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This is a story from a girl’s point of view where she did had a great time

I am lying naked on the couch and he is sitting on the floor between my legs. He is also naked as I am.

He lays his head on my thigh and looks into the dark between my legs, dark because, my pussy is almost covered by the curly shining black pubic hairs.

The hair is so thick that he can not easily see the long narrow slit of my pussy.

He opens my legs wider, his fingers smooth the hair and my pink pussy slit was visible to his eyes. He licks the top of my thighs and his fingers begin to work on my pink insides.

He runs his finger up and down along the length of my warm pussy crack and tells me:

“Sweetie, your sex organ is so thickly covered by your pubic hair that I practically can not see the every details of your nice pussy. Your pubic hair is almost concealing your pussy lips, hiding them from view.”

It only took him about ten seconds of searching for solutions before he comes to the obvious conclusion. Staring at my pussy through the layer of silky hair, he proposes:

“How about letting me shave your pussy?”

I tell him:

“No, it will cause too much itching.”

He says:

“I know how to stop that itch. Come on; let me clean the hair off of your pussy. I promise you will look better, feel better, fuck better and cum better. We can enjoy sex much better if your pussy is without the natural covering hair.”

I reply:

“I can not imagine how my pussy will look without pubic hair.”

He says:

“It’ll be like heaven, I can bet!”

While talking to me, he opens my pussy lips holding with the thumb and index fingers of his left hand and runs leisurely the index and middle fingers of his right hand jointed together up and down along the length of my pussy crack with a nice and slow motion.

He also kisses around my opening and lick all around between my upper thighs.

Finally, as an award for letting him to try and shave me, he sticks his tongue against my vaginal hole.

He eats and licks me until I cum. My body lifts up in the air and my pussy start to ooze out sex juice into his eager open and waiting mouth. When I finish, I moan:

“OH GOD! Oh fuck darling that is so good! OK shave me! But be careful, I don’t want to be cut or have a rash!”

He smiles and kisses me on my lips. Then he bends down and kiss my pussy.

He takes out the saving instruments from his kit bag. You tells me:

“Okay sweetie, spread your thighs wide so that I may have an easy access to you pussy region.”

As I obey to his instruction, he tells me:

“Don’t worry. Just wait and see. It’ll look like a baby girl’s pussy when I’m done. After I finish, I’ll finger fuck you and make you cum. Then I’ll eat you and make you cum again. And, finally I’ll fuck you until we both scream and cum together in unison.”

He poisons himself between my thighs which are already parted wide apart. He sprinkles plenty of talcum powder on my pubic hair and reachs for the battery operated electric clipper to start trimming my pubic hair.

He turns on the electric clipper and begins to gently trim my pussy hair. Due to the vibration of the clipper moving around and close to my pussy lips, my nipples get hardened.

He smiles as he sees my nipples to grow.

I close my eyes as the clipper moves to the upper edge of my slit and gets closer and closer to my clit.

The clipper gradually trims my curly pubic hair as he keeps on moving it all around my external sex organ.

His fingers hold the different parts of my pussy in a bunch of different ways.

My body arches a little with each change in position of his fingers and trembles convulsively as he pleases me with each new touch.

My legs are wide open and he can see how nice the clipper is trimming my pubic hair.

His fingers move on almost every square inch of my hot pussy.

As he slowly moves the clipper holding his fingers all around my sex organ, my body shudders.

His thumb and forefinger separates my vaginal vulva and hold them open while applying the clipper in the delicate region of pussy lips near to the opening.

My breathing gets faster and my breasts start to rise and fall in quick pace.

My pussy starts to drip again due to the vibration of the clipper and his sweet touch as well.

As he works attentively, my groin begins to move slowly in little circles until he stops.

I moan out:

“Mummmm darling! That feels so nice! OH don’t stop honey! Yes, move those clippers there, oh yes, right there! Mummm that humming is really getting me aroused!”

He watches my pussy becomes cleaner and cleaner as the hair is cut shorter and shorter.

He puts the clipper down and uses one hand to open my pussy lips and expose my swelled clit.

He begins to rub over my clit with the fingers of his other hand. His fingers fly back and forth over my clit.

My body arches, my ass up off the couch and I reach to the highest point of sexual climax. Grabbing his hand and holding it tightly against my pussy, I cry out:

“Aye, Oh God, it feels so nice… so arousing…!”

I can not hold any more and my pussy starts to discharge the juice. My orgasm floods his hand and fingers. My ejaculation is long and hard as I cum and cum.

He fixed his eyes on my pussy and enjoys the way my juices flows like a continuous stream.

After I calm down enough, he examines his work for him to continue.

Leaning up on my elbows I watch how far he has done.

I see he has trimmed off almost all the longer hairs surrounding my cunning pussy.

His attention is now focused on my well shaped perfectly round pair of breasts and warm light brown areolas tipped with deep brown nipples.

He can see the hardness of my nipples.

He cups both my breast in his hands and begins to massage softly.

His masculine hands cover my breasts and I can feel the warmth caused by the friction of the movement of his palm on the soft flesh of my bare boobs.

He pinches both of my nipples between his fingers firmly and pulls them up.

He licks my large and dark nipples and sucks them the way he likes it.

I can see in his face the fun that he has in doing so. I breathe deeply and moan softly the whole time swaying my hips.

He then bends down and dive his head between my legs.

Snaking out his tongue at its full length, he licks lightly on my labia and taste the nectar that seeps out of my vagina.

He slowly increases the pressure gaziantep rus escort of his tongue, roaming around between my thighs, beside my pussy at my outer lips, dipping it inside me, lapping at my clit, up and down along bulged vulva.

He captures my clit between his lips and tries to pull it out. He licks on and around my button until I come again.

Waves of uncontrollable convulsions flow throughout my body. My orgasm is so intense that I arch my back. My clit become super hard and I moan all the time with pleasure squirming my hips around.

He enjoys my helpless condition and kisses and licks my semi-bald pussy for a minute or two.

He whispers in my ear:

“I want to finish shaving your pussy because I have to fuck you. My rock hard cock needs relief.”

He again resumes trimming of the remaining hairs from my pussy.

He moves the trimmer on the entire pussy region, up and down, side by side. He takes his time and slowly but surely trims everything down until the hairs are only about an eighth of an inch long.

He goes over to the basin, wet a couple of towels with warm water, squeezes them out and brings over to the couch. I am half sitting up now watching what he plans to do.

He moves back to my pussy and focuses the lamp between my thighs to have a better view.

The light shines on my fair skin and he can see a little pink shining out at him from the center of my slit.

He touches me directly in the center of my snatch with his finger and slowly slides it all the way in.

I moan as I feel his finger enter me.

He brings your finger out and put it in his mouth and suck my juices off of it.

He then places the towel on my pussy. The towel is warm and I tell him how nice it feels down there.

He gently rubs the moisten towel over my pubic mound and on my pussy labial lips.

He again licks and kisses each of my swollen vulvas before applying another warm towel back on it.

He waits for the towel to soften the hairs of my pussy.

I enjoy his action on my pussy and look at his groin. His cock is neither flaccid nor erect, it is in between state.

I start to play with his partially erect cock and it grows hard in my palm.

I lap the pre-cum at the slit of his cock head with my finger and lick off his cum putting my finger in my mouth.

Leaving the moisten towel on my pussy, he lifts my slender body in his arms and lay me on my back on the carpet.

He moves around, straddles me and kneels in front of me. His cock is pointed at my face.

I ask:

“What do you want me to do darling?”

He tells:

“Suck it baby! Suck my cock! I need to cum so bad! Suck it for me and help me to cum baby! Suck my cock baby with those full luscious lips!”

I smile and reply:

“But you have to finish shaving my pussy, isn’t?”

He looks at my eyes and says:

“It will take some time by the moisten towel to soften the remaining hairs on your pussy. If I apply razor right now you will feel itching. So till such time you suck me. I am too much aroused seeing your half bald pussy.”

He maintains his position kneeling in front of me.

My hand wraps around his cock’s thick shaft and begins to move back and forth.

As his cock grows to its full length with my touch, the cock head gets closer and closer to my waiting mouth.

I snake out my tongue and lick around the head until he can not stand it any longer and pushes into me.

The head disappears into my mouth my cheeks cave in as the sucking I give him is tremendous.

His cock feels like it is made of iron now as my hands pump the shaft and my full lips cover the head of his cock.

My tongue moves around the head and part of the shaft. Harder and harder I suck on it as it grows in my mouth.

My other hand cups his balls and rubs them gently.

He begins to pump his cock into my mouth.

His pair of balls hit my chin in every forward movement.

I moan and he moans.

He can not hold back any long. The pain and pleasure of wanting to cum is too intense for him.

He yells out:

“I can not hold it any longer! OH fuck!! I am cumming Sweetie! Suck it!! Suck it harder! OH god yes!! SUCK ME BABY! YES! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

He begins to shoot his load into my mouth.

He keeps on pumping his seeds and I keep on sucking.

There is so much cum, that I can not drink it fast enough.

His sperm mixed with my saliva runs out from the corner of my lips circling around his hard shaft, runs down over my chin and on to my full breasts.

After he finishes your ejaculation, he collapses on to the carpet and my mouth follows him holding his cock between my lips.

I keep on sucking his cock and continue for a couple minutes until it goes soft.

Finally his cock pops out of my mouth.

His cock wetted by his own cum and my saliva glisters in the light.

I move up and kiss on his lips sticking my tongue into his mouth and letting him taste of his own cum.

I embrace him with passion for a long time.

But now, it is the time for him to finish his job and clean all the hair off my pussy.

He gently rubs the moist towel on my pubic region once more and caresses each of my swollen pussy lips with his fingers.

My warm and slippery wetness drive him crazy.

He keeps his mouth about two inches from my pussy and blowing warm air all around tells me:

“Now I’ll shave the remaining hair from your pussy and make it look like it is five years old. And then I’m going to lick and suck it once more until I make you scream. Then I’ll fuck you in the way you have never been fucked before.”

He puts two pillows below my buns to lift my groin well up.

He applies the shaving gel over my pubic mound and pussy outer lips.

He lathers the trimmed pubic hair with the shaving gel.

He picks up the razor and begin to shave my pussy.

He tentatively takes the first stroke on the left side, starting from the top of my triangle. The razor glides almost effortlessly through the lather all the way to the top of my slit.

He looks at the exposed skin where the lather has been removed and virtually every hair has gone.

He rubs his finger up and down the newly bare strip. Although it is not totally smooth, it is very close.

He repeats the process until my entire triangle is bare, then rinse off the remaining lather and inspects his handiwork.

Although there is a little rough in a couple of spots, but no razor burn, and no nicks or cuts.

Now as he is making progress, he is getting excited from his own work and wants to do a perfect job.

He squirts another ribbon of gel onto my nearly smooth mound, lathers up, and goes over the entire area again, this time very slowly and carefully.

The result is amazing.

My pussy is so smooth that he could not stop running his finger tips over it.

He whispers:

“I have taken the right decision! Now your pussy looks so different, so sensuous and so naughty!”

But still, he is only half way done, and the harder part is still to come.

Now it is the time to attack the lower half. He applies more shaving gel and rub it all around my pussy lips and back to my asshole until the entire area is covered in creamy white lather.

As soon as He starts shaving this area, He realizes that a somewhat different technique is going to be required here because the skin is looser than it is in the upper triangle area.

He spreads my legs wide and pulls my thin pussy inner lips to one side with one hand to keep the skin tight, while he shaves the opposite side.

First he shaves the entire area on the right side of my pussy using long, slow strokes as he holds my lips to the left side.

Each pass of the razor exposes another small expanse of smooth, hairless skin and in a couple of minutes he is done with the right side.

He repeats the process on the other side, quickly removing all the fine hair to the left of my pussy lips.

Then he washes off the small amount of lather that remained and inspects his handiwork again.

Now all he has to do is to finish the region between my anus and the genital organs.

For a moment, he considers leaving well enough alone. I have almost no hair there anyway and what a little there is so light and fine that it really would not be very noticeable.

But he wanted the job to be perfect, so he squirts another glob of shaving gel into his hand, bends my legs at my knees and spread my legs a little wider.

He lathers up the area around my perineum. He spreads my cheeks apart with one hand while runnig the razor very carefully all around there. Within a few minute the entire job is complete.

Although my entire pussy is now totally smooth, and there is no hint of razor burn, he decides to apply some baby oil, just to be safe, free from risk.

He takes the bottle from his bag, squirts about a tablespoon into his hand and begins rubbing it into the freshly shaven skin of my bald mound.

The sensation is incredible! My skin is so soft and smooth that he could not keep his hands off my pussy.

He holds my hand and lead me towards the mirror.

I can not take my eyes off of my pussy when I check it out in the mirror.

I sigh as I look the reflection of my perfectly shaven pussy over the mirror.

It looks amazing! My heart nearly stops at the incredible sight before me.

The baby oil made the skin of my bald pussy glisten in a very erotic way. My bald pussy shines as the light hits on it.

I am surprised to see the reflection of my own bald pussy. My swelled pubic mound, puffed up folds of my labia, long pussy crack and thin inner lips are clearly visible and more than exposed.

I never felt so completely naked in my life.

My pussy now looks like what it was prior to my adolescence.

I rub my palm all over my genital region and can feel how smooth now it is. I tell him smilingly:

“Wow that looks pretty hot and great! What a difference! My bald pussy looks nice and tremendously sexy! So smooth like a baby has!”

I turn around, gaze into his eyes, and give him a sexy smile.

I wrap my arms around his neck and pull him close to me.

I embrace his naked body for a minute without any word. My developed breasts press to his chest and form the shape of discs.

I kiss gently on his lips.

He returns my kiss passionately and soon our tongues swirl madly in each other’s mouths.

He bends forward and lands his mouth on my bare chest in the middle.

I lean back as his lips begin to kiss my nipples very gently.

First a kiss, then a loving nibble, then another kiss.

He holds my breasts in his hands and begins to caress them gently.

He kisses my breasts, gently licks the areolas, takes one nipple in his mouth and pinch another nipple between his fingers. He gives a soft bite on my nipples with his teeth and tugs them gently one after another.

I moan softly the whole time, my hips sway and I breathe deeply.

His hand roams the gentle curves of my bare body and comes to rest on my pussy region. His hand roams around my perfectly shaved bulged pubic mound and the puffy outer lips.

Holding my breath, I sigh aloud with such careful gentle touches.

He begins to move his index finger on my vaginal vulva and along the length of my pussy crack.

He manipulates my clit between his fingers until it grow hard like a big pearl.

Grabbing his erect cock tightly in my hand I moan loudly:


He is watching my arousal with great interest and I see in his eyes a special look of lust that says there is something very special waiting for me from him.

He smiles mischievously and picks up my naked body in his arms.

He walks over to the bed and lays me there on my back.

I naughtily wiggle my butt back and forth a little bit and can feel he is staring at my glistening shaven pussy hungrily.

He smiles at me again and sits beside me.

My cute little hairless pussy is no more than a foot from feet face.

Anticipating what he is going to do, my smooth shaved pussy start to tingle with excitement.

I see that he starts rubbing his dick keeping his eyes at my pussy. I look right into his eyes and smile at him as his hand continues to stroke his own shaft.

Holding my nipples between my fingers I start to roll them.

Now he looks at my nipples.

My head rolls back slightly, my eyes close and a slight moan escapes my lips.

I open my eyes, look into his eyes again and lick my lips seductively.

Without wasting any time, his hands attack both of my breasts and start to gently rub my nipples.

My nipple hardens even more under the touch of his fingers and I whisper to him that I like what he is doing.

My hand reaches down between my legs and begin rubbing on my groin getting all my genital area wet with my juice.

I slide two fingers into my dripping pussy.

When my fingers are coated with my own juice, I bring them to his mouth. He licks and sucks my fingers staring into my eyes.

I can not believe how naughty I am being. I look right in his eyes and give him a huge sexy smile.

He bends my legs at my knees and parts my thighs wide apart. Looking at my moistest pussy he says:

“Really your bald pussy is very attractive, very sexy and very appealing. My sweet heart now I am going to eat you like never before!”

I see the magic look in his eyes. I smilingly tell him:

“Oh yes, honey! Eat my pussy and make me cum again and again! Make me screams honey! Eat me good! I love your tongue!”

Kneeling between my legs, he starts to kiss my silky thighs. He then kisses and licks my puffed pubic mound. His talented tongue licks up and down the length of my dripping crack.

He burrows his tongue through the inner slices of my pussy lips. Splitting the lips of my hairless pussy, he makes his way up to my hard, throbbing clit and swirl his tongue around it rapidly.

As soon as the tip of his tongue snaps across my clit, I make an audible gasp.

He continues to tongue fuck me pressing his face tightly against my young shaven pussy.

I am completely lost and my hips start turning up almost involuntarily.

When he finally bit down softly on my clit, I come in a flow of warm juices through my pussy hole arching back my hips into the air.

His mouth is being drenched with a shower my pussy juice.

I grab his head and hold it tightly against my spamming vagina until my climax subsides.

I am completely lost in my own pleasure. My vagina is in a state of high sexual agitation and is in need of some immediate hard rod inside.

I pant out:

“Fuck! Fuck me honey! Oh, fuck me with your cock! NOW! I need your cock inside me! FUCK ME!!!”

He sits between my thighs supporting himself on his knees, rubs the swelled crown of his cock up and down my shaven pussy crack several times and brushes it across my now on fire clitoris before he pushes it in.

He plunges and eases his mammoth cock inside my tight pussy with an intense precision and guides it through the inner slices of the puffed up lips to my needy wet pussy.

My warm and tight vaginal mussels clutch his cock and my pussy walls part slowly as his erect cock penetrates into my warm interior.

Looking at my eye he whispers:

“The inside of you pussy is so wet, so warm and so tight as if my monster cock is gripped by a moist velvet vise.”

He starts to fuck me with enough skill and with a slow deliberate motion going deeper and deeper.

I can feel every inch of his shaft in extreme detail as he gradually slides the entire length in my incredibly tight pussy hole.

I feel his pubic mound presses on my hairless mound and his balls bang over my perineum.

He starts to pump and grind my moist canal extending from the labia to the cervix of my bald pussy.

As he continue to fuck my pussy again, again, and again moving his cock back and forth sometimes sideways, sometimes thrusting deeply and other times almost pulling out of my wet vagina, I rotate my hips… back and forth… up and down… side to side… like a devil in heat in synchronization of his movement.

Each different movement produces a different sound of delight from my throat. My legs fly up and hold him tightly locking my ankles across his waist.

His thrusts make me scream with pleasure:

“Fuck me YES! OH Honey! YES!! FUCK ME HARD!! Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!”

Encouraged with my screaming he increases the pace of his strokes and slams deep into my pussy with aggressive thrusts. His cock head bumps off my cervix and my breasts sway violently during each forward stroke.

He bucks, I buck and both of us grunt and pant ferociously, driving at each other with lust.

My body approaches to climax fast and my pussy is about to drain blowing another orgasm!

My breasts get hardened, my pussy start to throb shuddering its muscles over his cock and clench his shaft tight.

I scream:

“A-h-h-h! My God! A-a-a-h! I am cuming! I am c-u-u-m-m-m–i-i-n-g!”

My ass lifts off the bed voluntarily and I seem to be hanging there in air supported by my shoulders, neck head and feet.

The entire length of his cock is now buried deep in my vaginal passage.

He continues to fuck me hard with violent and uncontrollable passion.

He can not stand anymore and his ejaculation approaches quickly.

His gigantic cock starts to spasm inside my vaginal orifice with sexual excitement and he comes in a wild frenzy.

An unbelievable amount of come starts to rush from his balls towards the tip of his cock.

As he is about to erupt, he thrusts his entire length deep inside my pussy before spilling the fluids.

He pants loudly:

“Oh, ah, ah, ah, ahhhhhh! Sweetie, I can not hold more. I am cumming. Hot torrent of seeds start to flow from my balls! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

I scream in unison of his panting:

“Oh Yeah Darling! Cum for me! Cum in my pussy! Shoot your cum in my pussy. Fill up me with your hot seeds. Enjoy it good Honey. Cum in my tight pussy. Enjoy your cum in my pussy.”

The first shot of cum flies out of his cock and goes deep inside my vagina. I feel the warmth of his seeds on my uterine cervix.

My hips start turning up almost involuntarily and my pussy muscles contract spasmodically as his throbbing cock continue to surge blast after blast of thick hot nectar deep inside my ravaged boiling pussy.

I come simultaneously once more with my orgasm and wave after wave of pleasure surges through my vaginal wall releasing involuntarily torrent of warm sex juice.

It is incredible; I never have so many intense orgasms in a row before. We finish our orgasm together concurrently.

After both of us are cool down, I release my grip from his waist. My legs slowly slide down and fall on the bed.

He collapses on my bare chest.

My strong arms hold him on top of me.

Our bodies lock tight against each other for a long time.

He kisses me and sticks his tongue into my mouth.

His tongue mesh with mine and I suck on it gently as we grind and roll each other’s naked body.

His cock starts shrinking slowly and pops out of my gaping well-fucked pussy.

The mixture of his sperm and my sex juice start to drain from my pussy wetting the white bed sheet and keeping a permanent stain there as a proof of our love making.

After that we together go to the bath room and clean each other.

As both of us are tired, we fall asleep together fondling each others naked body.

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