Hi Alice

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‘But I miss you so much. You can’t just drop me after all we did together.’

I had been jumping from chat room to chat room getting more and more depressed with the deadbeats I was finding. Trouble was, surfing like this, trying to find some intelligent life out there, was all I’d allowed myself after my shit of a husband ran off with his twenty-year-old secretary last year. His defection hit my daughter Vanessa hard. Teenage life was difficult enough for her as it was, dealing with puberty and the pressures that came with it, without me getting into a new relationship as well. So, for me, it was the Net. Then the flag had come up on my screen telling me that Vanessa was on-line and “talking” to someone. Using the “parent guard” feature in the software that allowed me to check on whom my offspring was on-line with without being detected, I was now watching her conversation.

‘I’m not really dropping you. I still want to be friends. I’ve just moved on from that.’

‘But I miss you so much. I need you.’

‘You’ll just have to do it for yourself.’

‘I am. Right now while I’m talking to you. I wish it was you doing it.’

‘The keyboard must be getting very sticky. And smelly.’

My God! Vanessa is masturbating while she’s talking to this person, whoever he or she is! And they’ve obviously had some kind of sexual relationship.

‘It doesn’t feel the same when I do it. And I can’t kiss it like you do. I can’t reach. And I miss the taste and smell of you. It’s different from mine.’

‘Well you’ll have to find another girl to do it with seeing as you don’t like boys.’

‘Boys are gross and they smell funny. A. I love you so much. I don’t want anybody else. I’ll do anything you want me to.’

‘It’s no good V. I’ve made up my mind. Brad is so groovy. And he does it much better than you do. Why don’t you see if your mother has a vibrator hidden away? She must use something to get herself off now she doesn’t have a man. I’ve done it with my Mom’s and it was a massive turn on!’

So Vanessa was talking to her friend Alice. She’s the same age as Vanessa. They went to the same elementary school, but now go to different high schools. It sounded as though they had been experimenting sexually with each other, but Alice had now broken it off.

‘Who is this B. anyway?’

‘He’s the guy who owns the house next door. He lives by himself and I go and see him after school.’

‘He’s really crusty. I’ve seen him. He’s old! He must be well over 50!’

‘No he isn’t. He’s only 45. And he’s very sexy.’

‘What does he do that’s different to me?’

‘Well his fingers are bigger and fatter than yours are and I can really feel them when he puts them in. And he is really good going down. He makes me come lots of times.’

‘What else?’

‘Well he has a dick. You haven’t. Well you didn’t have last time I looked.’

‘Have you touched it?’

‘Lots of times.’

‘What do you do?’

‘I stroke it.’

‘What’s it like?’

‘It looks horrible until you get used to it. But it’s very hot and smooth even though it looks all knobby. It’s nice.’

‘Does he come?’

‘Of course. And I catch it in my hand when his stuff shoots out of him. Sometimes I catch it in my mouth.’

‘You go down on him?’

‘Of course. Now I’ve got used to the taste I like it.’

‘Oooo yuk!’

‘You ought to try it. You might like it you know.’

‘I doubt it. Have you gone all the way yet?’

‘Not yet. But we will soon. B. says he’s been stretching me with his fingers so that he doesn’t hurt me when he puts his dick in. It’s really big.’

‘A. I can’t take any more. I’ve got to go I still have homework to finish. I still love you.’

‘You’ll get over it. Have fun with your fingers.’

I’d better find out who this guy Brad is, I thought to myself, and let Alice’s parents know what’s going on! But I’ll have to get proof. Maybe I’d better make sure they’re together, then go and get her parents. There can’t be any false accusations then.

The next day I left work early and lingered in the street near to Alice’s house. Sure enough, she dropped her schoolbooks off at home and went to the adjacent house. A man opened the door when she knocked. He was squat and ruggedly built – almost simian in his stance – dark haired, and with a big black beard, but going bald. And he had huge hands with thick powerful fingers. If finger size equates to penis size, I thought, he must be enormous! How can a young kid like Alice bear having sex with someone like that? But, judging by what she tells Vanessa, she really enjoys it!

Alice went inside, but he left the door partly open. And she came out again almost immediately. I took time off the next day as well and Alice called on Brad again, if that was he. But, just like the day before, she didn’t stay for more that a minute or two. The next day she didn’t even call on him. I was wasting my time. It was a good thing I hadn’t rushed in with accusations, or I could be in real Malatya Escort trouble now. I could imagine their reaction: just another neurotic woman with a down on men because hers has dumped her!

A week went by. Vanessa talked to friends via the chat room many times – all of it innocuous. So when the flag came up this time I expected more of the same.

‘A. I’ve met a boy!’

‘What’s he like?’

‘Well, he’s tall and handsome, and slim, and very fair. And he has lovely long eyelashes.’

‘How old is he?’

‘About twenty I think.’

‘What’s his name?’

‘I don’t know yet. I’ve decided to call him Oberon after the character in the Shakespeare play.’

‘How did you meet him?’

‘I was so miserable about losing you that I couldn’t do my work at school. So I left after the lunch break. I told my teacher I wasn’t feeling well. A lot of girls in my class take time off because of period pains and I made out that was what it was.’

‘Very tricky! I’ll have to try that one myself.’

‘Well I went down to the beach and lay down on that big flat rock under the tree. You know the one.’

I knew where she was talking about. Vanessa and I used to go there often during the summer. The tree provided good shade when the sun got really hot.

‘I was lying there with my eyes closed feeling really miserable and thinking about you. I put my hand down my skirt and into my pants and was pretending it was you touching me. I was really starting to get hot when I heard this voice saying, “Do you want some help to do that?” I opened my eyes and O. was standing there looking at me. He knelt down and said “In fact if you want me to, I’ll kiss it for you”. And he pushed my skirt up and pulled my panties to one side. He moved so quickly and I was so surprised by him it was too late to say no. My fingers were still up in my pussy, but he took no notice and licked me with his tongue until I had a lovely come. He stood up afterwards and told me to sit up. Then he undid his zip and got his dick out and said “It’s your turn to do it to me now”.’

‘What was it like?’

‘It was long and thin and I only took a little bit in my mouth. And it was hot and smooth like you said B.’s was.’

‘B.’s is not very long, but it’s very fat. Did you swallow his come?’

‘Yes but I didn’t like it very much. It was all salty and bitter.’

‘You’ll get used to it. Are you going to see him again?’

‘Yes, we said we’d meet in the same place tomorrow.’

‘Will you let me know what happens?’

‘If you like. See yah.’

I was horrified! Vanessa was so young and she was doing fellatio on a twenty-year-old man! I was going to catch him and make sure he went to jail! So the next day I took more time off work, telling my boss that Vanessa was sick and at home by herself. He was very understanding and said he wouldn’t dock my pay.

It was hard to find a good place to hide. The rock was very isolated and you could see in both directions along the beach for miles. But I found a depression in the sand hill behind the tree and settled down to wait. But it was a waste of time. There was no sign of Vanessa and Oberon at all. At least she is safe today! I thought. But that evening I found out I was wrong.

‘Did you see him again?’

‘Yes it was wonderful. I was so excited I got there early and he was sitting on the rock waiting for me with his dick already out and stiff in his hand. I wanted to suck it straight away. But he said “Not yet” and took my pants right off and he put his fingers in me while he was licking me. I had two comes.’

‘How many fingers?’

‘It felt like two.’ ‘B. can only get one in me his fingers are so big.’

‘And then I sucked his dick and swallowed his come.’

‘Was it any better?’

‘Not really, still quite bitter.’

‘Did he push it right in this time? B. does.’

‘Quite a long way. I felt it touching the back of my throat. He said he’d teach me how to swallow it all tomorrow.’

‘Let me know.’

Oh Lord! I thought. They’d been and gone before I got there. Damn! Tomorrow I’ll have to take the whole day off. But the next day I drew another blank, even though I was in my hiding place well before noon. That evening…

‘Oh A. I’ve messed up. I couldn’t get out of school today and when I got to the beach O. wasn’t there.’


‘I’ll have to go tomorrow and see if he comes.’

‘You’ll taste it if he does!’

‘Don’t be so crusty.’

Vanessa must have arrived after I left. This was beginning to feel like one of those silly British comedy plays we sometimes get on public television! Nevertheless, I took another day off. No signs of anybody again though. And Vanessa’s conversation with Alice that evening confirmed that Oberon, at least, hadn’t turned up. Vanessa was distraught at having ‘lost him’.

‘At least you’ve sucked a boy’s dick now. Will you try another one?’

Alice was a tough little bitch!

‘I don’t know. I’m so Malatya Escort Bayan sad at losing him. Even sadder than I was at losing you.’

‘Gee thanks.’

Whew! It looked as though that episode was over, thank goodness! Once again though, without hard evidence, I didn’t want to make a fuss so I decided to let it ride. Two days went past with no further “action”. Alice checked with Vanessa every night and my daughter was very unhappy. She’d been down to the beach both days and still no sign of Oberon. Great! I thought, it really is over. But on the next evening…

‘A. you’ll never believe this but when I came out of school this afternoon O. was there in the street! He was very apologetic because he’d let me down the other day and thought that I’d dropped him. He didn’t know that I didn’t turn up either. Since then he’d been hanging around a different school each day hoping to see me!’

‘Lucky you. You must be doing it real good for him to search for you like that.’

‘I hope so. I love the way he makes me come too.’

‘He sounds real neat. How about introducing us?’

‘No way! You’re much prettier than me and you’ll steal him away.’

‘Meany. We could share. Maybe he’d like to do both of us at once! When are you seeing him properly again?’

‘We’re meeting tomorrow at the rock right after school. I can’t wait.’

‘Let me know if he turns up.’

I now had a pretty firm time and I knew my boss wouldn’t mind me leaving a couple of hours early. This time I would catch him! But, once again there was no sign of either of them. On the Net that evening…

‘So how was it. Did he come?’

‘Did he come? Yes he was there and yes he came! And so did I.’

‘So what was it like?’

‘It was divine. O. took my panties off again and he licked me so beautifully I came twice. Then he put his finger in me. Actually it must have been his thumb. And then he licked me again while he was moving it in me. But when he was doing that he was also touching my butt hole with another finger and when he slipped that in I had the most enormous come. I went crazy.’

‘He stuck his finger up your ass?’

‘Yes, but not all the way in.’

‘I don’t believe you.’

‘Well don’t. But you should ask B. to do it to you. O. said he could feel my pulse just inside and my heart was beating very fast and my muscles clenched really hard on his finger when I came.’

Vanessa! I thought. I don’t know where you are getting these lurid details from, but you are telling lies! You weren’t at the beach with Oberon this afternoon. You are making this up to “outdo” Alice!

‘And did you suck his cock?’

‘Oh yes. It was much better this time. He tasted nice and sweet. And he pushed it right down my throat and I didn’t want to choke or anything.’

‘All the way down?’

‘Yes. My nose was pressed right against his hairs.’

‘His hairs?’

‘Yes his pubic hairs. When it was my turn to make him come he got me to unzip his pants. Then he told me to take them right down and I saw his balls for the first time. He asked me to hold them while I sucked him.’

‘What were they like?’

‘Do you remember those day-old chicks we hatched out at school?’

‘That was years ago when we were six.’

‘That’s right. Well, his balls felt like them: All soft and fragile. And they scrunched up in his bag just before he came and I could feel him coming as I held them. And you’ll never believe this: Afterwards, he wouldn’t give my panties back. He said he was going to keep them to sniff at in bed while he thought of me and made himself come.’

‘Wow that’s sexy! Won’t your Mom notice they are missing?’

‘No. She’s too busy being sorry for herself since Dad left to notice anything about me.’

Out of the mouths of babes! I thought, weeping softly as I read Vanessa’s last line. But, all this was still a fantasy – a come-on for Alice’s benefit. My daughter has a very wicked mind, but what’s my next move? Do I confront her with all of this?

At the weekend I checked Vanessa’s underwear, just in case. But nothing seemed to be missing. That confirmed my suspicions that she was making the story up.

‘Did you see him today?’

‘Oh A. It was so wonderful.’

‘Tell me.’

‘We did it!’

‘You had sex? You went all the way?’

‘Oh yes!’

‘Awesome! How did it happen?’

‘Well, as usual he licked my muff as he calls it and made me come. Then he said it was time for me to try him inside down there.’

‘What did he do?’

‘He took my skirt right off in case I bled. But he said he didn’t think I would as he had opened me enough with his fingers. Then he opened my legs wide apart and rubbed his dick up and down my pussy a few times. It felt so hot and smooth moving on me like that. And then, before I could change my mind he pushed it in me.’

‘Were you scared? Did it hurt?’

‘I was scared at first. But O. was very sweet about it and said he was a bit scared too. Escort Malatya Did it hurt when B. did it to you the first time?’

‘Well his dick is very big.’

‘Well O. didn’t hurt me. And he pushed it right in and moved it in and out quickly. And he was panting and groaning and saying how lovely and tight I was.’

‘Did it feel nice?’

‘Oh it was lovely.’

‘Did you bleed?’

‘No he must have been right about making me big enough for him.’

‘Did you come with him inside you?’

‘No. But it was nice feeling him in there all the same. Do you come when B. does it to you?’ ‘Sometimes. It nearly blows my mind. Did he come?’

‘Of course.’

‘Inside you?’

‘No. He pulled it out and it shot all over my tummy. After he cleaned it off he said he was sorry he hadn’t given me an orgasm and then he went down on me again. He stuck his tongue right up in my pussy. And he put his finger in my bottom again. Lots further in this time. It was really nice. And then I came really hard.’

‘B. always stays inside me.’

‘O. said he probably will next time.’

‘Let me know?’

‘Of course.’

There was no on-line talk between Vanessa and Alice for over a week. Then…

‘Oh A. he did it.’

‘He came inside you?’

‘It felt so good flooding my insides.’

‘And did you come?’

‘This time I did. Just before him. We did it differently this time.’


‘Yes. He laid me face down on the rock with my school bag underneath me as a cushion.’ ‘Face down?’

‘That’s right.’

‘And first he licked all the way down my bottom and even my butt hole.’


‘And then he put his cock in me and did it. And as he did it he put his hand under me and touched my pussy. I came just before him. And then he shot his load in me. I could feel his stuff gushing out all hot. Right up inside me.’

‘Cool! I like that feeling too.’

‘I’m seeing him tomorrow as well.’

‘You’re a sex maniac!’

‘I love it. I wish I could live with him so that he could fuck me every day. O. says it’s time for me to try the ultimate.’

‘What’s that?’

‘I don’t know. I’ll let you know tomorrow night. But he did say he wanted me to wear the same panties as I did today.’

‘V. I’m so jealous.’

‘Why? You have a good time with B.’

‘He’s not nearly as exciting as O. is.’

The next night I waited anxiously for Vanessa to get on line. There were a couple of false starts as she talked to other girls, then…

‘How did it go?’

‘It was fantastic. But I’m a bit sore.’

‘So what is the ultimate?’

‘He did it in my ass.’

‘He fucked you in the ass?’

‘Yes. Twice.’



‘He’s a sicko.’

‘No. It’s normal. I read about it in some Penthouse Forum books Dad left behind. People do it like that all the time.’

‘It sounds gross. So what’s it like?’

‘The first time O. pushed his dick in it hurt a lot. Just like he was sticking a red hot poker up my ass. He put some jelly on both of us to make it easier but it still hurt. Once he got right inside though it didn’t hurt as much and we both had awesome comes right at the same time. That was neat.’

‘And then he did it again?’

‘Yes. But I had to make him hard again first. We did what he called a sixty-nine. He licked my pussy while I sucked him until he grew again.’

‘But didn’t O. have all the stuff from your ass all over his dick?’

‘He wiped it first. So that was okay. And I had another come as he was licking my pussy and fucking me with two fingers.’

‘And then he put his dick in your ass again?’

‘Yes. It was a lot easier this time and we both had another come.’

“Why did he want you to wear the same panties again?’

‘I don’t know. I thought he might want another pair to keep. But he must have forgot.’

‘This is too much! V. I have a confession to make. There is no Brad. Mom gets me to take things next door, to Charlie. But, like you said, he’s old and so ugly. He’s like an ape. I’d never have sex with him. The thought of it makes me feel sick. I’ve been making it up, all the things I’ve talked about. I haven’t been with anybody. I just thought you and me were getting too much like gays and I had to think of some way to break it off. Sorry.’

‘That’s all right. I’ve known the truth for a long time now. Bye.’

I breathed a huge sigh of relief. So both of the little trollops were making it up. Thank God I didn’t make an issue of it with either of them! Perhaps now, I thought, we’ll all get back to some kind of sanity? And thank goodness I also know where Vanessa has been getting her ideas from. Typical of Richard, my errant husband, to leave porn lying around so that an innocent teenager could get hold of it!

On the weekend, when I was doing my usual laundry jobs, I noticed that a pair of Vanessa’s panties was screwed up in a tight ball. Maybe she had an “accident” I thought to myself as I unraveled them. A chill swept through me. In their diminutive crotch I saw the unmistakable signs of semen. Lots and lots of semen. Tinged slightly brown. And I howled with grief and then vomited with horror at the sight – of one, very thick, very black, pubic hair.

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