He’s hot

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Hello, it’s Matt Packard, seventeen, from New York, actually class ten, because I failed in class four and all. and I’m about to tell you about my first time..


I was crazily madly in love with a nice mascular basketball player from school, I wasn’t able to help myself when I see his body moving to the locker room or the bath, I used to follow him and watch him stripping or pissing, I getta hard pain in my knees, they get dairy and can’t keep me standing up anymore, and my heart gets about to explode and I lose my power and forget what the kinda places I am in..

That groove goes through me everytime I see him, there’s much hot bodies in the school, but he’s the one who gave me a perfect wink and a smooth smile with a lip-bite, just like he’s trynna gime me a sign.

It’s growing inside of me everytime I remember him, his eyes, everytime I hear any voice sounds like hims .. and him, he smiles for me whenever he see me, but we’ve never had the enough brave to say Hi for each other.

.:. THE ACTION .:.

Once, there was a basketball match, and I went to check out for the first time the way he bounces on the floor with the ball in his hand, all the people and cheerers were so excited and crazy for the whole thing, but me, I was acting like them in the time that my eyes were about to get all moised opening widely to watch his hot body jumping up number of meters to score a big number of goals, I couldn’t help myself, just watching his chest shaking and his armpits and muscles showing to me, got me all horny, just seeing him laughing at his foe everytime he make a goal, got me sweating, got my heart about to break.

In the end of the game, after his friends have congratiolated şişli escort him, he were totally sweaty and hot wearing the sportive shorts and shirt, he went sitting alone in some corner of the school hall, the evening were about to come, I love the evening and the horny reflection that it gives me.

I was losing the control of my feet moving towards him in the hall, he was sitting as the left leg was closed and he’s laying his left arm on it and breathing deeply watching me going towards him, as I got to his place, he smiled for me, and I kneeled between his thighs and sticked my hand to his hot sweaty dirty crotch, I had totally lost control at that moment, He was watching my hand playing with his balls with a light hot smile on his face, then told me “This’s your first Hi!?”,I smiled widely and told him “Yeah, do you like it”, he said “Oh you must be kidding, I love it”, and my hand began to rub his groing hard dick, he began moanning with pleasure, and then looked at me smiling and his head got closer to kiss me, as I did, and began to kiss him so badly when rubbing his dick, then he laid to the wall and raised his right arm to put it in the back of his head, I laid down to his chest, and his nipple was shown through his transpert shirt, I began to suck it on the shirt still rubbing his dick, then I felt his breath tightening, and his voice getting smoother, and asked him “Something wrong?”, he told me “Yeah, I’m about to cum, lay down to my dick”.

I did what I was told and laid down and replaced his shorts and his pants and began sucking his dick smoothley, and rubbing his both chest nipples in my both first fingers, his voice got much hornier and smoother saying “Yeaah.. suck that dick, yeahh..”, and he came up to 5 huge shoots inside my mouth, it tasted creamy and nice and I swallawed it, then told him “Anytime you feel your dick gets ready for another one, I’ll be kneeling like a slave between your legs, waiting your command.”, he told me “Don’t you feel that’s such a stupid sentence, I love you, and don’t wanna own you”, then I told him about to cry from the passion “how can I make you feel me”, “well, my dick’s ready for a bigger action if you want me to shove it in your ass”, I told him “and you think I don’t want to”, he told me “so baby, don’t you wanna come home with me”, and my heart was feeling divided between his face and his hot sharp voice, as I accepted and said “YEA, sure”.

I grabbed his both arms to help him to get up and went home with him, every arm of ours were laid around the other’s neck walking the street, in the time that I was feeling his arm weight on my neck, I entered my finger lil bit down to his left nipple under the shirt, and was rubbing it, as he told me “You make me unable to wait for your ass, my dick’s goin crazy right now”

When we arrved home, he told me “Where do you wanna make it, bath, bed, wherever?”, I said “You have to getta shower”,
then we both went to the bath and I was taking off his shorts and his shirt, and looked down to find a huge dick waiting for me, I turned the water on to make it starting to hit the top of his short hair, and make him wet and make my heart beating more and more, he told me “get on the floor by the doggy position, and go slow to clean my feet then my legs and thighs till you get to the right place” I got on the floor like a dog and grabbed a soap to begin to rub his feet hard, and then put some soap on his hairy fat legs and his thighs and began to rub them all with my hands, when I got to the dick I handed the shampoo bottle and squeezed it on his dick and rubbed it, and he told me “You know what to do now, get on the floor on your side”, I laid down on my side as he did laying in back of me, then he grabbed his dick and sticked it slowly in, the feeling of his dick was amazing when the hot whater is hitting on our bodies, he began to speed up, and my hole was feeling relaxed just because of the passion inside of me, I was feeling the heat of his dick, the heat of his moaning breathes on the skin of my ear, then he surrounded his legs to mine and his hand on my belly, and his belly was glued to my back, I began to feel the same feeling when I was sucking his dick, his heat ran up, his dick got in the hardest state, so I told him “You’re about to cum?”, he answered with a breathing moaning smooth voice “Yeah”, I told him “so cum wherever you feel tasty”, he told me “T.. Tasty!, oh your ass is a real heaven for my dick, oh, oh my god, I’m about to cum, oah huh aah”, and came about 3 big shoots and 2 other little.

Then he told me again “Your ass is a real heaven, I had to tell you, now continue doing your job”, and then I continued working his chest and armpits and massaged his back and muscles.

When we finished, we made it straight to the bed and he ware white comfortable pants and shirt, as I ware a blue smooth pijama and a t-shirt, he laid his head on my chest and his arms surrounded my neck relaxing his body and touching his dick to my side and putting his legs around mine, and I sticked my finger to his left nipple and began to massage it feeling his heart beating harder and watching his eyes closing and going deeper in sleep..

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32