He’s Bigger

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Lissa realized how much bigger Michael’s penis was compared with that of her ex-husband. It was almost an inch wider in diameter and almost two inches longer. She was mesmerized by it. She took his hand and they climbed into the bed. He took his time with her and when she was well lubricated, he pushed his bare cock inside of her. It was so much bigger than her ex-husbands. She gasped when the tip passed the entrance to her pussy then again when his full length was inside of her. She gasped again feeling the pressure of his penis almost in her belly.

Michael’s shoulders were wide and she felt a little overwhelmed. He had her pinned down with each thrust of his hips. His penis felt different than her ex-husband. First as it penetrated her it pressed against her clitoris causing stimulation, as it pulled out the reverse pressure relieved the stimulation; this in and out stimulation was building with each cycle. Second, his penis must have been two inches longer and when was completely inside of her the tip of his penis caused a pressure she could only associate with her belly. To accommodate his additional length, she arched her back and lifted her knees. Once she positioned herself to accept the fact that he was bigger than her ex-husband, Michael was able to go deeper and deeper. He was Bayan Eskort in her virgin territory, and Lissa realized that by accommodating him the stimulation on her clitoris changed again. The pressure was slightly less, but the stimulation was longer and steadier.

Look up into his eyes she smiled for the first time. She ran her hands across his chest, over his arms and then down to his ass and with a light touch she pulled him ever so deeper inside of her. She felt completely out of control. This man had her completely helpless, there was nothing she could do stop him even if she wanted to. It was so refreshing after years with the same man; she had no idea what she was missing. Just then a familiar feeling washed over her, she was about to have an orgasm. The only way she had EVER had an orgasm was on top, her Ex-Husband could rarely get her to climax in the missionary position.

Lissa breathed out softly, “Michael… I am about to cum, please don’t stop.” Michael responded by offering that she didn’t have to worry, he wasn’t going to stop and that she deserves to have at least one orgasm, probably more. Her head tilted to the side as her clit began to pulse. The pulsation, combined with the stimulation created a wave of pleasure unlike anything she had felt before. Anadolu Yakası Escort When she was on top, she had to concentrate on the motion causing the orgasm to be weaker and shorter in duration. This one just continued to build. She began to squirm as she didn’t think she could take it if it continued. Her movement just intensified the feelings. She arched her back even more and with each thrust Michael became more excited as her big boobs sloshed and jiggled on her ribcage.

Seeing Lissa in such pleasure was a sight he had not seen in years. With his ex-wife he could never satisfy her. Michael saw the effect he was having on Lissa, she was writhing with pleasure, her arched back accepting his thrusts, he took one arm and held her back almost lifting her off the bed with each additional thrust. He couldn’t hold her up any more and laid her back down, still pounding her she seemed to be coming down from the high.

Michael had just brought Lissa to a place she nor he had never been sexually. His penis dived in virgin territory and having a man on top of her bring her to orgasm was amazing. She didn’t think it was possible. Just as she relaxed, Michael’s continued motion caused her to have another wave. In a louder, more exciting voice, “Michael, I don’t believe Pendik Escort it, but I am about to have another one, keep going.” Michael’s penis got harder and his resolve to hold back his own climax was emboldened. Lissa couldn’t count the number of orgasms she had, but she could see Michael was losing steam. She took her hands, placed then on his ass and began helping him with each stroke. Then Lissa wrapped her legs around his ass. She then said, “Michael, I want you to cum, cum inside of me.”

Michael asked, “are you sure? I can pull out.” Lissa quickly responded, “No, no its alright, please cum, cum inside of me, it is ok.” With that Michael quickly fired a shot of hot semen inside of her. Lissa could feel the pulse of his penis and the warmth of the semen. His cocked filled her so completely that by second pulsation she could feel some of his cum dripping down to her ass. He shot five more significant loads inside of her and by the end the bed below her was completely soaked with semen. She laughed and asked, “do you always cum that much?”

Not really understanding the question chose to say, “Wow, Lissa that was great. That was the best sex I have ever had.”

Lissa cautiously offered, “Michael, you were great, thank for taking your time with me. Rarely before I was ever able to be brought to orgasm like you just did.” She knew she said too much almost immediately.

She was not sure how Michael would feel as she had just compared him to her ex-husband out loud, but right now she had come so many times that all she wanted to do was sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32