Hiking in the Reserve

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Carol and Julia were taking a hike in a nature reserve. Not that they were taking a long hike. For that matter, they weren’t even going very far from home. There was a large area of parkland near them. To save a buck the town had just let it stay as natural bush and called it a flora reserve. There were a few paths through the park but not many people bothered to go there. As far as kids were concerned there wasn’t room to really run around and play and adults generally had better things to do.

Carol and Julia were only there because they were bored and decided to look and see if they could find any native birds there. They strolled about, idly looking, and at some stage Julia noticed that Carol was no longer with her.

This didn’t bother her particularly. At eighteen, Julia though she was more than qualified to look after herself and Carol was older than her. If she couldn’t take care of herself then it was time she learnt. Still, she started back-tracking a little to see if Carol had found something of interest.

It turned out that she had. Julia came to an abrupt halt, fading behind some bushes when she spotted her sister chatting with Roy, considered to be a bit of a bad boy. Julia had asked her mother why he was considered to be a bad boy, as she’d never heard of him getting in trouble with the police. He’s a bad boy where girls are concerned, her mother had informed her, a titbit that immediately sparked Julia’s interest.

Apparently he had also sparked Carol’s interest. She was smiling and chatting and, in Julia’s opinion, standing way too close to him. Or was he standing too close to her? An interesting question.

When Roy lifted up the front of Carol’s dress to check out her panties Julia decided it was a case of him being too close to Carol. She mentally cheered her sister on when she whacked Roy on the chest and pushed his hand away from her dress. Carol did not, however, act to put more room between herself and Roy.

Julia gave herself a little tick when Roy lifted Carol’s dress again. She’d known he was going to do that. When Roy hooked a finger over the front of Carol’s panties and pulled them out for a look Julia’s eyes opened wider. She had not known he was going to do that.

There was the expected giggling and slapping away of an errant hand and to Julia’s surprise Roy went even further. It was dress up again, then a hand sliding down the front of her sister’s panties. This earned Roy another slap against his chest but no effort on Carol’s part to remove that trespassing hand.

To make matters worse his free hand vanished up the front of Carol’s jumper. Was she wearing a bra? Julia honestly didn’t know but from the look on Carol’s face she was going to go with a no.

Roy seemed quite happy to just play with the things he had found for a while. When he did stop it was just to unzip his trousers and press Carol’s hand against the opening. What would Carol do now, Julia wondered.

Roy’s hand slipped into Carol’s panties again and then his cock was on display, standing tall and only partly hidden by Carol’s hand, which was busy stoking it.

Julia assumed that a bit of mild petting was as far as the pair would go. OK, so maybe not so mild petting, but she didn’t expect anything else. She lifted her eyes in surprise when Roy suddenly pushed Carol’s panties down, at the same time tucking her dress into its waistband. Carol had recently shaved she noted. And she wasn’t wearing a bra. This was revealed when Roy also pushed her jumper up.

Roy stood back for a moment, obviously enjoying looking at his playmate. Then he made a twirling motion with his finger.

Julia didn’t know what to think when Carol turned around and leaned against the tree that had been behind her. The way she was standing, bent over with legs apart, totally displayed her pussy. The angle Julia was on she could also see Carol’s breast dangling, up for grabs as it were.

Carol, you’re surely not going to. . .?

The way Roy was moving closer she most definitely was, because he certainly intended to. Roy’s cock was rubbing against Carol’s slit, being stoked up and down it. His hand reached over and eased her lips apart and pressed the head of his cock in the space provided. While Julia watched his cock slowly pressed forward and into her sister, driving in quite firmly. Once his cock was in her, Roy did the grab Carol’s breasts invited.

Julia was by turns shocked, horrified, and amused by what she was observing. Also aroused. Sex appeared to be a lot noisier and a lot more energetic than she’d expected. It was also plain that this wasn’t Carol’s initiation to this particular hobby. She and Roy were moving with a mutual understanding of what the other was doing and wanted.

While Roy had initially entered Carol fairly carefully, now that he was engaged he was banging away like nobody’s business. Carol, for her part, was humping her hips hard, pushing eagerly back to accept what Roy was supplying, her enthusiastic little cries tesettürlü escort letting him (and Julia) know how much she was enjoying it.

What, Julia wondered, would happen if she strolled out into the open now? Would they stop or just ignore her? She decided she didn’t want to find out. Carol probably wouldn’t talk to her for weeks. No, she’d just remember this for when she had a need for a little judicial blackmail.

Roy was rubbing Carol’s breasts, rolling them around in his hands. At least, Julia assumed that he was doing that to both breasts. She could only see what he was doing to the one nearest her. At the same time his cock would come sliding out and then go charging back in with a rapid reverse of direction. Did they ever pop free while they were doing that? How embarrassing if they did.

Julia could distinctly here the slap of Roy’s groin connecting with Carol’s pussy. Just how long were they going to be doing this? OK, the flora reserve wasn’t used often but it was used. They could get caught and what a scandal that would be. The thought didn’t seem to worry the two miscreants. They were still going at it.

Sex, Julia decided, is a little boring if all you’re doing is watching someone else do it. Definitely a participation sport and, from the way Carol and Roy were participating, a sport she’d have to start practicing, sooner rather than later.

There was a subtle change to the way Roy and Carol were moving. Julia knew it but couldn’t work out what it was. Carol’s cries seemed to be a lot more excited and there was the difference – Roy was moving a lot faster, so fast now that Carol seemed to be bouncing along his cock like a ball fastened to a bat by elastic. Roy’s hand moved from Carol’s breast to her face. Covering her mouth, it would appear, stifling Carol’s cries.

Ah. Not her cries. Just stifling what sounded as though it would have been a full-blooded scream if it could have got loose. Both the participants seemed to be shaking and then Carol was leaning against the tree as if exhausted and Roy was leaning against her in a similar manner.

The pair of them had climaxed, Julia assumed, and decided it was time to discretely withdraw. She faded further into the background, looking for a path that would bring her up to the pair from a different route.

“There you are,” Julia said, finally reaching Carol. “I was wondering where you got to.”

Carol was leaning against a tree looking calm and collected. Roy was nowhere in sight.

“I was just observing the nests,” Carol said, pointing to an adjacent tree where a couple of nests could be spotted.

Julia accepted this as a reasonable explanation and the girls continued their stroll through the flora reserve. Julia was quite impressed with Carol’s calm demeanour, somewhat of a different style when compared to how she’d looked leaning against a tree with Roy’s cock busily banging her. Not that she’d ever mention it. (Unless she really needed to.)

While Julia didn’t actually forget the incident she did put it to the back of her mind – an interesting episode, but not one of any immediate import. With no significance attached to what happened Julia had no qualms about strolling through the flora reserve a few days later. This time she was unaccompanied and was slightly startled when she was hailed in the middle of the reserve.

“Julia,” said a voice. “Well met.”

Turning, Julia found Roy approaching. She also found that her query as to whether he had been standing too close to Carol, or if Carol had been standing too close to him, answered. Instead of stopping at a reasonable distance Roy moved very close to her, definitely encroaching on her personal space.

Power games, thought Julia dismissively. She wasn’t going along with that sort of thing. Damned if she was going to back down to his masculine aggressiveness. She stood her ground.

“Roy,” she said with a slight nod, deigning to acknowledge his presence.

“You like the reserve, don’t you?” observed Roy. “I noticed you here the other day with Carol.”

Julia made a non-committal sound. She knew damn well he’d noticed Carol the other day. She wasn’t quite so sure he’d seen her.

“I like it here in the reserve,” continued Roy, not troubled by her lack of response. “I find it a great place to do a little hunting.”

“Hunting?” asked Julia, astonished. “It’s a reserve. You’re not allowed to shoot anything here. Not that there are any animals that I know of.”

“I’m not into shooting, as such. I just like to track my prey. Generally I just do a tag and release.”

“What sort of animals can you find here? I’m pretty sure you won’t get far trying to tag and release any birds.”

“Cats. I look for cats. I consider stroking their fur the equivalent of tagging them. They’re shy buggers, always hiding behind things. You just have to know where to look.”

“Don’t you get scratched?”

“It’s been known türbanlı escort to happen,” Roy agreed with a grin. “Slapped, too.”

“Slapped?” Somehow Julia couldn’t see a cat as slapping someone.

“Yeah, it happens. An automatic reaction when I do something like this.”

Shades of Carol versus Roy. To Julia’s surprise Roy lifted the front of her skirt and used a single finger to pull her panties out from her body. She promptly slapped at him, protesting.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” she demanded, a strange excitement running through her.

“See. A slap. All I was doing was checking on a cat. Strange thing was, that particular pussy had no fur. Makes it harder to tag it.”

Cat equals pussy equals bastard, was Julia’s immediate thought.

“You go looking for girls in the reserve,” she accused.

“Not really. It’s just that I saw you come in and I sort of followed you. Been shaving long?”

“None of your business,” snapped Julia, face red.

“Beg to differ. How can I stroke fur if there’s no fur to stroke? Most unfair. You should consider things like that. Still, I guess I can test for smoothness and see if I can estimate how long ago you shaved.”

Before Julia could react to this arrogant comment her skirt was lifted again and a hand was down the front of her panties, rubbing lightly across her mons. Her newly shaved mons.

“You take your hand out of there,” hissed Julia, that odd excitement rising rapidly. “Just what do you think you’re doing?”

“In a moment,” said Roy in a be-reasonable voice. “Smooth as silk. You know they say that girls who shave are insatiable lovers?”

“They say no such thing. Shift your hand.”

“Not like that,” she said quickly, eyes opening wide.

Roy’s hand had slid deeper into her panties and had now captured the pussy he’d been seeking. He seemed intent on taming it via some aggressive massaging. Julia tried to pull back, heat rising within her. It was hard to pull away from someone when their hand was inside your panties, she found.

“Will you stop that?” she pleaded, feeling disappointingly relieved when Roy gave a small sigh and slowly withdrew his hand. Her relief was short lived as he took hold of her panties and pushed them firmly down, at the same time lifting her skirt to tuck the hem into the waist.

Now Julia’s face was really red. Before she could protest further Roy held up a hand, stopping her.

“Just hush up a bit. If you’re wondering what I’m doing I’m quite happy to explain. I’m about to take out my cock, which is, by the way, as rigid as a poker, and fuck you. If you’re going to say no or make any other sort of protest please do it quickly so we can get that out of the way before I start.”

Julia considered that for a moment.

“So then,” she said slowly, “you’re saying that it doesn’t matter if I object or not, you’re going to fuck me anyway.”

“Of course it matters,” Roy told her. “Once you’ve made your objections and had them dismissed you’ll be able to relax and enjoy yourself, knowing that you’ve tried to stop me. Your conscience will be clear.”

In love with himself much, thought Julia. Insufferably arrogant twit. A twit, she suddenly noticed, who had undone his trousers and produced an erection. An erection that looked much larger up close than it did from a distance when she wasn’t the one facing it. She felt slightly ill. She must be ill. What else would cause those butterflies in her stomach?

“I don’t suppose the fact that I’ve never done this before makes any difference?”

“It certainly does.”

“It does?” Was that a note of hope she heard in her voice?

“Of course. It means I’ll take you from the front so you can see what I’m doing. I’ll also make some suggestions as we do it to help you learn.”

Julia glared at him. The man was all heart. What could she say or do to make him back off?

While she was pondering she was also trying to back away from Roy. Roy on the other hand was staying right there in front of her. Her backing away came to an abrupt halt when she found herself leaning back against a tree. Roy’s advance didn’t stop. Looking down she could see Roy’s cock brushing lightly against her tummy, a tummy that was breeding butterflies at a prodigious rate.

A hand disappeared between her legs, once again rubbing against her mound. A finger eased between her lips, delicately probing inside her. His other hand was holding his cock, dragging it down across her body, tucking it between her legs. She could feel the bulbous head pressing against her. A deft movement on his part and it was now pressing into her.

Roy left it like that, the head of his cock just lightly engaged with her pussy. He lifted her top pushing it up. She only had a light bra on, one that didn’t even have a clip, just stretch bands. It was the work of a moment for Roy to ease it up off her breasts, his hands taking its place.

“I tüyap escort think we’re good to go,” Roy murmured. “Don’t you?”

Without waiting for her answer he pressed his cock a little more firmly against her, at the same time starting to massage her breasts. My god, thought Julia, it’s really happening. She could feel his cock moving into her, stretching her, making itself at home. She felt a momentary discomfort as something gave and then his cock was gliding along her passage. Well, not exactly gliding. Rather it was forcing its way down a closed tunnel, its solid rigidity forcing her passage to open and let it by.

There was no respite. She couldn’t help but watch as Roy’s groin moved closer to hers, that great fat shaft of his vanishing between her legs and up into her, filling her. How could he do this? Very easily, the answer whispered in her mind.

Normally she would have been all attention if a boy managed to get a hand on her breast. It had happened in the past and she would have had to admit that she rather enjoyed it. Now, with hands making free of both her breasts, it was proving to be only a minor distraction to the main event. With a cock also making free of her she had no room to think about anything else.

She blinked when Roy’s groin finally pressed firmly against hers. Her eyes lifted to look at him, not sure how she felt. She was being well and truly screwed and there was nothing she could do to stop it. Now that she thought about it she hadn’t made a single protest ever since he said he was going to fuck her. He’d given her a chance to but she’d been too confused to take it. Now she was effectively nailed to a tree. His cock certainly felt as hard as a steel spike and it had most definitely skewered her. She could feel it all the way along her passage and it felt even larger in her than it had looked.

Roy was smiling and gave her a wink.

“Don’t fret about it,” he said softly. “Seeing it’s a first we’ll just take it nice and easy this time. Just move with me and you’ll be fine.”

He started moving, pulling back out and then sliding back into her, moving much more smoothly now that the initial entry had been completed. Julia found herself pushing to meet him, finding the rasp of his cock against her flesh exciting, stirring up strange emotions. The rubbing of his hands against her breasts and nipples was a pleasurable counterpoint to what he was doing.

Even while they were moving against each other Julia found that something was nagging at her consciousness. Finally she caught hold of the stray thought.

“What do you mean, this time?” she gasped.

Roy just smiled, pressing firmly into her. “Worry about that another time,” he told her. “Right now just learn the basics. You’re doing just fine.”

Before Julia could say anything else Roy started talking softly, telling her how wonderful she was, how beautiful, how intelligent, how sweet her body felt against his. His honeyed words flowed over her in a constant stream. He’s just sweet-talking you, she tried to tell herself, but found herself listening, enthralled in both body and mind as he possessed her. It was, she found, hard to think constructively when a cock would slide home, doing terrible things to you, just as you were about to come to a conclusion. She gave up, letting it happen, drifting with the feelings inside her.

Roy was fascinated with the play of emotions across Julia’s face. She was an open book to him, not hiding a thing. He could tell when she’d totally surrendered, just going where he led and eagerly embracing her fate. Her face was flushed and excited. She was totally primed and ready, likely to explode any time he cared to pull the trigger.

Enjoying himself, he kept the current rhythm going for a little longer, stretching things out as long as he dared. At the end he almost had no self-control left. With a small groan he hastened towards the end. Julia felt the change in his actions and moved with him, meeting him faster, harder, knowing things were building up.

His mouth was on hers, kissing her, swallowing her shout as she climaxed, shuddering with the shock of it, feeling him jerking urgently against her. Then she was slumped back against the tree, Roy leaning against her, both of them breathing hard.

“You may want to consider getting your clothes tidied up a little,” suggested Roy, disengaging and zipping up.

Julia looked at him, feeling more than a little bemused. What was he saying?

“Clothes, Julia,” Roy said, a little more urgently. “I think I heard someone talking.”

Taking? I wasn’t talking, she thought. A sudden jolt. TALKING? SOMEONE COMING? With a strangled cry Julia started straightening her clothes, cursing Roy the entire time. He stood back and listened, a smile on his face.

“You have a significant grasp of the vernacular of the uncouth,” he said when the clothes straightening and abuse came to an end. “There were some things in what you said that I’d never heard before. Where did you come up with a curse like weedy, tickle-brained, ratsbane?”

“Shakespeare,” snapped Julia. “Someone you’ve probably never studied.”

“Thou sweet tender-hearted damsel,” quoted Roy. “From Romeo and Juliet.”

Julia blinked. He was kidding. Wasn’t he? Yes, he damn-well was.

“Shakespeare never wrote that,” she said firmly.

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