Her Pleasure Only

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I had the day off to set up my surprise and my wife was on her way home, getting off early from work. I just spoke to her and she was in a great mood, otherwise I would have had to save the surprise for another day.

She came in, I kissed her and let her go change. She came back in wearing and old t-shirt and shorts. As she walked past me I grabbed her and pinned her arms behind her and quickly handcuffed her. She was startled before asking what the hell was going on.

I whispered in her ear for her to relax and enjoy, that she was going to love this. I felt her relax some but not completely, not that she didn’t trust me, she just hated surprises.

To add to it I slipped a blindfold over her eyes and had her sit on the couch. I left the room to set up and to let her imagination run wild.

I helped her off the couch and led her to the bedroom. She asked me what was going on and I told her to relax, you know that I would never hurt you and I guarantee you are going to enjoy this immensely.

As I told her how much I loved her and loved pleasing her I eased her onto the bed. As I was having her slide to the middle of the bed I placed a cuff around her left ankle and clasped it closed and before she could realize what was going on I quickly did the right ankle.

Now she really wanted to know what was going on. I again told her to relax that she was really going to enjoy this. She stopped squirming as I unclasped the handcuffs. Grabbing her arms I quickly got the left one in the cuff but she was really squirming and almost got her right hand free. Once the cuff on her left wrist closed the right was really easy.

Now I know she realized her hands and feet were clasped to each corner of the bed and she was spread out and blindfolded. She had to know that she was helpless and at my mercy. I, also, knew that she knows I would never hurt her, but she had to be somewhat concerned at her lack of control over the situation.

I again told her to relax, trust me and just enjoy. I also told her that if she really wanted free and did not want to experience the rest of my surprise for her to say so. She visibly relaxed at that I could tell she was ready for us to continue.

I then leaned over and kissed her hard and passionately. I then proceeded to kiss and nuzzle her neck and then proceeded to kiss up her right arm. I then kissed down her right arm to her neck and then hard on her lips once again. I then kissed and nuzzled the left side of her neck and then kissed my way up her left arm and back down to her neck ending with a hard passionate kiss on her lips.

I then started Kütahya Escort running my fingers lightly up and down her arms, barely touching them. I stopped when I felt and saw the goose bumps appearing on her skin. I then moved between her legs and began to move my fingers up and down her legs. I made sure to run my fingers over the top, outside and inside of her legs. I stopped when I heard her give out a light moan of approval.

I knew that she was relaxed and I could start to increase the sensations and the intensity. So I grabbed a feather from the nightstand and slowly worked it down her left arm, across her neck and up her right arm. As I lightly brushed the feather up and down her arms and across her neck I was rewarded with low moans.

I moved lower to run the feather up and down her legs. I would run the feather down the outside of her thighs and then up the inside. I could tell this was beginning to excite her as her moans came more frequently.

I lifted the feather off her body and said that the shirt and shorts were in the way and needed to be removed. I saw her smile thinking that this meant releasing her and allowing her to participate. She extremely surprised when she heard the first snip of the scissors.

I carefully began to cut her shirt up the seam on the left side, always pulling the shirt away from her body so the scissors never touched her. She started to protest and I told her it was an old t-shirt and I could always get her a new one. She still remained tense as I then cut up the seam on the right side. After the right side was done I pulled the t-shirt remnant off over her head.

The left her clad in her bra, shorts and I assume panties. I started moving the feather lightly across her belly and up her sides. I saw her visibly relax again. I then brought the feather across the top of her breasts and along her upper chest and neck. As I continued to move the feather along her chest and neck she started to moan again.

I lifted the feather off of her again. I picked up the scissors and put the along the left seam on the outside of her shorts and cut the seam up all the way through the waistband. She didn’t tense this time and I cut away the right side and pulled the shorts out from under her.

I then picked up the feather and began moving it along her left hip and over the edge of her panty to her belly. I then ran the feather down the right edge of her panty across her thigh and then up her right hip. I continued to do this until her moans and sighs became more pronounced. When she was involuntarily moving her hips I removed the feather.

I Kütahya Escort Bayan picked up the scissors again and cut the left bra strap and then the right. She started to protest again, but I told her that she could buy a replacement if she wanted. I then carefully cut the bra between her breasts. I set the scissors down, told her to arch her back and pulled the bra free.

I grabbed the feather again and ran it around, under and over her breasts. Sliding it between her breasts as I switched from one breast to the other. I then lifted the feather to her right nipple and brushed it lightly, this elicited an ooh from her and caused the nipple to stiffen. I switched to the left nipple eliciting a little louder ooh at the feathers touch. I proceeded to brush the nipple until it was as stiff as it’s twin.

I put the feather down and grabbed an ice cube. I proceeded to run the ice cube under her breasts , between her breasts and all around them. I slowly made circles on her right breast making the smaller and smaller until the ice cube was circling her nipple. This caused the nipple to get even harder, eliciting more moans and squirming. I then proceeded to make circles on her left breast until reaching the nipple, the moans were increasing and she was squirming even more.

I put the remnants of the ice cube in the bowl and picked up the scissors again. I snipped the left side of her panties and then the right side and pulled them off her. I then grabbed the feather and proceeded to brush it lightly against the outside of her pussy. As I stroked the feather up and down her pussy she started moaning in earnest and moving her hips in time to my strokes of the feather.

I put the feather down and grabbed another ice cube. She gasped as I slid the ice cube down her pussy. I slid the ice cube up and down her pussy, getting the outside as wet as the inside had to be.

I threw the remnants of that ice cube in bowl and got another ice cube. She moaned loudly and raised her hips as I slide the ice cube past her lips and down the length of her pussy. I slowly brought the ice cube up and circled her clit with it. This earned me a very load moan and the shudder of your first orgasm.

I circled her clitoris some more before dropping the remains of the ice cube in the bowl. I got another ice cube and again slid it down her pussy. When I reached her entrance I shoved the ice cube in. She moaned and bucked her hips and had another orgasm as I moved the cube in and out.

The cube melted quickly from her hurt and I let her calm down a bit before I grabbed the Escort Kütahya dildo from the end table. I turned it on to low vibration and slid it up and down her pussy. She was lifting and grinding her hips against it as the vibrations moved through her. Just as I knew she was going to orgasm I turned it on high and pressed it against her clit.

She screamed as orgasm hit. I removed the dildo from her clit and slowly slid it all the way in her. As I held it deep in her pussy I grabbed the lotion from the table. While her pussy was vibrating I squeezed the lotion on her breasts. She yelped in surprise as I started to rub the lotion all over her breasts.

When I concentrated my action on the nipples, switching back and forth between breasts, it triggered another orgasm deep in her pussy, clenching the dildo tightly. I turned off the dildo and removed it from her.

As she recovered from her orgasm I grabbed the bottle of lube and squeezed it all over her pussy. She again yelped in surprise. I then started to rub the lube all over her pussy from the very top all the way down to her asshole.

As I rubbed the lube in I started slowly easing one finger into her ass. As I slowly eased in she raised her hips trying to draw my finger in deeper. Once my finger was all the way in I started to move it in and out while I rubbed and rolled her clit with my other fingers. Soon she was bucking frantically as another orgasm rocked her. I quickly pulled out my finger and grabbed a new toy.

She yelped in surprise again as she felt something different pressing into her ass. What she couldn’t see was a thin vibrator with a powerful vibrating action. Once it was fully in her ass I turned it on. If she wasn’t bound to the bed I think she would have hit the ceiling in surprise and ecstasy.

Almost immediately she began to convulse in orgasm. I slowly turned the vibration down but left it in her ass. As the low vibration began to hum through her I got her other vibrator with the clit stimulator off the nightstand.

I pushed the vibrator in her and turned it on, causing it to vibrate in her pussy and against her clit. I let her orgasm like this before beginning to slide it in and out of her pussy. As she started to orgasm again I started to move the vibrator in and out of her ass.

I alternated the vibrators in and out of her pussy and ass. She was coming almost continuously now and I started increasing the tempo. As her orgasm became continuous I turned both vibrators on high and pushed them both deep.

Her scream of ecstasy is something that I will remember forever. Once her orgasm had passed I turned off the vibrators and slowly pulled them out of her. I removed her restraints, kissed her lightly and left her to recover.

When she had recovered, she asked about my needs. I looked at her and smiled and said that I was completely satisfied because she was.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32