Hiking Rescue

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Glen enjoyed hiking, a lot. Maybe that’s why he was smiling broadly when he first saw her. Or it could have been the way her body fit into her shorts and t-shirt as she climbed up the trail. Or it might have been that he knew if she was winded on this relatively flat stretch of the trail, the climb she faced around the next bend was going to be brutal. Whatever the reason, Glen smiled broadly as he passed her on the trail.

Lyn watched him pass and admired his muscular legs and great smile. He was obviously a serious hiker from the way he moved, his well worn hiking boots and clothing, and especially the huge pack on his back that seemed to contain enough gear for an extended stay. She glanced at her own water bottle and energy bar and briefly wondered if she was traveling too light. She dismissed the thought as she went back to admiring the bright sunny day on a mountain trail.

As she rounded the next bend, Lyn gasped at the trail ahead. It seemed to have taken a turn straight up the mountain. It was steep and rocky but dry so she felt she could handle it. Nearly an hour later she reached the top. The view from the top of the mountain was well worth the limb. She stood for a long while catching her breath and gazing at the mountain range laid out before her as she munched on her energy bar.

She followed the signs to the camping picnic area she had wanted to visit. It was less than two miles away now; she hoped they were a little flatter than the last. As it turned out, the two miles were steep and increasingly difficult to climb. It was filled with many switchbacks and steep rocky climbs.

To make it worse as she neared the top of what she hoped was the last climb the wind picked up. Soon she found herself buffeted by high winds and a temperature drop that chilled her in spite of her exertion. She looked up and saw the clouds rolling in at a high rate of speed and realized she was likely to get wet if she could not locate some cover soon.

As she made it to the crest of the latest climb she saw the camp area down the mountain and into the middle of a meadow. She smiled with relief as her goal was in site. But soon the wind brought cold rain. With the rain the trail became more and more slick and treacherous. As she neared the bottom of the trail that emptied into the meadow she stepped on a rock slick with rain and her ankle turned beneath her.

Pain shot through her leg as her ankle folded sideways and she fell. She scraped her bare knee in the fall. She was soon covered in mud as she struggled to stand back up on one leg. Standing on one leg, pain shooting through her body, wet and covered with mud she began to cry.

As she cried she began to realize that she was genuinely in trouble. The rain was turning to ice, she was cold, wet, unable to walk and had no supplies or shelter of any kind. To make matters worse, her clothes were soaked and she was caked with blood and mud. All of this made her cry all the harder.

Glen heard something in the wind and peaked out of his tent to see what it was. He saw a shape in the distance. It looked like will trent izle a person and while he really did not want to go out into the cold rain now turning to ice, he could not help feeling like there was someone out there who needed help. He pulled on his poncho, grabbed his first aid kit (just in case) and went out into the storm.

As he went around the bend in the trail towards the mountain he could hear the crying and knew at once someone was in trouble. Then he saw her, drenched, shivering and covered in mud and blood standing on one leg and crying. He immediately ran to her and remembering all the first aid training, he assessed her injuries. As it turned out, the blood was mostly from scrapes and nothing too serious. Her ankle was the worst part. It was swollen and already turning black and blue.

Lyn could not keep from crying even though she felt relief at having someone rescue her from her situation. The pain and helplessness continued to overwhelm her; it would just have to run its course.

In the meantime Glen talked to her, told her she was going to be ok and told her to lean on him. With Glen half carrying her, they made it back to his tent. It was a one person backpack tent that required some effort before they were both comfortably inside out of the wind and rain (now turning to snow).

Glen was able to use his sweatshirt to help Lyn clean most of the mud and blood off her. He bandaged her scrapes, wrapped her ankle and gave her his poncho to try and warm up. Soon she began to shiver in her soaked clothes. Glen convinced her to take off her clothes and climb into his sleeping bag to warm up. They sat in silence as the wind continued to howl and the snow covered the tent.

Lyn began to feel human again. She was warm enough and though her ankle hurt, the pain was more of an ache. She caught herself looking at Glen with extreme gratitude. She began to realize that without his help she could have died out there. She said “Thank You” breaking the silence. Glen just shook his head dismissing his effort. They began to chat about themselves and passed the time.

Glen was acutely aware that he was talking to a naked women who was in his sleeping bag but tried not to think about it. Every time he failed and the thought crossed his mind, he would become aroused.

They talked for a long time as the wind howled around them. All the while the temperature inside the tent dropped. Soon, Glen found himself shivering in the cold. He wrapped the poncho around him but it provided little relief.

Lyn saw him shiver and felt bad that she was so warm now and he was obviously cold. The little tent and supplies did not offer any other option except one. She blushed as she realized what the only solution was: she would need to share the sleeping bag with him. She shuddered as she realized there was barely room for one; two people would be very snug.

Lyn spent the next few minutes explaining her plan to Glen. As he became more and more embarrassed (and aroused) by the prospect. But sitting there shivering fate the winx saga izle with a full blown Spring storm around them he realized he had little choice. Still her argument for why he needed to take off his clothes (to avoid scratching here with the buttons on his shorts) seemed a little weak. Still, “who was he to argue with a naked woman?” he wondered.

Sliding into a one person’s sleeping bag that already contained one person proved to be a chore. He was intensely aware of her curves each inch he slithered down her body. By the time he had finally reached the bottom of the sleeping bag with his feet he was hard as he had ever been before. His cock lay firmly between her cheeks and pressed against him in an almost uncomfortable position. He could barely keep his breathing in control from his arousal.

For Lyn’s part, she was equally aware of the feeling of his arousal pressed against her. She was finding it difficult to think of anything else but the desire to have him inside her. In spite of her efforts to control her yearning she found herself reaching back and stroking him. As she stroked it, she maneuvered his cock between her legs to lay across her wet lips. Now the length of it made it stick out in front where she could easily play with the tip.

This little game did not last long as both of them began to pant with desire. Lyn broke the silence “Please” was all she said as she squirmed upwards and pressed his cock back between her legs towards her opening now wet with her desire. Sensing her plan, Glen slid down just enough to get the angle right and slid slowly inside her.

The both moaned in pleasure as he filled her. The sensation of her heat surrounding him was almost too much to bear. Lyn reveled in the feeling of his hardness filling her as she squirmed on him trying to get a little more inside her. Inside the confines of the sleeping bag they could not get much movement. But with some minimal effort they could slide perhaps and inch in and out from deep inside her to only an inch out was enough to bring them both close to climax with each little movement. The small movements kept them from spending too quickly while the passion built. Their position made it perfect for Glen to reach around and fondle her now erect nipple. He squeezed and teased them as they became the size of a marker cap and almost as hard. He longed to take them into his mouth but for now was satisfied to tweak them as they rocked back and forth building their passion.

All too soon their rocking produced that feeling building inside him. He knew that he did not have much longer. He whispered a warning in her ear. She responded by rocking all the harder and whispered back “me too”. As it turned out he felt her contractions begin to clamp down on his cock. She began to rock harder and moaned loudly as wave after wave of her orgasm clamped inside milking his cock. That was enough for Glen as his cock began to throb and he filled her with his hot cum. Jet after jet filled her as she milked it from him until they with love izle both collapsed in pleasure.

The nestled together until he deflated enough to slip from inside her. He kissed her on the neck and slipped off to sleep.

Glen awoke about an hour or so and felt himself become aroused by the feeling of Lyn’s lucious body touching his. Before he realized it he was gently rubbing himself between her legs; his cock stroking her still wet lips. He was not aware she was awake until she touched the tip of her cock with her fingers. She massaged it until he was once again throbbing with erection then she slid it beck to her opening as before and her entered her.

Once again they rocked together until Lyn started to squeeze him tightly in her orgasm. This time he was able to hold on and keep rocking until at last her spasm subsided. She began to rock all the harder urging him to cum but all too soon her own orgasm rose again. She reached between her legs and stroked his balls as she once again began to cum squeezing his cock in side her. The combination was too much and he began to explode inside her. They both moaned loudly and collapsed once again falling back to sleep almost immediately.

Dawn broke and filled the tent with the warmth of sunlight. Glen woke first sweating from the heat of their bodies in the down sleeping bag. He unzipped it to get some air and caught his first look of Lyn’s nude body. Her breasts were beautiful and perfect to his eyes. But the shaved mound between her legs with bare lips just visible nearly drove him wild with desire.

He began to kiss and lick her body starting at her neck and working down to take her huge nipples fully into his mouth. He licked and teased them into erection and was rewarded by her moans of pleasure. First one nipple then the other pulled deep into his mouth and teased with his talented tongue only to be released and have the cool air hit it. Son they were both as hard as they had ever been.

Then he left her breasts and began to kiss down her stomach and reached the tops of her thighs. Unable to contain himself, he slid his tongue between her thighs to taste her for the first time. He sucked and stroked her lips reveling in the taste of her. Each lick brought him and her pleasure. Soon though he felt her pull at his rapidly rising cock and take it into her mouth. The contest of wills began. Each time he would lick her to such pleasure that she would forget what she was doing then she would return to sucking him until he forgot to lick her. They teased each other back and forth as their passions built. She was the first to cum but she sucked so hard at the explosion inside her that she forced him to cum the same time. He filled her mouth with his hot cum and she swallowed it eagerly. Spent again they collapsed on top of each other.

As they napped, naked and entwined a loud noise was heard outside the tent.

“Glen, you OK dude?” was all they heard before the ranger unzipped the tent and poked his head inside.

“I guess you are…he grinned as he blushed bright red and withdrew his head.

They frantically got dressed as Glen explained they would need some assistance getting Lyn back to the trailhead.

“You sprained her ankle?” the ranger/friend asked incredulously as Lynn giggled still inside the tent.

She was sure Ranger Glen would never live this one down, and she would never forget it herself.

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