Her First Job Evaluation

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“Come in.” Mr. Windrowe stepped from behind his desk and ushered Marla to a seat in the conversation area. She sat, pulling her skirt under her and smoothing her blouse across her breasts.

She smiled. She hoped she wasn’t going to be dismissed after her first week.

“You know Chloe?” indicating the young blonde woman in the room. She was small, trim, titless, in a yellow sundress. She had a lovely smile and nice short hair.


“How was your week?”

Marla had decided to go back into the work force now that both girls were away at college. It had been difficult. She had gone on many interviews but she was competing with eager young coeds with slender bodies, perky tits and tight asses. Rather than trying to be sexy at thirty-eight, she dressed in skirted suits, plain blouses and medium height heels, trying to emphasize her maturity. She needed only minimum makeup to enhance the beauty of her face and hair. And she exuded confidence.

But no one seemed to care until Mr. Windrowe interviewed her. He was a little older and in good shape, from his gray flecked hair to his flat stomach and narrow waist. And he was interested in her management background. He did not appear to be attracted to her large breasts, wide hips and narrow waist. He had offered her a starting position with the possibility of management in the near future.

She grabbed the chance.

“My first week has been great. Everyone has been most considerate, especially your secretary, Chloe.” She smiled and nodded at the young woman.

Mr. Windrowe shook his head. “Chloe is not my secretary. She’s much more than that.”

He stood, unfastened his pants and Chloe knelt before him and took out his penis.

Marla was surprised and said, “Perhaps I should leave.”

“No, no. Stay. This won’t take but a minute. Chloe is very good.”

Marla watched as Chloe licked his penis from the base to the tip. Was she going to have to have to give the boss fellatio to keep her job? It was a very ataşehir escort nice penis, longer than her husband’s had been or most of her lovers and she might enjoy it, but still, she didn’t want to be forced. The head was large and purple; she could imagine it piercing her very tight vagina.

As she watched Chloe take his penis in her mouth and swallow it deep in her throat, she realized she had never watched two people having sex. Yes, she had watched porn, had even watched a video of herself masturbating. And there was the guy with the mirrored bedroom that made it appear there were twenty of her being screwed by twenty of him. But she had never watched two real people. Never.

Marla watched Chloe suck on his balls, lick from the base to the tip, stroke, and Marla was getting wet. Now she wanted to kiss his cock, suck it; see how much she could swallow.

Mr. Windrowe had been stroking Chloe’s hair and now he held her head tight as he stiffened. Marla guessed that he was filling Chloe’s throat with shot after shot. Chloe never hesitated and never spilled a drop. When he was completely drained, he stepped back, pulled up his pants, put away his penis and zipped up.

Marla was disappointed. There would be no cock for her.

Mr. Windrowe smiled at Marla. “She’s very special.” He patted her on the head. “Go welcome Marla.”

Chloe knelt before Marla, pushed her skirt up and kissed her knees.

“What are you doing?” Of course, Marla knew what she was doing. Chloe wasn’t the first woman wanting to kiss her vagina.

Chloe ran her hands under Marla’s skirt, found the top her panties and began pulling them down.

“No. You don’t need to do that. Please. Don’t do that.” She protested, even as she slid down in the chair, allowing Chloe to remove them.

Chloe pulled the panties off, spread Marla’s legs as Marla pulled up her skirt. Chloe kissed Marla’s thighs, slowly easing her way up until she kissed Marla’s vagina. The orgasm was immediate. The release after watching avcılar escort the two of them was wonderful. She looked over to see if Mr. Windrowe was enjoying himself.

He was at his computer, ignoring them.

Marla reached down and caressed Chloe’s head, “Thank you. That was nice.”

But Chloe hadn’t stopped. She began nibbling on Marla’s labia, first the left, then the right. Chloe’s hands spread her open and began sucking on her inner folds. Marla was building toward another orgasm and when Chloe reached her clit, tapped it, then sucked it, she lost herself in the ecstasy of another wonderful orgasm.

Chloe’s fingers entered her; at least two, maybe three. Marla hadn’t come down from the last orgasm and now she was building toward another. When it hit her, she screamed. She knew Chloe was soaked. Her skirt was probably ruined and maybe the chair.

When she came down, she forcibly pushed Chloe away and closed her legs.

Chloe laid her head on Marla’s thigh. Mr. Windrowe looked up and came over and sat in the other chair.

“Chloe, did you enjoy that?”

“Yes sir.”

“You see, Marla, Chloe enjoys rewarding our employees. When a salesman or an office worker does a good job, I ask Chloe to reward them. All the men and most of the women appreciate it. It’s a great boost for morale.”

“I can see that it might be.”

He smiled at Marla, “It sounded as though you enjoyed it.”

“Yes. I think I’m going to enjoy working here.”

“There’re a few things I would like for you to consider. I don’t want you to wear a bra in the office. I want everyone to be aware of your beautiful tits. I like your wearing skirts and I want you to not wear panties.”

He picked up her panties from the floor where Chloe had left them. They were the black ones with the pink trim.

“I imagine that wearing something like this makes you feel a bit sexy.”


“It will be even sexier without pants. Do you have any questions?”

“No. That covers ataşehir escort bayan it all. Or rather, uncovers it all. No, wait. With this kind of sexual tension, what is your attitude to sexual relations in the office?”

“All relations are sexual. But in the office, there will be no overt sex. It’s one of the reasons we have an open plan. If you had someone with her legs spread sitting on your desk, it would be distracting.” He smiled. “But, what you do on your lunch break away from the office is up to you.”


Mr. Windrowe stood, “And my office is always open.”

Marla’s vagina was still twitching. She hadn’t been satisfied completely. She stood, unbuttoned and removed her blouse and her black bra. She cupped her breasts. “You like my tits?”

Mr. Windrowe looked down at Chloe. She stood and began nibbling and sucking.

He smiled, “I think we do.”

Marla unfastened her skirt and let it fall. Naked, she dropped to her knees and unzipped his pants.

She pulled out his penis and began licking it, sucking it. It grew harder, longer.

Chloe knelt beside her and unfastened his belt, letting his pants drop.

Marla cupped his balls, caressed them. With just the tip in her mouth, her other hand stroked him. She was pleased with the size. She stood, turned her back to him and leaned over the chair.

“Fuck me.”

Marla felt the tip of his penis rubbing up and down her slit, tapping her clit, rubbing her asshole. She was very wet and when he found her vagina, he easily entered, pushing all the way in on the first thrust.

“Oh, yes. I like it here.”

Chloe was rubbing Marla’s back with one hand while the other fondled her breasts, pinching the nipples. As Mr. Windrowe stroked in and out, Marla felt another orgasm creeping up. Chloe moved her hand from Marla’s breast, down to her clit and Marla could contain herself no longer. The orgasm swept up from her vagina, enveloping her whole body. The spasms were enough to cause Mr. Windrowe to release deep inside her, extending her orgasm.

Her arms and legs were too weak to support her and she fell forward into the chair. She lay on her side in a fetal ball.

Chloe looked up at Mr. Windrowe, “May I do her again?”

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