and C cup bras. There was even a girdle on display.

“When was the last time I knew someone who wore a girdle?” thought Hillary to herself as she looked around.

“This has to be the wrong place. This is not at all what I was expecting.” She decided.

As she was starting to leave the store the inner door behind her opened and an English accented voice said, “May I help you, miss?”

Looking over the rack of dresses that stood between them Hillary saw a woman, presumably the proprietor, coming toward her.

“She is not what I expected, either” she thought to herself. The woman was almost as tall as Hillary, with close cropped auburn hair. She seemed to be in her mid forties but her face was remarkably well preserved, whatever her age. Also well preserved was everything from the neck down.

Wearing a form fitting suit that flattered every line of her body the woman was the picture of refinement and grace. Her skirt ended just above the knees and revealed dusky hose which in turn led downward to a pair of black pumps with three inch heels.

It was as she rounded the rack that Hillary suddenly realized that the woman was also sporting a chest measurement far larger than she had at first thought. In profile it was clear that this woman was stacked! Not in Hillary’s league, but big by any other standard.

With a quick glance up and down the woman broke into a smile and extended her hand. In that split second glance Hillary felt that she had been examined, measured, evaluated and assessed in minute detail

“I am Ms. Shaw, Joan Shaw. Welcome to my shop. I can see that you are in need of my services! Please come into the back where we can chat.”

“Well, I was just leaving. Um, I think….” Hillary started.

“Nonsense my dear. No one else can do for you what I can. Not in this town. Don’t let this clutter fool you.” She waved dismissively at the shop. “Step back here and let me get you some tea.”

Brooking no opposition, Ms. Shaw gently guided Hillary thru the shop’s back door. The inner room was a revelation. Unlike the front show room this room was a study in modern, low key design with flattering indirect lighting sources picking out elegant dresses and showcases with a bewildering array of undergarments and accessories.

“Yes, it is a different world back here, isn’t it?” Ms. Shaw had noticed Hillary wide eyed stare as she tried to take in all there was to see in this room.

“The front room is just for the walk in trade. Most of my real customers are word of mouth referrals. As I suspect you are?” She let the question hang in the air.

“Well, yes, I suppose so. I have a friend, Toh Rhee, who wore the most exquisite sundress to a little get together yesterday. She gave me your name and address.”

“Ah, Toh! She is one of my biggest customers! And I mean that in all the ways you may think! A lovely woman! With a spectacular figure. I would guess that your figures are close to being the same.”

“Well, I think I’m actually a little larger up here.” Said Hillary, gesturing to her bosom.

“You certainly have a lavishly spectacular figure. Please, sit here while I get some refreshment. Feel free to look around. I’m sure you’ll find some things that you’ll enjoy. I’ll be right back.” With that Ms. Shaw disappeared behind a beaded curtain.

Hillary took the chance to really look around. The first thing that struck her was that all of the dummies were equipped with much larger than normal sized breasts. All of the dresses had substantially larger bodices. Many were cut in ways as to emphasize this. Others were much more discrete. Some were so cleverly done that it took careful study to realize just how large the tops were.

And there were shelves and shelves of lingerie. A whole rack of shelves contained strapless bras, long line bras, demi cup bras, quarter cup bras. Old fashioned “rocket cone” bras, soft sport bras, all sorts of bras! None were on display, but there was quite a variety of colors, fabrics, textures and sizes on the boxes. At least 20 shelves side by side, the bras were arranged by size. The middle shelves where Hillary started examining them carried labels identifying them as 36’s. The lowest shelf, just below her waist held 36-F cups while the top shelf held one each in R, and U, two X and one labeled 35/66, Level II, B, whatever that meant.

Noticing that the band sizes seemed to go up to her left, Hillary walked to the far left side of the shelves. The bras here were more varied in sizes, ranging from 54 GG up to 68 W. Again, there were some with the Level II label.

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