Her Husband; Her Toilet. Ch. 04

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She was freeing his right hand from his left ankle waking him up. Then she freed his left hand. Giving him the key to free his ankles.

”On your knees. Your morning drink is ready.” She said with a smile.

She looked to be in a very good mood this morning.

”You did good last night. I really loved using you. The position his more comfortable for me and you acted like an eager toilet slave. It was so good that you will get to eat two eggs sunny side up this morning. You can use the toilet.” She informed him as she was peeing in his mouth.

There was a knock on the door and Tracy went to open it in her bathrobe. Joan and two tall blond stewardesses were standing there.

”I need your husband.” Joan said passing by her going toward the bathroom.

”Here his Brenda and Judith.” Joan said over her shoulder.

”Please come in. I was ordering breakfast would you like something?” Tracy asked letting them in.

”Coffee for me.” Brenda said.

”Tea would be fine for me.” Judith said.

Joan had peed in his mouth nearly drowning him. Her flow was strong and it had lasted a long time. Tracy had ordered breakfast for three.

Today she would let the maids freshen up the suite. She could hide John in Joan’s room if need be.

”So are you in Hawaii for long?” Tracy asked Brenda and Judith.

”We have three days off. Collette mentioned that you have a talented toilet slave that you would let us use.” Brenda said expectantly.

”Of course I will. The more the merrier. It looks like that the quantity of users is helping him getting use to his new position in life.” Tracy said as Joan was coming back to join them.

”I ordered him to wash his mouth.” Joan said sitting down at the table.

”If you need the toilet you can go. He is docile and should obey your orders if not I have a way to persuade him in case you have any problem. You will see the pattern of persuasion on his ass.” Tracy said laughing with Joan as Judith was getting up.

He was surprise to see a tall blond woman walking in the bathroom.

”On your knees slave.” She ordered before turning around lowering her pants and pushing her very nice ass in his face.

”Put your lips around my asshole.” She ordered.

As soon that she felt his mouth under her she pushed hard. The first stool move in his mouth fast. He had relaxed his throat but she was shitting faster than any other of his previous users. He was a little scared that he would spill some or worse that he would choke on it. Either way he would be punished. He had to avoid the whip his ass was still too sore. She fed him two long stools.

”Lick me clean.” She ordered before turning around and pushing on his shoulders so that he would be sitting on his heels.

She straddled him without touching his mouth and peed in him. She wiped herself and fed him the paper before getting back to the table.

He was still seated on his heels when Brenda came in. He wondered how many more tall blond pretty stewardesses there were in the suite.

”Stay as you are” She ordered and straddled his mouth without touching him, peeing in him.

She wiped and fed him the paper.

”On your back.” Brenda ordered in a firm voice.

She faced his feet and lowered her full ass to his mouth. When she felt his lips she pushed hard like Judith did. Her stool was coming fast and this time his neck and throat were not in line like when he was on his knees. He was swallowing as much as he could but his cheeks were puffing out.

His mouth was full and she was pushing some more in it. He blocked his throat and took a deep breath before swallowing again. He cleared part of the load in his mouth as she was pushing some more in him. At last he heard her order;

”Lick me clean.”

He finished clearing his mouth and started cleaning her. She stood up and wiped her ass. She look a little sadden when she inspected the spotless toilet paper before feeding it to him.

Brenda went back to her cup of coffee.

”Come here slave.” Tracy shouted at him.

He walked up to her. She had put a plate on the floor beside her feet that contained Gaziantep Mutlu Son Escort two eggs sunny side up.

”As promised here is your breakfast. On your knees eat up. We will go to the pool later.” She told him.

He felt bloated and nauseous. He was not hungry now. Judith and Brenda had filled him up. He could not eat the cold eggs. They looked and smelled delicious. He still had stomach cramps and asked;

”Permission to use the toilet Mistress.”

She looked at him and nodded her head. He made it just in time. Once he was done he felt a lot better.

He was washing his hands when Tracy asked;

”Slave. Am I to understand that you prefer wastes to nice eggs?”

”No Mistress. After serving your friends I feel nauseous. If I eat the eggs right now I will throw up.” He answered.

”I will take a shower if the eggs are still there when I get out they are going in the garbage.” Tracy said.

He had swallowed the eggs barely chewing them.

”Slave. Put on your swim trunk we are going to the pool.” Tracy ordered.

Tracy had found four chairs side by side. She was lying in one when she gave him the screen block and asked him in a soft voice;

”Put lotion on me.”

She looked gorgeous on the chair her voluptuous body barely concealed in her two pieces bathing suit. He felt his prick harden. He put the cream in his hands and started to spread it on her. He was so horny caressing the soft skin of her body.

”Hey it is my turn after.” Joan said.

He was startled by her voice and stunned by her looks. Her one piece bathing suit fitted her like a second skin.

”Lucky you! You will cream us all.” Judith said smiling in a tiny two pieces.

”Think of the envious stares of the other males around. They will think you are a stallion.”

Brenda said trying to keep a straight face in a nice colorful one piece.

He was trying to conceal his erection as he was finishing creaming Brenda.

”You should go to the bar and get us a pitcher of Margaritas. We are thirsty.” Tracy told him.

When he was gone Tracy said to her companions;

”We should keep him moving this afternoon. If you need to abuse him you can take him to my room or yours.”

He came back with the pitcher and poured them all a glass. He was going to pour one for himself when Tracy said:

”Go and get my sunglasses in the room.”

”I will go with him.” Joan said.

They went to Tracy’s room and the maids were done with it.

”On your knees” Joan ordered as she was peeling off her suit.

He saw her naked toned body for the first time. She was beautiful. He did not try to conceal his hard on.

”You like what you see? Good.” She said as she turned her back to him and pushed her ass in his face.

”I want you to chew every bits and pieces. Keep your lips on my asshole when you do.”

Joan ordered as she was pushing her first stool in his mouth before pinching it. She felt his jaw moving. She knew he was getting the full flavor exploding in his mouth. Then she felt his tongue pushing on her asshole and she pushed another piece that she pinched also.

She gave him five mouthfuls and she loved feeling his lips moving with his jaw each time. When she was cleaned she put her bathing suit back on.

”Do not forget the sunglasses of your loving wife.” Joan told him as he was standing up.

”Can I wash my mouth?” He asked her.

”Sure others might need to use you. You have to be clean.” She answered him laughing.

They went back to the pool.

”Did you have problems finding them?” Tracy asked him innocently.

”Yes Ma’am. I looked in the wrong places.” He answered.

”He did his best.” Joan said smiling.

”Tracy do you think your husband can lend me a hand with my suitcase? The lock seems to be stuck.” Brenda asked.

”John will be happy to help you. Won’t you dear?” Tracy said smiling at him.

”I will go with you too. I think I have some oil for it.” Judith said getting out of her chair.

He followed those two tall blond getting envy stares from the other males around the pool.

Brenda cuffed his hand behind his back.

”Lie down face up on the bed.” Judith ordered as she was taking of the bottom of her bathing suit.

”Eat me! Your wife says that you are exceptional. Prove it!” Brenda said as she was straddling him getting seated on his chest.

He had a glimpse of her sculptural naked body. Then she moved her succulent cunt to his mouth. He felt his trunk being pulled off and Judith’s hand on his erected penis putting a ring at the base of it. Then she engulfed it in her vagina. He started thrusting his hips up.

”Don’t move or I will hurt your balls.” Judith said.

He concentrated on making Brenda come on his face. Tracy is right he is exceptional Brenda was thinking as she felt the first wave of her orgasm. He had brought her up from one level to the next relentlessly until she came with a small scream. He was drinking her juices as Brenda was pushing his head in the mattress. He heard her heavy breathing feeling Judith riding him to her own orgasm.

Now he understood why she had put a tight ring at the base of his penis to prevent him from coming. Their pleasure was to come first.

”Time to switch places.” Brenda said when she had calmed down.

Brenda slid down his body and Judith took her seat on his chest facing Brenda. She backed her ass on his face and grabbed his nose with her asshole controlling his breathing and blocking his sight.

”Make us come again.” Judith ordered him.

He had filled his lungs with air but he did not know how long he could last. He felt Brenda take in his penis and he licked whatever was on his mouth. It seemed to work because her juices were flowing in his mouth. He was beginning to feel light headed because of the lack of oxygen.

”Move your hips with me.” Brenda said haltingly.

He was beginning to see stars behind his eyelids as he was trying to follow Brenda’s order. Then Judith lifted her ass just enough for him to take a much needed breath before pushing her over the edge and making her come again.

Until she had recuperated Judith moved forward so that her asshole was on his mouth and his nose in her crack.

”Lick me.” Judith ordered panting.

His balls were hurting. He wanted to take off that ring but he could not use his hands.

They were breathing more normally now.

”I need to pee you will need to get off him sweetie.” Brenda told Judith.

”Of course” She said squeezing his nose before getting off his face.

”We should go back to the pool. Tracy will be worried.” Brenda said laughing while she was peeing in his mouth.

”Tracy was right he knows how to go down on a woman.” Judith said pulling up the bottom of her bathing suit then throwing to Brenda her bathing suit.

Tracy saw them coming from a far and decided to intercept them.

”Hi stranger I thought you had left for good.” Tracy said to him winking at Brenda and Judith.

”He tried but we held him down. You were right he his very handy.” Judith said smiling.

”Thanks for lending him to us.” Brenda added.

”Let’s go to our room. I need you.” Tracy said to him.

His mouth and jaws were sore from all the action today. He was still attracted by Tracy’s ass swaying ahead of him.

”Slave were you staring at my ass?” She asked him in a stern voice as she was opening the door of their room.

”Yes, I was Mistress.” He answered his face reddening.

”Lie down on the couch. You will get to kiss my ass again.” She told him taking off the bottom of her bathing suit.

She approached the couch with her lap top.

”Bend your knees” She ordered grabbing a cushion that she put on his tights.

She sat on his chest and put her legs on the side of his head. Then she moved her asshole to his mouth before reclining her back on the cushion.

”I like sitting on you like this. It is very comfortable.” Tracy informed him opening the lap top.

He was surprised that she had not handcuffed him and he was still wearing his swim suit. When her asshole was on his mouth he had started by kissing it, then he had licked it before pushing his tongue in. He had a great view of her cunt that gave him a hard on.

He was hearing her type on the keyboard.

”Tina says she is happy that your training is going so well and can hardly wait for your return. The movers have done a great job and she will be waiting at the airport.” Tracy told him laughing.

Joan walked in the room and said to Tracy;

”Judith and Brenda want to buy you dinner. They suggested a nice restaurant.”

”That’s great I will change.” Tracy said getting up.

”Slave get naked and go wait for me in the bathroom.” Joan ordered him.

After they had peed in him Joan was cuffing him to the toilet. Tracy was very attractive in her red dress that was showing her nice hourglass figure and long legs.

”I will bring back some leftover. Do not worry you will be fed tonight.” Tracy told him laughing when she left him in the dark.

The day had been rough. His balls were aching from Judith’s squeeze and Brenda’s ride. His jaw was tired and his tongue too. He had liked the face sitting session with his wife. He would have preferred to perform cunnilingus on her but he did his best when he licked her ass.

The shit he had eaten did not stay with him and he was hungry his stomach was rumbling. He hoped that Tracy would bring back some leftovers and dozed off.

The lights blinded him and Joan was giving him the key to the cuffs while she was taking off his gag.

”Hurry up free yourself I need to pee.” Joan told him.

The sound of a paper bag and the aroma of steak tickling his nose triggered more rumbles from his stomach.

”Are you hungry slave?” Tracy asked him as Joan was peeing in him.

When he was done cleaning Joan. Tracy took her place. When she was done she poured the content of the bag on the floor.

”Here, do not forget to lick the floor clean and use the toilet. I will be waiting for you.” Tracy told him seductively.

He was happy. In front of him were a few pieces of steak and potatoes. He paced himself to savor his meal slowly. He did not want to upset his stomach.

Tracy was sipping a beer standing near the couch wearing only her green tank top and her high heels. He got a hard on instantly.

”Sit on the floor and recline your head on the couch.” She ordered her lovely green eyes sparkling.

He noticed that his ass was less sensitive when he sat down. When he was in position she sat on his face and positioned her asshole on his mouth. He started the routine by kissing then licking and finally inserting his tongue in it. She loved the feeling of his tongue back there.

She started to push wondering if he would shiver again when his tongue would make contact with her stool? He did shiver adding to her pleasure.

”Slave tonight I want you to chew all my stools.”

She ordered him pushing the first portion of a stool in his mouth. She felt his lips close and stopped pushing.

He started chewing. The taste was awful but manageable. It was easier to swallow. He pushed his tongue back in signaling her to give him some more.

”I love feeling your jaws working under me. I hope that you are getting use to the taste.” She told him laughing as she was pushing some more in his mouth.

When she bended to grab her bottle of beer she notice his erection.

”Slave I can see that you love this!” She said.

He could hear the pleasure in her voice. He liked having her ass in his face but not eating her shit. The same could be said about cunnilingus and drinking her pee. He did his best because he did not want another whipping session.

At last she ordered;

”Clean me.”

She cuffed him hands to ankles and went to bed. He heard he deep breathing and deduce that she was sleeping. He was surprised and deceived to not be nauseous tonight. All those women that used him must have educated his mouth and stomach somewhat.

Tracy was gorgeous and he loved her. He had imagined that he would please her on their honeymoon through sexual relations not as a toilet.

He did not want to accept his situation as a slave but when he was thinking about serving her. It was starting to excite him as when it was a new fantasy. He had kept his erection when she had used him because he desired her so much.

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