High School Romance Ch. 05

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I just want to let my readers know that it may take me more time than usual to post from now on. Classes start at university in a few days. But I will try to have one up at least every other week.


A few months had passed since the incident. Paul and the other boys had all been charged with assault. Mrs. Lockheart had given up her career as a wedding planner to home school her son. It was winter, and it was colder than usual that year. Ezra constantly shivered, even with the heater on and blankets around him. It was below freezing and Christmas was getting closer. Mrs. Lockheart was gone shopping for gifts with her sister, so the boys had the house to themselves for the first time in a while.

Brady was looking forward to a nice day alone with Ezra. He made a mug of hot chocolate, topped it with whipped cream, and carried it to his boyfriend.

“This should warm you up,” Brady said softly.

Ezra sipped at the sweet, warm drink and smiled distantly. He tilted his head up and Brady kissed him, running his tongue over Ezra’s lips to clean away the whipped cream.

“You taste sweet,” Brady joked.

Ezra smiled and finished his drink. Brady held him and they fell asleep. Brady was the first to wake and when he glanced outside he thought he was still sleeping. He’d never seen it in his life, but it was really happening.

“Ezra, wake up!” Brady said.

Ezra’s eyes popped open and he looked around nervously.

“Ezra, snow!” Brady took Ezra by the hand and got their jackets on.

Ezra was amazed by the falling white clouds of snow and flinched when one landed on his nose. The two boys stood for a while with the snow falling.

Brady looked down at Ezra, with melting tufts of snowflakes in his hair, and he smiled. He leaned down and kissed Ezra softly.

“Are you too cold?” Brady asked.

Ezra shook his head no and picked up a stick and wrote ‘I Love You’ in the snow. Brady laughed and swept Ezra up into his arms. Ezra was smiling more than Brady had seen in a long time. Brady kissed him playfully, but soon Ezra had his arms around Brady’s neck and their tongues beşiktaş escort were dancing around each other.

Brady carried Ezra into the house and in record time, set Ezra down, removed both their jackets and shoes, and then picked him up again and carried him to their bedroom. Brady carefully laid Ezra down and kissed him again. Brady was on top of him, but always careful not to rest too much weight on him.

Ezra pressed his face against Brady’s chest and lightly sucked at Brady’s neck.

“You know I love when you do that, angel,” Brady whispered. He took a deep breath in and the familiarity of Ezra’s smell turned him on even more. He started to gently grind his hips against Ezra’s. To his surprise, Ezra started to reciprocate.

Brady stripped off his shirt and Ezra sucked at his left nipple. Brady eased his hands under Ezra’s layers of shirts and pulled them off all at once. He kissed down Ezra’s stomach to his jeans and undid the buttons. Ezra tensed and Brady returned to lightly kissing Ezra on his stomach and chest before trying again. This time Ezra allowed it. Brady licked away the pre-cum and trailed his tongue all the way to the base of Ezra’s penis, and then down to his sack. Brady was uncertain, but Ezra’s moans of pleasure gave him the confidence to spread apart Ezra’s cheeks and lick the tight, pink opening.

Ezra bucked and grabbed the sheets with both hands. Brady looked up at the expression of pure ecstasy on Ezra’s face and felt desire stronger than he ever had before. Brady felt a deep possessiveness as he licked at the hole lightly and Ezra’s entire body reacted. His stomach quivered and his knuckles were nearly white from clenching the sheets in his hands. His eyes were closed and his mouth was open. He was making the sexiest sounds of pleasure, whimpering and purring.

Brady penetrated the hole with is tongue and Ezra moaned loudly and moved his head back and forth. Brady wet his fingers with spit and inserted one inside Ezra. Ezra pushed back against Brady’s finger eagerly.

“I love you,” Brady said as he moved his finger in and out. “I wish şişli escort you could see yourself right now. You look so beautiful.”

Ezra arched his back and brought one of his hands up to his nipple and lightly pinched it. Seeing Ezra touch himself in that way drove Brady wild. He dribbled more spit onto his fingers and this time penetrated with two.

Brady noticed that when he hit a certain spot, Ezra would nearly scream with pleasure and the sound was music to his ears.

He started to suck Ezra and continued to penetrate him with two fingers. Ezra gasped and came. Brady held the semen in his mouth and let it run into Ezra’s crack. Ezra was trembling with desire and Brady spread Ezra’s legs. He worked the sperm into Ezra’s tight hole and then spit in his hand and rubbed it onto his penis.

“Are you ready?” Brady asked.

Ezra pressed his opening against Brady and put his hand on Brady’s shoulders. Brady pressed slowly and finally his head slipped in. It was amazing, so tight and hot. Ezra closed his eyes and dug his fingernails into Brady’s shoulders. Brady continued to slowly penetrate until he was completely connected to Ezra.

“I love you, angel,” he said. Ezra moaned and bit his lip as Brady started to move inside him. Brady brushed Ezra’s prostate and Ezra whimpered and started to grind himself against Brady, further stimulating his prostate.

Brady started to thrust in an out, always returning to that same spot that made Ezra whimper, moan, and gasp. Ezra was starting to get hard again and he shyly licked his fingers and touched his erection.

“It’s OK, angel,” Brady said. “You’re so sexy right now.”

Ezra’s shyness faded and he stroked himself as Brady slid in and out of him. He was biting his lip and moaning. Brady had never seen anything more lovely. He felt that in that moment that his heart completely and totally belonged to Ezra and always would.

With that thought, he gasped, pulled out, and came on Ezra’s stomach. Ezra’s own penis swelled and came and soon his stomach was coated in white liquid. Brady carried Ezra to the shower and started bahçeşehir escort the water. In the mirror, Brady could see he had little, red, crescent moon shaped marks from where Ezra had been grabbing on to him.

They stood together under the water and held each other close. Brady knew that he couldn’t see living his life with anyone else. He needed Ezra more than he’d ever needed anything in his life.


Brady looked at the jewelry displayed under harsh light. The cash felt heavy in his pocket.

“Can I help you, young man?” an elderly employee asked.

“Yes, I was looking for a ring,” Brady said nervously.

“Well, we have plenty of options,” the woman said. “If you’ll come over here, I can show you a lovely set of reasonably priced promise rings.”

“Actually…I was looking for something a little more…masculine.”

The woman nodded knowingly and her smile never faltered.

Brady left the store with a simple sterling silver band in a black velvet box.


It was dark outside and Brady and Ezra sat together near the sparkling Christmas tree they had just decorated. The gold, red, and green reflected on the window pane and a few inches of snow had stuck, but would probably be gone by tomorrow. Brady had his arm around Ezra and he couldn’t remember ever being so nervous.

“Ezra, you know you’re my world,” Brady said.

Ezra blushed.

“You really are. I want you so bad. You’re beautiful and sexy. I would do anything for you. I want you in my life. I want to give you everything you’ve ever dreamed of. I got you something…” Brady reached into his pocket and took out the ring box. “I got you this ring as a symbol. I want you to promise me that one day, you’ll marry me.” Brady opened the box and Ezra gasped. A tear ran down his face and he looked from the ring to Brady and back to the ring with wide eyes. “Will you take this ring? Will you promise me that we’ll be together forever?”

Ezra nodded. Brady took Ezra’s left hand and slid the ring on. It was a little too big, but Brady didn’t really care and neither did Ezra.

Brady reached out and stroked Ezra’s cheek, then lifted his chin and brushed a kiss on his lips. Their fingers laced together and Brady felt his ring there. It gave him a deep satisfaction almost at a primal level to have Ezra wearing a physical symbol of their love for everyone to see. Brady was so happy that as they kissed, he couldn’t stop from crying.

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