Her Turn

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As we enter the room, I ask you to take off your shirt, and stretch out on the bed. This time, I am in charge. You can do as you like later. I want to be dominated, controlled, but not right now. I ask you to put your hands behind your head. You comply, smiling, and I crawl on to the bed beside you, then straddle your hips. I run my hands down your sides, touching for the very first time. I ask you to close your eyes, and you ask, “Why?” “Because I will stop if you don’t.” Your eyes drift closed, but a little smile remains.

I lean forward, my hands on either side of your body. That scent, uniquely yours, fills my nose. Spicy, exotic, you. Musky, yet with a hint of some exotic spice I’ve smelled before, but can’t quite place.

Gazing down, I admire the strength, beauty in your face and body. Salt and pepper hair, kept short, and a goatee, going a little more grey than dark, but still neatly kept and soft to the touch. I rub my cheek along your jaw; tickle my nose with your beard. Muscled from years of athletics and working with you hands, but with a hint of that middle aged extra padding, you are beautiful. Your body is all long lines, gently sculpted, magnificent.

Your grin widens as I plant tiny kisses along your jaw line, and then move down your throat, to the pulse at the base of your neck. I can hear your breath hitch, ever so slightly, feel your pulse speed up. The slight cover of hair makes my nose tingle, and when I tug gentle, I feel you growl beneath me. Enjoying this, are we?

I want to taste you. Scent and taste, so closely linked they are a powerful combination taken together. gaziantep escortları Will I get a taste of cinnamon? Or do you taste a bit earthier? Slightly salty, but with a masculine taste I can’t quite place. I flick my tongue across one nipple, then the other. I trace each rib, first with a fingernail, then with tongue, and continue tormenting you, alternating now between licking, nipping, and sucking on each abused nipple. A little squirm and I have better access to your chest. Now I can use both hands to touch as well!

I can feel you starting to get hard beneath me. You ask me if you can… readjust. Of course, I don’t want you in pain. A low moan comes from your throat as I shift. Believe me, I am not going anywhere. The torment has just begun. I continue moving down your chest, to your stomach, pausing only briefly to torture your belly button. It makes you squirm, and me giggle, as I move lower. Refusing to relinquish the feeling of fun, I reach down and bite the flesh along your side. You gasp and jump a little, but I don’t bite down enough to leave a mark. I put just enough pressure to make sure I still have your attention.

You twitch, your breathing stops for a heartbeat, as I unbutton your pants, pull down the zipper. It is a bit difficult, as you are straining against the fabric. I can hardly wait. I need your help, to get your clothing out of the way. I don’t want to hurt you, as I am far too eager to see the package. Seeing your hands shake, just a touch, makes me even hotter, and my mouth waters. You stroke my hair for a moment. “Put your hands back behind your head, or I will stop.” You put them back behind your head, enjoying the game, probably planning for your turn.

I look down upon the dick that has emerged from your jeans. Oh, my, God. I have never had any more than six inches!

I tilt my head down, and lick you from base to tip. I reach forward, and cup your balls in my hand, playing with the silky softness, before moving my hand to the base of your dick. I make myself comfortable, and use my dominant hand to stroke, as I suckle you, just like a lollipop. Never losing contact, I take just the tip of you in my mouth, sucking, just a little. I run the tip of my tongue just under the head, and watch your reaction. I can feel your pulse and breath jump, feel you tremble, watch the goose bumps rise on your skin. Muscles are standing out now, tense from the need to touch, do something.

Each stroke, I take you a little deeper. I can’t take it all, but I take as much as I can, heating you up. I reach to the side of the bed, and grab the little bottle waiting there for just this occasion. It has been in the car, so it is cold, as I put two or three drops on the tip of your dick, now quivering. You gasp, and jerk — that’s cold. I chuckle… guess I am just going to have to warm you up again. I drive you as deep as I can, and just hold you there, not moving, for a heartbeat, before giving you 3, 4, 5 quick strokes with my hand still firmly wrapped around you.

Hmmm. I wonder… Can I suck on you, while you are rubbing between my boobs? I unbutton my shirt; shrug it off to the side. I was planning for this — I unhook the front hooks on my bra, still sucking on you, and drop it off the side of the bed. I cup each breast, and wrap them around you. Thrust for me, just a little. You taste amazing. I can hear something, I think it is you, moaning, ever so softly, or is it me? Can you get any harder? Is that possible? I want to find out. I trace my free hand along the lines of your legs, watching you tense and jerk with each move.

You are allowed to touch, now. You wrap your hands in my hair, so you can watch, so you can have some control over what I am doing to you. The vein on your dick is standing out, and you are purple from all the blood rushing to make you harder. Tell me what to do, what I can do better, what you like. You are so silky, and hard. I’m still learning…teach me how to make you moan, quiver, and beg. I want to taste you — all of you. Moving, I wrap my hand around the base, and begin to suck in earnest. Your hips are moving off the bed. You are getting close, so close. I can feel your hands in my hair, urging me on, controlling me through your grip. Do you know how exciting that is for me?

Your balls start to tighten up — you are close. You are moaning steadily now, meaningless sounds, that no less make both of us more excited. I am ready — I want this. I want to swallow you, feel you lose control; watch you as you come in my mouth. This, this is amazing. The salty taste, a little bitter wash over my tongue, as you finally can’t move any more. The last few drops dribble out, as I clean you up with lips and tongue. As you are able to breathe again, you chuckle softly, and draw me up beside you. “Is it my turn, kitten?” you whisper in my hair. I just smile, knowing it will be a while before you exact your revenge.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32